Portugal Citizenship For Indian Citizens

Indian citizens can apply for and obtain Portuguese citizenship when they have lived in Portugal for 5 years. With Portuguese citizenship, you will have the right to work, study, live in Portugal, and enjoy other benefits just like Portuguese citizens.

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    An Overview Of The Portugal Citizenship For Indian Citizens

    Getting Portuguese citizenship will grant you an EU passport which will allow you to travel to over 160 countries in the EU/EEA and Schengen regions.

    You are allowed to have dual citizenship as a Portugal passport holder and you are no longer restricted by immigration rules. However, you may want to reconsider getting dual citizenship as India does not allow it.

    With Portugal citizenship, you are no longer required to meet the permanent residents’ minimum stay requirements, which implies that you will not lose your status when you live anywhere in Portugal for as long as you want.

    There are many ways to gain Portuguese citizenship, which could be by investment, birth, marriage, adoption, naturalisation, etc.

    The benefits of holding Portugal citizenship also comprise the freedom to enter many countries in the world without applying for a visa, not only within Europe but also the US, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.

    Portugal citizenship is similar to Portugal permanent residence but Portugal citizenship has more benefits which include the right to a Portuguese passport and citizen card and the right to vote in all elections.

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    Different Ways Indian Citizens Can Obtain a Portuguese Citizenship

    There are different ways Indian citizens can obtain Portuguese citizenship. They include:

    Portuguese Citizenship by Investment

    This citizenship route is also known as the Golden visa investment programme designed for foreign nationals. The citizenship obtained from this route will grant you an EU passport which will allow you to enter so many countries of the world without a visa.

    Indian citizens who have invested significantly in Portugal may be issued the Golden visa residence visa. These investments include creating employment opportunities or making capital investments.

    The Golden visa programme has been a means for getting citizenship and permanent residence in Portugal. You may qualify for citizenship in Portugal through the Golden visa if you have spent at least 7 days each year within the last 5 years in Portugal.

    The following is how to get Portuguese citizenship through investment:

    • Start or buy a company.
    • Transfer €1,500,000 to a bank in Portugal.
    • Invest €500,000 in capital funds.
    • Invest in national heritage, culture, or arts with at least €250,000.
    • Refurbish or buy a property worth at least €280,000.
    • Buy shares from a company in Portugal.

    Indian citizens can no longer get citizenship by buying or refurbishing properties in Portugal. This is a result of the Portuguese government’s decision to scrape the real estate route to Golden visa citizenship.

    Portuguese Citizenship By Marriage

    Under the new law for Portuguese citizenship by marriage, you can obtain this even without completing the 5 years residency requirement. This can only be possible if you are married to or in a de facto union with a citizen of Portugal.

    You should have been married or in a formal union with your partner in the last 3 years. And this citizenship route doesn’t require that you have a residence period in Portugal.

    This implies that you can live abroad with your Portuguese partner after getting married to them for 3 years. But you will need to show a solid connection to the Portuguese community through the A2 proficiency in Portuguese or having investment or property in Portugal.

    Note that you may no longer be eligible to apply for citizenship by marriage if you broke up, separated, or divorced your partner after 3 years. Therefore, the relationship between you and your partner must be current.

    You must present evidence that you and your partner live together and share utility bills if you are in a relationship. Your government-issued marriage certificate shows proof of your marriage if you are married to your Portuguese partner.

    Portuguese Citizenship By Birth

    This is also seen as how to get Portuguese citizenship through parents because you may not need to apply for Portuguese citizenship by birth or descent if you are born to Portuguese parents.

    Therefore, once you are born in Portugal to Portuguese parents, you will become a Portuguese citizen by birth.

    Unlike children born stateless who have automatic Portuguese citizenship, once a Portuguese is one of the parents of a child born in Portugal, the child will obtain citizenship after the child’s birth has been registered. Indian citizens’ children born in Portugal are not granted citizenship automatically.

    Therefore, the parents need to meet some requirements so that the children will become citizens of Portugal. However, you may apply for Portuguese citizenship through descent or birth in Portugal through the following means:

    • One of your Portuguese grandparents has maintained their nationality, and you have also lived in Portugal for 3 years and can speak Portuguese.
    • You have foreign parents who birthed you and have lived in Portugal for at least 1 year.
    • One of your parents was already a Portuguese national when you were born.
    • You have foreign parents who birthed you in Portugal, you have been in Portugal for 5 years, and you are not below 18 years old.
    • You have a disability, have been in Portugal for 5 years and one of your parents became a Portuguese citizen after your birth.

