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UK Temporary Worker Visa

Non-British nationals such as Canadians who would like to work in the UK on a short-term basis may need to apply for a UK Temporary Worker Visa. Learn more about the requirements and different temporary work visa categories here.

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    What Is The Temporary Worker Visa?

    The UK Temporary Worker Visa (formerly the Tier 5 Worker Visa) is a work visa that allows U.S. Citizens to work in the UK for a set period of time. You are eligible to apply for this UK if you have an offer for a temporary job in the UK.

    It should be noted that there are several different temporary worker categories under this UK visa. Each category has its own eligibility criteria and requirements. However, all visa applicants must have received a job offer from a UK employer who holds a valid Sponsor Licence to hire temporary workers who are from outside the UK.

    The types of temporary worker visas are as follows:

    • Charity Worker Visa
    • Creative and Sporting Visa
    • Government Authorised Exchange Visa
    • International Agreement Visa
    • Religious Worker Visa
    • Seasonal Worker Visa
    • Youth Mobility Scheme Visa
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      Eligibility Requirements For Temporary Workers

      To apply for a UK Temporary Visa as a Canadian, you must have a job offer from an employer that can hire foreign workers. You can get a temporary visa for a variety of roles.

      The type of role you will be performing in the UK will determine which visa category you would qualify for. A 40-point requirement applies to four of the sub-categories. This includes a sponsor, a valid Sponsorship Certificate, and evidence that maintenance funds are adequate. Youth Mobility Scheme applicants do not require a job offer to be granted entry clearance. Youth Mobility Visa applications are not exclusively for employment purposes.

      Sponsorship certificates contain information about your employer and your job and unique reference numbers. They aren’t actual certificates. You will receive your sponsorship certificate from your UK employer. You will also be provided with the critical information on your certificate, such as work hours. The United Kingdom government must authorize your sponsor to provide sponsorship certificates.

      If you plan to live in the UK, you must have a bank account with at least £1,270. Moreover, the money must have been available for 28 consecutive days before you can apply. The 28th day must occur within 31 days of your application.

      When applying, you will need to show financial proof, except if:

      • You have a valid visa and have lived in the UK for at least one year
      • You can be paid up to £1,270 in your first month as an employee in the UK

      You’ll also need to provide proof that your children and partner can make ends meet whilst in the UK if you plan to bring family members with you.

      How To Apply For A Temporary Worker Visa As A Canadian Citizen

      You must apply for one of the visa types under this category to get a UK Temporary Work Visa. Types of Temporary Work Visas define what kind of work you are allowed to do on them.

      You must first complete the online visa application form to apply for the UK Temporary Worker Visa. You can access the form by visiting the UK government website.

      There will be several questions about you, including your name and surname, date of birth, and place of residence. Additionally, you may be asked about past trips to the UK and other places. The reason you’re applying for a visa will be of significant importance as well.

      In addition, you must pay the health surcharge and the visa fee. Those applying for a Seasonal Worker Visa in the UK are not required to pay health surcharges.

      The last step in your application process will be finding the UK Visa Application Center, having your fingerprints photographed, and submitting the form. Documents required in the application include photos, a valid passport, a certificate of sponsorship, biometric information, and medical test results.

      A Temporary Work Visa application must be submitted three months before you are scheduled to begin working. You can consult your sponsorship certificate for this information.

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      Creative Worker Visa And International Sportsperson Visa

      The Creative Worker Visa and International Sportsperson Visas are both temporary UK visas that are available to U.S. citizens. The International Sportsperson Visa is available for highly-skilled sportspeople who are internationally recognized as being at the highest level in their respective sport.

      Creative Worker Visas are available to foreign nationals who work in the creative industry. This visa is open to dancers, actors, models, those who work on film crews, and musicians. This visa is only open if the role they are performing can not be done by a domestic worker in the UK.

      Government Authorized Exchange Visa

      This is a visa that the government of the UK has set up specifically for those who want to travel to the UK to live or work there for research, fellowship/ exchange program, or the Overseas Government Language Programme.

      You must have a sponsorship, an excellent credit rating, and must have a good health history. This visa requires you to prove that you will not be a drain on public services and that you can financially support yourself.

