Ireland Employment Visa Application from the USA

The Ireland Employment Visa is issued to U.S citizens and other foreigners who seek employment opportunities within the country.

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    What is an Ireland Employment Visa for U.S Citizens?

    The Ireland Employment Visa for is a visa issued to certain foreign nationals who want to work in the country.

    The work visa is issued after you must have obtained any of the Irish employment permits from Ireland’s Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment (DETE). This department can issue work permits like the Critical Skills Employment Permit or General Employment Permit.

    However, citizens of the EU member states and citizens from Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, the UK, and Switzerland, classed under the umbrella of EEA, do not require any visa or work permit to live and work in Ireland.

    Notably, US citizens are also exempt from having to obtain a visa to enter Ireland. Instead, US citizens only need to obtain an employment permit before travelling to Ireland to enable them to work.

    Non-US citizens who are not part of Ireland’s visa-exemption list, however, must obtain an employment visa to travel to Ireland (which includes a valid employment permit).

    The Irish work visa is issued after the online application, fee payment, document submissions, and proper vetting has been concluded by the Irish immigration authorities.

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    What is the Eligibility Requirement for Employment Permit in Ireland?

    To apply for an employment visa, you must first obtain an Irish employment permit. The eligibility for each individual type of employment permit may vary, but generally speaking, you may have to fulfil the following requirements:

    • You must be 18 years of age
    • You must have applied for a job in Ireland
    • You and your employer must have applied for a work permit
    • Your employer must have scaled through the Labour Market Needs Test which is used to verify that the employer couldn’t find anyone suitable for the role within the EEA
    • Your minimum annual salary should be up to €34,000 for General Employment Permit (as of January 2024; this will rise to €39,000 by January 2025)
    • For Critical Skills Employment Permit, it also has to be a €38,000 minimum annual salary (as of January 2024; this will rise to €44,000 by January 2024) or €64,000 based on the kind of occupation
    • The company you’re applying for must obey the 50:50 where 50% of its employees are from the EEA member states

    You must apply for an employment permit through the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS).

    What are the Ireland Work Visa Requirements?

    Once you’ve applied and obtained your Ireland employment permit, the following documents are required for obtaining the Ireland employment visa:

    • Your valid employment permit
    • Payment details of work visa fees
    • Proof that you’re legally allowed to live in your country of residence
    • A valid passport
    • Proof that you’ll return after the work contract is over
    • A letter explaining that your purpose for traveling to Ireland is for work purposes
    • Proof that you have accommodation in Ireland provided by your employer or from any other source
    • Your photos (passports) as required by Ireland’s photo standards
    • Documents detailing your previous work experience
    • Proof of educational qualifications (certificates)
    • Proof of medical insurance or travel insurance
    • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements)
    • A self-addressed, pre-paid envelope bearing your;
    • Your job or working contract from your employer
    • Your employment permit from DETE
    • A letter from your prospective employer in Ireland indicating that you’ve been employed, the salary you’ll receive, and the details of your employment (employment contract)

    While providing these documents, you must ensure they are all original. These original documents will be returned to you after being verified so ensure you provide an address to receive them.

    Lastly, you must ensure that these documents are in the English or Irish language or provide a translation for them alongside the original documents if they are not.

    How to Find Work in Ireland?

    Before applying for the employment permit and employment visa, you must have gotten a job offer from an employer in Ireland.

    There are different types of employment permits in Ireland. It all depends on your chosen career path so you’ll have to find a job that can allow you to obtain a work permit.

    Eligible employment permits in Ireland include (but are not limited to) the following:

    To find jobs after going through the different Irish work permits, you can go to online job sites in Ireland or on social media to search for jobs, or look up Irish companies on their websites.


    How to Apply for the Ireland Employment Visa?

    You can apply for the Ireland Employment Visa using the AVATS system online. Ensure you fill all sections correctly and adhere to all the instructions on the application summary form. This form will guide you on how and where to submit all your supporting documents.

    After the application, print, sign, and date the summary application form before submitting all the documents required by the Irish immigration authorities.

    You may also have to make an appointment at a visa application centre to provide biometrics imformation.


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      When to Apply and How Long Will It Take?

      Ensure you apply 6 months before your intended date of traveling since the employment visa can take between 8 and 13 weeks to be ready. Your employment permit can also take the same amount of time.

      Hence, you should never purchase your travel ticket until your employment permit and visa are ready. Visa application processing might take longer than necessary if there are a few challenges with your supporting documentation.

      Documents could be missing or incomplete and this might cause delays in the visa application processing. The duration might also be longer depending on your country and the volume of applications received from it.


      Ireland Employment Visa Fee

      Before your application is completed and submitted, you’ll have to pay the required fees which are going to cover the administrative cost of processing your visa.

      For a single entry visa, the price is €60 and €100 for a multiple entry visa.

      Additional charges may be involved depending on your consulate and the submission of your documents by the consulate.

      The payment will be done online using your debit or credit card.

      Some countries are exempted from paying the visa fees.

      What Happens When I Arrive in Ireland?

      When you enter Ireland with your Irish employment permit and work visa, you’ll have to proceed to the border control where an immigration officer for verification.

      The immigration officer will go through all your documents to ensure they’re complete before permitting you to proceed further into the country.

      Your valid passport will be stamped which will then indicate the number of days you’re permitted to stay in the country.

      While in Ireland, you’ll also have to register with your local registration office in any area you’re taking up residency in Ireland. After the registration, you’ll be issued an Irish Residence Permit.

      Working in Ireland

      Should you decide to change jobs, you will have to obtain another work permit. However, your present work permit needs to expire first and most of them are within 12 to 24 months.

      If you lose your job, you may be entitled to welfare support from the Irish government and even child benefits if you have children.


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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes, you can. Your employment permit is usually for 24 months after which you can renew it to extend up to five years at the immigration office.

                  After five years, you can apply for permanent residency in Ireland.

                  If your visa application is denied and rejected, you’ll be notified and the reason why it was rejected will be stated. You can appeal the decision after 28 days through a visa review form.