    Also, note that you will show how proficient you are in Portuguese by taking the CIPLE (A2 language test) if you have Portuguese grandparents. But if you need more information regarding how to get Portuguese citizenship through grandparents, kindly reach out to us at Total Law. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

    Portuguese Citizenship By Sephardic Jews 

    This citizenship route was specifically designed in 2015 for people (including Indians) of Sephardic Jewish heritage. The Sephardic Jews identify themselves as Sephardim (historically Jewish people of Portuguese or Spanish descent).

    This citizenship route acknowledges the connection of Jewish people worldwide who were expelled from the Iberian peninsula in the 15th century during the Inquisition era and grants citizenship to their descendants.

    Indian applicants must prove their Jewish connection through culture or ancestry. Additionally, you may have to prove your connection to a historical Sephardic community abroad or the current Jewish community in Portugal.

    You must do the following to apply for citizenship as a Sephardim. You must provide:

    • Evidence of membership in a Jewish community abroad or in Portugal.
    • Evidence of connection to the Sephardic community (a description of facts).
    • Birth certificate.
    • Criminal record certificate from your country of residence after you turned 16 years old.

    Portuguese Citizenship By Adoption

    This route to Portuguese citizenship is only available for Indians who are under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old and have been lawfully adopted by Portuguese citizens, then you must apply for Portuguese citizenship by adoption.

    In order to have a better chance of getting this citizenship, you must prove that you have ties to the Portuguese community by proving your proficiency in Portuguese or enrollment in a Portuguese educational institution.

    Additionally, you will have to provide your adoption papers and ID. If you were adopted before October 8, 1981, you will be required to pay €250. And if you were adopted after this date, you will not be required to pay for the application.

    Service to the Portuguese Government

    Another way you can obtain Portuguese citizenship is by offering services to the Portuguese government. For instance, you may be rewarded with Portuguese citizenship for your military service in Portugal.

    Lost Your Indian Citizenship And Still Without One

    If you lost your Indian citizenship and are yet to get another from India or any other country. This route may be a great option for applying for Portuguese citizenship.

    Lost Citizenship Due to the Decision of a Legal Representative

    If you lost your citizenship due to a lawful representative’s decision, you may be able to regain it. In this situation, it must be proved that you have lost your citizenship because your lawful guardians, foster parents, or parents decided to switch nationalities on your behalf.

    This could be as a result of being a minor or incapable to decide for yourself at that time. Additionally, if you lost your citizenship due to disability, you may also be considered.

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      Portugal Citizenship By Naturalisation Requirements


      Previously, you would be required to have been a Portuguese resident for 6 years before you could qualify for Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation. But now, Indian citizens who have lived in Portugal as legal residents for a minimum of 5 years and have met other eligibility requirements can obtain Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation.

      You are required to have a long-term residence permit for the time you have spent in Portugal. Additionally, to be considered for Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation, you should meet the following eligibility criteria. You must:

      • Be 18 years old or above.
      • Have no criminal record.
      • Prove your integration into the Portuguese community.
      • Have resided for 5 years in Portugal.
      • Know the Portuguese language with at least A2 level.
      • Have no tax obligation in Portugal.
      • Not be a threat to national security.

      Required Documents for Portuguese Citizenship By Naturalisation

      You must submit the following documents to apply for Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation:

      Criminal Record Certificate

      This criminal record certificate, commonly known as Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in India, must be issued by the Indian police if you were born or live in India. You may also get the criminal record certificate from where you hold citizenship.

      This criminal record certificate should be proof that you have not committed any criminal offence. This certificate has to be legalised and translated since you must submit it in Portuguese.

      Marriage Certificate

      You must present your marriage certificate to the authorities if you want to apply for citizenship by marriage. But if you are not married to a Portuguese partner, you must present evidence that you and your partner have been in a serious relationship by providing evidence of shared bills and proof of living together.

      Portuguese Residence Permit

      Proof that you have resided in Portugal for at least 5 years should be one of the things you must provide if you are applying for citizenship through naturalisation.

      You may also prove this by presenting your rental agreements showing the address where you have lived for a minimum of 5 years in Portugal. Your residence permit, which allows you to stay in Portugal for 5 years could also boost your claim.

      Birth Certificate

      Your birth certificate helps to establish your Indian citizenship. You must provide a copy of your birth certificate if you want to apply for Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation.

      Evidence of Ties to Portugal

      You must prove that you have ties to Portugal when you are applying for citizenship through naturalisation. This excludes when you are applying through the birth route. You can provide the following as evidence:

      • Letter of admission. This letter has to show that you are currently enrolled in a Portuguese educational institution.
      • Your residence address in Portugal.
      • A document that shows your proficiency (CIPLE A2 test) in Portuguese with at least A2 level.
      • A document that shows you own a property in Portugal.

      Letter Requesting Portuguese Citizenship

      In your letter requesting Portuguese citizenship, you need to address the letter to the Justice Minister in Portugal, where you’ll request to be conferred citizenship.