      International Agreement Worker Visa  

      The International Agreement Worker Visa is a longer-stay work visa. This visa can be obtained for more extended periods and offers you the option to transfer to another category later.

      You only qualify for this visa if your work is covered by a treaty or international law such as proving a service under contract as a contractual service supplier or any roles where the individual will be working for a foreign government. This visa is issued to those who have been offered employment in the UK, and they must also be able to support themselves with funds that they will bring with them or receive from their employer.

      If you’re thinking about applying for the International Agreement Worker visa, there are a few things that you should be aware of beforehand. You’ll have to have at least £1,270 to support yourself whilst you are in the UK, which you can prove using your most recent bank statements.

      Also, if you are already living or have lived in England or Wales in the last three years, it may affect your eligibility – so make sure that’s also something to consider before making your decision!

      Charity Worker Visa

      The Charity Worker Visa is an Immigration path for U.S. Citizens to work with charities and non-profit organizations in the UK. The visa typically takes around three months to process, and applicants are usually required to submit a bond to cover the cost of remittances back home.

      The Charity Worker visa requires a high level of time commitment and professionalism in your work to be granted. To be given a visa to work for a charity in the UK, you will need to be able to prove that you have spent over 250 days in the UK or more than two decades volunteering within that charity.

      The Charity Worker visa can be used for work in any area such as youth work, international aid, social enterprise, or education. To qualify for this visa, you will need to have a criminal record check and an offer from the charity you intend to work for in the UK.

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        Religious Worker Visa

        One of the UK Government’s main focuses when introducing the Temporary Worker Visa was to provide a visa that would allow U.S. citizens to work in the UK, particularly those who work on religious premises.

        A religious worker visa is available for those involved in spiritual, social, cultural, educational, or charitable activities that benefit their religion, community, school, or charity. This visa provides you with the right to stay in the UK for up to 24 months. You will be able to work and live in the UK on a non-traveler basis.

        To qualify for a temporary work visa, you have to meet certain criteria, such as working according to the religious beliefs of the faith that you work with, such as teaching at a Sunday School. You also need to be able to prove that you can work in the UK.

        Seasonal Worker Visa

        As the name suggests, a seasonal worker visa allows you to come to the UK to do farm work. If you have been to the UK before and intend to visit again during the winter months, you can apply for a seasonal worker visa. You will need to pass a medical exam and pay the required fee to obtain one. The seasonal worker visa also provides you with the chance to stay in the UK for up to 6 months.

        If you live in the United States, the Seasonal Worker Visa may be for you. However, this visa does not allow you to take advantage of the UK’s working holiday visa rules. You must work at approved sites and may also work part-time in a self-contained employment center.

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        Youth Mobility Scheme

        The Youth Mobility Visa was created to help immigrants who would otherwise not have access to jobs that would be suitable for them. It also has several optional conditions that you can meet to be considered for the visa, including English language proficiency tests, a working experience requirement, and security clearance.

        An Immigration Officer will be checking your age, financial status, and where you are coming from when deciding whether to grant you a Youth Mobility Visa. Under this Visa you can:

        • Take a class (A certificate from the Academic Technology Approval Scheme may be required for some courses)
        • Work in diverse fields
        • Be self-employed or set up a business provided you don’t employ people to acquire equipment worth more than £5,000

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          How We Can Help You Secure Your UK Temporary Worker Visa as a Canadian

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          Guidance Through Complexity

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          Meticulous Document Preparation

          We’ll assist you in gathering the correct documentation, ensuring it’s complete and accurate for maximum chances of approval.

          Application Submission & Support

          We’ll manage the submission of your visa application and provide ongoing support throughout the process, addressing any queries or concerns.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Aside from expenses related to document retrieval, all applicants must pay the UK Temporary Visa application fee of £244.

                    Most visa applications are processed within 8 weeks. However, if your application is missing required documents or needs special attention, the processing time will likely take longer.

                    Those who are in the UK under the UK Temporary Worker Visa are not allowed to take a permanent job or work in a second job that is not described in their Certificate of Sponsorship Licence. Furthermore, all Temporary Worker visa holders are not eligible to receive public funds.