Ireland Training Visa Application from Canada

The Training Visa is an Irish visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Ireland to take part in a training course or program.

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    What is the training course visa?

    The Training Visa is reserved for people who want to go to Ireland in order to attend a training course that is intended for work or professional development. The training course has to be arranged and paid for by a company the Canadian applicant works for.

    Note that not all training qualifies. If the training course is, for example, in nursing or midwifery training, you will require a different visa that is more related, such as the Atypical Working Scheme or the skilled worker visa.

    In addition, the Irish training visa is not an employment visa. It does not permit holders to work for paid or for no paid, participate in skilled work while in Ireland, or access public funds or benefits.

    The Irish Training visa is a Short Stay c Visa, which is only valid for 90 days. If your training will exceed that duration, you must apply for a long stay “D” Visa, which will exceed 90 days.

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    What are the eligibility criteria for the Training visa?

    To be eligible for the training visa, you must show that the training course is relevant to your job and/or professional development and that the employer you work for has arranged it.

    If you are self-employed, you may still be eligible.

    Further eligibility requirements for the visa application are:

    • Provide details of the training course you intend to take part in
    • Have enough money to financially support yourself during your stay in Ireland per the visas financial requirement
    • Prove that you won’t breach the Common Travel Area by attempting to go to the UK via Ireland without a valid UK visa
    • Hold zero previous violations
    • Have a clean criminal record with a valid certificate to confirm this
    • Can prove you have ties to your home country of Canada to show your intention of returning when your visa expires. Examples include returning to the same job, taking care of family members, or rental agreements.

    How do you apply for an Irish Training Visa?

    Canadian residents who would like to apply for an Irish Training Visa must apply from within Canada or the country from which they are legal residents if they are living away.

    All visa applications must be submitted at least 3 months before the applicant intends to travel to Ireland to ensure they can be processed in time.

    The first step is to fill out and submit their visa application form online at the AVATS Online Application Facility web page. After the online application has been submitted, applicants will receive a summary sheet and are required to pay the corresponding visa application fee before sending in their passport and any other relevant supporting documents for processing.

    Information regarding what documents will need to be submitted and where they will need to be submitted will be provided to the applicant after they have submitted their application online, along with a visa application transaction number that can be used to track the Irish visa application progress online.

    If the application is successful, an Irish visa will be placed in the applicant’s passport or valid travel document and returned to the applicant at the address provided.

    What supporting documents are required for the visa application?

    Per immigration rules, Canadians have to provide the immigration officer based in Ireland with all the documents to show they are eligible for this visa.
    The required documents are as follows:

    • Current passport with pages free to fill with the new visa
    • Birth certificates
    • An application letter stating the reason for your trip to Ireland, the dates you intend to arrive and leave Ireland
    • The cost is associated with your personal bank account
    • Details of the training course and the printed reservation confirmations
    • Proof of having paid for the training course
    • Evidence that the training course will be relevant to your work,  education, university or professional development
    • Details of your accommodation in Ireland
    • Information regarding who will cover the expenses of your trip, including if it’s a family member, spouse, or civil partner
    • A letter from your employer/sponsor with information about the training course, how it relates to your work, the dates of the course, who will be covering the expenses of the trip, and when you will be returning to work
    • A letter of invitation from the training company that describes the course you are accepted to attend, the dates it is due to start and end, and that you are listed as an attendee

    Depending on the individual circumstances, you may be required to provide other documents.

    Supporting documents must be in either English or in Irish. If it is not in either language, you must get them translated by an approved translator.

    How long does it take to get my visa approved?

    Applicants can look forward to a decision on their training visa around 8 weeks (two months) after their documents are received.

    There is a chance of applications taking longer if documents are missing or need to be verified due to personal circumstances, for example, if you have a criminal conviction or other immigration issues are flagged.

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      What is the visa fee?

      There are associated fees for this training visa.
      They are as follows:

      • Short Stay ‘C’ Training Visa or Long Stay ‘D’ Visa (single entry): €60 ($80.47 Canadian Dollars)
      • Short Stay ‘C’ Training Visa or Long Stay ‘D’ Visa (multiple entries): €100 ($134.14 Canadian Dollars)
      • Certified Translation of any documents not in English: cost will vary (if applicable)

      It is vital to note that multiple entry visas are not regularly given out and are instead, approved only in limited circumstances.

      How can Total Law Help?

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  The following will be accepted as proof of accommodation:

                  • Booking confirmation from a hotel
                  • A letter from a friend confirming they will host you in Ireland with free accommodation and you must provide their address and full name.

                  To enter Ireland for a course, you must have a valid, accepted visa. If you don’t get your visa approved, you can not attend. If this happens to you, contact Total Law to discuss your option. Call us today at +1 844 290 6312.

                  You have to show proof that you will leave Ireland when your visa ends. You must show that you have a strong obligation to return home (to your country of residence) for economic, social, or family reasons.


                  You can showcase the following:

                  • Your 3 most recent original payslips
                  • A letter from your employer that states:
                  • How long they have employed you
                  • A description of the training course and why you are attending
                  • The dates you will be at the training course
                  • The date you will be returning to work


                  You should provide:

                  • A description of your business and the products or services you provide
                  • Proof that your business is trading, for example:
                  • Your most recent financial accounts
                  • Recent tax return (original)
                  • Confirmations of payments from customers within the last 6 months (printed emails or letters).

                  Education or study

                  You should provide a letter from your school or college that states:

                  • The course you are studying
                  • How many years you have been a student there
                  • How many years or semesters you have left there
                  • That your school or college expects you to return to your studies after your visit to Ireland.


                  If you have a family at home, you must prove:

                  • Your family status (married, cohabiting, separated, divorced, widowed)
                  • If you have children or dependents such as elderly parents.


                  If you own or rent property in Canada, include a description of it with your application. You should also include other documents as proof, such as a tenancy, rental agreement, or property deed.