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Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit

If you work for an international company, you may be eligible to transfer to your company’s Irish branch with an Intra-Company Transfer Permit. Non-EEA country nationals can move to Ireland with sponsorship from an international company.

Applying for an Intra-Company Transfer Permit is a complex process requiring employer sponsorship. To ensure your application portfolio is strong, you may benefit from legal assistance. Call Total Law at +353 061 518 025 to receive advice during the application process.

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    Intra-Company Transfer Permit Overview

    If you work for a company with an Irish company branch, you could be eligible for a transfer to Ireland. With the Intra-Company Transfer Permit, you can live and work in Ireland as a key personnel member at your company.

    Under this visa, you can stay in Ireland for up to 2 years to perform critical training or provide the Irish company branch with your expertise.

    This visa is for skilled workers, senior management, trainees and key personnel role employees.

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    Intra-Company Transfer Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for this visa type, the applicant must be the following requirements:

    • Be either:
      • Senior management, with a salary of at least €46,000 (as of January 2024; this will rise to €53,000 by January 2025)
      • Key personnel, with a salary of at least €46,000 (as of January 2024; this will rise to €53,000 by January 2025)
      • Undergoing a training program, with a salary of at least €34,000 (as of January 2024; this will rise to €39,000 by January 2025)
    • A non-EEU national.
    • Have worked for the overseas employer for a minimum of 6 months or 1 month as a trainee transfer.

    The given definitions for senior management, key personnel and trainee job specifications are as follows:

    • Senior management:
      • You manage a department, subdivision, or component of the company.
      • You manage or supervise other personnel and employees within the organisation.
      • Hiring and firing employees falls under your jurisdiction.
      • You have the authority over tasks and operations which require discretion.
    • Key personnel role:
      • You have specialist knowledge and skills essential to the organisation (technical skills, qualifications, or experience).
    • Trainee:
      • You are being sponsored to visit Ireland for a period under 12 months to undergo training. Your company should provide details of the training programme.

    There are additional requirements that the Irish company branch needs to meet to be eligible for sponsorship:

    • Registered with the Company Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners as an Irish business.
    • Provide evidence of currently trading in Ireland with a significant presence.
    • Have substantiation business operations overseas.
    • The Irish branch must be linked with the company in the any of the following ways:
      • One is a subsidiary of the other
      • Both are subsidiaries of a holding company
      • There is a contractual agreement in place allowing both to carry out business operations in a different state

    Required Documents for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit

    To apply for the Intra-Company Tranfer Permit, applicants should provide the following documentation:

    • Evidence of the basic annual salary the applicant receives from the overseas employer
    • If the salary is less than minimum wage, or there is an atypical working scheme, the applicant should provide evidence of an additional payment to be made by the overseas employer
    • The total amount of payments based on the previous figures
    • A list of all deductions to be made by the foreign employer
    • Evidence of the amount which is to be paid to the applicant once they are living and working in Ireland under the Intra-Company Transfer Employment Visa.
    • Information regarding the following:
      • Evidence of accommodation or board
      • Evidence of health insurance

    If the permit holder intend to renew their visa at the end of its validity, applicants must provide payslips from the duration of their employment in Ireland.

    Intra-Company Transfer Application Process

    You must apply for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit at least 12 weeks before the prospective employment start date. The Irish branch employer should perform the application process, and can do so using the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS).

    In order to ensure a successful application, you may want to use the advice and counsel of an immigration expert. Contact our helpful team of immigration lawyers at Total Law to prepare your application portfolio.

    What Is the Intra-Company Transfer Permit Application Fee?

    You should prepare to pay an application fee when applying for the intra-company transfer permit. Here are the associated costs for the company for an employment permit based on duration:

    • €500 for 6 months or less.
    • €1,000 for 6 months up to 24 months.
    • €1,500 – for from 6 months up to 36 months.

    Here are the associated costs for the employer:

    • €500 for 6 months or less.
    • €1,000 for from 6 months up to 24 months.

    Reach out our team of experienced professionals who has in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit application process. Contact Us

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      Processing Times for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit

      Applications for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit are reviewed in order of the submission date, categorised by Employer Type. Once you have submitted your application with the fees, you can check your application status and processing times on the EPOS website. Once in the hands of a reviewer, the processing time for an employment permit application is generally 28 days.

      Appeal Process for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit

      Your Intra-Company Transfer Permit could be rejected if you do not provide payment of the processing fee or if your application is missing critical documents. It could also be the case that the employee or employer does not meet eligibility requirements.

      If your employment permit application is rejected, you can appeal the decision within 28 days of receiving the refusal. You can submit a Decision for Review Form online to appeal the employment permit decision. You can also reapply, providing any information missing from your previous application.

      Whether applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit or Intra-Company Employment Permit, you can benefit from legal advice, ensuring you do not fail to provide the required information. Call us at Total Law today to receive counsel.

      Validity and Renewal for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit

      Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permits are valid for 2 years for employees and 12 months for trainees. You are eligible to reapply and renew your employment permit at the end of this period.

      You are permitted to stay for a total period of 5 years through renewals. You should submit your renewal application using the EPOS system at least 16 weeks prior to the termination of your employment permits.

      Conditions for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit

      Upon entering the state, the connected person must be able to present the following information to an Immigration Officer:

      • Their work permit from their multinational company.
      • Supporting documentation (passport, visa).

      A work permit does not grant a residence permit. Therefore, all non-European Economic Area applicants should apply for a visa with the Garda National Immigration Bureau before moving to Ireland to begin employment under their employment permits.

      If you need assistance in applying for a residence permit to begin employment under an Intra-Company Transfer Visa, contact our team at Total Law. Our experienced immigration lawyers possess intimate knowledge of Irish immigration laws and can help you to provide a strong application to the Garda National Immigration Bureau.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      If you wish to work for an enterprise with a branch in Ireland, you can discuss work permit options with your employer. If they are an established enterprise in Ireland and meet certain conditions, they can sponsor your general employment permit.

      However, once granted your employment permit, you must apply for a residence permit to live and work in Ireland.

      Applying for a residence permit requires documentation evidencing your nationality, criminal history, and immigration history. At Total Law, we can help you to provide sufficient documentation for a quick company transfer process, ensuring refusals or appeals do not delay you.

      Contact our reliable and well-versed team of immigration specialists today at +353 061 518 025 to take advantage of our expertise. We provide support to reduce your workload in the application process.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes. A start-up can apply for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit. You will not need evidence of previous trading history in your application.

                Yes. If your work permit is cancelled, you should return all certified copies and permits to the immigration authorities within 4 weeks. If you fail to return these documents, it is considered an offence.

                If you are a recent graduate who has worked for a foreign employer for at least 1 month, you can apply for the Intra-Company Transfer Permit to begin a training program in Ireland. If you are not a trainee, you must work for the employer for at least 6 months.