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Permission to Reside for the Non-EEA Parent of an Irish Child Citizen

If your child is an Irish citizen by birth or other means and you are not, you can obtain permission to reside in Ireland with a Stamp 4 permission for up to 3 years. Non-EEA parents of Irish citizen children below 18 are eligible if they meet other criteria.

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    Permission to Remain for a Parent of Irish Citizen Child or Child Born in Ireland

    If your child was born in Ireland before 1st January 2005, your child may be an Irish citizen automatically. Also, if your child’s other parent or grandparent is an Irish citizen, they may be entitled to or eligible to become Irish citizens.

    As a non-EU/EEA parent of an Irish citizen child, you may want to live in Ireland with your child despite not being a citizen or EU national. In that case, you will need immigration permission that allows you to reside in the State.

    Eligible parents from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can apply if their child resides permanently in Ireland and meets the eligibility criteria for this immigration permission. If approved, they will be given a Stamp 4 permission, which allows them to live, work, and study in Ireland for the period for which the permission is valid.

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    Eligibility requirements for Permission to Remain for the Parent of an Irish Citizen Child

    Permitted family members for this residence permission are biological parents who are non-Irish nationals.

    You may be eligible for permission to remain in Ireland based on your Irish citizen child if:

    • You are the biological parent of the Irish child citizen
    • Your Irish child is residing full-time and permanently in the State
    • You are emotionally and/or financially involved in the upbringing of the Irish child
    • Your Irish child is under the age of 18
    • You are on the birth certificate of the Irish child as the biological parent

    If your name is not on the child’s birth certificate as a parent, you will need to re-register the certificate to include your name. You may also be required to provide evidence of a biological link, such as a verifiable DNA result and proof of your involvement in the child’s life.

    In general, the Minister for Justice may request verifiable DNA evidence to prove you are the child’s biological parent.

    It is crucial that your child already has an Irish passport before applying for this permission. If your child doesn’t have an Irish passport, you can apply for one and get it first before making your own application.

    Location and applying for this residence permission

    Before you can apply for permission to reside in Ireland as a parent of a minor Irish citizen, you must already be in the State on another permit.

    You cannot apply from outside Ireland, so if you are currently outside the country, you can seek entry clearance through obtaining any other Irish visa or a Long Stay D ‘reside parent of Irish citizen child’ visa to allow you to enter the country.

    However, if you are from a country that is visa-exempt, you can request temporary permission to enter Ireland to make an application at the port of entry. When in Ireland, you should go to your local immigration office and apply for permission to reside as the parent of an Irish child before the temporary permit expires.

    Also, your Irish citizen child must live in Ireland permanently. If they don’t, you cannot apply for permission to remain in Ireland under this scheme.

    We understand that living with your child in Ireland without restrictions is important to you. As such, we can help you obtain permission to remain in Ireland if you are a non-EEA parent of an Irish citizen child.

    For more information on how we can help you or advice concerning this immigration route, please call us on (+353) 061 518 025 or contact us online.

    The application process for this immigration permission

    There are two ways to apply for permission to become an Irish resident based on an Irish child’s parent.

    Applying when you have a Long Stay visa or permit

    The first option is for those who entered Ireland on a Long Stay D Reside Parent of an Irish citizen child visa or have a Stamp 1, Stamp 2, or Stamp 3 immigration permission to remain in Ireland.

    If you are in this category, you can go to your local immigration office to request permission to remain in Ireland as a result of your child. You must go along with your child and the following documents:

    • Your passport
    • Your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB card, if it applies
    • Your child’s Irish passport
    • Your child’s birth certificate that has your name on it
    • Proof that you reside in Ireland, such as utility bills and rental/mortgage agreements
    • Documentary evidence of your child’s address in Ireland, such as a letter from your child’s doctor or school

    Applying when you have a short stay visa or no permit

    The second option is for those who entered Ireland with a Short Stay ‘C’ visa or don’t have a valid immigration stamp or permission.

    If you are in this category, you must complete and submit the parent of Irish citizen child application form along with the required permit to the Residence Unit 4 of the Immigration Service Delivery.

