Irish-British Dual Citizenship

Irish law and British law allows Irish and British citizens to maintain dual citizenship. To get dual citizenship, people born in Ireland are not required to follow another process other than the application process to become British citizens.

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    What is Dual Citizenship?

    Dual citizenship means to have more than one citizenship, which includes British citizenship and the citizenship of any other country simultaneously.

    It is essential that both countries allow dual citizenship, as some countries have restrictions on its citizens being able to hold multiple nationalities at once.

    If you have Irish citizenship, you can keep it as is and also possess British citizenship. This includes the right to work, live, rent, and buy the property or other assets in both countries. This also allows you to travel between the countries without any issues.

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    Can I Have Irish Citizenship With British Citizenship?

    If you want dual citizenship, it is crucial that the other country allows dual nationality for its citizens. Ireland allows dual citizenship and if you take advantage of that you can get dual citizenship from Britain.

    If you are an Irish citizen you will have to fulfil certain requirements to apply for British citizenship. These requirements usually depend on the route you select when applying for citizenship. However, the general requirements include:

    • Applicant must be 18 years or older
    • Must have settled status for 12 months (unless married to a UK citizen)
    • Must have sound knowledge of the English Language and is capable to demonstrate it
    • Pass the Life in the UK test
    • Abide by UK immigration rules and regulations

    How to Apply for Dual Citizenship UK?

    The application process for dual citizenship is not any different from the process of applying for British citizenship with Irish nationality. As both countries allow dual citizenship, if your application for British citizenship is accepted, your status will automatically change in both countries.

    There are many different routes that you can take for this:

    To apply for British Citizenship online, you can visit the UK Government website. The application process required you to fill out the form and pay the fee. Furthermore, you are required to attach a portfolio of the supporting documents. Make sure that you fulfil all requirements required.

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      Rights of Dual Citizens

      There are different rights and privileges for dual citizens.

      Irish-British dual citizenship is a beneficial option that allows you access to many facilities and a better chance at improving the quality of your life.

      If you have dual citizenship, you can expect to have the same rights in both countries. You can live in both countries whenever you want and work as you please. You do not need any kind of work visa or permit to earn a living in either of the countries.

      They also receive public benefits in both countries and can complete their education. Furthermore, people with both citizenship can cast their votes in the local elections in the two countries as they have both the Irish passport and British passports.

      If you qualify for British citizenship, you can then apply for a UK passport, which will allow you to travel visa-free to over 110 countries.

      You will also be able to take full advantage of the UK’s NHS if you become a British citizen.

      Responsibilities of Dual Citizenship As An Irish Citizen

      There are a couple of negatives with becoming a dual Irish and British citizen. The first is that the process of applying for citizenship can be a costly one. As of February 2024, the standard application fee for citizenship by naturalisation in the UK is around £1,630.

      Irish citizens also need to be aware that they will have to obey the laws of both countries if they become a UK citizen, including all associated rules and guidelines that all citizens are expected to follow.


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        How Total Law Can Help You Become A British Citizen

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        In addition, the immigration attorney will go as far as to attach a letter of representation to your application. This will help you with the application process. Our services also include help with the Life in the UK test.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  As soon as you receive British citizenship status, you can apply for a British passport. Applications can be made either online or on paper.

                  If you apply for citizenship on your behalf then your child will be able to have dual citizenship because of their parents.

                  Indefinite Leave to Remain is a form that allows you to be a permanent resident of the UK. If you have ILR for more than 12 months, you can apply for citizenship.

                  The Life in the UK Test is a comprehensive test that all applicants applying for British citizenship should give. It contains questions about the traditions and customs in Britain.