Irish Business Visas: Apply from the US

If you are a US citizen who plans to visit Ireland for a business meeting, business trip, or other business purposes, you may wonder if you need a visa. There are several types of business visas you may apply for depending on your circumstances. Choosing the right business visa is crucial in order to enter and stay in Ireland to conduct your planned business activities.

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    What is an Irish Business Visa?

    An Irish business visa is a travel document that shows you have permission from the Department of Foreign Affairs at the Irish embassy to enter Ireland and conduct business under specific terms. A business visa is different from a tourist visa in that it gives you explicit permission to conduct business while in Ireland.

    The exact terms of your business visa will vary depending on which visa type you apply for. Whether you plan to make frequent business trips to Ireland or attend a one-time business conference, you will need to determine what the rules and guidelines are in order to enter Ireland.

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    Short Stay ‘C’ Business Visa

    A short stay ‘C’ business visa gives you permission to travel to Ireland for up to three months for business purposes or work that lasts for 14 days or less.

    With a short stay ‘C’ business visa, you can:

    • Travel to Ireland for up to 90 days for business purposes
    • Attend business meetings
    • Negotiate contracts
    • Sign agreements
    • Work for up to 14 days or less

    With a short stay ‘C’ business visa, you are not permitted to work paid or unpaid jobs for 15 days or longer. You also cannot access Irish public funds or services.

    US Citizens do not require business visas for stays of up to 90 days in Ireland. You can visit Ireland and conduct business without a short stay ‘C’ visa for three months. However, you will still need to present your documents and the purpose of your visit to an immigration officer at border control when you enter Ireland.

    You may be refused entry if they determine that the nature of your visit is suspect.

    Long Stay ‘D’ Visa

    The long-stay ‘D’ visa is for those who plan to conduct business in Ireland for longer than 90 days. When you are applying for a long-stay visa on the basis of business, you will typically need to obtain a work permit. When you reach Ireland, an immigration officer at border control will determine if your reason for visiting Ireland is legitimate. They will stamp your passport with a landing stamp.

    Once you enter Ireland on a long-stay visa, you will need to register for an Irish Residence Permit before your landing stamp expires.

    US citizens are not required to obtain a visa in order to enter Ireland. However, you must still register if you plan to stay for longer than three months. As a US citizen, you will need to obtain an Irish Residence Permit when conducting business in Ireland for longer than three months.

    Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)

    The Immigrant Investor Programme is intended for non-EEA nationals who want to invest large amounts of money in Ireland.

    Applicants who are accepted will receive Stamp 4 from immigration services and will be able to live in Ireland and conduct business.

    There are four paths to the Immigrant Investor Programme. These are:

    • Enterprise Investor – for foreign citizens who invest a minimum of €1 million in a new or existing business in Ireland. The investment must go on for a period of at least three years to be eligible.
    • Investment Fund – for foreign citizens who invest a minimum of €1 million in a small or medium-sized business in Ireland. The investment must go on for a period of at least three years to be eligible.
    • Real Estate Investment Fund – for those who invest a minimum of €2 million in any Irish Real Estate Investment Fund. The investment must go on for a period of at least three years to be eligible.
    • Endowments – intended for foreign nationals who want to donate at least €500,000 as a charitable contribution. An endowment must benefit a specific community in Ireland.

    The Immigrant Investor Programme can be more complex to apply for.

    A qualified legal team such as Total Law can help you put together an application package according to the most recent guidelines and information.

    Start-Up Entrepreneur Program (STEP)

    The STEP program is a relatively new program created by the Irish government to promote entrepreneurship. You may complete an online application for the STEP program if you meet the following qualifications:

    • You must be determined to be of good character (no criminal convictions, visa violations, etc.)
    • Have a minimum amount of €50,000 in funds available.
    • Have a qualifying business proposal. You must plan to work on your business on a full-time basis and not seek other employment.

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      In order to be eligible to travel to Ireland on a business visa, you must provide a number of documents proving your intent to do business under the specific terms of the visa. You must also show evidence of good character, significant ties to your home country, and financial means to support yourself for the duration of your trip. You also need to have a valid passport.

      US citizens do not require a visa in order to travel to Ireland, however, they may still be subject to these requirements of eligibility as the immigration service at border control will review all documents, details of your business trip, and itinerary when you enter the country. If they determine that you are not eligible to enter Ireland you may be refused entry.

      Required Documents

      Documents required may vary depending on which visa type you apply for and the length of time you intend to stay in Ireland. However, some supporting documents are shared among all visa requirements. These may include:

      • Full contact details
      • Valid passport and previous passports
      • Proof of medical insurance
      • Financial documents, such as bank statements, that prove you have enough money to support yourself while in Ireland
      • An application letter from your company or a company you will be meeting with on official headed paper
      • An itinerary that shows the date you plan to leave Ireland.

      Documents that are not in the English or Irish language will be required to have certified translated copies made and submitted to the Irish embassy or consulate along with your summary application form.

      How To Apply

      You can apply for most Irish visa applications online at the Irish government website. When you fill out the online application, you will receive a complete list of required documents that you will need to submit. You will need to pay the visa fee at the time of application.

      For non-visa-required citizens, such as US citizens, you can apply for your Irish Residence Permit in person at a local immigration registration office in Ireland. You will need to register before your landing stamp expires.

      Costs and Fees

      Costs and fees for a business visa can vary depending on which path you take. You may have additional costs due to income or funds requirements, expedited services, or services to obtain documents.

      • The visa fee for a single entry short stay ‘C’ visa or long stay ‘d’ visa is: $81
      • The visa fee for a multiple entry short stay ‘C’ visa or long stay ‘d’ visa is: $136
      • The return shipping fee for original documents is: $13
      • The fee for an Irish Residence Permit is: €300

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        Processing Time

        Business visa decisions are typically given within about 10 days if they are being processed in an Irish embassy or consulate.

        Processing times can be affected by incomplete documentation.

        Submitting incomplete or inaccurate documents may cause your visa application to be delayed or rejected.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Whether your Business Visa will be approved or refused, you will be returned the originals of your documents, such as your passport, marriage, and birth certificate. The photocopies of documents will not be returned to you.

                    It is possible that immigration officials will screen the information available about you online. They are also likely to contact official authorities to authenticate your passport and other documents you gave submitted. In some cases, it is possible that they will also contact the Irish Police to request information about you and also contact government departments and other agencies, such as INTERPOL.

                    In cases when your business visa is denied, the applicant will receive a letter of refusal that states why the application was not approved. Document originals, such as your passport, will be returned to you by post or delivered to the Irish Embassy or an international visa office. Copies of documents will not be returned.

                    If your visa is denied you can appeal the negative visa decision. You can appeal within two months from the date of your refusal letter. There is no fee to appeal. A qualified legal team such as Total Law can assess your case and assist you with the appeal process.