Ireland Civil Partner Visa Application from Canada

Canadians who are civil partners of Irish citizens or residents do not need a visa to visit their partners. However, if you plan to stay in Ireland for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain permission to remain through a civil partner visa or spouse visa.

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    What is a Civil Partner Visa?

    An Irish civil partner visa is a travel document that gives the holder permission to stay with their civil partner in Ireland for longer than 90 days. This is part of the family reunification program in Ireland.

    The Irish civil partner visa is for civil partners of Irish citizens and certain Irish residents. EU citizens who are civil partners of Irish citizens or residents do not need to obtain this visa, but non-EEA citizens must obtain permission to stay in the country from the Irish Immigration Service Delivery by applying for a civil partner visa or other leave to remain.

    Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the country for terms of less than 90 days, but if you plan to live with your civil partner, you must inform the immigration officer as you enter the country and apply for appropriate permission or obtain an Ireland civil partner visa while still in Canada.

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    Eligibility for the Irish Civil Partner Visa

    You and your civil partner must meet a number of eligibility requirements in order to successfully apply for a visa or permission to remain on the basis of civil partnership. Legal civil partnership with an Irish citizen or resident does not give you the automatic right to remain in Ireland as a foreign national.

    Civil partnership requirement:

    The civil partnership must be determined to be freely entered into by both partners. The civil partnership must be lawful and recognized under Irish law.

    Validity period:

    Because the Marriage Act 2015 provides for same-sex marriage in Ireland, only civil partnerships entered into prior to May 16, 2016, will be considered for eligibility for the civil partner visa in Ireland. Civil partnerships that were registered abroad after this date are not recognized in Ireland.

    Financial Requirement:

    There are minimum income requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to apply to remain in Ireland with your civil partner. Generally, the Irish national partner must have earned €40,000 over the span of the most recent three years. The maintenance requirement mentioned can increase based on the number of dependent children.


    You must be 18 years or older at the time of applying


    You must live and intend to continue living in the same household as the Irish national and be able to prove that you have adequate accommodation.

    Good character requirement:

    You must be determined to be of good character. This includes not having any prior criminal convictions with the Irish police and not being a burden on the Irish state or relying on public funds.

    Required Documents

    Visa applicants will need to submit a portfolio of supporting documents as proof to verify their claim for immigration permission based on Irish civil partnership.

    Required documents may include:

    • A certified and notarized statement of your reasons for moving to Ireland
    • Contact and accommodation details of your Irish citizen/resident sponsor/ family member
    • Your passport and prior passports
    • A copy of your partner’s Irish citizenship, passport, and residency
    • Certificate of civil partnership
    • Documented proof of the relationship, also known as the genuine relationship test
    • Proof of private medical insurance
    • Copies of bank statements and proof of cash savings and income from the applicant and the sponsor
    • Proof of previous marriages/ divorces

    Original documents that are submitted as evidence with your application form will be returned to you by post. Photocopies will be kept by the immigration office.

    Certified translated copies are required for documents that are not originally in English or Irish. Certifications must be administered by a qualified third party, such as a solicitor or barrister.

    When applying for a civil partner visa, your civil partner must be an Irish citizen or resident. Here are those who qualify in that regard:

    • An Irish citizen (either currently residing in Ireland or has future plans to settle in Ireland)
    • An Employment Permit holder
    • A Stamp 4 immigration permission holder
    • A Stamp 5 immigration permission holder
    • Researchers in Ireland who are under a Hosting Agreement
    • PhD students who are studying for a doctorate at an accredited Irish educational institution
    • Ministers of Religion who have a Stamp 3 immigration permission

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      How To Apply for the Irish Civil Partner Visa?

      The first step for Canadian citizens outside of Ireland:

      Most non-EEA nationals require a visa to enter Ireland. However, as a Canadian citizen, you may enter Ireland for up to 90 days without a visa.

      Canadians do not require an entry clearance prior to travel but may need to get preclearance. You must inform the immigration officer at the port of entry that you plan to live with your Irish national civil partner.

      The officer at border control will issue you a landing stamp after reviewing your documents. Keep in mind that even though you are not required a visa or entry clearance, you are not guaranteed entry. The issuance of landing stamps is up to the discretion of the immigration officer. If you present a legitimate reason for entering the country, you will generally be approved.

      Note that if you are not a Canadian citizen but are resident in Canada, you may need to get an Irish visa before leaving Canada. This is required for all visa-required nationals. The visa to obtain is the Irish long stay (join family) visa under Ireland’s Family Reunification scheme.

      The Second Step for Canadian Citizens once in Ireland:

      The application process for permission to reside in Ireland on the basis of civil partnership has several steps. The Canadian civil partner will need to apply for residency permission by completing the Spouse/ Civil Partner of an Irish National form. This is not an online form.

      The application will need to be printed and sent by registered post to the Irish Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) to the address below, along with any required documentation.

      Spouse/Civil Partner of Irish National Unit
      Residence Division – Unit 6
      Immigration Service Delivery
      PO Box 12695, Dublin 2

      If your permission is approved, you will receive a letter of approval which you must submit to the immigration officer in person at the local immigration office. You and your civil partner will both need to attend this appointment to register the immigration permission. You will need to bring your required documentation to this appointment.

      Processing Time

      Spouse and civil partnership visas currently take approximately six months or more to be processed by the Irish Department of Justice. Civil partner visa applications are processed in the order in which they are received. The process of immigration can be time-consuming.

      The best way to ensure that your visa process does not take longer than necessary is to ensure you have completed the application thoroughly and truthfully and supplied all necessary documentation. Inaccurate applications or missing documents are a common cause of delays in processing time.

      Costs and Fees for the Civil Partner visa

      Associated fees for the civil partner visa depend on whether the Canadian civil partner is already in Ireland and how long they plan to stay. There are also options in terms of the type of visa you want; a single entry visa allows you to enter Ireland once, while a multiple entry visa allows you to enter multiple times.

      • $81 Single entry visa fee. This visa allows the holder to stay in Ireland for up to 90 days.
      • $136 Multiple entry visa fee. This visa allows the holder to enter Ireland multiple times within a 5-year period.
      • $327 Irish Residence Permit. You must be granted leave to remain after 90 days in order to obtain an Irish residence permit.

      You may also incur fees for private medical insurance or services such as obtaining certified translations of required documents. A small fee will be charged for the return of original documents, such as birth certificates.

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        Your Total Law advisor will provide you with all the necessary advice to obtain a civil partner visa or pursue another path to remain in Ireland lawfully.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes. If your partner is an Irish citizen and you are approved to live with them on this basis, you will be permitted to work in Ireland without the need for a separate Employment Permit.

                  No, the immigration rules for the application process will require you and your partner to attend an appointment in person at your local immigration office and present specified evidence of your partnership.

                  Canadians do not need to apply for a visa or be granted entry clearance prior to entering Ireland for stays of 90 days or less. If you intend on living with your civil partner in Ireland, you will need to inform the immigration officer at the port of entry and then follow the application process for immigration permission once you are in the country.