France Talent Passport (Requirements & Application Process)

The France Talent Passport is a unique opportunity for skilled professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs to work and live in France. It provides services to various categories, including highly qualified employees, self-employed individuals, and those with national or international reputations. Understanding the application process and the specific requirements can be complex.

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    An Introduction To The France Talent Passport

    The France Talent Passport is an innovative visa program tailored for foreign professionals wishing to live, work, or start a business in France. As a multi-year residence card, it offers a unique opportunity for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and global talents to contribute to the competitive French economy.

    The program is designed for those seeking up to a one-year stay initially, with potential extensions based on the specific category of the passport.

    Key categories of the Talent Passport include Business Creation, which allows a stay of 1–4 years, depending on the business plan. Qualified employee, requiring a salary at least twice the national minimum wage and Startup and Business Creation, catering to individuals looking to establish their ventures, either through personal funds or incubator financing.

    Additionally, it provides the significant benefit of allowing recipients to bring their families with them, facilitating a comprehensive integration into French territory and culture for both the professionals and their families.

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      What Jobs Can Be Eligible For The Talent Passport In France?

      The French Talent Passport program comprises ten different categories, each suited to specific professional backgrounds and requirements.

      Skilled Recent Graduates

      • Aimed at graduates holding a master’s degree or equivalent or advanced degrees like BTS or DUT.
      • Applicants need a professional licence and a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree.
      • A valid work contract with a French employer for over three months is essential, with an annual salary exceeding twice the minimum French wage.
      • This category is ideal for those entering the professional environment in France, allowing them to apply their recent academic knowledge in a practical setting.

      Employees of Innovative Companies

      • For master’s degree holders recruited by innovative companies, especially those involved in the creation project in France.
      • Companies must offer an annual salary above €35,526.40.
      • This category fosters the integration of foreign employees into France’s innovative sectors.

      Highly Skilled Workers – EU Blue Card

      • Targets individuals with a diploma after 3 years of higher education or five years of relevant professional experience.
      • A permanent employment contract with a minimum one-year validity and a gross annual income of at least €53,836.50 is required.
      • This permit authorises highly qualified paid employees to contribute significantly to the French economy.

      Employees on Assignment with a Work Contract in France

      • For employees from foreign countries with at least 3 months of seniority in their respective companies.
      • A work contract and a gross annual salary of €31,973.76 are mandatory.
      • This category facilitates the mobility of foreign employees within international companies, enhancing the exchange of skills and experiences.


      • Applicants must have a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree and engage in research or university lecturing.
      • Proof of researcher status and the purpose of the stay is crucial.
      • This category supports the academic and scientific collaboration between France and other countries.

      Business Founders – Entrepreneurs

      • For individuals planning a commercial, industrial, or manufacturing company in France.
      • Applicants must present a credible business creation project in France.
      • This category encourages entrepreneurial spirit and business innovation within the French territory.

      Innovative Economic Project

      • Aimed at individuals with a project recognised by a public body, requiring supporting documentation.
      • This category promotes innovative projects that contribute to the French economy.

      Economic Investors

      • For those investing in a French company, acquiring significant capital shares.
      • Proof of an investment of at least €300,000 is necessary.
      • This category attracts financial resources into the French economy, stimulating growth and job creation.

      Legal Company Representatives

      • For individuals overseeing the legal affairs of a French company.
      • Required documents include proof of legal representation and income evidence.
      • This role is crucial for ensuring that companies operate within the legal framework of France.

      Artists and Performers

      • Artists who have been working for at least three months in France in a paid capacity, including literary and artistic activities. Applicants must provide a Kbis Extract (K-Bis) Certificate and evidence of their professional status. This category recognises the cultural and artistic contributions to French territory.

      National or International Reputation

      Individuals with international reputations in any field who wish to continue their work in France. Required documents include a portfolio, evidence of fame, and financial means proof. This category is open to distinguished professionals who can contribute to the cultural, academic, and business development of France.

      Specific Requirements for Each Category

      • Skilled Recent Graduates require a copy of the diploma, work contract, and documents linking the job to the company’s R&D goals.
      • Employees on Assignment need a work contract, annual income certificate, employment certificate, and Recovery of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions (URSSAF) certificate.
      • Business Startups demand diploma copies, evidence of sufficient income, and investment evidence.
      • Economic/Financial Investors must provide proof of investment and an investment plan.
      • Legal Company Representatives should submit proof of legal representation and a work contract.
      • Artists and Performers require a K-Bis certificate, Unions for the URSSAF certificate, and evidence of self-employed status or work contract.
      • Internationally Renowned Persons need a portfolio, evidence of fame, a “K-Bis” certificate, and a URSSAF certificate.

