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Work Visa New Zealand From UK

Those who are thinking of working in New Zealand and migrating from the UK will need to obtain a visa to do so. The type of New Zealand visa you need for work will differ depending on your specific situation.

It is advised to seek help when applying online for any visa, and with the range of visas to work in New Zealand and the requirements you need to meet, it is best to seek out legal advice. Our team at Total Law can help you get started; just give us a call at 0333 305 9375.

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    Visas That Allow You To Work In New Zealand

    There are over 80 visas that will enable applicants to work in New Zealand; applicants must choose the correct visa for them. Some work visas in New Zealand can also lead to residency, enabling work, living, and study rights in the country. However, to apply, you must have the appropriate skills, qualifications, and experience to join the country’s workforce.

    One of the most popular types of visas is the UK Working Holiday Visa. This visa enables people who are in the country on a holiday to work while they enjoy their vacation.

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    Types of Visas That Allow UK Citizens To Work In New Zealand

    There are many types of visas on offer for UK citizens to work in New Zealand. This includes visas in the Skilled Migrant category, however, one of the most popular types of visas that enable UK citizens to work in the country is the working holiday visa.

    The working holiday visa enables you to travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months. However, individuals from the United Kingdom benefit even more, as this visa type enables UK citizens to work and travel for up to 36 months.

    Although this type of visa is the most popular among UK individuals who wish to work in New Zealand, there are many other types available depending on the purpose of the visa. For example, some visas are available for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, talent in industries such as art and culture, or relocating businesses.

    Requirements And Eligibility Criteria For Work Visas

    The requirements and eligibility criteria for a work visa in New Zealand will differ depending on what visa you apply for. One of the most popular visas is the Working Holiday visa; therefore, we will look at the requirements and eligibility criteria for this visa:

    Working Holiday Visa Requirements.

    • Proof of identity, such as a passport. Always input your identity information carefully to exactly match the information recorded on your passport.
    • Proof of health. Applicants must be in good health and may require a chest x-ray and medical examination to prove they are in good health.
    • Proof of good character. This could also include a requirement for police certificates to prove this.
    • Genuine intent. Applicants must have genuine intent to meet the visa conditions. All information is considered in this, such as information provided to support the application.
    • Age restrictions. This type of visa is only available for individuals aged between 18 and 35; this will be confirmed using your passport details.
    • Valid citizenship. Applicants must have a valid passport for the country in which they are citizens.
    • Intention to leave the country. Applicants must have a ticket or enough money to buy a ticket to leave New Zealand and return home at the end of their trip. This should be an addition to the funds they need to live on.
    • Sufficient funds. The applicant needs to have enough money to live in New Zealand.
    • No previous approvals for a New Zealand Working Holiday visa.
    • You are ordinarily a resident of the country named on your visa.

    These are the requirements for the Working Holiday Visa; however, there are many other types of visas available that enable UK citizens to work in New Zealand, such as the Accredited Employer Work Visa

    Accredited Employer Work Visa Requirements

    Unlike the Working Holiday Visa, this visa has requirements that may differ slightly. Those applying will need to show proof of the following:

    • Identity, which can be shown as a valid UK passport.
    • Be of good character.
    • Be in good health.
    • Applicants must have genuine intentions to meet the conditions of the visa.
    • Applicants must have an offer of full-time work with a New Zealand-accredited employer.
    • Additionally, there must be no New Zealanders available to do the work or job you have been offered.
    • The applicant will need to be qualified to do the job they have been offered.
    • Applicants may need a New Zealand registration, such as a certified copy of a full or provisional New Zealand registration or confirmation from the appropriate organisation that they are eligible.
    • Should an applicant have had this visa previously, they will need to have spent the required time out of the country to be eligible again.

    This shows how much the requirements for each type of visa will differ. However, all work visas for New Zealand share the same requirements:

    • Good health.
    • Good character.
    • Identity checks.
    • Genuine intent.

