Irish Family Visas: Apply from the UK

There are various ways to come to the Republic of Ireland from the UK; one is through a Family visa. This Irish visa allows family members of Irish citizens and residents to join them in Ireland.

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    What are the Irish Family visas?

    The Irish Family visas are several visas that allow family reunification. With a Family visa, a foreign national can come to Ireland for a long or short stay based on their association with Irish citizens or residents. The visas include:

    To find out the requirements for each visa category, continue down this page. For more information on your preferred category, advice, or assistance with obtaining an Irish Family visa, please call us today on 0333 305 9375.

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    Join Family Visa

    The Irish Join Family visa is a Long Stay ‘D’ visa that allows foreign nationals from visa-required countries to come to Ireland to stay with an Irish family member.

    The United Kingdom is a non-visa-required country, so if you are a UK citizen, you don’t need this visa, especially if you are coming to the state to join your Irish spouse. However, if you live in the UK on a visa and wish to join your Irish family member, you may need this visa if you are from a visa-required country.

    To obtain the Join Family visa, you must prove that you have a family relationship with an Irish citizen. There are specific requirements that apply to this Irish immigration permit. Please go to our Join Family visa page to learn more about the requirements, cost, and application process.

    If you have a family member who is an Irish citizen and you want to join them, please contact us for assistance to assess your eligibility for this route, provide advice concerning your circumstances and help with the entire application process. Call us today on 0333 305 9375 or contact us online.

    Routes for Joining Non-Irish Family Members

    If your family member in Ireland is not an Irish citizen, you may be able to join them for the long term; certain residents are allowed to sponsor their family members, and they include:

    • UK nationals
    • EEA and Swiss nationals
    • Non-EEA/non-Swiss nationals in specific jobs

    Refugees and other internationally protected persons can also sponsor their family members if they meet the requirements.

    Permitted family members include:

    • Spouse, civil partner or de facto partner
    • Dependent child
    • Dependent parent
    • Dependent child of their spouse, civil partner or de facto partner
    • Dependent parent of their spouse, de facto partner or civil partner
    • Dependent family member in the direct ascending line (such as a grandparent) or descending line (such as a grandchild)
    • Dependent family member of their spouse in the direct ascending line (such as a grandparent) or descending line (such as a grandchild)

    The requirements for this visa depend on the Irish resident sponsoring your Irish Family visa application. Generally, you must have a relationship history. Also, other family members not on the above list may be able to sponsor you if you both meet the conditions.

    Ireland Spouse and Civil Partner Visas

    Ireland has a civil partner visa for those who entered into a civil partnership with an Irish citizen or EU national (living in Ireland) before 16 May 2016. Due to the Marriages Act of 2015, this visa doesn’t apply to those who enter civil partnerships after 16th May 2016. However, such individuals can apply to join their civil partners if their Irish resident partner can sponsor them. The requirements are the same as the Spouse visas.

    For the Spouse visa, spouses of Irish citizens and residents may come to Ireland if their spouse or civil partner is eligible to sponsor them.

    However, note that marriage or civil partnership to an Irish national does not give a non-EEA national the automatic right to live in Ireland. Immigration permission to enter and reside in Ireland will be subject to approval from immigration authorities.

    An eligible sponsor for a Spouse visa may be one of the following:

    • An Irish citizen
    • An EU, EEA, or Swiss national
    • A non-EU/EEA/non-Swiss family members with valid visas as one of the following:
      • Critical Skills Employment Permit holder
      • Investor
      • Entrepreneur
      • Business Permission Holder
      • Researchers Approved Scholarship programme student
      • Intra Corporate Transferee
      • PhD Student (subject to conditions, including no recourse to social welfare payments)
      • Full-time non-locum doctor in employment
      • Minister of Religion under a Stamp 3
      • Non Critical Skills Employment permit holder
      • Stamp 4 holder

    You must prove your relationship with supporting documentation such as a marriage or civil partnership certificate. In addition, your partner must meet specific financial requirements, relationship requirements, and other requirements attached to the Irish Spouse visas. Please visit our Irish Spouse visas page to learn more about joining your spouse in Ireland from the UK.

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      Ireland De Facto Partner Visa

      If you are a de facto partner of an Irish citizen, you can use the Join Family Long Stay visa. However, if your partner isn’t an Irish citizen, you will have to explore other routes. One of them is the De Facto Partner visa.

      This is a long-stay visa that applies to de facto partners of holders of a Critical Skills Employment Permit (CSEP) or Hosting Agreement (HA). If you can obtain this permission, you will be allowed to seek employment in Ireland without needing a separate work permit, study, and bring dependents (children under 18 or up to 23 if they are still in school) with you.

