Ireland Internship Employment Permit for US Citizens

The Internship Employment Permit is a crucial requirement for US citizens seeking to undertake paid internships in Ireland. It grants foreign nationals a maximum duration of 12 months, allowing individuals to gain valuable work experience.

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    Overview of the Internship Employment Permit

    The Internship Employment Permit allows non-European Economic Area (EEA) and non-Swiss nationals, including US citizens, to undertake an internship in Ireland. This Visa is designed for individuals who have been offered an internship opportunity by an Irish-based host company.

    Its purpose is to enable US citizens to gain valuable work experience with Irish host companies or organizations. The visa grants a maximum duration of 12 months, allowing interns to immerse themselves in their chosen field.

    It’s important to note that the visa is specific to paid internships and does not guarantee employment. The visa for unpaid internships is the Unpaid internship visa. All of the eligibility criteria, application procedures and required documentation must be fulfilled to obtain the permit.

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    Eligibility Requirements for the Ireland Internship Employment Permit

    The Internship Employment Permit has specific requirements that applicants must meet. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in a full-time college or university studies outside Ireland and have secured a job offer for a paid internship in Ireland.

    In addition to this, non-EEA citizens seeking the Intern Visa must fulfill the following requirements:

    • The internship must be directly related to their field of study.
    • The internship should enhance their career prospects.
    • The applicant must receive a wage that meets or exceeds the National Minimum Wage for the internship.
    • The role undertaken during the internship must be included on the Highly Skilled Eligible Occupations List.
    • The applicant must have strong ties to their home country, indicating their intention to leave Ireland after the internship.
    • They must be able to provide a police clearance certificate.
    • Details of any financial support they will receive must be provided, supported by official bank statements or supporting documentation.
    • The internship must be approved by the academic institution in the applicant’s home country.
    • As a paid intern, you must be a student of a third-level institution.

    How to Proceed for an Ireland Internship Visa

    To be eligible for the Paid Internship Visa in Ireland, certain requirements must be met. The key eligibility criteria are as follows:

    •  Job Offer Requirement
        • Prior to applying for the Internship Visa, individuals must secure a job offer from an Irish employer.
        • The job offer should align with the internship position and meet the criteria set by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation.
    •  Work Permit Application
        • If the intended internship duration is more than 90 days, applicants must apply for an employment permit through the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation.
        • The permit is necessary to work legally in Ireland and is obtained after receiving the job offer.
    •  Atypical Working Scheme (AWS) Permission
        • For internships lasting less than 90 days, applicants need to apply for Atypical Working Scheme permission from the Department of Justice.
        • The AWS permission grants individuals the right to work in Ireland for a shorter duration.
    •  Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment
      • The Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment processes both the employment permits and the Atypical Working Scheme permissions.
      • Applicants must follow the specific application procedures and provide the supporting documentation outlined by the department.

    Process of Visa Application

    To apply for this Internship Visa, you must initiate the process from your home country or the country where you are a resident.

    The application procedure involves submitting your Visa application online, regardless of whether you are applying through the Internship Employment Permit route or the Atypical Working Scheme route.

    Once you have submitted the application, you will receive instructions on where to send your supporting documents.

    These documents include your passport, which should be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Ireland, along with other relevant documents demonstrating your eligibility for the visa. Send these documents to the office indicated on your visa application summary sheet.

    If you are making a visa application for yourself and another person, you may send them together.

    Place each person’s application documents into separate envelopes. Write the name and visa application number of each applicant on each envelope. Place each envelope into a larger envelope and send it to the application office. Be sure to pay the correct postage for large packages.

    For documents not in English or Irish, translation by a certified translator is required. Each translated document should include an affirmation of accuracy, the translation date, the translator’s full name, signature and contact details.

    What is the Visa Fee for an Irish Internship Visa?

    When applying for this Internship Visa, there are certain fees to be paid. The visa application fee is €60 for a single entry and €100 for a permit valid for multiple entries.

    Additionally, there is a fee for the Internship Employment Permit based on the duration of the internship. The fee is €500 for a permit up to 6 months and €1000 for a permit between 6 and 12 months.

    In case your application is unsuccessful, you are eligible for a ninety percent refund of the fees paid.

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      What is the Processing Time for an Internship Visa in Ireland?

      The general processing time for an Irish internship visa is approximately 8 to 12 weeks, and it is prone to change according to the personal circumstances of each individual.

      Are There Any Unconventional Routes for US Citizens to Come to Ireland as Interns?


