Visa for Portugal From Australia

Australian citizens can enter and stay in Portugal or the Schengen region for 90 days without a visa and within 180 days period. If you wish to live in Portugal or other Schengen countries, you must apply for a National visa.

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    Overview of Visa for Portugal From Australia

    Australian citizens can enter Portugal and other countries in the Schengen region without a visa. But this visit can only last for 90 days within 6 months, after which they will be required to obtain a National visa if they wish to stay for more than 90 days.

    Additionally, Australian tourists will not need to obtain a Tourist visa to enter Portugal. This also applies to Australian citizens who may want to take a vocational course in Portugal that would not last more than 90 days.

    The Portuguese Schengen visa, also known as Short-Stay visa, allows applicants to enter Portugal or other countries in the Schengen region to study, visit family, and do business within 90 days.

    You can also visit Portugal and other Schengen areas for other purposes, such as medical treatments, official visits, sports and cultural events. But if the reason for your visit changes while you are in Portugal or any of the Schengen countries, you will be required to leave and reapply for a different visa to enter Portugal or the Schengen country.

    Your purpose of visiting Portugal will determine the specific type of visit that you need. Therefore, you must meet certain visa requirements in order to apply for your Portuguese visa. Also, you must follow the accepted procedures in submitting your visa application in order to avoid a refusal.

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    Portugal Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

    There are certain requirements Australian citizens must meet to qualify for the Portugal visa. They include:

    Your Passport

    You must provide your Australian travel document or original passport with 2 blank pages and a minimum of 90 days validity from the date you will travel to Portugal.

    Your Travel Proof

    You must provide evidence of your flight reservation for a round-trip to various destinations you have planned. You need to show proof that you intend to leave the country. This can be an onward flight ticket or even a bus/train ticket.

    Proof of Funds

    You must prove that you have sufficient funds for your travel to and from Portugal. You will also demonstrate that you will cater for your needs during your stay in Portugal. You must prove this by providing your bank statements, tax records or pay slips from your employer.

    Travel Insurance

    You must prove that you have a table of benefits, certificate of insurance and travel insurance for your trip to Portugal. A letter from your bank, a table of benefits and a copy of your credit card may help to provide evidence that you have insurance with them.

    Schengen Visa Exemptions for Australian Citizens

    Australian citizens have Schengen visa exemptions for their 90-day stay in Portugal within 180 days period. For these visa exemptions, you must have:

    • Evidence of confirmed onward and return airline tickets
    • A passport with one blank visa page with a minimum of 6 months validity on entry to Portugal
    • Evidence of enough funds by providing your cash or bank statements
    • Documents demonstrating your purpose for the trip
    • Documents needed for your next destination
    • Visa for your next destination, if required
    • A confirmation with the airline to allow you to be on board without a visa due to the flexibility of these conditions.

    Types of Visas to Enter Portugal

    Australian citizens have different types of visas available to them. These visas include:

    Portugal Schengen Visa

    The Portuguese Schengen visa is also called the Short-Term or Short-Stay visa. The Portuguese Tourist and Business visas are under the category of the Portuguese Schengen visa.

    The Portuguese Schengen visa is designed for non-Australian residents in Australia who wish to visit Portugal for tourist or business purposes. With the Portuguese Schengen visa, applicants will be free to visit any other 26 countries within the Schengen region and also carry out their business activities without restrictions.

    National Visa

    The Portuguese National visa is available to all foreign nationals, including Australians who want to stay in Portugal for more than 1 year for study, work, or residency purposes. The Portuguese National visa is also known as the Residency visa.

    To be considered for the Portuguese National visa, you must prove to the Portuguese embassy that you have enough funds to cater for your needs during your stay in Portugal.

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      Portugal Visa Application Process From Australia

      There is a step-by-step guide you need to follow for your Portugal visa application from Australia. Here it is:

      Step 1: Choose the Type of Visa

      You must decide on the type of visa you want, depending on the purpose of your visit to Portugal. Also, you must know if you are eligible to apply for such a visa, including whether you have all the required documents to make a successful application.

      Step 2: Begin Your Application

      Fill out your visa application form and submit it at the Visa Application Centre nearest to you. You may also fill out and submit your visa application online through the Portuguese visa application website. Note that you must go with all the required documents for the type of visa you chose.

      Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment

      You must book an appointment after you have filled out your application form. After then, you will receive a letter of appointment and an email of confirmation.

      Step 4: Make Required Payments

      Make the visa application payments required after applying. You may be allowed to pay at the Visa Application Centre during the appointment if you have downloaded and printed the form.

      Step 5: Visit the Visa Application Centre

      Go in person and submit your visa application form at the nearest Visa Application Centre immediately after filling it out.

      Step 6: Track Your Application

      You will be sent an email update regarding the progress of the visa application. If you wish to get more detailed tracking information or can’t access your email easily, an SMS would be sent directly to your phone. But you must verify if your Visa Application Centre offers this service.

      Step 7: Get Your Passport

      Collect your passport from your Visa Application Centre immediately after a decision has been made about your application. If you wish, ask for a courier to get your passport to you, but this will incur an additional fee.

      Airport Transit Visa For Portuguese Airports

      Note that only citizens of some countries require a transit visa, but Australian citizens can transit in Portuguese airports without one. Here are the requirements for a Portuguese airport transit visa:

      • Your flight ticket for the last country you are travelling to
      • Your valid visa for the last country you are travelling to (if necessary)

      The following are the countries that require an Airport Transit visa:

      • Afghanistan
      • Bangladesh
      • Democratic Republic of the Congo
      • Eritrea
      • Ethiopia
      • Ghana
      • Iran
      • Iraq
      • Nigeria
      • Pakistan
      • Somalia
      • Sri Lanka

      The following are the required documents for the Airport Transit visa application process:

      • Two recent photographs
      • Visa application form
      • Valid passports
      • Documents regarding the onward trip to the last destination
      • Evidence of paid visa fee
      • Travel insurance policy.

      When and How to Apply For a Portugal Visa

      You should submit your visa application at the visa application centre from 15 to 90 days before your trip to Portugal. Your application process for the Portuguese visa typically takes about 15 days, except if you’re required to provide additional documents or if some issues arise due to the type of your visa application.

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        How Can Total Law Help?

        Australian citizens may enter countries in the Schengen region without a visa but non-citizen residents in Australia who need to visit Portugal or other Schengen countries need to apply for the Portuguese Schengen visa.

        However, such applicants must meet certain Portugal travel requirements from Australia and provide the necessary documents for their visa application. Additionally, they must choose the specific visa type that best suits their travel purpose.

        We recommend that you seek expert guidance from one of our immigration lawyers at Total Law to help you choose the best visa type you qualify for. Also, we will help you throughout your visa application process including assembling all the required documents and making the necessary payments.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes, Australian citizens have the option to apply for Portuguese permanent residency which will allow them to live in Portugal.

                  Yes, you can enter Portugal with your Australian passport due to the visa-free agreement Portugal has with Australia that allows Australians to enter and stay in Portugal for 90 days.

                  The cost of a Portuguese Schengen visa for adults is €80 and costs €40 for children from 6 to 12 years. Whereas children below 6 years and holders of official, diplomatic or service passports travelling for official purposes can obtain a Portuguese Schengen visa for free.