France Representative Of An Overseas Business Visa From UK

Expanding your operations into France offers unlimited business growth opportunities, but requires you to apply for the France Talent Passport marked Company director. It enables UK companies to send their company directors and family members to France to establish an overseas business. You meet the eligibility criteria and provide extensive documentation.

To streamline the process, consult with the experts at Total Law. Our immigration lawyers can assist your company with a visa application, and offer support every step of the way. Contact at 0333 305 9375 or message us online to discuss your expansion plans.

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    Overview Of The France Company Representative Visa

    The France Representative of an Overseas Business Visas, also known as the “Talent Passport – Entreprise” or “Sole Representative Visas,” allows UK company directors or other high level representatives to move to France and set up an office or subsidiary in France.

    It is suitable for a wide range of business activities, including:

    • Managing a branch or subsidiary of your UK company.
    • Developing business relationships and partnerships in France.
    • Attending meetings and conferences related to your business.
    • Promoting your company’s products or services in France.

    The France Business Visa or “Talent Passport marked Company director” does have several key eligibility criteria UK businesses must consider, These include:

    The representatives, or company directors who have been selected to move to France must have been employed in a senior position for at least three months prior to applying for the visa.

    The company must also demonstrate that no other employee can perform the role.

    Besides fulfilling these requirements, UK businesses must submit several key documents. Including, recent financial statements, and an employment contract complete with details about the role. And a business plan outlining how they plan to establish their operations in France.

    As is customary for all France visa applications, proof of accommodation, health insurance certificate, a valid UK passport and photographs are also required.

    It’s important to understand the strict criteria UK businesses and their company directors must adhere to when applying for Talent Passport new business visas. It is recommended to consult with an immigration law firm like Total Law. Contact us 0333 305 9375 or message us online.

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    Requirements & Eligibilities Of France Appointed Director Visa


    To be eligible for the France Appointed Directors Visa, company directors of UK business must meet the eligibility criteria set out by the French immigration authorities.

    Newly appointed company directors must;

    • Earn a gross annual salary of at least three times the statutory national minimum wage in France, which is currently, £ 54.723.40 per annum.
    • Provide evidence showing they can support themselves throughout their stay.
    • Agree not to engage in any other form of paid employment while in France.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the French language or agree to attend a language course.
    • Have the relevant experience and expertise suitable for the company directors role.
    • Be appointed as the director of the French side of the business and agree to develop the company’s presence in France.

    If the company directors are accompanied by a spouse and dependent minor they will be issued the Talent Passport Permit with accompanying family status.

    If the spouse wishes to work while in France, they should apply for the “ Talent Passport – Family ” residence permit. It allows them to undertake paid employment in France.

    Required Documents To Apply

    During the application process for the visa for France appointed directors, applicants from the UK will need to submit several key documents, they typically include:

    • A valid passport with at least three months’ validity,
    • Proof of appointment by the overseas company as sole company directors,
    • Paperwork outlining the nature and purpose of the visit to France,
    • Evidence of financial means, such as bank statements or sponsorship letters,
    • Health insurance covering medical expenses while staying in France.

    Furthermore, when applying for the Passport Talent company Director Visa, you may need to provide additional documents. Such as, proof of your accommodation arrangements and a clean criminal record certificate, if applicable.

    Fees Associated With The Application Processes

    In addition to providing the key documents, and meeting the eligibility requirements for the France Company Directors Visa, UK applicants will need to pay the fees.

    The mandatory fee to pay for the visa is the primary government charge for processing your visa application. For UK applicants specifically, the current visa fee is £862, for applicants applying for the visa from inside the UK. if applying from outside the UK it is £719.

    Additional costs can include;

    • If you choose to use a courier service, expect to pay £20 to £50 or more.
    • Obtaining adequate health insurance for your stay in France is mandatory. The cost will vary based on the level of coverage: Expect to pay £25 to £75 per month.
    • If your documents are not in French, you’ll need to have them translated by a certified translator. Costs can vary, they typically range from £20 to £100 per document.
    • While technically not part of the application process, securing suitable accommodation for your stay in France will involve additional costs.

    The fees mentioned above apply to UK applicants and may differ for other countries. You can always check the official French visa website for the latest information.

    Or reach out to the expert immigration lawyers at Total Law who can help with French Business Visas, like the Sole Representative Visa.

    For assistance with French visas and more, reach out to our immigration team. Contact Us

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      France Appointed Directors Passport Talent Visa: Step-by-Step Guide for UK Businesses

      If you wish to apply for the France Appointed Directors Passport Talent Visa, you should start preparing your application at least 3-4 months in advance. To account for any unexpected delays that may arise during the processing period.

      Step 1: Gather the documents:

      First prepare the documents needed for the visa marked “Passport Talent company Director”. Ensure they are organized and if they are not in French, get them translated.

      For UK applicants they typically include:

      • A valid UK passport.
      • Two recent passport-sized photos.
      • A completed visa application form.
      • Proof of travel and health insurance.
      • Proof of financial means.
      • Proof of accommodation in.
      • A cover letter from your UK employer.
      • Company registration documents.
      • Proof of company affiliation.