      There is a limit to the time approved on this visa, but what you get is tied to the duration granted to your de facto partner who is the CSEP/HA holder.

      To find out the costs and requirements for the De Facto Partner visa, visit our De Facto visa page. If you have any questions on this particular route or need immediate assistance with this family visa application, please get in touch with us by calling 0333 305 9375.

      Irish Child Dependent Visa

      The Child Dependent visa, much like the other family visas, allows close family members  – in this case, dependent children – to come to the State to join their family members. This Long Stay ‘D’ visa lets holders reside in the country longer than three months.

      The Child Dependent visa route is for dependent children of Irish citizens or foreign nationals who legally live in the country. In some cases, children of international protection beneficiaries can obtain this visa.

      There are many benefits to this visa. One of them is that time spent in Ireland can contribute to permanent residency. Another is that it eases the student visa application process if the child wishes to study in an Irish university.

      The requirements for this route depends on the immigration status of the family member (parent or legal guardian) sponsoring the visa. We have detailed the requirement for each status as it pertains to this visa on our Child Dependent visa page.

      For more information or assistance with obtaining this visa, call Total Law on 0333 305 9375 or contact us online.

      Permission to Reside for the Non-EEA Parent of an Irish Child Citizen

      If your child is an Irish citizen but you are not an Irish citizen or EEA national, you may be able to obtain this permission which will allow you to live, work and study in the country.

      Permission to Reside for the Non-EEA Parent of an Irish Child Citizen is only guaranteed to a non-EU/EEA parent of Irish citizen child if the child resides in Ireland permanently. Also, the parent and child must meet the criteria as designed by the Irish immigration authorities before the parent can get permission to reside.

      For information on the criteria, cost and application process, please visit our page for Permission to Reside for the Non-EEA Parent of an Irish Child Citizen. For immediate assistance with applying for this permit, please call us on 0333 305 9375 today.

      Irish Short Stay Family Visa

      The Short Stay Family visa or Short Stay ‘C’ visit (family/friend) visa allows foreign nationals from visa-required countries to enter the State for the purpose of visiting a family member or friend who is legally resident in the country.

      With this visa, you can visit your family member or friend in Ireland and partake in tourist activities for up to 90 days. However, you are not allowed to do any work, whether paid or unpaid, and you cannot access publicly funded services such as public hospitals.

      To obtain this visa, you must prove you can pay for your trip or someone else is paying, that you have accommodation plans, that you will return to your country and that your planned activities fall under the approved ones for this permit. Visit our Short Stay ‘C’ visit (family/friend) visa page for more information on the requirements and application process.

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        How can Total Law help me join or visit a family member?

        Applying for an Irish Family visa takes a lot of effort and due diligence. You want to ensure that all details are correct, your application is of the highest standards, and all the documents that will help your case are included. Also, you must ensure that you are eligible, so you don’t spend time and money on a visa application that you don’t qualify for.

        At Total Law, we are expert immigration lawyers who provide services covering Irish visas and immigration for UK citizens and residents. If you want to join your family in Ireland or visit them for a short time, we can assist you. First, we will assess your eligibility and only if you are eligible would we move forward with preparing a high standard application on your behalf. If you are not eligible, we will advise on other routes that you can take.

        For more information on our immigration services or immediate assistance or advice, please call us today on 0333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Irish immigration authorities provide no guarantee as to when you will get the decision on your visa though some of the family visas have an average processing time. In most cases, applications are dealt with based on the order they are received. So, if there are more visa applications before yours, your decision may come after a few more weeks than usual.

                  To prevent delays, ensure that there are no mistakes or false or misleading information in your application and provide all the required documents. It’s best practice to entrust an Irish immigration lawyer experienced in obtaining Irish visas for UK citizens and residents with your application. We are one of them and can help you; please call us on 0333 305 9375.

                  If you and your Irish partner end your relationship or divorce, you should notify the Garda National Immigration Bureau Registration Office within 7 days, outlining the circumstances surrounding your breakup. Doing so will help you obtain permission to remain in Ireland or renew your visa.

                  Your eligibility to remain in Ireland despite breaking your Irish association depends on your individual case. We advise that you contact Total Law to assess your eligibility and quickly take the next steps to ensure you can remain in the State.

                  The fees for the family visas depend on the type of visa. Short stay visas cost different from long-stay visas. Also, there is the multiple entry visa and single entry visa category. Expect these fees:

                  • Single entry: €60
                  • Multi entry: €100

                  Some visas are free.

                  We can help you with the entire process, including ensuring you are one of the qualifying family members as stated in Irish law, completing a top-notch application, liaising with Ireland’s immigration service delivery department, and advising on the documents to present to an immigration officer at your point of entry so you can be allowed to enter Ireland. Please call us today on 0333 305 9375 for immediate assistance.