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Immigrate to New Zealand. Overview

Immigrating to New Zealand opens many opportunities. Whether you are drawn to its stunning scenery, job opportunities, or friendly people, New Zealand offers plenty to individuals and families from overseas.

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    Immigrate to New Zealand Overview

    Immigrating to New Zealand starts with assessing eligibility and choosing the most suitable visa pathway. Applicants must submit their applications and the necessary documents before moving to the country.

    Applicants must meet certain criteria, including financial requirements, proficiency in English, relevant qualifications or skills, and pass health and character assessments. The exact requirements vary depending on which category of visa is applied for.

    It is important to allow plenty of time to apply for a visa and understand the criteria and application process to prevent potential delays or rejection.

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    How To Migrate To NZ

    To migrate to New Zealand, you will likely need to apply for a visa, especially if you plan to work or stay for a substantial period. Three of the most common long-term visa categories for people looking to migrate to New Zealand are:

    Student Visas

    Student Visas allow holders to study and live in New Zealand for four years with a Fee-Paying Student Visa or five years with a Pathway Student Visa. New Zealand is popular with many international students looking to experience another country. If you only want to study in New Zealand and do not want to relocate permanently, then a Student Visa is likely the most suitable.

    Sometimes, switching from a Student Visa to a Work Visa route is possible if you plan to stay in New Zealand after completing your course.

    Work Visas

    Work Visas allow non-nationals to work in New Zealand for a specified period, under a certain occupation, or for a chosen employer. This is a good option if you have an in-demand trade or want to work with a specific company.

    For example, drillers, nursing support workers, and personal care assistants are all high-demand jobs under the Skilled Migrant Visa and Essential Skills Work Visa routes. This can make the process of applying easier as these skills are beneficial to the New Zealand economy.

    Residence Visas

    There are many different categories of Residence Visas available which could appeal to those looking how to move to New Zealand permanently.

    Visas offering a long-term option include the Skilled Migrant Visa for skilled workers looking to migrate, the Parent Visa, which allows adult children to bring over their parents, and the Refugee Visa, which is for refugees to settle permanently if they meet certain requirements.

    I Want to Work or Live in New Zealand: What are My Options?

    For those looking to work or live in New Zealand, multiple options are available for long-term immigration. Here are a few of the most common routes:

    Skilled Migrant Category Visa

    The Skilled Migrant Category Visa is one of the most popular options for working in New Zealand and is designed for applicants aged under 55 who have a useful trade or skill that is in demand. Applicants must have relevant experience and qualifications, as well as have a job offer in place from an employer who is willing to sponsor them.

    Work to Residence Visa

    The Work-to-Residence Visa allows skilled workers to transition and obtain indefinite residency in New Zealand after working for a certain amount of time. Applicants must have a job offer in place, be under 55, and have at least two years of experience in a high-demand role.

    Parent Resident Visa

    For those looking to reunite with their parents and bring them over to New Zealand permanently, the Parent-Resident Visa offers an excellent opportunity. The child must meet the financial requirements and be willing to sponsor the applicant.

    There is also a limit to the number of Parent Resident Visas issued yearly.

    You should evaluate your skills, goals, and circumstances to see which visa category fits you the best. If you are unsure which path to pursue, Total Law can help you discover the best option.

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      What Can Go Wrong With My Visa Application?

      There are a variety of problems applicants face when it comes to immigrating to New Zealand. Knowing what these issues are well ahead of time can allow you to plan for them and potentially avoid them.

      Common Problems With NZ Visa Applications

      Applicants who fail to provide the necessary documents often experience delays; in some cases, incomplete documentation can lead to an application being rejected. This is why submitting all the necessary paperwork and providing clear documents to demonstrate how you meet the requirements is vital.

      People with some medical conditions or a criminal record may find it more difficult to get approved. You may wish to seek the advice of an immigration expert if you are concerned your application may not be straightforward.

      Submitting inaccurate or false information can have multiple negative repercussions. It can make you ineligible for future applications, so always be honest and upfront about your current situation, even if it may not improve your chances of getting accepted.

      Tips For Getting Through The New Zealand Immigration System

      You should plan your application and your relocation well ahead of time. Give yourself enough time to gather the necessary documents, choose a visa route and address any issues you must rectify. The more you plan and prepare, the better your chances of successfully immigrating.

      Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare, and if you come across any issues, take the time to rectify them. It’s much easier to solve problems without the added pressure that may come after you have submitted your application.

      Applicants should keep copies of their documentation as it could delay their application if they need to resubmit a document they no longer have.

      The vast majority of problems we see when people are looking to immigrate to New Zealand can be solved with proper planning. This is especially the case with documentation. It is not uncommon for the application process to be deleted by months or even years due to an applicant being unable to produce the correct documents.

      If you are struggling with any aspect of your migration, contact us at Total Law. Seeking help from professional immigration experts can help you get through the entire process. There are many aspects of the immigration process that can be difficult without expert advice, and you could end up saving time and money by seeking an expert.

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        How Can We Help?

        Total Law’s immigration lawyers have years of experience and have helped thousands of people immigrate to New Zealand. Our professional team can advise you on which visa to apply for, help you get through the application process and avoid common mistakes, and take care of all the planning to ensure your application goes smoothly and quickly.

        We are committed to providing accurate, reliable, and helpful information, and our vast experience in the field can give you the best chance of immigrating to New Zealand successfully. You can contact us at 0333 305 9375 or use our online chat to get advice.

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                  The age limit for emigrating to New Zealand depends on the type of visa you are applying for. If you apply for a Work Visa, the usual cut-off age is 55. However, if you and/or your spouse are New Zealand residents and you meet all of the requirements, you may be able to bring over older family members with a Parent Visa.

                  The easiest way to immigrate to New Zealand varies depending on your circumstances. Different visa categories have different requirements, and you may be able to satisfy certain criteria better than others.

                  For example, if you are a young person with a trade, you would have a much better chance of obtaining a Work Visa when compared to an older person without any in-demand skills.

                  While New Zealand is generally considered a pleasant country, “why New Zealand?” is valid. You should be fully aware of the unique characteristics of any country before you consider migrating.

                  On top of being an attractive destination full of breathtaking views and sites, becoming a New Zealand citizen comes with benefits like free or subsidised health care, a high quality of life, a friendly and progressive population, and a great economy full of open positions and jobs.

                  The New Zealand economy is one of the most stable in the world thanks to its natural resources and political stability.