      Your letter must carry the following details. They must include your:

      • Full name.
      • Nationality.
      • Date of Birth.
      • Residence address.
      • Residence History.
      • Occupation.
      • Civil status.
      • Parents’ names.
      • Attorney’s name and address.

      Note that your letter must be notarised if you want to send your application by post. Additionally, you must ensure that your letter is written in Portuguese and signed before the Registry’s staff.

      Note that you will be required to submit additional documents if required.

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        Portugal Citizenship Application Fees

        You must pay the Portuguese citizenship application fees to apply for Portuguese citizenship. The Portuguese citizenship application fees are:

        • €175 for applicants who lost their citizenship due to their lawful representative’s decision.
        • €200 for applicants below 18 years and for applicants with a disability.
        • €250 for applicants that are 18 years or older and for applicants who lost citizenship and/or have no other nationality.

        Additionally, if you intend to get Portuguese citizenship through the Golden visa programme, you would need to invest €250,000 and €1.5 million in Portugal.

        How To Apply For Portuguese Citizenship By Naturalisation As an Indian Citizen

        Indian citizens who want to obtain Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation can do so through the following ways:

        By Mail

        If you prefer to submit your application by mail, you must fill out the application form and ensure you attach all the required documents before you mail them. The form you will be required to fill out will depend on your individual situation.

        You will be guided on how to fill out the form when you follow the instructions provided by Central Registry Office. Ensure that the mail is addressed to Conservatória dos Registos Centrais, Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 202,1099-033 Lisbon.


        For your online citizenship application, you will need the assistance of a representative or lawyer through this application process. The Portuguese government has made an online platform available for applicants for Portuguese citizenship. So, your representative or lawyer must possess a valid digital certificate and signature they will use to sign to the Portal.

        In Person

        If you wish you apply for your citizenship in person, you must visit an application centre. Once you get to the application centre, you must present all your supporting documents for them to review.

        The application centres you may visit in Portugal include:

        • The Nationality Desk.
        • The Civic Registry Offices.
        • The Lisbon Registry spaces in Benfica, on the Campus da Justiça, and on Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo.
        • The Lisbon Central Registry office.
        • The Registry and Notary Affairs (IRN) which is in the National Support Centre for the Integration of Migrants (CNAIM) with offices in Oporto and Lisbon.
        • The nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate where you reside.
        • The Citizens’ Shop at Odivelas.

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          Portuguese Citizenship Processing Time

          Due to the fact that you are a non-European Union national, the processing time for your Portuguese citizenship can be within a few months or even up to 2 years.

          Note that how quickly your Portuguese citizenship application is processed by the government depends on whether you provided all required documents or if there are other underlying issues with your application.

          Portuguese Citizenship Through The Portugal Golden Visa Programme

          Indian citizens can obtain Portuguese citizenship through the Portugal Golden visa programme. But to qualify for this programme, you must meet the eligibility criteria, provide certain required documents and submit your application as required.

          Eligibility Criteria for Portugal Golden Visa

          The following are the eligibility criteria for the Portuguese citizenship Golden visa programme:

          • You must be 18 years or above.
          • You must not have a criminal record.
          • You must invest significantly in the Portuguese economy.
          • The money for investment must be yours.
          • You have to maintain the investment for a minimum of 5 years.

          Required Documents for Portugal Golden Visa

          Once you have met the eligibility criteria for the Portuguese citizenship Golden visa programme, you must provide the required documents.

          The following are the required documents for a Portuguese Golden visa:

          • Your valid passport.
          • Your 2 passport-sized photographs which conform to Portugal visa photo criteria.
          • Your Portugal visa application form. You can download it from the Portuguese visa portal.
          • Evidence of health insurance which is valid in Portugal.
          • A sworn affidavit that you must maintain your investment in Portugal for up to 5 years.
          • Your payment receipt from the ARI portal.
          • Evidence that you have no criminal record. You can get this evidence through relevant authorities, and it must be translated into Portuguese and received within the last 3 months.

          Application Process of Portugal Golden Visa

          To apply for the Portugal Golden visa programme, you need to follow a step-by-step guide.

          Step 1. Choose Your Investment

          Indian applicants must visit Portugal along with their lawyer. You will need to get a Portuguese Schengen visa for your short-stay visit to Portugal.

          You must see the investment opportunities available to you in Portugal and make adequate consultations regarding those properties. You may even grant your lawyer power of attorney to serve as your representative in the investment process.

          If you decide to invest in any of the available options, your lawyer will arrange important meetings and assemble the documents needed to make the deal successful.

          Step 2. Get a Portuguese Tax Number and Bank Account

          You will need to provide your Portuguese tax number and bank account in order to make payments for the investment. Your tax number, known as NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) can be obtained at the Taxpayer Registration Services’ local office.