      France Talent Passport Eligibility & Requirements

      The France Talent Passport program is particularly relevant for employers and businesses looking to hire international talent. Understanding the eligibility criteria and requirements is crucial for a smooth application process.

      Eligibility Criteria Talent Passport France

      Hold a master’s degree or equivalent or a professional licence with at least one diploma at the master’s level.

      Work on a development project related to research and development.

      Secure a French employment contract, either permanent or fixed-term, for at least three months with a French company belonging to the recognised sector.

      Be employed in a business recognised as innovative by the French Ministry of Economy, with a contract exceeding three months.

      Possess a professional licence or specialised master’s degree from France or engage in research or education at the university level.

      Acquire qualifications after a minimum of three years of higher education or show official documents related to five years of professional experience.

      Salary Requirement

      The minimum annual gross salary requirement for a Talent Passport is set at €41,933, which is twice the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC) in France as of May 1, 2023.

      For a “Qualified Employee – Young Innovative Company” Talent Passport, the minimum annual gross salary matches twice the minimum wage in France.

      A highly qualified worker must have a minimum annual gross salary of 1.5 times the average gross reference salary, amounting to €53,836.50 gross per year.

      Documentation and Proof

      • Complete the application form for a French Long Stay Visa, as directed by French consular authorities.
      • Provide two recent passport-size photographs.
      • Submit a valid passport with copies of older visas.
      • Offer evidence of travel medical insurance.
      • Present a complete schedule of your stay in France.
      • Show proof of financial means for the duration of your stay.
      • Furnish proof of accommodation in France.
      • Include your birth certificate for identity verification.
      • Attach a marriage certificate if applicable.
      • Supply a detailed business plan for an entrepreneurship or investment development project in France.
      • Present proof of funds for investing in a French company belonging to the innovative sector.
      • Furnish a French employment contract with a French employer, especially if the applicant is a corporate officer.

      The Costs Associated With The France Talent Passport

      Knowing the associated costs of the France Talent Passport is crucial for both employers and applicants.

      The initial step in the Talent Passport application involves obtaining a long-stay visa, which costs €99. This fee is applicable to all applicants, including those applying for the European Union Blue Card under the Talent Passport category.

      Upon arrival in France, applicants must apply for the Talent Passport residence permit. The administrative cost for this permit is €225. This fee is for processing the application and issuing the residence permit.

      When the residence permit is issued, an additional tax of €200 is payable to the French Immigration and Citizenship Office (OFII). This tax is a standard charge for the issuance of the permit.

      If the Talent Passport holder’s spouse accompanies them, the spouse must also apply for a Talent Passport spouse’s residence permit, incurring a fee of €225. This is similar to the primary applicant’s residence permit fee.

      There is a stamp duty of €25 on residence permits. This is a relatively small but mandatory cost associated with residence permit issuance.

      For highly skilled employees applying for the European Union Blue Card under the Talent Passport scheme, there is an initial fee of €269. This fee also applies to the renewal and replacement of the Blue Card, ensuring continued eligibility and compliance with the program requirements.

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        France Talent Passport Application Process

        The application process for the Talent Passport is comprehensive, involving several steps, documentation requirements, and a timeline that applicants should be aware of.

        Step-by-Step Guide on the Application Process

        Determine Eligibility

        Ensure you fit into one of the Talent Passport categories, such as a qualified or highly qualified employee, self-employed individual, artist, or investor. Requirements include:

        • A certain level of education (often a Master’s degree or higher)
        • Proof of sufficient income
        • A valid job contract
        • A business plan

        Gather Required Documents

        Prepare necessary documents, including a valid passport, proof of qualifications, evidence of income or a job contract, and any other documents specific to your Talent Passport category.

        Submit Visa Application

        Apply for a long-stay visa at a French consulate or embassy in your home country. This process typically includes an interview and submission of your documents. The visa application process at the visa centre takes about 20 minutes.

        Wait for Processing

        After submission, the processing time can take two to three weeks, depending on your nationality. During this period, the embassy will review your application and make a decision.

        Arrival in France

        Once in France, apply for the Talent Passport residence permit. This step is crucial as it allows you to stay in France and work in France for the duration of your visa.

