Ireland Internship Visa for Canadians

Canadian citizens can meet their degree requirements by carrying out unpaid internships in Ireland. The duration of the internship is less than 90 days.

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    Ireland Internship Visa Overview

    The Ireland internship visa is an unpaid internship in Ireland for non-EU citizens. It is a subcategory of the Short-stay visas.

    For your visa application to be approved, the internship must last less than 90 days, and you’ll not be paid for it. Again, you’ll have to prove that the internship counts towards completing a degree in Canada.

    You can apply for the visa at most 3 months before the proposed start of the internship. Applying early is often a good idea so you don’t get delayed by visa processing times.

    Before you can apply for the unpaid internship visa in Ireland, you must ensure that your employer has a valid permit allowing them to employ interns from overseas.

    Note that while on the Ireland unpaid internship visa, you are not authorized to take any other unpaid job. You are also not permitted to take any paid employment or get public funds the government offers.

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    Benefits of Unpaid Internship

    You stand to gain a lot from unpaid internships. Here are some of the benefits for you as a student:

    You Get Work Experience

    Even though teachers try their best in classrooms, nothing compares to actual work experience. As an intern, you are exposed to how the industry works. No more theories but hands-on practicals about how issues are handled in the real world.

    You get skills that will be valuable for you when you eventually leave school.

    In a job market that asks for work experience, you stand a better chance of getting employed than your contemporaries without internship experience.

    Opportunity to Learn

    If you get an internship opportunity in a company, you become exposed to how that company works. You learn things that outsiders do not know. When you finish school, you can return for permanent employment. Companies and businesses would rather absorb an intern than employ a fresher who would need to be trained up to company standards.

    Chance to Connect

    Another reason you should apply for the student internship visa is because it offers you the chance to meet with people. If you make an indelible impression on people you worked with, they could refer you to better job opportunities when you are done with school.

    A Foretaste Into What Your Career Will Look Like

    An internship is an excellent way to test what your career will look like. After experiencing what it is like to work in the field you studied, you are better poised to know if you want to continue in that field or not.

    Experience A New Culture

    Doing your internship in Ireland is a great way to live amongst the Irish and get immersed in their culture.

    Eligibility Requirements for the Internship Visa

    There are eligibility requirements you must meet before the Irish Embassy can approve your application.

    Here are those requirements:

    • You can apply for an Irish internship visa, but you’ll have to show the Embassy that the internship is a prerequisite for completing your degree. This means you cannot intern in a field unrelated to your study.
    • You must be in your 3rd year of college or university to apply for the student internship visa.
    • You must be studying a course on the Irish government’s list of highly skilled eligible occupations.
    • You must be a student of an accredited or approved school outside of Ireland.
    • You must not be getting paid for the internship.
    • Your internship must not be up to or more than 90 days.
    • You must not be a citizen of a country within the EU.
    • You intend to leave the country after you finish the internship.
    • You have the financial means to support yourself while you are in Ireland.
    • You have to prove you can communicate in English or Irish language. As a Canadian, you automatically meet this requirement.

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      Requirements for Applicants Younger than 18

      Applicants younger than 18 cannot apply for the Irish internship visa themselves. Their parents or legal guardians are the only ones eligible to do so.

      If you are a young applicant’s parent or legal guardian, you must apply for them to either go alone or with an older person. If you apply for the young person to go with someone, the person must be with them at the point of entry into Ireland. If the young person is alone, when they should be accompanied, they will be denied entry into Ireland.

      Note that whoever accompanies the young person for this visa must prove their identity and relationship with the young person. The parents and guardians can submit birth certificates and ID cards in this regard.

      If you authorize someone else to take your child or ward to Ireland, you must give the person a letter of consent signed by you and the child’s other parent. This applies even if the older person is a close family member, like a sibling or extended relative.

      If you have sole custody of the child, you must include a copy of the court order that granted you sole custody.

      If you accompany a child whose parents have died, you must present their death certificates.

