UK Student Visa Extension for US Citizens

If you came from the US to the UK to study and wish to remain here to continue your studies or after you have finished studying, you may have a few options. This includes getting a Student Visa Extension.

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    What is a Student Visa Extension?

    If you are wishing to remain in the UK after travelling to the country from the US for your studies, you have a few options available to you. If you wish to continue studying, you can apply for a Student Visa extension to carry on with your current course, or start a completely new one.

    To do this you will need to meet certain requirements and eligibility criteria. The most important of these is to have a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies from the educational provider in which you want to continue your studies with.

    If you are wanting to remain in the UK even after finishing your studies, it is possible to apply for a Graduate Visa.

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    Am I able to Apply for a Student Visa Extension?

    If you have travelled to the UK from the US for studies, it is possible that you can extend your Student Visa beyond its original end of validity. You can apply for an extension to either continue with your current studies or start a new course within the UK.

    There is an eligibility criteria for a Student Visa extension. This includes;

    • Being in the UK on a Student Visa
    • Having been given a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies by your desired educational provider
    • Being able to prove that your studies will be at a higher academic level than your current course

    If you have been within the UK with a valid visa for less than 12 months, you will need to prove that you have the financial stability to support yourself whilst in the UK.

    Do I Need to Prove My Academic Progress for a Student Visa Extension?

    If you are already in the UK from the US as a student, you might need to showcase that your new course on continue study will be one of the following;

    • Be at a higher academic level than the course you are currently on
    • Be at the same level, or at least related to, your previous course or your career aspirations (it will need to be at degree level or higher at a Higher Education Provider)
    • Be intercalated to a dentistry, medical science or medicine course that you
    • Started studying under a Student Visa

    However, in some circumstances this information and proof is not required.

    When Should I Apply for an Extension?

    The earliest time you can apply for a Student Visa extension is 3 months before your desired course if due to begin. However, you must also apply within 6 months of receiving your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.

    It is also necessary that you apply for the extension before your current valid visa expires. If you try to remain in the UK after your valid visa expires, it is possible you will face disciplinary action and could be deported back to the US.

    You must not leave the UK to return to the US or any other country whilst you are waiting for the decision on your extension.

    What is the Student Visa Extension Application Process?

    When applying for a Student Visa extension, it will be required that you submit necessary information and documents, many of which will be similar to that you submitted for your Student Visa.

    The information usually includes your travel documents, your valid passports and the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.

    Currently, the fee for a Student Visa extension stands at £490. However, it will be necessary for you to pay the annual immigration health surcharge. Due to being a student, you will be given a 20% discount on the surcharge- which puts your annual payment for the surcharge at £470.

    Applying for a Student Visa extension must be done online. It usually takes around 8 weeks to receive a decision. This could take longer if some of your submitted information needs to be verified, or if you are called in for an interview.

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      Can I Bring Family Members with me?

      As of January 2024, international students will not be able to bring dependents with them to the UK unless they are either:

      • A government-sponsored student starting a course that lasts 6 months or longer
      • Enrolled in a postgraduate course designated as a research programme that lasts 9 months or longer

      Eligible postgraduate programmes include PhDs and other doctoral qualifications or masters programmes with a research component, including a requirement to produce original work.

      International students who do not fit either one of these categories will not be eligible to bring their dependents with them to the UK.

      This restriction will apply for all international students starting courses from 1 January 2024.

      Am I Able to Stay in the UK After My Studies Have Finished?

      If you are wishing to remain in the UK after your studies, you should look into applying for a Graduate Visa.

      The Graduate Visa enables graduates of degree level to have the opportunity to live, work or look for work in the UK for up to 2 years. If you have a PhD, it will allow you to do this for 3 years.

      This new Graduate Visa will open in the summer of 2021, and will be open to American students graduating from UK educational institutions from this time period.

      How Can Total Law Help?

      The ability to extend your Student visa in the UK is a valuable one that many US students and students from elsewhere will want to take advantage of.

      However, you must still comply with the eligibility criteria and associated requirements with an extension application as with any other visa application.

      If you require help with your UK Student Visa extension application, or have any other immigration issue that needs addressing, Total Law can help.

      We are expert legal advisers committed to helping you with your immigration issues. We have helped hundreds of our clients with their legal queries and cases, and we could do the same for you, too.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes, there are certain situations in which you will not need to show any evidence of your academic progress. In particular, you will not need to do this if any of the following are true;

                • You are repeating modules or resitting exams
                • You are applying for the first time to complete a course of study at a new institution which was actually started at a different institution which has lost its student sponsorship license
                • You are applying after working as a student union sabbatical officer to complete a course of study which you started under your last Student Visa
                • You are continuing a dentistry, medical or medical science degree after you have finished an intercalated course
                • You wish to extend your stay within the UK to complete studies because you have, or want to, take part in a work placement or study abroad programme

                You cannot;

                • Claim any benefits
                • Be self-employed
                • Work in particular jobs, such as being a professional sportsperson or sports coach
                • Study at an academy or a local authority funded school

                Yes, it is possible to work in the UK as a student, but there are some restrictions.

                You can only work for a maximum of 20 hours a week during term time. This is so your job does not interfere with your studies. Furthermore, if you finish your studies, you cannot carry on working in your job.