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We are a law firm specialising in global immigration law across the US, Canada, UK and Ireland.

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    Experienced global immigration lawyers

    Total Law is a team of immigration lawyers specialising in global immigration issues. Our expert immigration lawyers operate around the world in countries including the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

    All of our immigration lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of international immigration laws, have decades of experience in the field of immigration law and are able to assist with even the most complex immigration matters. Our services range from family, work, study and tourist visa applications to citizenship, nationality and asylum issues. We also provide a range of corporate immigration services suitable for businesses looking to hire overseas workers as well as international entrepreneurs and investors.

    Here at Total Law, our team of immigration lawyers are dedicated to helping clients all over the world with their immigration issues. We believe that everyone should be able to access professional and reliable immigration legal advice and assistance. Our immigration lawyers pride themselves on the outstanding services that they are able to offer, they are here to support you throughout your immigration journey, making the process less stressful and increasing your chance of success.

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      Our services

      We offer a variety of global immigration services suitable for those both immigrating to and emigrating from the following countries.


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      The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world, the country is diverse and holds exciting opportunities for overseas nationals. Many people immigrate to the US in search of the “American Dream”, this is the belief that anyone can be successful in the United States no matter where they come from. We have a team of lawyers who are trained in U.S immigration law and are dedicated to providing U.S immigration services.

      • We can provide you with an experienced immigration attorney who will analyse your situation and offer you professional legal advice about your U.S immigration options.
      • Our U.S immigration lawyers can help you with nonimmigrant visa applications such as the B2 Visitor Visa, F1 Student Visa and much more.
      • We can also help you to obtain Legal Permanent Resident status in the US by assisting you with your Green Card application.
      • Our team in the United States is familiar with the United States citizenship application process and can help guide you through it.
      • Whether you dream of working in the US, joining your family members, studying or making the country your permanent home, our US team are here to help.


      canadian flag

      Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, combined with its embracement of multiculturalism, strong economy, good work-life balance, reliable universal healthcare system and stunning scenery, this makes it a popular destination for people who are looking to relocate. Whether you want to move to Canada from the US, or from any other country, our Total Law immigration lawyers can help.

      • There are over 80 pathways to immigrate to Canada, we have Canadian immigration professionals who can provide you with more information about any of the Canadian immigration routes open to overseas nationals.
      • Our immigration experts can assist with various Canadian immigration applications including the popular route of Express Entry for skilled workers.
      • If you want to make Canada your permanent home our lawyers can help you to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence.
      • For those who are looking to move to a specific province of Canada, we also provide support and assistance with Provincial Nominee Program applications.
      • The Canadian government has launched several pilot programmes to promote immigration to Canada in order to fill labour shortages and promote economic growth, our lawyers can assess whether you are eligible for any of these pilot programs that make it easier to move to the country, they can also assist you with your application.


      UK flag

      The UK is home to many international ex-pat communities that make the country a diverse, welcoming and exciting place. Immigrants make up a significant part of British culture and there are a plethora of opportunities available for overseas nationals in the UK. The UK’s points-based immigration system is complex, but our British immigration lawyers have undergone extensive training in the new system and are available to help you with your UK immigration needs. 

      • The UK is home to some of the worlds best educational institutions, our lawyers can help international students to obtain a UK student visa.
      • We can help EU citizens and other overseas nationals to navigate the UK’s new points-based visa system.
      • Whether you wish to join family members, work, study, invest or visit our immigration experts will help you to prepare all of the necessary paperwork and evidence for your visa application.
      • If you want to reside in the UK permanently, our UK team also offer dedicated settlement services. We can assess your eligibility for Indefinite Leave to Remain and advise you on the best routes towards settlement for your situation.
      • The UK immigration law is notoriously complex but our highly experienced immigration lawyers are familiar with all aspects of the UK immigration system, they will find the best immigration route for you.


      Irish flag

      Immigrating to Ireland comes with many benefits. Ireland is known for having some of the friendliest cities in the world, it’s a beautiful country with a thriving culture, has a booming economy and has plenty of business opportunities. Dublin has been listed as one of the best cities for US ex-pats to live and many British ex-pats are now choosing to relocate to Ireland to retain the benefits of being in the EU. Whatever your reason for immigrating to Ireland, our team of Irish immigration lawyers are here to help. 

      • Our Total Law immigration lawyers offer a full range of Irish immigration services
      • We provide full assistance with both short stay (C) and long stay (D) visas.
      • Irish visa applicants must decide whether they require a multiple entry visa or a single entry visa, our immigration advisors can help you to decide which would be the most suitable option for you.
      • One of our Irish immigration professionals can answer any questions that you may have about the various Irish immigration stamps, EU Treaty Rights in Ireland, multi and single-entry visas and any other Irish immigration matters.
      • The number of Irish passport applications has increased since the UK left the EU, if you are interested in applying for an Irish passport our lawyers can find out whether you meet the eligibility requirements and will ensure that your application is completed accurately.

      Why choose Total Law?

      With an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of global immigration systems and decades of practical experience, there’s no better choice than someone from the Total Law team when it comes to choosing a good immigration lawyer.

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      Why should I hire a Total Law immigration lawyer?

      Immigration and nationality law is an incredibly complex subject and when it comes to immigrating to a new country, this can be very difficult to do alone. If you are moving overseas, it’s highly recommended that you seek the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer. Here at Total Law, our immigration lawyers are highly trained and experienced in assisting with a wide array of immigration issues. Our lawyers don’t just specialise in immigration issues for one country, but they operate globally. This extensive knowledge of global immigration, combined with decades of experience, means that our Total Law immigration lawyers are in the best position to get you a successful outcome.

      Our Total Law immigration lawyers not only offer a variety of services, but they will tailor these services to suit your exact needs. We work with families, businesses, asylum seekers, human trafficking victims and many other types of clients. Our lawyers are equipped to handle a range of legal issues no matter how complex the case may be.

      If you choose Total Law, you will be designated an immigration lawyer who will be dedicated to supporting you throughout the immigration process. As well as carrying out your requested services, your Total Law immigration lawyer will also be on hand to answer any questions that you may have about any immigration matters.

      What services does Total Law provide?

      Here at Total Law, the work that our immigration lawyers do is all about making your immigration journey easier and less time-consuming. To do this, we offer a number of professional services to help with all aspects of the immigration process. Just a few of the services we offer include:

      • Professional legal advice – if you’re unsure about your immigration options our advice sessions provide you with the chance to speak with one of our immigration professionals about your circumstances, they will advise you on the best options available to you. Our immigration lawyers can also assess your eligibility for a variety of visas, citizenships and permanent residency applications.
      • Application assistance – our lawyers can help you with every aspect of your immigration application, from filling in all of the necessary paperwork, to making sure that you have all of the evidence needed for your application, our lawyers will support you through the entire process. Our lawyers will even liaise with the appropriate immigration officials on your behalf so that you can stay updated about your application’s progress.
      • Document and application checks – immigration applications are complicated and even the smallest mistake can result in a refusal. Our lawyers offer a document checking service that will see them thoroughly examine your application form and supporting documents. Our lawyers will ensure that all of your paperwork is filled in correctly and that your supporting documents are valid.
      • Appeal services – Unfortunately, strict immigration requirements mean that applications can often be refused, this can be incredibly disappointing. Our immigration lawyers will work hard to give your application a second chance by supporting you through the appeal process. We can assess whether your case is eligible for an appeal, can help you to launch your appeal and gather all of the evidence that you will need and can represent you at an immigration court hearing.
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      Whatever the complexity of your case, our lawyers will work tirelessly to help you succeed. Learn more

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