      You can apply for the internship visa if you are in your 3rd year and have an employer willing to take you as an intern.

      Note that even though Ireland requires an older person to apply for the Internship visa on the young student’s behalf, it is not compulsory that someone must accompany them. If you feel your child or ward can care for themselves, they can go to Ireland without an adult.

      Atypical Working Scheme (AWS)

      Aside from applying for the Ireland intern visa, Canadians who want to intern in Ireland must also get permission to work from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

      You’ll need to apply for the intern visa under the atypical working scheme since the Employment Permits Act does not cover the internship visa.

      Two arms of the Irish government handle AWS applications: the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) and the Employment Permits arm of the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

      You’ll have to present the following documents to get the AWS permit. They are necessary to prove your eligibility:

      • Atypical working scheme application form.
      • Receipt of the AWS fee payment.
      • Valid passport.
      • Employment contract from an Irish employer. This contract must state why your employer needs you, how long you are staying in Ireland and the nature of your job.
      • Letter from your school in Canada proving that the internship is necessary to complete your degree.

      Note that you must get the atypical work scheme permit before applying for the Ireland visa. If you did not get approval, then there is no point in applying for a visa because it will be denied.

      The atypical work scheme approval is valid for 3 months. You have to apply for a visa once you get it. Otherwise, it will expire.

      How to Apply for the Internship Visa

      Below are the steps to follow when applying for the internship visa:

      Step 1:

      Complete the AWS application form. You can get this form from the INIS website. When you get the form, you must add your details. After filling out the form, check out the Appendix, which lists all the documents you must submit. You’ll also see an address of the AWS arm of the INIS where you’d mail your application form and documents to.

      Step 2:

      Sign the Declaration agreement to abide by the rules guiding the AWS and the Ireland internship visa. It is also a means for you to confirm that the details you submitted about yourself are correct.

      Step 3:

      Pay the AWS application fee.

      Step 4:

      Get the approval letter from the INIS.

      Step 5:

      Pay the visa fees.

      Step 6:

      Apply for the Ireland Internship visa. This application is made online via a platform called AVATS, a website provided by the Irish government to manage all visas in this category.

      On the platform, you’ll be required to fill out a form. The answers you’ll supply must be genuine. No false or half-truths must appear in your form. If you give wrong details in your form and the Irish Embassy finds out, your visa will be denied, and you may be barred from entering Ireland for a minimum of 5 years.

      On the online form, you must select “short-stay C visa” as your visa type.

      You’ll need to choose “internship” as your travel reason.

      For the “Employment Permit/Atypical Working Scheme Approval Number” question, reply with “unpaid”.

      After you are done, you’ll get a summary form telling you where to submit your application documents. You must print, date, sign, and add the summary form to your supporting documents.

      Step 7:

      Submit your supporting documents where you were asked to. Note that the Embassy may call you to submit your biometric.

      Step 8:

      Wait for the Embassy’s decision on your visa application.

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        Required Documents

        Here are the documents that you must submit when applying for the Ireland internship visa:

        Valid Passport

        You are expected to submit your Canadian passport. It must be valid for up to 6 months after your visa has expired. If you have had other passports, you have to submit copies of those as well.

        Passport Photograph

        You must submit 2 coloured passport photographs. They must not be older than 6 months. They must also meet the EU photograph requirements. The passports must show your face and shoulders clearly. You are also required to write your name behind the passport photographs.

        Cover Letter

        You will write a letter to the Embassy that bears the following information:

        • Your contact details.
        • Why you are visiting Ireland
        • Duration of stay.
        • Details of family members who reside in the EU.
        • Information about where you’d stay in Ireland.
        • Information about who is funding the trip.
        • Your commitment to abiding by the rules of Ireland and the terms of your visa.

        Accommodation Information

        You need to show the Embassy you have a place to stay in Ireland. You can present a receipt showing you have booked a hotel, guest house, or Airbnb. If you are to stay with a relative or friend, they’d have to send you an invitation letter pledging to house you throughout your stay.