        Visit Local Police Station

        Within three months of arrival, visit your local police station in France to request a multi-year residence permit corresponding to your situation. This is also applicable to your family members if they accompany you.

        The Requirements For Bringing Family With You

        Bringing family members along when moving to a foreign country for work, study, or other purposes involves understanding and complying with specific immigration requirements. These requirements vary depending on the country and the type of visa held by the primary applicant. Here, we will explore the general eligibility criteria, necessary documentation, and the impact on the overall application and costs for bringing family members.

        Eligibility Criteria for Family Members

        • Spouses must apply for the “Talent Passport – Family” residence permit, ensuring they are legally recognised as dependents of the primary applicant.
        • Children who entered France as minors with their parents and have since turned 18 are eligible. They must express a willingness to work. Their eligibility is based on their parent maintaining a valid Talent Passport.
        • The primary applicant must verify their familial ties, which include spouses, registered partners, and dependent children.
        • The primary Talent Passport holder is required to demonstrate the financial ability to support their family members during their stay in France. This includes providing suitable accommodation, covering living expenses, and ensuring access to healthcare.

        Necessary Documentation and Additional Steps

        • Complete the application forms for each family member. This could be separate visa applications or inclusion in the primary applicant’s visa application. Ensure all details are accurately filled out to reflect each individual’s status and relation to the primary applicant.
        • Valid passports for each family member are essential. Pages concerning civil status, validity dates, entry stamps, and visas in the passports must be included. Additional supporting documents like a consular certificate, identity card, or consular card should be provided.
        • Marriage certificates are required for spouses to establish the marital bond. Birth certificates for children to confirm their relationship to the primary applicant. Any other relevant documents that provide evidence of family relationships.
        • Bank statements, employment letters, or similar documents must be presented to demonstrate the family’s financial stability. These documents are vital to assure the French authorities of the family’s ability to sustain themselves in France.
        • Proof of adequate health insurance coverage for each family member for the entire duration of their stay is crucial.
        • Any document in languages other than French or English must be translated into French. This is important for the clarity and verifiability of the information provided.

        Impact on Overall Application and Costs

        • Adding family members to a visa application can lead to increased processing times. This is because each application, including those of family members, is assessed individually, adding layers of complexity and potentially extending the duration of the application process.
        • There are specific fees associated with adding each family member to the application. These fees can vary depending on the family member’s age and relationship to the primary applicant. For instance, a resident card costs €250 per person, and there is a fee of €45 for each dependent child. The cost of a long-term visa is €99 per person, and an underage child’s travel document is priced at €19 per person.
        • Accommodating additional family members will inevitably increase the overall cost of living. This includes expenses related to housing, food, healthcare, and education.

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          Validity & Renewal Options

          The duration of a talent passport permit, its validity, conditions, and process for renewal, as well as minimum and maximum stay requirements, can vary depending on the country issuing the Talent Passport.

          Duration of the Talent Passport’s Validity

          The Talent Passport’s validity varies. For instance, the “Talent Passport – Business Creation” has a 1–4 year validity, depending on the business setup. The “Artist-Interpreter Talent Passport” also offers up to 4 years for professional artists. The “Talent Passport – Qualified Employee” typically allows a 12-month stay. Researcher and Business Investor Talent Passports can extend up to 4 years based on specific project or investment criteria.

          Process for Renewal of Residence Permit

          Renewal of the Talent Passport requires action three months before the foreign employee’s residence permit expiry. Applicants must access a dedicated online platform to submit their renewal application, providing documentation that they still meet the original permit conditions. This is a critical step for those seeking to extend their professional activities in France.

          The applicant must continue to meet the eligibility criteria of the Talent Passport. This might include maintaining paid employment in a skilled profession or continuing a research project.

          Renewal may require updated professional documentation, proof of ongoing work or research, and possibly evidence of integration into the country, such as language proficiency.

          Minimum and Maximum Stay Requirements

          The Talent Passport is suited to varying lengths of stay. The minimum duration can be as short as one year for certain categories, like the Researcher Talent Passport for stays under 12 months.

          The maximum can extend to four years for other categories, like the Business Creation or Artist-Interpreter passports. These time frames provide flexibility for professionals to complete their projects or assignments.

          Additional Considerations

          For family members, there are additional visas and permits, like the “Talent Passport France – Family,” which align with the primary applicant’s permit duration. The cost of living, access to public services, and the potential right to work for family members are crucial factors to consider.

          Short-stay visas are available for stays up to 90 days within any 180 days, offering another option for shorter engagements.

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