      Step 2: Create an Online Account and Submit Application:

      Visit the official French visa website, and create an account and complete the online visa application form. Ensure the information you give is accurate.

      Upload scanned copies of your documents, and ensure they are in the specified format.

      Pay the visa fee (currently £862 for UK applicants).

      Step 3: Biometric Appointment (if applicable):

      Schedule and then attend a biometric appointment at your local French visa application centre in the UK to provide your fingerprints and a photograph.

      Step 4: Post-submission:

      Expect a processing time of 4-6 weeks, but it can vary for the Talent Passport Residence Permit. It depends on the complexity of your application, the current workload of the French embassy or consulate, and the time of year.

      If you wish, you can track the progress of an application online using the reference number provided by the French authorities.

      Step 5: Visa Decision and Collection:

      If approved, you will receive a notification to go and collect it along with your passport. Once it has been issued, you can legally enter France and start your work..

      Upon arrival in France, it is vital that you apply online for a residence permit, this must be done within three months after you arrive in the country.

      Requirements For Family Joining The Company Representative in France

      Family members, including your spouse or civil partner and any dependent children who are under the age of 21 can join you if you have a valid company director residence permit.

      Dependent parents or other relatives may also be eligible, but it depends on the circumstances, they may need special authorization from the French authorities.

      The Requirements for family members include:

      • You must have a valid “Talent Passport Company Director Visa”.
      • You must have the financial resources to support your family in France.
      • You must provide proof of your family’s accommodation in France.
      • All family members must have valid health insurance coverage.

      The application process for family members involves providing proof of your relationship to them, such as valid marriage and birth certificates.

      However, family members will need to submit their own visa applications, while also providing the same documents. Valid UK passports, medical insurance, and their financials.

      Your spouse or partner can apply for a “Talent Passport – Family” visa. It does depend on your “Talent Passport Company Directors” visa category.

      Dependent children who are under the age of 21 can apply for a “France Long-Stay Visa – Child of Talent Passport holder” visa.

      Process times for family visas can take several months, so plan accordingly. If successful, family members may also be able to access the French healthcare and education systems.

      For assistance with French Talent Passport Company Directors visa, get in touch with our immigration team. Contact Us

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        Staying Longer in France: Extending or Renewing Your Talent Passport Company Director Visas

        If your France Company Representative Visa (Talent Passport Marked Company Directors) nears its expiry date, you have options to consider: extension and renewal.

        Both allow you to remain in France, but with subtle differences:

        Visa Extensions:

        You need to apply for an extension when your current visa is nearing expiry and you want to prolong your stay in France within the same visa category.

        Similar to the initial application, focusing on continued employment, financial resources, and ongoing business activity is required. Visa extensions are typically granted for the same duration as your initial visa, up to a maximum of four years.

        Visa Renewals:

        You need to apply for a renewal when your current visa is reaching the maximum four-year duration and you want to stay longer with the “Talent Passport Visa”.

        The process is similar to an extension, but may require additional evidence. Such as, proving  your business has been successful and you plan to continue business operations in France.

        If successful, it is valid for up to four additional years.

        Required documents include:

        • Valid passport
        • Completed visa application form.
        • Current residence permit
        • Updated company documents
        • Proof of finances and accommodation
        • Evidence of ongoing business activity

        To apply for a renewal or extension, you need to visit the online portal at the official French visa website, complete the form and provide your biometrics at the interview stage.

        Pay the Visa Fees: For UK applicants it is £862 or £719 if applying from outside the UK.

        Conditions & Limitations:

        A renewal or an extension for the French Company Director Residence Permit is not guaranteed, it depends on the current regulations and your individual circumstances. It is worth noting that travel restrictions may also apply during the processing period.

        We recommend you start the application at least 3 months before your current visa expires. This is to allow for potential delays due to missing document requests, or workload of the embassy.

        How Our Lawyers At Total Law Can Help You

        The requirements and application process for the France Representative of an Overseas Business Visa can be complex for UK companies to navigate. To ensure a smooth process that leads to a successful application, connect with an experienced immigration lawyer.

        At Total Law we help UK companies expand into the French market, we offer:

        • Guidance on ideal visa pathways for a company representative.
        • Help with gathering and verifying all required documents.
        • Assistance completing lengthy French visa application forms.
        • Communicate with French embassies and consulates on your behalf.
        • Help with renewal and extensions to keep your employees in France.

        If you need help assessing visa criteria, application assistance, or want legal support throughout the process, the lawyers at Total Law can help smooth your company’s expansion into France. Contact at 0333 305 9375 or message us online to discuss your specific needs.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Typically directors in companies are appointed for a minimum of 3 years. However it’s important to review the company’s articles of association as they may specify terms.

                  Yes, there are requirements and formalities that must be followed when appointing company directors in France. These include drafting a written agreement registering the appointment with the Commercial Court and ensuring compliance with the company’s articles of association.

                  No, not all French companies are required to have a president. The appointment of a president depends on the chosen structure. For example limited liability companies (SARLs) do not require a president. Instead have one or more managing partners.

                  Yes, there is indeed a corporate governance code known as “Code Afep Medef” which applies to listed companies, in France. This code provides guidelines regarding practices concerning board composition, transparency and shareholder rights.