Irish Conference or Event Visa: Apply from the US

The Irish Conference or Event Visa is a Short Stay ‘C’ Visa which allows foreign nationals to travel and attend conferences or events in Ireland.

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    What is a Conference or Event Visa?

    A conference or event visa is a short stay ‘C’ visa for those who wish to travel and attend events symposiums or conferences in Ireland for academic or for business reasons. This visa only allows visits to Ireland for this purpose and does not allow the holder to undertake any paid or unpaid work or rely on Irish public services (such as hospitals).

    If you are from a country with an agreement for visa-free travel with Ireland, you do not need to apply for a Conference or Event Visa to enter and stay in Ireland to attend a conference or event for business or academic reasons.

    With an Irish conference or event visa, you are not permitted to engage in any paid or unpaid work, and you are not permitted to rely on Irish public services such as hospitals in Ireland. However, you are not allowed to extend your conference event visa unless there are unavoidable circumstances surrounding it. Hence, if you would like to extend your time in Ireland after the 3 months visa has been approved, you will have to leave the country and apply for a form Long Stay ‘D’ Visa.

    Nationals from EU/EEA and non-visa-required countries like the United States of America are exempted from applying for a visa conference or event visa and are allowed to stay in Ireland for up to 90 days. However, if you are a visa-required national, you need to apply for a short stay conference visa to travel to Ireland.

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    Required Documents for Irish Conference or Event Visa Application

    As a US citizen who wishes to travel to Ireland for a conference or event, there are some documents that you need to submit for the processing of your visa, and these documents depend on the individual circumstances. They are:

    • Copies of previous and current passport
    • Two passport-sized color photographs
    • Evidence of your finances, e.g., your bank statement or your sponsor bank statement
    • A proof that you will return to your home country. This could be proved through a letter from your employer that will show your due date of return.
    • Application summary sheets from the application
    • An application letter that will give details of your intention to Ireland
    • An invitation letter from the conference/event organizer describing the event and the confirmation that you are registered to attend
    • Evidence of your accommodation arrangements
    • Medical/travel insurance
    • Proof of visa payment

    After getting all the necessary information, these documents will be sent to the application office in charge of conference or event visas as described on your application summary sheets.

    How to apply for a Conference or Event Visa

    When applying for a conference event visa, you have to apply through an online application form.

    Step 1: Fill out the online application form, provide all the necessary personal information, and pick the visa you wish to apply for.

    Step 2: Pay the application fee.

    Step 3: Print out the application form

    Once you have done filling out the online application, a visa application transaction number and application summary sheets will be displayed on the application summary form. This summary sheet must be signed and dated. You will have to take the summary sheet and other supporting documents to the application office as stated on the summary form. However, the application office could be the Dublin Visa Office, an international visa office or an Irish embassy or consulate.

    Conference or Event Visa Application Fee

    When applying for a conference or event visa, you need to pay the application fee required. The current fees for the Conference or Event Visa are as follows:

    • €60 single entry
    • €100 multiple entries

    However, these fees are not the only fees that will be spent during your application process when applying for a Conference or Event Visa.

    For example, if any of your supporting documents are not written in Irish or English, you will need to translate them, and this can be done by an accredited translator, which will attract costs.

    What Next After the Submission of Documents?

    After you have filled out the online application form and have submitted all the required and supporting documents, the office of the Irish Immigration Service and the Department of Justice and Equality will consider your application. The immigration officials will check that all your documents have been signed and dated with the application summary sheet. The application summary sheet proves that you have filled out the form, paid the application fee, and included all the relevant documents.

    However, if the immigration officials have any information to confirm or issues to settle with your application, they may contact the Irish police or international agencies for information about you. As part of the application process, some applicants may need to provide biometric information. You will be given details of how to arrange an appointment to do this if you’re required to do so.

    Conference or Event Visa Processing Time

    The processing time for conference or event visa applications differs, and the differences in processing time depend on the application office where the application is being processed. There may be delays in the application processing time due to holiday periods. However, despite the delays due to certain circumstances, you are to expect a decision on your conference or Event Visa application within eight weeks after the application office has received your application. It will also take longer to be processed if you have submitted insufficient evidence or immigration officials have any issues regarding your application.

    Once the application office makes a positive decision on your application, your visa will be approved. An Irish visa will be placed on a blank page of your passport/travel document. However, if your application is rejected, you will be sent a letter of refusal with details stating why your application was not approved.

    If your application is rejected, you can appeal against a visa refusal without a cost as long as the appeal is filed within 2 months of the date on the refusal letter.


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      After Arrival

      Once your application is successful and has been approved, you are not entitled to enter Ireland. A visa permits you to travel to Ireland, but not necessarily enter the State.

      However, you have to report to border control when you arrive in Ireland. You will need to prove to the immigration officer that you have a valid reason for entering Ireland, and these proofs are your documents. This is why you should bring along with you copies of your supporting documents from your application and present them to the immigration officer. It is the duty of the immigration official to decide, based on the information you provide, whether you can enter Ireland or not.

      Therefore, if you are given permission to enter, the immigration official will place a landing stamp on your passport. However, if border control has issues with any of the information you have provided, you may be refused entry into the State. Once your entry permission into Ireland has been granted, you will be free to attend conferences and remain in Ireland for up to 90 days.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You are not permitted to stay longer than the required time stated on the conference or event visa; you will only be able to extend your stay in Ireland if there are certain unexpected circumstances. However, an extension will not be granted if you wish to attend another conference. To apply for an extension of your permission to stay in Ireland, you will need to submit an application before your existing visa expires.

                  If you wish to travel to Ireland to compete in a competition, you will have to apply for a performance or Tournament Visa. The Performance or Tournament Visa is a type of Short Stay ‘C’ Visa with similar requirements to the Conference or Event Visa. With the Performance or Tournament Visa, you will be permitted to stay in Ireland for up to 90 days.

                  Applicants are not permitted to enter or travel to Northern Ireland or the UK; the visa is only permitted to enter the Republic of Ireland. However, if you have a UK Visa, like a tourist visa, you may only be allowed to enter Ireland if you have been issued a multiple entry visa.