        Bank Statement

        The Irish Embassy requires you to show you have enough money to cater for yourself in Ireland. The bank statement you’ll submit must have a valid transaction history and should cover the last 6 months before your visa application date.

        Your statement must bear your name, address and account number. It must be on the bank’s letterhead. The bank must also add that you can operate the account. Note that the Embassy will require you to explain any significant amount deposited into your account.

        If you have sponsorship for an internship, you can submit a sponsorship letter in place of a bank statement.

        Lastly, if you are using online-generated statements, then they must be certified.

        Letter from Your School

        You must present a letter from your school that proves your internship is required to complete your course. They must also specify how long you have been a student and when you should return to school to finish your degree.

        Letter from Your Prospective Employer

        Your employer must also send a letter explaining how long you will work for them and the details about your job.

        Criminal Record Certificate

        You must obtain this from your country and any other country you have held residence in.

        Garda Vetting

        If you will work with children under 18 during your internship, you must show that your organization has vetted you and considers you safe with children and vulnerable people.

        Medical Insurance Certificate

        On some occasions, you may be required to present a medical insurance certificate at the Embassy or the border.

        Proof of Ties to Home Country

        You must convince the Embassy that you’ll return to Canada after your internship. The documents that can help you prove this are:

        • Birth and marriage certificates showing you have family in Canada to return to.
        • Letter from your school stating when you’ll return to school.
        • Evidence you have a property in Canada.

        Note that every civil document (birth, marriage and death certificates) you present to the Embassy should have been attested as genuine by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, note that you must submit both the original and a copy of your documents. The originals will be returned to you after your application is processed.

        After preparing your documents, seal them together in an envelope. You can then send it to the address communicated to you when you filled out the application form.

        Fees and Processing times for the Ireland Internship visa


        Here are some of the fees that you must pay when applying for the Ireland Internship visa:

        • €60 for the short-stay visa.
        • €250 for the Atypical working scheme fee.
        • €500 for the residence permit.

        Processing Time

        When you apply for the AWS scheme, it takes the Embassy at least 20 days to make a decision.

        There is no specific time for you to get a decision on your visa application, but it is advised that you apply for your visa once you get your AWS approval.

        Ireland Internship visa vs Ireland Internship Employment Permit

        The Ireland internship visa is an authorization handed out to non-EU citizens to work as interns in Ireland. The internship you’ll apply for must be less than 90 days in duration. Applicants who are under this programme are not paid. To qualify for the internship visa, you must prove that the programme is mandatory for your course of study in Canada.

        On the other hand, the Internship employment visa is an authorization for non-EU citizens to intern in Ireland. This is the permit to apply for if your internship will last for more than 90 days and if you are going to be paid while working. The maximum time you can spend on this permit is 12 months. This employment permit is not renewable.

        The Internship Employment permit will still require that the students prove they are in 3rd year and that the internship is a mandatory requirement for completing their course at the university.

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          Dependents and the Internship Visa

          The Ireland unpaid internship visa lasts for less than 90 days; as such, you cannot come to Ireland with dependents. Any dependent who wants to go to Ireland must submit a separate application.

          However, a family member or an older person can accompany the person on the unpaid internship visa if they are less than 18 years of age. If you are traveling to Ireland with a young person, you’ll have to be the one to apply on their behalf. On their application, you must state that they will be accompanied.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    You need a job offer before applying for an internship visa in Ireland. One of the requirements for the visa application is a signed employment contract that specifies the terms of your employment and the duration.

                    You cannot switch from an internship visa to a work visa in Ireland. This is because you have to leave Ireland before your permit expires. You’d also need to return and complete your last year in school after completing the unpaid internship.

                    An internship visa permits you to work in Ireland for a short time as a requirement to complete your degree. It is also non-renewable. In contrast, the work visa is a permit that allows you to work full-time in Ireland. It is renewable and can lead to permanent residence or citizenship.