France Working Holiday Visa: Guide for Employers

If you are an employer in France, you can hire young people from abroad for the France Working Holiday Visa (vacances travail).

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    Working Holiday Visa in France Overview

    The Working Holiday Visa allows anyone to travel to France and stay for one year as a tourist and undertake paid employment. It is granted for a total maximum of 12 months and is not renewable unless the holder is from Canada.

    A young person can stay in France for the entire period of these working holiday visas without requesting a residency permit or filling out any other forms apart from the initial visa application, or without prior approval from the French Administration.

    The main aim of the program is to enable young people to have the chance to come to France, learn and discover more about the culture, history and highlighted tourist destinations, all while making money. Discovering France’s culture is the main objective of this visa.

    If you are an employer looking to hire a young person in France, then you are still required to register your new employee with the authorities when they are hired. The exemption from the requirements to do with work permits from the DIRECCTE does not exempt you from registering the employee.

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      Eligibility Criteria of the France Working Holiday Visa

      Young people only qualify if they are aged between 18 to 30 years and are from one of the countries with which France has a bilateral agreement.

      These countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and Uruguay.

      Other conditions the applicant must meet include:

      • be aged between 18 and 30 years old (if from Canada this increases to 35)
      • not be accompanied by a dependent child
      • never been part of the France working holiday programme
      • have a return ticket and enough financial resources to support themselves at the beginning of their stay (€3270.00).
      • have a passport that is valid for beyond the date they have said they are leaving France.
      • be in good health without any major conditions that would put a strain on the French healthcare system.
      • have no criminal record.

      Working Holiday Visa Application Process

      You might want to help your future employees have a smooth and easy application process so that they can be hired fast, but you are not obligated to help with the application process.

      If they fulfil all of the eligibility criteria then they can begin your France Working Holiday Visa application.

      The first step is to collect the required documents for a French Long Stay Visa application. To apply for a Working Holiday Visa for France the following steps must be completed:

      Documents Needed for a French Working Holiday Visa

      It is the responsibility of your employee to submit all of the required documents listed below. If any of the documents are missing from the application, then it is most likely their application will not be approved.

      You can advise them on how to submit a successful application by explaining what documents they need.

      They are required to submit the following documents:

      • French Long Stay Visa application form
      • Two recent colour passport photos
      • A passport issued within the last 10 years and valid for a minimum of 3 months following the end of the planned working stay in France. It must also have at least two blank pages for the visa stamp.
      • Proof of purchased French medical insurance.
      • Evidence of accommodation in France such as a hotel reservation or rental contract.
      • Proof of paid visa fee
      • Proof of inbound travel to France – confirmed ticket to France or a fully paid booking confirmation.
      • Proof of return or ongoing travel such as a booking reservation or ticket
      • Demonstrate financial means of support at the start of their stay in France (at least €3270.00). This could be a bank statement or a letter of support from a sponsor
      • A letter written details why they want to go to France and work
      • Proof of a clean criminal record
      • A medical certificate from a doctor in their home country

      Having the correct documents is essential to a successful Working Holiday Visa application, as your employees will usually be denied a visa if a document is missing. This will delay any start dates of employment.

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      French Working Holiday Visa Interview

      The applicant should then make an appointment at the embassy or consulate visa centre in their home country via the online booking system.

      If they suddenly cannot attend an appointment, they need to amend or cancel it through the online booking system. If they do not have an appointment, they will not be allowed to be admitted to the consulate for a visa interview.

      On the day of the interview make sure the applicant is on time. The interview will last between 10 to 15 minutes.

      They should bring their required documents and the consular officer go through a few questions regarding their case, why they have applied under this visa and why they want to visit France through this work program to undertake paid employment.

      Processing and Cost of a Working Holiday Visa

      Visa applications for the Working Holiday Visa are generally processed in up to 15 days, but allow longer in case there are any backlogs or things that are raised in their application.

      Applicants are allowed to apply up to 3 months before their intended arrival date.

      The fee for a French Working Holiday Visa is €99. They should be expected to pay this fee on the day of the interview. Save the receipt that confirms they have paid the fee and include it with their required documents.

      You can, of course, offer to pay this fee yourself as the employer if you would prefer.

      Undertake Paid Employment

      If they are successful, after they arrive in France and gain subsequent successful employment, you must make sure you register their employment properly.

      If you are an employer at a French company in France, registering your new employee who is on the Working Holiday Visa is simple and just like that of your other employees.

      To declare a new employee, you need to draw up a Pre-employment Declaration (DPAE) with the local URSSAF (the government organisation that is in charge of collecting social security) 48 hours before the new employee is hired.

      The new employee can then stay in France until their visa expires.

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        Documents that Need Presenting at France Port of Entry

        Along with every other foreign national that gets a French visa, your new employee must carry certain documents when entering France. They must be ready to present:

        • A valid passport (valid for the entire stay) with a valid visa
        • Documents to prove the reason for travel into France and the wider Schengen Area.
        • An accommodation declaration
        • Documents to prove the needed living money (€3270.00) during the visit
        • Documents to prove the intention to return to their home country before the visa period finishes.
        • Round-trip travel tickets or booking

        The Renewing Process of the France Working Holiday Visa

        The new employee can renew and extend a Working Holiday Visa at the local government jurisdiction of their residency in France. However, this is only possible for citizens of Canada. No other applicant from another country is allowed to extend their Working Holiday Visa.

        How Can Total Law Help with the Working Holiday Visa?

        You can save a lot of your own time and money by contacting our specialised immigration lawyers. Understanding the French Administration, the immigration rules and laws in France can be difficult, and might result in delays or even a denial of your employee gaining a successful Working Holiday Visa (vacances travail) application. Total Law has excellent immigration lawyers who can ensure the visa application contains everything it needs to maximise the chances of a successful application.

        Our team at Total Law understands the importance of the application and that it might be essential for your employee to travel to and work in France. We will work with you to make each step of the process easier for both you as the employer and your employee, the applicant.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  My future employee didn’t have time to complete the visa application before their departure, can they just ask for a visa once they arrive in France?

                  No, your potential employee will not be issued a visa at the border when they arrive. France authorities and French Administration do not issue visas upon arrival and they will most likely be refused entry and be unable to work for you.

                  Decisions to refuse a visa must be justifiable according to French and European Law, however there is the option to contest the decision within 30 days by lodging an appropriate appeal.

                  No, you do not need to provide a job offer before someone can apply for the Working Holiday Visa. This can be attained once they are already in France.

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