Portugal D1 Visa For Indians

The D1 visa in Portugal is a subordinate worker visa. For people to be eligible for this visa, they need to have recently obtained a job offer in Portugal. This visa is a valid option for immigrants who have a contract for a job offer that is for twelve months or more.

If you have received a job offer in Portugal with a contract over twelve months, the D1 visa could be for you. Getting legal assistance in applying for this visa and getting accepted can be a great way to ensure that the visa application process goes smoothly and you get your visa as soon as possible. Call us at Total Law today at +44 (0)333 305 9375 for help getting started.

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    Portugal D1 Visa (Subordinate Worker Visa) Overview

    The D1 Portugal visa is a residency visa that is available for professionals who have already accepted an employment offer in Portugal.

    This visa is suitable for stays over a year (twelve months). However, it is necessary to note that those applying for this visa can only be employed in Portugal if the position was advertised and then interviewed for, and if the employer could not fill the position by hiring a Portuguese citizen or a citizen of a different EU country.

    This is a visa that is available only to non-EEA nationals who are seeking employment in Portugal.

    If the immigrant applicant is a professional worker or is a professional worker with professional qualifications such as a lawyer, nurse, doctor, and so on, they will be considered eligible for a D1 professional worker visa.

    Alternatively, if the immigrant is considered to be a subordinate worker, then they can acquire the D1 subordinate worker visa.

    Overall, this type of Portugal visa includes a very important contract of employment, which is very important for Portugal workers, and it is endorsed by the employment and vocational training institute.

    These visas need to be applied for at the appropriate Portuguese embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. After a job offer is settled, an immigrant can then secure residence in Portugal and start work.

    This visa does require that the offer of employment be valid for a year, minimum, before the visa can be approved. Additionally, a statement from IEFP (the Institute or Employment and Vocational Training) will also be required for the registration of this visa to be completed.

    Who Can Apply?

    This visa is valid for any Non-European Union citizens who have secured an employment contract for at least a year with a Portuguese company. The applicant will need to apply to a local embassy and will need to fill a specific vacancy that is supportive of their profile in the embassy. This vacancy that the applicant will be filling will also need to be authorised by IEFP.

    Professionals and subordinate workers from non-EU countries can apply for a work visa in Portugal. This is not a visa for a person who wishes to enter the country to search for jobs; this is a visa for a person who has already secured an employment contract in Portugal.

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    D1 Visa Eligibility Requirements

    To be able to apply for a Portugal D1 visa, applicants will be required to present certain documents. These documents are as follows:

    • An invitation letter from the country in Portugal that has hired the applicant. This should contain detailed information about the work of the applicant and the contract of employment duration.
    • A copy of the employment contract that has been signed by both the candidate and the employer in Portugal.
    • A valid passport that has at least three months of validity from the applicant’s entry date into Portugal.
    • A recent clear photograph at 3×4 size.
    • A copy of the applicant’s professional card or a copy of their CV.
    • A statement of approval that has been endorsed by IEFP on the contract of employment for the applicant.
    • A declaration that is signed by the applicant. This must contain information regarding the estimated period of stay in Portugal for the applicant, as well as the legal residence details of the applicant and information regarding the primary reason for the application.
    • Valid health insurance that will cover the applicant for a minimum of 30 days from the date they enter Portugal.
    • A valid Portuguese criminal record certificate that has a maximum issuance lifespan of three months.
    • A copy of the most recent or last income tax return of the applicant.
    • A letter of invitation for accommodation acceptance from a Portuguese national; this person must have legal residence in the country.
    • A copy of the birth certificate of the candidate. However, if the applicant is married, then a certificate of marriage should also be submitted alongside any children’s birth certificates if they will be attending with the applicant.
    • A medical certificate attesting that the applicant does not have any contagious diseases or any other medical conditions that could potentially pose a public health risk to Portugal.
    • Confirmation of payment of the visa fee.

