France Investor Visa

Obtaining residency in France through a France Investment Visa is an important option for those wishing to establish roots in Europe.

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    Overview of the France Investor Visa

    To migrate to France via investing, you must obtain a France Talent Passport under the Business Investor category. This is often referred to as the France Investor Visa.

    The France Talent Passport allows investors to migrate to France for up to four years with the possibility of relocating permanently.

    People who hold a France Talent Passport can enjoy all the same benefits that settled French citizens enjoy, such as access to healthcare, education and housing.

    Obtaining a France Talent Passport under the business investor category does require a significant investment from applicants and it is important potential investors meet the strict finance criteria.

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      Requirements & Eligibility Of The France Investor Visa

      You must meet several requirements to qualify for a France Talent Passport via the Business Investor route otherwise, your application will be rejected and this could impact future applications for a French visa.

      A minimum investment of at least €300,000 is required, and you must hold a minimum of ten per cent interest in the company in which you choose to invest. You could also invest through a company in which they hold at least 30% of capital or make a personal investment.

      A well-structured business plan containing an economic assessment and local market analysis is required for an application to be considered, and you must commit to creating or maintaining permanent full-time jobs for French workers for the next four years following the investment. The number of jobs required varies but in most cases, it is at least ten new positions.

      Additionally, applicants must provide documents showcasing the legitimacy of their funds, have a clean criminal record, go through background checks, and show evidence of their accommodation arrangements in France.

      The Benefits of an Investor Visa in France

      The France Talent Passport offers a range of benefits to investors seeking both residency and investment opportunities in France.

      Most notably, a France Investor Visa gives individuals the ability to reside in France for a certain period of time, even having the opportunity to bring over their immediate family members.

      After five years, this residency can possibly be made permanent, allowing investors and their families to settle in France permanently, effectively acting as residence permits.

      Additionally, this visa allows investors to undertake entrepreneurship in France. However, investments made with the only goal being for individual gain are not permitted – your business activities must contribute to a company or sector within France.

      On top of residency and investment prospects, the France Talent Passport grants access to essential services such as healthcare and education. The French have a leading education system, with some of the best universities in the world, while their universal health care system allows citizens to get access to a range of services for free.

      Another significant advantage of the France Talent Passport is that it grants access to the European Union (EU) market. This comes with a range of benefits, including seamless business expansion across member states to travel.

      Costs Associated With Obtaining a French Investor Visa

      Obtaining a France Talent Passport involves several costs that applicants should consider when planning their relocation. Firstly, you’ll have to acquire a Long-Stay Visa, which costs €99 plus the visa application fee costing €200. You’ll also need to pay €25 for stamp duty. Some applicants may need to pay an additional fee for the collection of biometric data such as fingerprints and photographs.

      On top of these fees, applicants have to invest a minimum of €300,000 into a French business or start their own.

      Many applicants choose to seek assistance from legal experts or immigration advisors to navigate the complex visa application process, like Total Law. While these services can be invaluable, they come with associated costs which can vary depending on the level of assistance required.

      The Steps For Obtaining France Investor Visa

      The France Talent Passport process requires careful research and planning and it is recommended to seek expert help to ensure your application goes as smoothly as possible without delays or possible rejection.

      You must ensure you are fully prepared when applying and will need to complete the following steps:

      Gather Documentation – Obtain all necessary documents, such as birth certificates, investment plans, accommodation evidence, proof of funds and paperwork showing a clean criminal record.

      Submit Application – Send your application containing all necessary documents via the official French Administration for Foreigners website. You must also pay the visa fee and any other applicable charges at this point.

      Arrive in France – Obtain a long-stay visa and move to France. Applicants must arrive in France within three months of their long-stay visa. The residence permit/titre de séjour will be given at the local Prefecture where the applicants reside in France.

      At this point you may need to attend an appointment to provide biometric data collection and the French immigration service will begin the process of assessing your suitability as an investor including conducting background checks.

      The processing time of a French Investor Visa application can vary greatly depending on the country you are from, the specific consulate or embassy, the application method, and the volume of applications. In general, the most you will have to wait is around 45 days.

      French Investor Visa Processing Times

      After your application has been processed, you will be notified whether or not your application has been successful. If approved, you will be allowed to move to France for the specified period of time after you make the agreed-upon investment. If denied, you have 30 days to appeal to the Commission for Appeals.

      For help throughout the entire process, get in touch with Total Law at +44 (0)333 305 9375. Getting through all of the steps alone can be incredibly tiresome, and without expert help, the process can be made much more difficult than it needs to be.

      Duration of Stay for France Investor Visa

      The Invest in France Visa initially allows applicants to stay in France for one year. During this period, you will be able to reside in France and begin contributing to the economy through investments or business ventures.

      If you meet all the requirements set for your visa, you may be able to renew your France Talent Passport for up to four years. This will allow you to continue to live and invest in France while you meet the requirements.

      After five years of continuous residence in France, investors can apply to become permanent residents. This can give investors a gateway to French citizenship and allow them to settle permanently, acting as a carte de séjour or residence permit.

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        Extending France Investor Visa

        To extend your France Investment Visa, you must submit a renewal application to the appropriate authorities and pay $225 for the administration fee and €99 for each visa issued to members of the accompanying family. You must start this process at least two months before your current visa expires to ensure sufficient time for processing.

        Alongside your application, you’ll need to submit proof to show that you are meeting all your visa requirements, including any investment targets you have agreed upon. You can do this by providing relevant documents that showcase a positive contribution to France’s economy.

        Can A French Investor Visa Holder Bring Dependents?

        The France Talent Passport allows investors to bring their immediate family members with them if they meet specific criteria.

        This primarily includes spouses and dependent children but may extend to other family members depending on the situation, such as dependant or disabled family members.

        Family members looking to come to France can apply for a visa, specifically as accompanying family members of the investor. This is known as the Talent Family Passport.

        To successfully migrate, family members must provide documentation showcasing their relationship with the investor. This can include marriage certificates, birth certificates, and other documentation that establishes a genuine relationship.

        They may also have to submit evidence of financial stability or health insurance to ensure they can support themselves in France.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        While obtaining a France Talent Passport is possible for anyone, it can be made much easier with professional help. There are many steps in the process that can delay your application for months if done incorrectly, and you could even get rejected if you cannot provide enough proof.
        The Total Law team can take out the guesswork, help you produce the correct documents, provide consultations and discuss what to do next, and walk you step-by-step throughout the entire process.
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                  There are many investment opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to relocate to France. One potential option is real estate – France’s stable property market and enticing rental yields give investors a wide range of choices for investment.

                  Another option is investing in a business in France or a startup. France boasts many companies with huge profit potential, granting a business investor countless opportunities to invest. Starting your own company is also a valid option due to France’s skilled workforce and supportive business culture.

                  Yes, it is possible to get a work permit with a France Investor Visa under certain conditions. While the France Talent Passport primarily revolves around residency and investment, it does permit holders to seek employment opportunities on top of their investment ventures.

                  However, those looking to get a work permit with a France Investor Visa will have to abide by French labour laws and regulations, have a job offer in place from a French employer, and seek final approval from the French Ministry of Labor.

                  Yes, applying for a France Investor Visa is possible if you don’t have a job offer. Unlike other visas that require an eligible job offer from a French employer, the France Talent Passport is designed for people who want to invest and contribute to France’s economy through entrepreneurial endeavours.

                  Applicants for the France Talent Passport are evaluated based on their financial capabilities, investment plans, and ability to positively affect the French economy.