Irish Immigration Stamps

There are a number of different stamps you may receive as a US citizen staying in Ireland under an Irish Residence Permit.

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    What Is An Irish Immigration Stamp?

    When you register at the Immigration Service and Delivery office to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days as a US citizen, an immigration officer will stamp your passport.

    The category of stamps you receive signals what immigration permission you have been granted while in Ireland. The time you spend in Ireland on a particular stamp may contribute to your reckonable residence.

    Reckonable residence is a specified period you must spend residing in Ireland if you intend on later applying for dual citizenship. Each stamp is subject to conditions of eligibility. During your visit to a Registration Office you will be granted one of the following stamps.

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      Stamp 0

      Stamp 0 may be used for visiting academics at an Irish university, dependent elderly family members of Irish citizens, or foreign citizens who have retired in Ireland.

      Eligibility for Stamp 0

      Stamp 0 permits you to stay in Ireland for a temporary period of time under the following circumstances:

      • You must be fully financially self-sufficient without the need to access state funds or services
      • Your sponsor in Ireland must be able to support you
      • You must have proof of private medical insurance
      • You are not permitted to work, enter employment, or engage in business unless you obtain special permissions

      Stamp 1

      Stamp 1 may be used by those who hold a valid employment permit. Or, you will need a letter from the Immigration Service Delivery Department that you may work in the country without an employment permit. Stamp 1 determines whether or not you are allowed to have a business or do work as a self-employed worker in Ireland. This stamp is considered a residence when applying for citizenship by naturalization.

      Eligibility for Stamp 1

      • Applicant must have permission to operate a company in Ireland
      • Applicant may be eligible if they are operating under a Working Holiday Authorisation
      • Applicant must be employed under an employment permit unless they have other immigration permission

      Stamp 1A

      Stamp 1A can be given to US citizens who plan to take part in full-time accountancy training under certain circumstances.

      Eligibility for Stamp 1A

      • You must not engage in any other trade, profession, or business unless permitted in a letter from the ISD.
      • The completion of your accountancy course must happen within a 4-year period.
      • You must be planning to study accountancy & be employed as an accountant trainee.
      • If you intend to stay in Ireland past the expiration of the Stamp1A immigration permission, you must renew your registration and permission prior to expiration, or apply for alternative permissions, such as an employment permit.

      Stamp 1G

      Stamp 1G may be used by a Graduate Student who holds a Stamp 2. This stamp is granted for a period no longer than one year unless you have completed a Master’s Program, in which case an additional 12 months may be added.

      Eligibility for Stamp 1G

      • Must be seeking work under the Third Level Graduate Program.
      • If you would like to continue working after the expiration of your 1G stamp, you must obtain an employment permit and then apply with the Department of Enterprise Trade & Employment.

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        Stamp 2

        Stamp 2 Is for those who plan to study an eligible program full-time. This stamp is not considered a residence if you are planning to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

        Eligibility for Stamp 2

        You may not receive any benefits or use public hospitals.

        • You are not permitted to participate in any other trade or business.
        • You may work for no longer than 20 hours a week during school terms & no more than 40 hours during holidays.
        • You may only study in Ireland for a maximum of 7 years.
        • You must show a minimum attendance of at least 85%.

        You may receive Stamp 2 if you are pursuing:

        • PHD
        • Higher National Diploma
        • Postgraduate Masters Degree
        • Undergraduate Degree
        • English Language


        Stamp 2A

        This stamp is for those who are studying full-time in a program that is not on the eligible list, as well as spouses of financially independent students.

        Eligibility for Stamp 2A

        You may be given Stamp 2A if these circumstances apply: 

        • You are a spouse of an independent student.
        • You are currently studying at a private secondary school.
        • You are doing a semester abroad at an Irish college/university.

        Stamp 3

        Stamp 3 is for those who have received permission to stay in Ireland for a specific period of time. This stamp is considered a residence if you intend to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

        Eligibility for Stamp 3

        • You may not engage or work in any profession, trade, or business without obtaining a specific work permit from the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment.
        • If you plan to stay in Ireland past the date your immigration permit expires, you must renew your permission before it expires.

