The France's Golden Visa Types For UK Citizens

Although there is no Golden Visa in France, a French Talent Passport allows non-French citizens to live and work in France via various immigration pathways.

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    What is the Golden Visa France?

    Unlike many European Union countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and Cyprus, France has no official Golden Visa Program.

    However, there are routes to residency that involve investing in the country in various ways. They are delivered under the French Talent Passport (FTP) scheme and lead to permanent residency after three months.

    The FTP scheme is sometimes referred to as the French Golden Visa or the France Golden Visa, and this is because it offers similar opportunities to well-known Golden Visa programs in other countries.

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    What is the France Talent Passport?

    The FTP allows non-French residents to obtain long-term residency by investing in the French economy. It is available to both employed and self-employed individuals. Most applicants work in competitive fields, though this is not a requirement of the FTP.

    With an FTP, investors with an employment contract can live and work in France and bring their spouse and/or children into the country to do the same. The passport is in effect for up to four years after the investor arrives in France.

    To obtain the passport, candidates must go to a police station in France within the first three months of their arrival. Officers will arrange for a foreign employee’s residence permit to be processed.

    Like many Golden Visas, the FTP can help non-French citizens to acquire citizenship at a later date.

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    What are the Benefits of the French Passport Talent Visa?

    With an FTP Visa, non-French citizens can enjoy life in France for a long period. They can live and work in the country without meeting other strict requirements, e.g., having a French spouse or living in France for a set time.

    If they wish to bring their family to France, their family members do not have to go through the standard family reunification process to obtain a residence permit. Instead, they are granted a residency visa because their relative is an FTP holder.

    This immigration route has helped many people to advance their careers due to the diverse opportunities available. Individuals wanting to set up businesses or make investments can benefit from the security of living and working in France.

    The high quality of life in France is attractive for many FTP applicants. Public education and healthcare are free to anyone with a French Passport Talent Visa.

    FTP holders are also granted free travel within the Schengen area for up to six months each year. This means they can visit other European Union countries without needing a visa.

    The FTP is a useful gateway for those hoping to eventually live in France permanently with French citizenship. They can build up their qualifying years whilst progressing in their career and immersing themselves in French culture.

    What are the Requirements for the French Passport Talent Visa?

    To be eligible for the French Passport Talent Visa, candidates must belong to one of the following categories:


    Researchers can access the French Passport Talent Visa if they have an agreement with a recognised research or higher education institution in France that proves they are in a research role.

    They must also be travelling to France with the intention of conducting research work (including higher education teaching) and be master’s degree (or equivalent) holders.

    Individuals on the Research French Passport Talent Visa can prove their status as a scientist-researcher in France, which could improve their reputation in their industry. They also become eligible to study or conduct research activities in France.

    Creating a Company

    Individuals who move to France to start a company may be able to obtain the French form of the Golden Visa.

    To do this, they must have a business plan for an industrial, artisanal or commercial business. They must also have been educated up to a master’s degree level or have five years of equivalent professional experience.

    It is generally difficult to establish a new business in a foreign country, but this route makes the option accessible for many.

    Qualified Employee

    Qualified employees are eligible for the FTP if they have a French employment contract with an annual gross salary of at least €41,933 and a contracted period of at least three months.

    Alternatively, they must have a degree that is at least equivalent to a master’s degree (including a Specialised Master’s Degree or a Master of Science in France) or a professional licence.

    One benefit of this pathway is that the criteria are less niche than many other types of FTP, which means plenty of people are eligible to apply.

    Employee on Assignment

    Employees on assignment are individuals who move to France to work for the same company or the same group of companies.

    To be eligible for the FTP, employees on assignment must have an employment contract with a French employer, proof of being employed by the group for at least three months, and earn a gross annual salary of €37,739.52 or more.

    This category works well for people who want to experience life in France without giving up their current lifestyle entirely. For some people, knowing they can return to their original company at the end of the scheme brings a sense of security that other immigration routes do not provide.

    Highly Skilled Employment

    People in highly skilled employment are employees with a gross annual salary of at least €53,836.50, a job contract for at least one year, and people with a diploma from a higher education programme (or five years of equivalent professional experience).

    Non-French citizens who are highly skilled or educated benefit the French economy. Therefore, this pathway is advantageous for both the French government and the applicants who want to experience the French way of life.

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      Recruitment in an Innovative Company

      This category includes employees with a gross annual salary of at least €41,993, whose job roles are directly linked to the organisation’s research and development project, and who are hired by an innovative company (if this is not a new company, the Ministry of Economy must acknowledge it as innovative).

      This category is niche, so most people will not meet the requirements. However, for the people that are employed by an innovative company, it is an easy way to relocate to France whilst still working on research and development.

