Irish Conference or Event Visa Application From Canada

A short stay conference or event Irish visa allows for a visa required to travel to Ireland for up to 90 days to attend a conference, symposium, or other events for business or academic reasons.

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    What is the Irish Conference or Event visa?

    As a Canadian, if you would like to attend a conference for business or an academic event in Ireland, you may require an Irish visa. This Irish visa grants permission to enter Ireland for a maximum of 90 days to attend a conference, social gathering, or other events.  This visa application is a short stay ‘C’ visa.

    This particular visa can only be extended under rare and exceptional circumstances. If the conference or event you’re attending in Ireland will last longer than 90 days, you should make a visa application for different visas, such as the long-stay ‘D’ visa.

    This visitor visa does not permit holders to any employment in Ireland, whether that is paid or unpaid. Applicants can not access Irish public services and state benefits, either.

    Note that Canadian citizens are visa-free for short visits to Canada but may require preclearance before entering the country. Canadian residents, on the other hand, may need visas, depending on the country in which they are citizens. Regardless of which you need, we can help. Call us on +1 844 290 6312 today.

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    What are the visa requirements to be eligible for the Conference or Event visa application?

    To obtain an Irish visa for a conference or event in Ireland, you must prove that you want to attend a business or academic reason and have sufficient funds to support yourself while in Ireland evidenced by a bank statement. When it comes to finances, there’s no minimum money to prove you meet a specific financial requirement. The immigration officer at the border control will make the final decision if you have sufficient money based on your activities and circumstances.

    You must have enough money to pay for the entirety of your trip. If instead, the conference organizer is paying for you, you have to include a letter from your host explaining this.

    Should any other third-party person cover the costs, you must include a full explanation of how and why the third party is paying for the training and their information (full name, address, contact details, and proof of relationship).

    What is the visa application process?

    The first step of the visa application is to build a visa application online using the AVATS website.

    You must select short stay c visas with the main purpose of the trip being a conference or other event. It will be at this stage you need to select multiple entry or short stay entry.

    The Single entry short-stay permits you to enter Ireland one time only, so you will be unable to re-enter the country if you leave without submitting another visa application. Oppositely, the multiple-entry short-stay visas allow you to enter and re-enter Ireland as long as your visa is valid.

    Do note that a long-stay visa is more challenging to obtain as it can be more challenging to prove a multiple entry visa than a single entry visa. Irish immigration normally only permits multiple entries for conference or event visa applicants in certain and limited circumstances.

    Applicants will then need to pay the visa application fee online and submit supporting documents.

    What are the supporting documents for the visa application?

    The processing times for your visa start after all necessary documents are submitted.  All documents must be original documents and have to be submitted in either Irish or English.

    Below are the general criteria listed for the visa, but the local Irish embassy or consulate may ask you to provide the following documents depending on your circumstance:

    • Your valid, current passport
    • Two passport-sized coloured photographs
    • Signed and dated application summary sheets from the online application with your passport number
    • A signed, written explanation explaining the official reason you want to visit Ireland
    • An invitation letter from the conference or event organizers/hosts explaining the nature of the event and confirmation that you’re registered to attend and proof that you have paid the conference registration current fees making you a paid registrant, on headed paper
    • Receipt of application visa fee
    • Proof of medical and travel insurance
    • Proof that you’ll return to Canada due to responsibilities such as family, work or property
    • Description of accommodation that you will be staying in Ireland
    • Description of any financial support and who will be financially responsible for you while in Ireland (if applicable)

    After you have submitted all of your documents, the Irish embassy will confirm that the application package is complete. If not, they’ll request that you submit any missing documents. If there’s a need for other documents or biometric information, the embassy will ask you. However, typically, Canadian applicants do not require biometrics.

    Upon arrival in Ireland, you will go through Border Control. The immigration officer will ask you to submit your visa and other supporting documents to an Irish immigration officer to prove that you have a valid reason to enter the country. Keep your application in your carry-on, or somewhere that is easy to access in order to avoid delays. The visa officer will review your visa and other documents and either entry or it may be a refused entry. If the visa officer permits entrance to Ireland, you’ll receive a landing stamp on your passport.

    How long does the visa application take?

    Applicants should complete their application letter at least three months in advance of your conference or event for sufficient time.

    After you apply, applicants will receive an official answer within eight weeks.


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      What is the visa fee?

      Like any other visa application, you must pay your visa application fee.

      The visa fee will vary depending on your visa time. For example, if you apply for a Single entry, Short stay visa, the cost is €60, or $81.14 Canadian Dollars.

      For Multiple Entries, a Short stay visa cost is €100, or $135.39 Canadian Dollars.

      There may be additional fees for aspects like consular fees, biometric information, and other charges.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  To take part in a competition in Ireland, you will not require a conference or event visa.  Rather, you need to require a Performance or Tournament Visa – which has very similar requirements to the Conference or Event Visa.

                  A letter of invitation is a document provided to applicants by the conference organizer or event host that acts as confirmation you are fully and officially registered for the conference, have paid the registration fees, and can attend and participate in the conference.

                  In more cases, foreign nationals with a conference/event visa are not able to extend their visa. Instead, they have to leave Ireland for Canada before the expiration of the landing stamp on their passport.

                  However, there are some exceptional circumstances, applicants may be able to extend their permission to stay in Ireland.

                  To receive the said extension, the circumstances of your stay in Ireland must have changed unexpectedly after you arrived in the country. These circumstances include emergencies, unforeseen circumstances, or a non-probable and valid reason that occurred after you entered Ireland.

                  Simply going to a meeting or event is typically not a good enough circumstance for a visa extension.

                  In the case that your application is denied. If this happens to you, you’ll receive a detailed refusal letter that will explain in detail the reason for the decision made by the Irish embassy or consulate.

                  The good news is that this visa comes with the option to make an appeal if you wish to. You are permitted to appeal the decision in a timeframe of 2 months from when you receive the letter of refusal. Total Law can help you with this appeal, giving you guidance and support to increase your chances of a successful appeal. Call us today on +1 844 290 6312 for assistance.