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Ireland Marriage Visa

The Marriage Visa is used by visa-required nationals who wish to come to Ireland to marry their Irish partner. Speak to IAS today about your application.

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    Who needs a visa to marry in Ireland?

    If you are from a country outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, and you wish to marry your Irish partner, you can apply for a Marriage Visa to enter the country on a short-term basis.

    If you are a visa-required national, you must apply for a Marriage Visa to marry your partner.

    View the full list of visa required nationalities to check whether you need this visa. Note that this list may change frequently, therefore it is advisable to check with Irish Immigration

    This allows you to enter the country for a time-limited period. It is a type of Short Stay ‘C’ Visa which is issued to non-nationals on a temporary basis.

    There are a number of eligibility requirements you must meet to be granted this visa.

    One of the primary requirements is to have official confirmation of the date you notified the Registrar of your intention to marry.

    You can apply for the visa three months in advance of your intended date of travel to Ireland. You must apply for the visa online via the AVATS online application facility.

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    Marriage Visa requirements

    The requirements for the Marriage Visa include the following for yourself and your partner:

    • Completed application summary sheets
    • Valid passport
    • Two colour passport sized photographs not more than six months old
    • Application letter
    • Valid birth certificate
    • Any previous divorce certificates (where relevant)
    • Bank statements for the previous six months for both partners
    • Private medical and/or travel insurance for the non-EEA national
    • Evidence that the Irish partner has earned at least €40,000 in the last three years
    • Sufficient evidence of the relationship history
    • Evidence of intention to marry
    • Proof of obligation to return to your home country
    • Evidence of past visa refusals

    Explanation of requirements

    Summary application form

    • These must be printed, signed and dated. You must also have proof of payment of the application fee and the additional required documents


    • You must provide proof of a valid passport which is in date for at least six months after the intended date of leaving Ireland
    • You must have a full copy of all previous passports

    Signed letter of application

    Include the following in your letter of application:

    • Full contact details
    • Reason for wanting to come to Ireland
    • Length of your intended stay
    • Details of your intended accommodation arrangements
    • Details of other family members (if in Ireland or an EU country)
    • Confirming the identity of the person who is funding the trip
    • Confirmation that you will abide by the conditions of your visa

    Accommodation details

    • An outline of your accommodation arrangements
    • Supporting letter from the host you are staying with
    • Proof of address (e.g., utility bill, guesthouse or hostel booking confirmation)


    • Current bank statement with past six months of transaction details on official bank paper
    • Statements must include name, address, account number and account type

    Proof of intention to marry

    • Acknowledgement from the Registrar confirmation date of receipt of the notice to marry
    • Marriage Registration Form

    Evidence of relationship history

    • Proof of having visited your partner in their country
    • Evidence of conversations between you (e.g., email, phone logs, WhatsApp messages, etc.)
    • Proof of having met in person on at least one occasion
    • Evidence that the relationship is genuine
    • Any previous marriage, divorce, or dissolution certificates

    Obligation to return home (social or economic ties)

    • Work reasons: You must provide payslips and a letter from your employer
    • Education reasons: You must submit a letter from your college with details of the course
    • Family reasons: Details of the family members you live with
    • Property reasons: Proof of any properties you own or rent

    Medical or travel insurance

    • Proof of medical or travel insurance is not essential for your application but may be requested
    • Insurance will be required if the visa is approved

    Visa refusals

    • You must provide details of any previously denied visas
    • You must provide documentation related to any previous deportation, refusal of entry, or other reason for being required to leave the country

    How to apply

    To apply for a Marriage Visa, you must apply online via the AVATS portal. Below is an outline of the application process.

    Section 1 Personal details

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Nationality
    • Address
    • Contact details
    • Details of marriage (where relevant)

    Section 1A Passport or travel document details

    • Passport number
    • Other passport details

    Section 2 Applicant’s immigration history

    • Date of entry in Ireland
    • Registration number of residence permit
    • Place of arrival
    • Status on arrival
    • Explanation of immigration history in the state

    Section 3 Personal details of Irish national spouse/ partner

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality of spouse
    • Gender
    • Address
    • Place of birth
    • PPS number
    • Contact details
    • Marriage date

    Section 3A Passport details of Irish spouse

    • Passport number
    • Other passport details

    Section 3B Relationship with the Irish spouse

    • Background on household accommodation arrangements
    • Relationship history with dates and significant events leading to marriage
    • Details of any children from either spouse

