France Transit Visa From UK

Every year, many British citizens pass through France when travelling overseas from the UK. If your itinerary involves transiting through a French airport or seaport, you must apply for a Transit Visa. It allows short stays in France for the purpose of travel to your destination.

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    Overview of the French Transit Visa

    The French Transit Visa is a type of visa that people transiting from the UK  can apply for in order to travel through France on their way to another destination. It allows them to spend up to 24 hours in the transit area of airports or train stations.

    Typically, UK citizens do not need a Transit Visa if they are transiting through France for less than 24 hours and continuing their journey to a destination outside the Schengen Area.

    However it is advisable to check with the French authorities to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements, as they may change over time.

    Non-UK Citizens Transiting From The UK

    Non UK individuals who are passing through France from the UK might need to obtain a Transit Permit. It is provided to nationals who’re not exempt from the requirement of a Transit Visa.

    But they are simply transiting through France in order to reach their ultimate destination, outside the Schengen Area.

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    Transit Visa Requirements


    To apply for the French Transit Visa, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Hold a valid passport with at least three months of validity left.
    • Provide a travel itinerary showing you are transiting through France but continuing your journey to a final destination.
    • If applicable, present onward travel documentation, such as a plane or train ticket, that confirms your departure from France.
    • Show proof of sufficient financial means to support yourself.
    • Complete a visa application form provided by the French embassy in the UK.

    Age and Medical Requirements

    Currently there are no age restrictions for applying for a French Transit Visa. However, if you are under 18, you must apply for the visa with a parent or legal guardian.

    Likewise, there are no specific medical requirements. However, you may have to undergo a medical examination if you have a medical condition that could pose a risk to public health.

    Official Government Resources

    For up-to-date information on the application process for French Transit Visas from the UK, it is advisable to refer to official government websites.

    The official website of the French consulate or embassy in the UK provides detailed guidelines on visa applications, including specific requirements and necessary documentation.

    For more information visit:

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      How To Obtain A French Transit Visa?


      To apply for the French Transit Visa from the UK, begin by visiting the official website of the French consulate or embassy in the UK and identify the specific visa category.

      Ensure you carefully review all visa requirements and gather necessary documents.

      Follow this step by step guide to apply for the visa.

      Step 1: Check Eligibility

      Before applying for the Transit Visa, people transiting from the UK to France must ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

      The criteria includes:

      1. They must hold a valid passport with at least three months of validity beyond the intended transit date.
      2. Demonstrate the intent to transit through France for a limited period, typically less than 24 hours, while enroute to a final destination outside the Schengen Area.
      3. Provide valid onward travel documentation, such as plane or train tickets. This is to confirm your departure from France.
      4. Show evidence of sufficient financial means to support oneself during the transit stay in France.

      Step 2: Gather Required Documents

      The next step is to gather the necessary documents:

      1. Submit a completed Transit visa application form to the French authorities.
      2. Submit a copy of your passport’s data page and visa page.
      3. Provide a valid travel itinerary clearly indicating the transit through France and the onward destination.
      4. Attach copies of onward travel documents, such as plane tickets or train tickets.
      5. Present supporting documentation, such as bank statements, credit card statements, or travel insurance documents.

      Step 3: Submit Application

      Visit the nearest French consulate or embassy in the UK to submit the visa application. The application process typically involves:

      1. Start the application process online through the French consulate or embassy’s website.
      2. Submit the completed application form and documents at the French embassy.
      3. Pay the applicable Transit Visa application fee, typically £35.
      4. If applicable, provide biometric data, including fingerprints, for processing.

      Step 4: Attend Visa Interview (If Required)

      In some cases, you will need to attend an interview to verify your eligibility and intentions.

      Step 5: Track Application Status

      Regularly check the application status online or by contacting the French consulate or embassy in the UK to track the progress of your application.

      Additional Considerations

      1. If any documents are not in French, translations into French must be done by a recognized translator.
      2. In rare cases, potential health risks may require a medical examination.

      Processing Time For Transit Visas

      The average processing time for a French Transit Visa application from the UK typically ranges from 5 to 15 days. However, the timeframe can vary based on individual circumstances and the specific French consulate or embassy handling the application.

      Factors that can influence the processing time include:

      • During peak travel seasons, such as summer or major holidays, there may be more applications, leading to longer processing times.
      • Additional administrative requirements. If an application is not completed correctly, or lacking certain documents, it can increase the time it takes for a decision.