    General Requirements For The D1 Subordinate Worker Visa From India


    When a worker is planning a trip to Portugal for any professional activity, it is important to note the requirements for getting this visa. The subordinate worker visa is not much, unlike the professional worker visa.

    However, applicants need to ensure that they meet certain general requirements to comply with the visa regulations.

    Necessary Medical Requirements

    When planning on taking a trip overseas for professional activity, health considerations are key. This is why medical requirements must be met as part of this visa.

    Part of this is international travel insurance. Having international travel insurance is one of the most pivotal medical requirements for a D1 work visa in Portugal. Each applicant who applies for a D1 visa who is not Portuguese in nationality absolutely must get this type of insurance to make sure that they are covered in any potential cases of medical emergencies during their stay in the country.

    This type of insurance is required for any applicant who is not of Portuguese nationality. Therefore, during the D1 visa application, it is very likely that applicants will need to supply documentation regarding this to enter Portugal.

    When the applicant acquires international travel insurance for this type of visa, they need to make sure that it covers their total duration of residency in Portugal. This insurance will also cover the costs of any repatriation should there be any extreme circumstances, such as grievous accidents or even death.

    There is often a mistake that travel insurance and international travel insurance are the same thing, but it is worth noting that these two documents are different things, offering peculiar incentives in different cases.

    What is required depends on the needs of the applicant and the duration of the trip. Travel insurance is recommended for periods less than 3 months; however, if the applicant is relocating to Portugal for any time over a year, then international travel insurance is necessary.

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      Fees Associated With The Application

      All visas come at a cost, and the visa for a D1 Portugal work visa to be processed is only €90. The applicant may, however, need to also consider some additional incidental expenses that should be considered regarding obtaining the visa. This can be about the fees for presenting documents that are a requirement for the acquisition of a residence permit.

      However, some people are exempt from paying any visa fees. These persons include the following:

      • Applicants who are engaged in highly qualified research activity.
      • Applicants who have descendants who hold a residency permit in Portugal under family reunification clauses.

      There will likely be fees concerning the following aspects of the application:

      • Fees for covering travel insurance.
      • Fees for obtaining IEFP authorisation.
      • Accommodation fees.
      • Financial savings to demonstrate personal sustainability during the applicant’s time in Portugal.

      While these and other fees are not strictly regarded as application fees, they are necessary to acquire a visa. Documentation such as travel insurance, IEFP authorization, and proof of financial sustainability are all key to obtaining a D1 visa and therefore necessary to acquire.

      What To Expect In The Portugal D1 Visa Interview

      Applicants who are applying for a resident permit or a D1 Portugal visa will be required to attend a face-to-face interview at their local Portuguese consulate in their country of residence.

      At this interview, the applicant will likely be faced with a series of questions. These are some of the most common questions that applicants are asked in an interview for a D1 visa.

      • Are you married?
      • Have you been to Portugal before?
      • How long will you be staying in Portugal?
      • Do you have any relatives or friends who currently reside in Portugal?
      • Do you have any children? If so, who will take care of them while you are away?

      The questions that the applicant will be asked regarding their application are not extensive.

      However, the consular office will also be asking questions concerning the job offer and the professional activity that the applicant will be undertaking during their time in Portugal. Some personal questions, such as those above, should also be expected.

      How To Apply For The Portugal D1 Worker Visa


      For an applicant to apply for their Portugal D1 visa, they will need to start the process by securing a job offer or obtaining an employment contract with an employer in Portugal.

      After this, it is necessary to register with IEFP to obtain authorization. This can take some time in itself, so make sure to account for this time as well.

      Ensure that you have all of the required documentation prepared for the application. At this point, the applicant should also complete the online visa application form and ensure that this is prepared alongside the additional supporting documents for the visa.

      The applicant should then ensure that the application and all additional supporting documents are submitted.