    The documents include:

    • A full copy of your valid passport
    • Two passport photographs of you with your signature at the back
    • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
    • A copy of the biodata page of your child’s valid Irish passport
    • Two proofs that the child lives permanently in Ireland such as a:
      • Copy of the Immunisation passport
      • Letter from their doctor confirming their attendance at medical appointments
      • Letter from their school/crèche confirming attendance
    • At least two pieces of evidence of your residency in the State, if it applies, such as a:
      • Letter from a rental agency, rental contract, or tenancy agreement
      • Letter of Registration of Tenancy from the Private Residential Tenancies Board
      • Utility bills in your name
      • Bank statements in your name
      • Mobile phone bills in your name
    • At least two pieces of evidence that you play an active role in your child’s life, such as a:
      • Letter from the child’s school/crèche providing records that you attended parent/teacher meetings or dropped off or collected the child
      • Letter from the child’s doctor confirming that you attended medical appointments with the child
      • Access Orders/Agreements and letter from the other biological parent confirming attendance at access appointments
      • Letter from child’s social worker confirming applicant’s role in the child’s life
      • Statutory declaration from the other biological parent outlining the emotional and financial role you play in the life of the citizen child
    • Evidence of applicant’s relationship with the other biological parent of the Irish citizen child before the birth of the Irish citizen child, such as a:
      • Marriage certificate
      • Proof you live together as a couple
      • Dated photographs where you both appear together

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      What to expect after applying

      After applying for permission to remain in Ireland, ISD will review your application to determine if you should be granted permission to reside in Ireland based on your child’s Irish citizenship.

      While waiting for a decision, you are not allowed to work unless you have permission to do so. You can apply for an Employment Permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment while you wait.

      Application approval

      If your application is successful, you will receive a Stamp 4 permission valid for six months to 3 years, depending on factors that include your role in the child’s life and your immigration history in Ireland.

      Then, you are to register your Stamp 4 permission with your local immigration registration office. When registering, you should bring your Irish citizen child along with you, and you may have to pay a fee. If you don’t register your permission, future applications for Irish visas or citizenship may be refused.

      Application refusal

      If your application is refused, you will receive a letter of refusal with reasons for the refusal. You cannot appeal a refusal of this permission, but you can reapply at any time.

      If your application was refused, we recommend that you contact immigration lawyers to review the reasons for the refusal and your chances of being accepted if you re-apply and assist with re-application if you are eligible. Call us today at (+353) 061 518 025 to discuss.

      What is a Stamp 4 permission?

      Stamp 4 permission allows you to live and work in Ireland without an employment permit for the duration it is valid. Also, you can establish and operate a business and access state funds and services.

      If you wish to be a citizen in the future, a Stamp 4 permission will come in handy because time spent in Ireland on a Stamp 4 counts as reckonable residence when applying for Irish citizenship by naturalisation.

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        How can Total Law help?

        Total Law provides Irish immigration support to foreign nationals who want family reunification opportunities in Ireland. We have a wealth of experience and are understand Ireland’s immigration laws to help you to stay with your family member.

        We can help you complete a high standard application to maximise your chances of securing permission to remain in Ireland with your child or children who are Irish citizens. Our services cover all aspects of applying for this immigration permit, from accessing your eligibility to advising you, to preparing and submitting a quality application on your behalf. Call us now on (+353) 061 518 025 to get started on obtaining permission to remain in Ireland with your Irish child or children.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  There is no application fee. However, you may be required to pay to register your Stamp 4 permission in the local registration office, but that differs by the office.

                  Since this permission isn’t just for any non-EEA family member of an Irish citizen, You may be required to get a DNA test to prove your family relationship as a biological parent. This may be necessary when applying for permission to remain with your Irish citizen child. Home DNA tests or those from unauthorised clinics will not be accepted as proof of parentage.

                  If you need to get a DNA test, you must use a court-approved DNA service so that the test results are legally defensible in court.

                  When you have made an appointment with the court-approved DNA service, you must inform the Parent of Irish citizen child unit of the time and location of the test. That is to ensure that department representatives are available to attend the test if necessary.

                  Yes. The Minister for Justice may revoke your permission to remain with your Irish child if it is discovered that you did not meet the qualifying criteria or provided false information when applying.

                  Your permission may also be revoked if any of the following comes to light:

                  • You broke the conditions of your permission
                  • You are not of good character
                    • This may be because of criminal convictions that happened before or after you were granted permission. Regardless of when it happened, the Minister will consider the nature of the conviction to determine the decision.
                    • If it happened before your application, inform the Minister for Justice in your application.
                  • You did not register your permission with your local immigration officer
                  • You provided misleading or inaccurate information to the Minister for Justice or other Irish authorities

                  If your permission is revoked and you don’t have any other permission to reside in the state, the Minister for Justice may issue you an intention to deport.