      Innovative Project Recognised By a Public Body

      This category requires a public body to approve the candidate’s innovative economic project. Although similar to the ‘recruitment in an innovative company’ category, it extends to the self-employed.

      Social Agent

      Social agents hoping to get a French Talent Passport must earn at least €62,899.20 annually, be a legal representative in a France-based business, and been an employee or social agent in the company for at least three months.

      This category is aimed at high-earners, so it is certainly not the most accessible pathway unless the candidate has sufficient funds. However, it is possible for people who meet the financial requirements to maintain their career in a French environment.

      Artistic and Cultural Profession

      Artists, performers and writers may be eligible for a France Talent Passport under the artistic and cultural profession category.

      While some immigration routes favour traditional workers, this is an example of France acknowledging the value of artists.

      Person of International Renown

      Individuals with a national or international reputation can live and work in France with an FTP. This applies to people who are regarded as highly successful within their industry.

      To be eligible they must work in a particular industry approved for this pathway e.g., literature, sport, science or art.


      Foreign investors who wish to access the FTP must make a personal or professional investment in a French business. This initial investment must lead to the creation or retention of jobs within four years. It must also be worth €300,000 or more.

      For professional investments, the official France Investor Visa requirements state that the applicant must own at least 30% of the company’s shares or own the company outright.

      Applying for the France Talent Passport

      French Talent Passport applicants living in France can apply online with the appropriate supporting documents. The application should be submitted at least 2-4 months before the applicant’s residence permit expires.

      Foreign nationals who do not live in France must apply with the French consulate in their home country.

      Online applications cost €225 and are purchased through tax stamps. When an individual has completed their application, they will receive confirmation from French authorities. They can then get their French residence card.

      In total, the processing time for the FTP is around 10-12 weeks.

      Documents Needed for the French Talent Passport

      The documents required for the FTP vary depending on which route is taken. However, there are a group of documents that must be presented regardless of the FTP category:

      • Proof of address (no more than six months old)
      • Valid passport
      • Three photos
      • Long-term visa or valid residence permit

      Other required documents will relate to the type of FTP the candidate is applying for. For example, the highly skilled employment route may require a letter from an employer and proof of qualifications.

      On the other hand, the artistic and cultural profession route may require candidates to provide evidence of scholarships and pensions.

      There is no language requirement for the FTP Visa, so there is no need to attach evidence of language qualifications.

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        Bringing Dependants to France with the French Talent Passport Visa

        FTP Visa holders can bring their dependents to France. This includes their spouse/partner and children (provided that they were minors, or they were minors when they arrived in France).

        The cost of adding dependents to this visa varies depending on the relationship to the family member and the dependent’s age. Some costs to consider are:

        • Resident card (€250)
        • Fee for dependent child (€45)
        • Long-term visa (€99)
        • Underage child’s travel document (€19)

        The visa holder must provide information for their dependents and proof that they have sufficient funds to support their family members in France (including healthcare, living expenses and accommodation).

        All documents submitted with the FTP must be written in French or officially translated into French. The supporting documents that may be requested are:

        • Completed application forms for each family member
        • Evidence of health insurance coverage for each dependent
        • Marriage certificates
        • Birth certificates
        • Proof of sufficient funds (such as bank statements)
        • Valid passports for each dependent

        Renewing the French Talent Passport

        Each type of French Talent Passport expires after a unique period. The qualified employee category is only valid for 12 months, whereas the business category can be valid for up to 4 years.

        Regardless of the FTP holder’s category, they must ensure they apply to renew their residence permit at least three months before it expires. This process occurs online and follows the same steps as applying for an initial FTP.

        The only difference is that updated information, such as new documentation, may be requested.

        When an FTP is renewed, the candidate can live and work in France until it expires. Further renewals are permitted.

        Becoming a French Citizen Through the French Talent Passport

        It is possible to obtain citizenship after acquiring a French Talent Passport, but strict requirements must be met.

        Any FTP holder who hopes to become a French national must prove that they:

        • Speak French to at least B1 level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
        • Obey French law
        • Have lived in France for at least 5 years

        The French citizenship application can be found online, costing €55 to complete.

        How Can Total Law Help?

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Purchasing a house in France does not automatically lead to French residency. The process that must be followed is:

                  • Obtain a Long-Stay Visa (equivalent to a residence permit)
                  • Get a temporary residence card
                  • Get a multi-year residence card
                  • Secure a permanent residence card

                  FTP holders may work in a salaried role in France for up to 4 years after securing their ‘Golden Visa’. It is not permissible to undertake voluntary work.

                  People who own French property can stay in the country for up to 90 days before they need to apply for a visa. However, starting the application process as soon as possible is recommended to account for any delays.