      The Atypical Working Scheme, introduced by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation (DBEI), offers an alternative pathway for individuals seeking to come to Ireland as interns.

      This scheme is specifically designed for highly skilled individuals who can fulfill positions that are experiencing skill shortages.

      If you are coming to Ireland as a Paid Researcher or Locum Doctor in areas like general practice, the hospital sector, or primary care, the Atypical Working Scheme is the recommended route for you.

      Eligibility for Atypical Working Scheme

      To be eligible for the Atypical Working Scheme, applicants must meet certain criteria.

      • Firstly, they should be able to fill a position that is facing a shortage of skills.
      • Additionally, the applicant must receive wages for their internship or short-term employment.
      • It is necessary to have secured an Atypical Working Scheme letter of approval and applied for the appropriate entry permission to Ireland before arriving in the country.

      The Atypical Working Scheme provides an opportunity for highly skilled individuals to pursue internship positions in Ireland while ensuring they receive fair remuneration for their work.

      By streamlining the process and offering a dedicated route, the scheme facilitates the engagement of talented individuals in sectors where their skills are most needed.

      If you are interested in undertaking an internship in Ireland and possess the required qualifications, the Atypical Working Scheme provides a valuable avenue to pursue your goals.

      It is recommended to consult the official resources of the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation for detailed information on eligibility criteria and the application process.

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        What Steps Should I Take After I Arrive in Ireland?

        Upon arrival in Ireland, it is necessary to present your passport, permit, visa, and any other required documents to the immigration officer at the airport.

        The officer will assess your documentation and decide whether to grant you entry into the country.

        Even with a valid visa, the officer can refuse entry if they are not satisfied with your documents or explanations.

        If allowed entry, the officer will place a temporary immigration permission, known as a ‘landing stamp,’ in your passport, indicating the duration of your stay.

        Your visa and duration of stay can vary depending on your internship. It can be a short-term C visa or a longer-term D visa for up to 12 months. If you possess a short-stay ‘C’ visa, you must depart before the landing stamp expires.

        For those with a long-stay ‘D’ visa who intend to stay beyond three months, it is necessary to visit the registration office in Dublin or a local Garda station outside Dublin to extend your immigration permission and register your details before the landing stamp expires.

        In the event that you are denied permission to enter the country, you will be returned to your point of departure.

        How Can I Settle in Ireland on an Internship Visa?

        The Internship Visa is specifically designed for individuals seeking to participate in an internship program in Ireland.

        It offers both short-stay and long-stay options; however, it is important to note that the visa requires individuals to depart the country upon the completion of their internship and the expiration of their visa.

        It is not intended for individuals seeking permanent settlement in Ireland through the Internship Visa.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Embarking on an internship in Ireland can be a transformative experience for US Citizens. At Total Law, we specialize in immigration services and can guide you through the Internship Employment Permit process.

        Our knowledgeable team will ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and assist you in submitting a strong application.

        With our expertise, you can navigate the complexities of the visa system with confidence. Gain valuable international work experience and expand your horizons by taking advantage of this exciting opportunity.

        Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us handle the intricacies of your application for an Internship Employment Permit in Ireland.

        Trust Total Law to provide individual assistance tailored to your personal needs, making your journey to Ireland as smooth and successful as possible. Call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or connect with us online to take the first step towards your dream internship in Ireland.

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                  To check the status of your Ireland visa application, you can conveniently use the online platform and enter your Visa Application transaction Number.

                  The status updates are made on a weekly basis, allowing you to track the progress of your application. If your visa is approved, the Irish Embassy will affix the visa to your passport.

                  In case of a visa refusal, you have the option to appeal the decision within a period of two months. Ensuring you stay informed about your visa status enables you to take appropriate actions and stay updated on the progress of your application.

                  No, non-EU international students studying in Ireland are generally not permitted to bring their families with them. However, spouses and children of international students have the option to apply for their own separate permissions to reside in Ireland.

                  Yes, it is possible to switch from an internship visa to a work visa in Ireland under certain circumstances. If you secure employment after completing your internship and meet the eligibility criteria for a work visa, you can apply for a work visa.

                  An internship visa is specifically designed for individuals who wish to come to Ireland to engage in an internship program. It is typically granted to students or recent graduates who want to gain practical experience in their field of study. The internship visa has certain eligibility requirements and is usually issued for a limited duration.

                  On the other hand, a work visa, also known as an employment permit, allows individuals to work in Ireland in a more general capacity. It is applicable to individuals who have a job offer from an Irish employer and meet the requirements for the specific employment category. Work visas are typically issued for longer durations and are not limited to internships.