      However, it is also important that some of the important processing procedures for this visa are considered. In many cases, an online appointment will be considered necessary, and the applicant should make an online appointment with the appropriate visa-issuing embassies. In some cases, SEF may even summon candidates for visas to gather additional information or add clarification to the process of visa application.

      In some situations where this may be the case, SEF will ask some direct questions and may demand some additional documentation from the applicant.

      Once all of the documentation has been presented, the visa will be reviewed by SEF, and a decision will be made on the visa application.

      Whether the applicant is applying for the D1 subordinate worker visa or the D1 professional worker visa, the period most candidates will have to wait for a decision can range from thirty to ninety days or one to three months.

      It is critical to be aware that applicants will not be allowed to secure any legal residence inside the country unless they have had a visa granted to them by the Portuguese consulate.

      Once an applicant arrives in Portugal with a valid D1 visa, they will need to attend SEF for three days to validate their documents.

      Visa Processing Time

      The processing time for a Portugal D1 visa is generally between thirty and ninety days or one and three months. This is the case for both a D1 professional worker visa and a D1 subordinate worker visa.

      In some instances, the processing time could be longer if extra documentation is needed or there is any issue with an application. This is why it is so important that applicants ensure that all documents are prepared in advance.

      It can be very useful to have a Total Law lawyer on hand to help you through the application process, and this can help to prevent any issues in your application and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Give us a call at +44 (0)333 305 9375, and we can ensure your application process is stress-free.

      The Steps After A Successful Application

      Once the D1 visa Portugal applicant has received a decision on their visa application, they can now take the next step towards their Portuguese employment.

      The applicant, having received their visa, can take their visa, along with the necessary documentation, to Portugal.

      Once they have arrived in Portuguese territories, they will need to reach the local immigration department. Here, an immigration officer will work alongside the applicant through all the necessary information regarding being issued a residence permit and how they can secure tit

      This visa is valid for over a year and can be renewed provided that the applicant still meets the necessary criteria. Once the applicant has been inside Portuguese territories for five years as a resident using this visa, they can then apply for Portuguese citizenship or a permanent residency permit.

      Applicants must meet and understand the requirements in Portugal when they arrive in the country to ensure that the transition into the country is smooth. They must ensure that they are aware of any documents that may be required and that these documents are prepared before arrival in the country.

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        Can The Portugal D1 Visa Lead To Permanent Residency & Citizenship?

        It is possible that by having a Portuguese D1 visa, an international worker can gain permanent residency or citizenship. When an applicant acquires a D1 visa, they obtain a temporary residence permit.

        This permit is typically issued for 2 years, but it can be renewed for three more years on top of this as long as the employment of the application continues.

        Additionally, if the applicant has family in Portugal, they can apply for family reunification through a D1 visa.

        Once the applicant has been in the country for five years with a valid continual residency permit, they can then apply to obtain permanent residency or citizenship. To be eligible for this, the applicant must still meet the criteria of their visa throughout this time and will also need to meet the eligibility criteria for permanent residency as well.

        Citizenship also often comes with the requirement of Portuguese language knowledge as well as being able to prove close ties to the Portuguese community.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        One of the most critical aspects of applying for a D1 visa is ensuring that all documents are adequately prepared. Doing so can prevent issues in an application and help to make sure that there is a smooth transition into Portugal. However, this process can be very complex and rather overwhelming, as there is a lot to prepare.

        Rather than juggle it all and end up overwhelmed, it can be a wise idea to speak to a legal advisor. A legal advisor can help you ensure that you have all the necessary documents and paperwork prepared and ready for your application.

        Total Law legal advisors are skilled in immigration law and are experts when it comes to ensuring that the D1 visa process goes smoothly for applicants. Give us a call today at +44 (0)333 305 9375, and we can help you get started on your visa application and help you feel certain that the application process will be stress-free and trouble-free. Alternatively, give us a message, and we can help you get the process underway.

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