    Funds are also often required to show that you can sustain yourself in the country.

    Benefits And Limitations Of Different Work Visas

    Each visa has different benefits and limitations. Many of the country’s work visas have a lot in common with those in other countries. This means that for work visas that require a job offer, you will be able to work, study, and live in New Zealand.

    However, you can only work that job with that visa, and if you need to change information on your visa, such as changing to a different employer, you may need to apply for a new visa.

    The Working Holiday Visa has limitations on age and can only be used once, but it does have many benefits, such as:

    • You do not need a job offer for this visa.
    • There are no restrictions on pay.
    • You can have more than one job with this visa (but be aware of tax rates).
    • It is fairly affordable, only requiring $350 NZ per month to afford living costs.
    • You can enjoy a holiday for up to 36 months from the UK while still earning an income.

    Process For Obtaining A Work Visa

    Each visa will have different requirements to apply for, and some applications will differ slightly. However, there is a general step-by-step process you can use, as all applications are done online.

    1. Ensure you meet the criteria for the visa you wish to apply for.
    2. Collect all necessary documents, including any police reports if needed, health documents, identity documents, and signed job offers (if required).
    3. Once all of your documents have been collected, you can use the NZ Immigration Online form to apply for a work visa. If you wish to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa, or a Skilled Migrant Category expression of interest, you will need to use the Online Systems forms.
    4. Wait for a decision on your application before you travel.

    Documents And Information Needed For A Work Visa Application

    • Identity documents.
    • Health screening documents.
    • Good character requirements. I.e., police reports.
    • Job offer (signed) if required.
    • Proof of financial sustainability, if required.
    • Proof of good intent to meet the criteria of the visa.
    • Proof of qualifications, if required.

    Note that the documents and information required will differ depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Always check what you need before applying.

    List Of Visas

    Some of the types of visas that will allow UK citizens to work in New Zealand include the following:

    • Care workforce work to residence visa: for those with a job offer or current job from an accredited employer.
    • Skilled migrant category resident visa: for those with a job offer from an accredited employer.
    • Straight-to-residence visa: for those with a job offer from an accredited employer in a Tier 1 role on the Green List in demand.
    • Transport work to residence visa: for those working for or with a job offer from an accredited employer who have worked in the country for 24 months in transport work.
    • United Kingdom Working Holiday Visa: for those who wish to work or study while on holiday in the country.
    • Accredited employer work visa for those with a job offer from an accredited employer.
    • Recognised seasonal employer limited visa: for short-term work in viticulture or horticulture.
    • Domestic staff of a diplomat: for those who work for diplomatic, official, or consular staff in domestic fields.
    • Partner of a student work visa: for the partners of individuals with a student visa to work for the same length of time as the study visa.
    • Working holiday visa extension: those with a working holiday visa can extend their stay for another 3 months.
    • Crew joining a ship or plane visitor visa.
    • Entertainers’ work visas.
    • Fishing crews work visas.
    • Business visitor visa.
    • Post-study work visa.
    • Partner of a New Zealander work visa.
    • Work exchange scheme work visa.
    • Partner of a worker work visa.
    • Student and trainee work visa.
    • Religious worker resident visa or religious worker work visa.
    • Victims of family violence work visa.
    • Visiting media visitor visa.
    • Global Impact work visa.
    • Talent( art, culture, sports) work visa.
    • Employees of relocating businesses resident visa.
    • Academic visitor visa.
    • Arts and music festival visitor visa.
    • Entrepreneurial work visa.

    There are a vast variety of work visas in New Zealand available for all purposes and reasons. There are also work visas and residences available to those who are victims of family violence or trafficking.

    What Are The Difficulties And Common Reasons For The Visa Denial In New Zealand For UK Citizens?

    The primary reason people are refused entry into New Zealand is that they are not considered genuine temporary entrants. This includes individuals who the country considers to be likely to breach the conditions of any visa granted to them or who may remain unlawfully in the country.

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