    Section 4 Current activity of Irish spouse in the state

    • Type of activity (work, study, etc.)
    • Details of employment (as applicable)
    • Details of study (as applicable)
    • Details of financial resources

    Section 5 Criminal declaration of the applicant

    • Details of any criminal history
    • Details of offences convicted in Ireland or abroad
    • Details of court orders
    • Details of military history
    • Details of any association with terrorism

    Section 6 Statutory declaration

    • Form for applicant to sign in front of a suitable witness
    • Form for spouse to sign in front of a suitable witness

    Section 7 Additional information

    • Space for any additional information relevant to the application

    Section 8 Document checklist

    • Confirmation of all documents

    What documents do you need for the Marriage Visa?

    The documents checklist for the marriage visa includes:

    • Documents of all applicants
      • Applicant’s current passport(s) and any previous passport(s)
      • Applicant’s birth certificate
      • Applicant’s two passport photographs (signed on the reverse)
    • Documents of the Irish national
      • Spouse’s current passport(s) and any previous passport(s)
      • Spouse’s birth certificate
      • Applicant’s two passport photographs (signed on the reverse)
    • Proof of relationship and marriage
      • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
      • Notification of marriage or civil partnership (if relevant)
      • Divorce certificate (if relevant)
      • Detailed history of the relationship and its timeline
      • Photographs/ videos of the relationship and wedding
    • Evidence of the applicant’s residence in the state
      • Letter from a rental agency, rental contract, or tenancy agreement
      • Letter of registration of tenancy from the Private Residential Tenancies Board
      • Utility bills in both partners’ names
      • Bank statements for the applicant
      • Mobile phone bills for the applicant
      • Bank statements showing rent being paid
      • Letter from mortgage provider (if relevant)
      • Utility bills in the names of both the applicant and the spouse
    • Evidence of current activity of Irish national spouse/ civil partner
      • Employment
        • Letter from employer/ contract of employment
        • Six recent payslips and three years’ worth of P60s
        • Bank statements for the last 12 months
        • Evidence of private medical insurance (both partners)
      • Self-employment
        • Agreed tax assessment from the Revenue Commissioner for the previous financial year or Letter of Registration for Self-Assessment
        • Business bank statements from the last 12 months
        • Private bank statements from the last 12 months
        • Proof of private medical insurance
      • Study
        • Letter from college stating the nature of the course
        • Proof of private medical insurance
        • Bank statements for the last 12 months
      • Involuntary unemployment
        • Letter from the Department of Social Protection with details of benefit claims
        • Letter from Employment Services Office acknowledging registration as a jobseeker
        • Letter from past employer outlining circumstances of end of employment (where relevant)
        • Bank statements for the last 12 months
        • P60s for last two years of employment and P45 from last role
      • Residing with sufficient resources
        • Bank statements from the last 12 months
        • Letter from the Department of Social Protection outlining any benefit claims (or lack thereof)
        • Proof of private medical insurance (for spouse/ partner and applicant)
      • Criminal convictions
        • A police clearance certificate from any country you resided in during the last five years (excluding Ireland)

    Note that any documents in a language other than Irish or English must be accompanied by an official translation, with the translator’s contact details included.

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      How much does the Marriage Visa application cost?

      The cost of the marriage visa application is €100. This allows for a multi-entry visa.

      The fee is non-refundable in the event of your application being refunded or withdrawn.

      In addition to this fee, there may be extra charges you are required to pay. You will likely be informed of these during the process.

      How long is the waiting period?

      The Irish marriage visa application time takes approximately eight weeks from the date you submit your application and supporting documents.

      All applications will be processed in the order that they are received. This can vary depending on the country you applied in.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                It can take up to eight weeks to get a decision on your marriage visa application.

                This may be significantly longer in the event that your application is incomplete or inaccurate.

                You are not automatically entitled to stay in Ireland once you marry an Irish citizen. If you are a British, EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you likely do not need permission from an immigration officer to live in Ireland.

                However, if you are from outside the EU or EEA, you will likely be required to apply for a visa to enter or remain in Ireland.

                The most appropriate visa for your circumstances depends on a variety of factors. If you are unsure, we recommend speaking to a specialist immigration solicitor who can advise you on the most appropriate Irish visa based on your circumstances and goals.

                If you are a non-EU or EEA citizen, you will be required to apply for a marriage visa if you wish to come to Ireland for the purposes of marrying an Irish citizen.