Irish Business Visa Application For Canadian Citizens

The Business Visa is a Short Stay ‘C’ visa reserved for foreign nationals to enter Ireland for business purposes for 90 days or less.

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    What is the Irish Business Visa?

    To visit Ireland for a business trip, you need the right visa. The Irish Business Visa is within the short stay ‘C’ visa category of overseas business visas for folks to visit Ireland for business or work.

    As it is a short stay standard visitor visa ‘C’, the business visa is valid for 90 days.

    Under this visa type, it must be specifically for a business trip. Holders of the Ireland business visa may do the following activities:

    • Attend a business meeting
    • Sign a contract
    • Take part in negotiations
    • Do work, so long it is for no more than 14 days

    There are a number of activities not permitted to do with this Irish visa.

    Firstly, an Ireland business visa is not permitted to do any unpaid or paid work in Ireland for 15 days or more. If you intend to work for a duration that exceeds the allowed time, you should consider a different visa, such as an employment visa instead.

    Also, the duration of an Irish business visa can’t be extended except for very exceptional circumstances.

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    What are the Business visa eligibility requirements?

    If you are considering applying for a business visa, you need to have a passport that is valid for a minimum of six months after your proposed leave date from Ireland. The other documents you will need are the following documents:

    • Your valid passport
    • Two passport-sized photographs with your signature and Visa Application Tracking Number on the back of each
    • Your application summary sheet

    The Department of Justice & Equality will consider your full immigration history when you apply for a business visa. If you have a criminal record, this will also be taken into account.

    What is the Irish Business Visa Application Process?

    The business visa application process has a few steps.

    The first step asks for applicants to create a visa application online via the online application AVATS portal, pay the visa fee, and then submit all of the required supporting documents.

    While making your online application, you must choose a single journey visa or multiple entry visa. A single journey visa permits travel to Ireland once. If you leave the country, you’ll need to apply for a new visa to get permission to travel.

    Oppositely, multiple entry visas permit the holder to travel to Ireland many times. Do note that multi-entry permission tends to be more challenging to receive than single entry as the Irish embassy only approves these visas in limited circumstances.

    After submitting the required documents, the Irish embassy, visa application office or consulate will start to process your visa.

    If your visa is approved, upon entrance into Ireland, you must provide border control with your documents and passport to an Immigration officer at the border control. Should the immigration officer at border control confirm your visa and documents are appropriate, they’ll place a landing stamp in your passport. This stamp is important and will even show the date your permit expires.

    What documents are required for the visa application?

    The following documents must be sent to the Irish embassy within 30 days of creating your visa application.

    All documents have to be the original documents and in English or Irish.  If they are not in English or Irish, the documents must be translated by an accredited translator prior to submitting them.

    The business visitor visa requires the following documents:

    • Your current passport with a minimum of six months left. In some cases, you may be asked to provide photocopies of all your previous passports
    • Two passport-sized photographs
    • Application summary sheet with your signature and date
    • Evidence of travel and medical insurance.
    • Evidence of payment of visa fee and financial information
    • Evidence that you’ll leave Ireland after your business trips, such as ties to your home country or country of residence.

    In addition, the following letters are required.

    An application letter with an explanation detailing the reason why you want to travel to Ireland and your accommodation plan. It should also include the dates you plan to arrive and exit the country and details of any of your family members in Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, or any EU/EEA country.

    A letter that highlights you’ll abide by the visa conditions, not become a burden to the country, and that you’ll leave one or before your visa expiry date.

    An Invitation letter from the business host in Ireland to prove your relationship and explain if they’ll cover your finances during your stay. If you’re meeting a few business organizations, each of them must send an invitation letter.

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      What is the processing time for the visa?

      When your visa application is fully complete, you’ll receive a response of approval or denial.

      You should expect a decision on your business visa in around 8 weeks, but this can be different for everyone.  We always recommend our clients apply as soon as they know their plans in Ireland to allow for sufficient processing time and to account for any delays.

      What is the Irish business visa fee?

      The visa fees for a short stay ‘C’ business visa application are:

      • Single entry visa: €60, or $81.12 Canadian Dollars
      • Multi entry visas: €100 or $135.20 Canadian Dollars

      Some applications may have additional costs, such as insurance, consular fees, biometrics, and other charges.

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        Costs and Fees for the Irish Business Visas

        The costs and fees for the Irish business visa can vary depending on which type of visa you apply for. Canadians are not required to obtain a visa for short stays, and so in this case will not need to pay a visa application fee. When applying for a visa, you may incur additional costs due to investment funding requirements, expedited services, or services to obtain documents.

        • A single entry short stay ‘C’ visa or long stay ‘d’ visa is about 102 CAD.
        • A multiple entry short stay ‘C’ visa or long stay ‘d’ visa is about 171 CAD
        • The return shipping fee for original documents is about 16 CAD
        • The fee for an Irish Residence Permit is about 378 CAD

        Processing Time

        Applicants will typically receive a decision on a short stay Irish business visa within about 8 weeks when they are processed in the Irish embassy or consulate.

        Other visa types, such as STEP can take considerably longer because they need to be reviewed by additional departments.

        Missing information or inaccurate fields on the application may cause your visa application to be delayed. If visa processing times are unusually delayed the visa office will typically inform you.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        The dedicated team at Total Law are here to support individuals in navigating the Irish visa system and obtaining a business visa.

        At Total Law, we have helped many applicants with the Irish business visa and would love to help you too!   To avoid any disappointment or delays with your application, reach out to us for support and help. We are available seven days a week, via phone call at +1 844 290 6312 or by using our online chat function.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  For your visa application to be considered, a part of the application is to include a written invitation from your host in Ireland. Your host may be an Irish company, customer, supplier, 0r organization.

                  The invitation letter should include the following:

                  • The reason they have invited you  to Ireland
                  • The dates they want you to work or meet with them
                  • Proof of an existing relationship between the host and you, such as copies of emails or letters
                  • A statement by your host about what they will contribute, which must say if your host will pay for ‘all’, ‘some’ or ‘none’ of the costs of your visit. If the host is helping out financially, it must explain what they’ll pay for and what they won’t.

                  If you have been invited by multiple hosts, you must obtain separate letters from each host.

                  Your visa only grants you the necessary permission you need to travel to Ireland. You’ll need additional permission to stay in Ireland, which is granted by an immigration officer at the port of entry/ border control.

                  To be allowed to stay in Ireland, you’ll need:

                  • A reasonable reason for coming to Ireland
                  • Correct paperwork

                  Should you successfully satisfy the officer, they’ll provide you with a  ‘landing stamp’ which will be placed in your passport, including a motive for coming to Ireland and your length of stay (you can be given up to 90 days).

                   It is not possible to extend the Irish business permits in almost any of the circumstances. However, in certain extreme cases, such as sickness of the visitor, or other humanitarian reasons, the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service may grant you an extension. In all other cases, you must leave and return to Canada.

                  Upon the expiration of your business permit, you must not remain in Ireland. As such, you should leave the country on or before the date stamped in your passport. Remaining in Ireland after the expiration date may be considered an offence and can even get you deported.

                  Technically, there’s no fixed amount required for you to be able to apply for the business permit. Instead, you must prove that you have enough funds to cover the entire duration of your stay. Moreover, you are also required to have steady bank transactions.