          Before you receive the Portuguese tax number, you will be required to submit certain documents. Additionally, the tax office will issue you a set of forms that you must fill out.

          You may apply for a Portuguese bank account online, but some banks would require you to come to their office in person. The Portuguese tax number and bank account processes would require you to prove your home address, identification document and income. However, some banks may require that you deposit a minimum of €250 into your new Portuguese bank account.

          Step 3. Make Your Investment

          You can make your investment after getting your tax number and bank account. This investment might take some months to be completed depending on the situation. Once you have finalised your investment, ensure you possess all required documents before you apply for the Portuguese Golden visa.

          This is because your Portuguese Golden visa application will not be considered if you cannot prove that you have secured an investment in Portugal.

          Step 4. Apply For Your Golden Visa

          Your Golden visa application must be submitted at the SEF, which is Portugal’s Immigration and Borders Service. You must do so by:

          • Registering with the Residence Permits for Investment Activities (ARI) portal. Your lawyer may do this for you if you wish.
          • Paying all required fees.
          • Including all required documents (in electronic copies and must be in PDF within 4MB size).
          • Waiting for SEF confirmation.
          • Setting an appointment to submit your Golden visa application at SEF’s local branch.

          An immigration lawyer at Total Law may help you to apply for the Portuguese Golden visa if you do not wish to go through these rigorous processes by yourself. All you need to do is to call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

          Step 5. Get Your Portuguese Residence Permit

          It might take up to 6 months to get your residence permit after submitting your application. Your residence permit will have only 1-year validity, but you can renew it for 5 years. You will have the freedom to live and work in Portugal and also enjoy other benefits like all Portuguese citizens.

          Step 6. Apply for Portuguese Citizenship

          You will become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship once it has been 5 years since you invested in Portugal. You need to prove your proficiency in Portuguese with an A2 level and that you know Portuguese society and laws.

          Benefits Of Portuguese Passport

          Here are the benefits of a Portuguese passport:

          Freedom of Movement 

          Portugal’s passport is one of the most highly ranked passports in the world that grants its holder visa-free entry into so many countries. If you are a frequent traveller and have a Portuguese passport, you will not have any restriction to travel to, live, study or work in any of the other 26 countries of the European Union.

          Live in Other EU Countries

          You may choose to live in any of the EU countries with your Portuguese passport. You are not required to register as a resident in any of the EU countries within the first 3 months of your stay.

          But if you wish to stay longer than 3 months, you must register as a resident in that country by applying for and obtaining a Certificate of Registration.

          If you do not know how to apply for the Certificate of Registration, do not worry, Total Law can help. Get in touch with one of our friendly immigration advisers; just call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

          Portuguese Citizen Rights

          You will enjoy most of the rights of Portuguese citizens when you obtain a Portuguese passport. Some of these include access to social security benefits, study programmes, work opportunities, and the right to vote during the Portuguese elections.

          Quality of Life

          Portugal has so many beautiful cities, tourist spots, low crime rates and affordable cost of living. Additionally, it has become one of the most sought-after relocation destinations due to its pleasant weather, which is not as cold as the ones in so many European countries.

          Tax Benefits

          The tax benefits you will enjoy as an Indian with a Portuguese passport is that you will not be taxed two times on your income. Portugal has a double taxation agreement with India which prevents Indian citizens’ income from being taxed in India and Portugal concurrently.

          Free Healthcare

          The Portuguese national healthcare services are mostly free for Portuguese citizens. Also, the healthcare services in Portugal are considered one of the best in the world.

          With the Portuguese passport, you will be issued a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which grants you access to state-provided healthcare in any EU country, including Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland, just like in Portugal.

          How Can Total Law Help

          Indian citizens must meet the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for Portuguese citizenship. The application for Portuguese citizenship involves so many rigorous processes which require gathering so many documents.

          You must pay your citizenship application fee and then assemble and submit the required documents. To save yourself the stress of these rigorous processes and to avoid making a mistake in your application process, we recommend you reach out to one of our Immigration lawyers at Total Law.

          We will help you assemble all the required documents and submit your application in accordance with the Portuguese government’s requirements. We will also render expert guidance to you throughout your citizenship application process to submit a Portuguese citizenship application with a high chance of acceptance.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    Yes, foreigners can obtain Portuguese citizenship. You can qualify for citizenship in Portugal after 5 years of your legal residence in Portugal.

                    If you want to obtain permanent residence in Portugal, you must get a temporary residence permit to stay in Portugal. Thereafter, you must spend 5 years in Portugal with a Portuguese residence permit.

                    Yes, non-EU citizens can obtain Portuguese citizenship. Indian citizens who have lived in Portugal legally for about 5 years as foreign nationals can get Portuguese citizenship.