        You may qualify to obtain a Stamp 3 if you have permission to:

        • Minister of Religion.
        • Join a non-EEA/Swiss/EU partner or family member who is staying in the state on a work permit.
        • Be a volunteer for a non-profit organization or charity.

        Stamp 4

        Stamp 4 is considered as a residence if you also plan on applying for citizenship by naturalization. You can take up job offers while not having to possess an employment permit. You will be permitted to own and operate a business. You are also able to utilize funds of the state and other services as determined by the government and its relevant departments and agencies. If your intention is to stay in the country past the expiration date of your immigration permit, you must ensure you renew your registration and permit before they expire.

        Eligibility for Stamp 4

        You may be entitled to Stamp 4 if you have permission to work in Ireland with the following criteria:

        • You’ve held a Critical Skills Employment Permit that’s valid for at least 2 years
        • You have held a viable employment permit for no less than 5 years.
        • You are a researcher who has obtained an official hosting agreement for no less than 2 years.
        • You may also be given a Stamp 4 If permission has been granted to you as a program refugee or convention, or solely for your protection.
        • If you are joining a spouse or family member who has been identified as a refugee or granted subsidiary protection.
        • For the purpose of long-term residency.
        • For the IEP program (Investor & Entrepreneur Program)
        • To live with and join your partner, spouse, or de-facto partner already residing as an Irish citizen.
        • To stay with your child who has Irish citizenship.

        Stamp 4S

        Stamp 4S was applicable to those who are non-EEA persons that started their presence in the country lawfully with a limited right to work under a student’s permission and held this presence for a minimum of 2 years. This permit allowed qualifying people to remain in the country with a right to work for 2 years on conditions pertaining to a Stamp 4s permit. After those 2 years, if a person abides by the terms of the permission granted, they would be allowed a further year under Stamp 4 conditions. If your family lives out of state, you may not use this for reunification purposes to have them join you in the country.

        Eligibility for Stamp 4S

        • You must not become involved in any criminal activity.
        • You must agree to obey all the laws of the country.
        • You must agree that you will live in Ireland.
        • You must agree to make every effort to obtain employment and not become a financial burden on the country.

        Stamp 4D

        This stamp is for US citizens who are eligible non-EAA relatives of UK citizens who plan to live in Ireland after 01/01/2021. This includes a spouse, de facto partner, or civil partner as well as dependant elderly parents or dependant children.

        Eligibility for Stamp 4D

        • The spouse, de facto partner, or civil partner must be 18 at the time of application.
        • Marital relationships or civil partnerships must be lawfully joined and agreed to by both parties, monogamous, and conducted under Irish Law.
        • Both parties must agree to reside in the country as a spouse, civil or de facto partner.


        Stamp 5

        This stamp grants permission to stay in Ireland without change to the time at which you can remain here. Stamp 5 is considered as residency when applying for citizenship by naturalization. This stamp will remain viable up to the expiration date on your passport.

        Eligibility for Stamp 5

        You may obtain a Stamp 5 if:

        • You have obtained permission to stay in the country “without condition as to time.”

        Stamp 6

        You may obtain a Stamp 6 permit if you have dual citizenship as an Irish citizen.

        Eligibility for Stamp 6

        You may obtain a Stamp 6 on your US passport if:

        • You have applied for permission to remain in Ireland without condition.

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          Costs And Fees For Irish Immigration Stamps

          You do not need to pay for the immigration stamp itself, but you are required to pay a fee for your registration certificate.

          The IRP cost is about $365.

          Your IRP may be free if you have refugee status, are under the age of 18, or have subsidiary protection status.

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Stamp 5 is valid until the expiry date on your passport. You may use Stamp 5 to apply for citizenship by naturalization prior to its expiration.

                      Stamp 3 requires that you apply for and obtain a work permit from the Department of Enterprise and Trade in order to partake in employment. In order to be eligible for an employment permit, you will need to receive a job offer from an Irish employer and pay the employment permit application fee.

                      Stamp 2 is for those who are in a full-time study program. Typically US citizens who have been residing in Ireland in order to study are not eligible for citizenship by naturalization as they will not meet the reckonable residence requirements on this basis. Contact a qualified law team such as Total Law to learn about your best options for Irish citizenship.