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Seeking asylum in the UK and going through each step can be a complicated experience. Total Law’s asylum solicitors understand that asylum claims can be confusing, but will ease your journey and support you with your outcome.

We have several services from the beginning to the end of your asylum process to help you. Call Total Law today at 0333 305 9375 to get more information and a quotation.

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    Asylum Seekers in the UK: An Overview

    An asylum seeker is someone who has left their own country to seek safety due to having their human rights violated and fear of persecution. You are given refugee status after a decision on your claim is made.

    The criteria of eligibility is simply if you no longer feel like you can live safely within your own country due to persecution due to your:

    • Religion
    • Race
    • Nationality
    • Political Opinion
    • Other prejudiced views that put you at risk. E.g. political, religious, cultural, sexual orientation or gender
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    Is the Asylum Claim Process Complicated?


    The asylum process in the UK can be mentally taxing and confusing. There are multiple steps that you have to complete to be considered.

    These stages when claiming asylum include:

    • Provide supporting documents for yourself and your dependents.
    • Register your asylum claim
    • Attend a screening interview
    • Attend an asylum interview
    • A decision will be made about your claim

    It’s important to know what documentation you need to provide for your asylum application.

    These include:

    • Passports and travel documents
    • Identification documents i.e. birth and marriage certificates or identity cards
    • Any other evidence that would aid your application

    Asylum seekers already in the UK, living within your own accommodation, will need to provide any of the following documents that state your full name and address:

    • Bank statement
    • Housing bill
    • Council tax notice
    • Tenancy agreement

    If you’re already in the UK but staying with someone else, you can provide either of the following:

    • Less than 3 months old letter from the person you’re with that confirms their permission to stay with them
    • Any documents showing the full name and address of this person

    Once everything is collected with documentation, you must prepare to register your asylum claim.

    As soon as you arrive in the UK at the UK border, it is vital to notify the Border Force officer of any asylum claims. The screening can be taken at the UK border itself.

    If you’re already in the UK, you must call the asylum intake unit. You’ll be asked a few basic questions about you and your family members. Once your application is registered, you will proceed to the screening.


    The screening is the opportunity to use that time to tell your immigration officer about your case. Remember to bring any supportive evidence to prove why you are seeking asylum in the UK.

    At the screening, you will:

    • Be interviewed
    • Have your fingerprints taken
    • Have your photograph taken

    After completing your screening, the Home Office will proceed to review your asylum application. This is when you’ll be considered, whether you can stay in the UK or not.

    You may be sent an additional asylum questionnaire, if so, there will be a deadline and address you need to send it back in by.

    If your claim is considered to stay in the UK you will be given a caseworker to your case and will proceed to an asylum interview. Otherwise, you will be sent to a safe country.


    In your interview, you will explain everything about your asylum claim and will be told what to do next.

    You can seek legal advice and bring a legal representative to this interview. There is legal aid if you need help affording one.

    Additionally, you will need to send to the Home Office, through post, original copies of evidence, including:

    • Birth certificate
    • Passport
    • National ID card

    You also need to send an email to them with extra evidence of your persecution.

    Afterwards, a decision will be made, whether you gain permission to stay or have no reason to stay.

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      Reasons to Use an Asylum Lawyer for Your Case

      Obtaining a lawyer who understands immigration law will increase your chances with your case as well as be able to guide you through each step.

      Our specialist asylum solicitors at Total Law, have a deep knowledge of the field of immigration and asylum while understanding each case is unique. We will be able to tailor advice towards your needs and wants with your claim.

      Having access to professional help will also strengthen your asylum claim. They will ensure you have the right and efficient amount of documents while keeping you updated throughout. Call 0333 305 9375 to get started.

      Hiring an Asylum Lawyer: What Are the Costs?

      Different factors determine the cost when you’re hiring an asylum lawyer. Each asylum claim varies with the amount you may have to pay per situation.

      At Total Law, we understand that a lot of asylum seekers’ claims don’t always go to plan, or feel like they don’t know what to do next. We have experienced all kinds of cases and can give you guidance and support every step of the way.

      Our lawyers empathise that this is an important life decision. The last thing you want to worry about is confusing fees for a lawyer that will greatly benefit your case. Total Law is always open and transparent, and once fees are calculated we can explain it all to you.

      We offer free consultations with our experienced asylum solicitors. Once we know more about you and your asylum process, we will be able to give you a quote on our services.

      To call up to talk to our team, simply call: 0333 305 9375.

      How Our Total Law Immigration Lawyers Can Help with Your Asylum

      Asylum cases are a complex process for an asylum seeker in the UK. It is a sensible idea to hire a lawyer who understands asylum law every step of the way.

      We have a dedicated team of experienced immigration lawyers helping unaccompanied asylum-seeking children successfully seek protection in the UK. Our lawyers challenge age assessments when necessary and work closely with local authorities to protect the child’s best interests.

      We assist asylum-seeking adults and children whose applications were refused by helping them apply for an extension of stay. Total Law layers have a record of representing victims of trafficking. We provide free legal assistance to eligible children and are often referred clients by organisations in assisting victims of trafficking.

      Total Law’s expert asylum lawyers can help you with various services that will help you including the hurdles you may face. The services include but are not limited to:

      • Asylum application
      • Asylum appeal
      • Bail (SoS application)
      • BRP issues (lost/stolen/error)
      • Detained casework

      To find out more about our services for asylum claims and to get in contact with our asylum solicitors, call 0333 305 9375. Once you sign up, you’ll be partnered with a lawyer who will have relevant knowledge to your case.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                There may be several reasons why your asylum claim was not considered, this may be because:

                • You are originally from an EU country
                • You have travelled to the UK through a third country that is considered a ‘safe country’
                • You have a connection with a safe third country where you could alternatively request claim asylum

                If you are unable to afford costs while claiming asylum, there is an opportunity to apply for Legal Aid. This will allow those who are seeking asylum in the UK to afford legal representation.

                Legal Aid funding is funded by the UK government.

                If you need more funds for living costs or need a place to stay due to lack of money. You can claim asylum support.

                Depending on your situation, you may be provided with accommodation if you don’t have a place already.

                If you need support with funds, you will usually be given £47.39 per person per household. Depending on your situation, this amount can fluctuate.