      Check For Recent Changes or Updates

      Before applying for the Transit Visa, it is essential to stay informed about any recent changes or updates regarding processing times.

      We recommend you check official government resources to obtain the most current information on Transit visas. For expert advice, contact our team at Total law. Call our office today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or connect online to discuss your travel visa requirements.

      French Transit Visa Costs

      Obtaining the Transit Visa entails specific fees and costs that applicants need to be aware of. The visa application process includes charges for the visa itself, as well as additional services.

      The standard application fee for from the UK is £35.

      In addition to the application fee, there may be additional charges for:

      • Express courier services for sending documents to and from the embassy
      • Translation services for documents not in French
      • Medical examinations if required
      • Travel insurance coverage

      Importantly, the fees linked to acquiring this travel document can vary over time. It is essential to stay updated by visiting the official website of the French consulate or embassy in the UK.

      Here are some links to useful websites for UK citizens:

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        Who Is Exempt Of The Transit Visa?


        Some UK citizens are exempt from obtaining the French Transit Visa. Including politicians and diplomats. Due to the nature of their roles and based on the principles of diplomatic courtesy and the necessity for officials to conduct international affairs without issues.

        Both politicians and diplomats often travel to France from the UK for official government duties. They are granted special privileges in terms of visa requirements.

        Category of Traveler Exempt?
        UK citizens travelling on an official government passport Yes
        UK citizens travelling for official government duties Yes
        UK citizens from countries with which France has established international agreements Yes
        UK citizens with diplomatic passports Yes
        UK citizens travelling for medical emergencies or humanitarian reasons Yes (on a case-by-case basis)

        Official Government Duties

        UK citizens travelling for official government duties, such as attending international conferences or participating in diplomatic missions, are often exempt from the French Transit Visa requirements.

        This exemption acknowledges the importance of facilitating the smooth functioning of governmental activities across borders.

        International Agreements

        Exemptions from the French Transit Visa may also be extended to UK citizens from specific countries with which France has established international agreements.

        These agreements often outline reciprocal visa exemptions for certain categories of travellers, including diplomats, government officials, and specific passport holders

        Here are the countries with which France has established international agreements that extend exemptions from the French Transit Visa requirement for UK citizens:

        • Andorra
        • Austria
        • Belgium
        • Cyprus
        • Denmark
        • Finland
        • Germany
        • Greece
        • Iceland
        • Italy
        • Liechtenstein
        • Luxembourg
        • Malta
        • Monaco
        • Netherlands
        • Norway
        • Portugal
        • San Marino
        • Spain
        • Sweden
        • Switzerland
        • Vatican City

        This list is not comprehensive and may be subject to change. It is advisable to consult the French embassy in the UK for the latest information regarding visa exemptions.

        Special Circumstances

        In some situations UK citizens who encounter special circumstances like medical emergencies or humanitarian reasons may not be required to apply for a transit visa.

        However, these are typically granted on a case-by-case basis. You will have to provide documentation that supports the need for exemption.

        How Total Law Can Help

        Applying for a French Transit Visa can be complicated, with changing requirements and paperwork. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers specialises in UK and EU visas, providing comprehensive guidance and support.

        Whether you’re a UK resident transiting through France or a citizen seeking entry from another country, Total Law offers personalised assistance.

        Our attorneys can help maximise your visa approval chances through:

        • Advice on the latest French Transit Visa documentation rules and criteria
        • Assistance completing application forms and gathering supporting materials
        • Review of your full submission to catch any issues
        • Legal support if any complications occur

        With years of experience helping clients secure various travel visas, trust Total Law as your visa partner. Contact us today at 0333 305 9375 or message us online for tailored legal support with your visa applications.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  A Transit Visa is a short term visa that permits people from the UK to travel through the Schengen Area for less than 24 hours. On the contrary a Schengen visa enables them to visit and stay in the Schengen Area for specific purposes, like tourism, business or studying.

                  It varies based on the duration of your layover. If your layover is less than 24 hours and you don’t leave the airport, there is no requirement to obtain a Transit Visa. If your layover exceeds 24 hours or you venture outside the transit area then a transit visa will be necessary.

                  An Airport Transit Visa (ATV) allows you to change planes at an international airport in the Schengen Area without entering the Schengen Area. A regular Transit Visa may be needed if passing through by other means of transportation or staying longer during the layover.