France Short Stay Medical Visa

The France Short Stay Medical Visa is an option for people who wish to seek medical treatment in France for various reasons. This visa might also be referred to as the Schengen Medical Treatment Visa.

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    Types of Medical Visas & Permits Available in France

    Most Medical Visas are Short Stay Visas which are valid for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. It is similar to a Short Stay Visa for tourism in how it is applied for and in its restrictions. However, a standard Tourist Visa is not sufficient to receive planned medical treatment in France.

    Those who wish to seek medical care in the Schengen Area must apply for a Short Stay Visa for that specific Schengen country. If you know your medical treatment will last less than 90 days this visa will be suitable.

    A Long Stay National Visa may be needed if you anticipate that your stay for medical treatment in France will exceed 90 days. This visa lasts for between three months and a year.

    European Union citizens do not need to obtain a visa to enter France but non-EU citizens will need a Short Stay Visa to enter the country for health treatment.

    However, if you require emergency medical treatment while in France as a visitor you will receive the care you need. You must have adequate travel insurance to cover such an eventuality.

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    Requirements for Obtaining a France Medical Visa

    There are specific requirements when visiting France for medical reasons. Applicants will have to provide all the statutory documents needed for a Short Stay Visa but also specific medical documents supporting their case for a Medical Visa.

    If the recipient of the medical treatment in France is a minor, documents such as a birth certificate or letter of authorisation for providing support to the patient if you are not one of the parents will be required. If one or both parents have died, then a death certificate will be needed.

    To ensure success in obtaining a Medical Visa in France it is important to make sure you meet all the visa requirements and provide all of the necessary supporting documents.

    When applying for a Medical Visa, give as much detailed information as possible about your medical treatment in France. This should include the date and duration of your treatment as well as an estimate of the medical expenses from the hospital or clinic treating you.

    Medical Schengen Visa: Applicant Eligibility Criteria

    To obtain a France Medical Visa, you must meet the criteria for a Short Stay Visa and provide information and proof of your need to travel to France for medical treatment.

    To qualify for a French Visa for medical treatment it must be proven that the same treatment cannot be provided in the applicant’s home country. This proof must be in the form of a medical certificate from a doctor stating that your treatment is not possible in your country.

    Documentary evidence is vital for Medical Visa applications, particularly from your doctor or hospital as well as the medical facility you will be attending in France. You will also need to provide all the mandatory documents for a Short Stay Visa for your application.

    You should carefully note all the eligibility criteria for travelling to France from your home country for medical treatment, as this may vary depending on where you live.

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      Documents Needed for a France Medical Visa Application

      Visa applications for medical treatment must include all the required documents and relevant information relating to your visit.

      The required documents include:

      • Valid passport with a minimum of 2 blank pages or other valid travel documents
      • Two recent passport-size photographs
      • Proof of prepaid accommodation in France
      • Evidence of financial subsistence for the duration of your stay e.g bank statements, pay slips
      • Reservation of return ticket
      • A formal letter declaring the need for medical treatment in France from your doctor or hospital
      • Official confirmation from the French medical establishment that has agreed to treat you
      • Proof of ability to pay for your medical treatment or receipt for advance payment
      • Travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000
      • Completed visa application form
      • Any relevant medical documents relating to your need for treatment in France

      Your passport must be valid for three months following your planned departure date from France. Documents supporting your visa application which are not in French or English may need to be translated into French.

      To avoid processing delays or possible rejection of your application it is very important to provide complete and accurate documentation supporting your visa application. Call Total Law on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or through our online contact form and let us assist you with your application.

      Processing Time and Fees for a France Medical Visa

      The processing time for a French Schengen Visa for medical treatment is normally 15 days, provided you have submitted all the relevant supporting documents and evidence. Failing to do so may result in your application being delayed.

      If the applicant’s health condition is such that it constitutes a medical emergency then the French embassy or consulate can authorise an accelerated process.

      The visa fee for a Short Stay Medical Visa is €80 or the equivalent in the local currency of your home country. Some applicants may be exempt from the full visa fee, for example children under the age of 12, students or spouses of French nationals.

      If your application for a France Medical Visa is rejected then these visa fees are not refundable.

      There may be an additional fee if the processing of your Schengen visa is expedited.

      How to Apply for a French Visa for Medical Treatment

      To apply for a Schengen Visa for medical treatment, you will need to follow a set procedure:

      • Gather all the required documents for your application, including all medical paperwork
      • Fill out the Short Stay Visa application form
      • Submit your application online if your country is eligible for this service
      • Book an appointment with a visa application centre that provides external services for consulates and embassies
      • Attend your appointment at the visa application centre where your application will be checked and your biometric data will be taken
      • Pay the non-refundable visa fee at this appointment
      • Online applications can be tracked while your visa is being processed

      If there is no visa application centre in your country you will need to attend the French consulate or embassy instead.

      Some countries will accept visa applications online while others do not. In these countries, the visa candidate must apply in person unless their health condition prevents it.

      In the event of unforeseen circumstances or the need for prolonged treatment, it is possible to apply for an exceptional extension of your France Medical Visa. A health certificate must be provided by the attending doctor or hospital and presented to the competent authorities of the prefecture.

      Total Law Can Help You

      If you intend to travel to France for medical treatment, you must apply for a Short Stay Medical Visa. The application process and mandatory supporting documents can be complex. Getting the application wrong may result in your application being delayed or even rejected.

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                The Short Stay Visa for medical treatment does not prevent you from staying in France as a visitor before or after your treatment. However, you must leave the country before your visa expires i.e. within 90 days.

                You are allowed to visit other countries within the Schengen Area on a Short Stay Visa as long as your stay does not exceed the 90 days allowed within any 180-day period.

                It is possible to receive medical treatment in France without being affiliated with the social security system or having a Carte Vitale. Foreigners can access the French healthcare system but need to pay in full for any consultation, treatment or medication.