Portugal D8 Visa For Digital Nomads From India

Indian citizens who are independent income earners may qualify for the Digital Nomad visa. The Portugal Digital Nomad visa can allow your dependents to join you in Portugal.

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    Portugal Digital Nomad Visa From India Overview

    The Portugal D8 Digital Nomad visa was created by the Portuguese government in 2007 to attract independent income earners. The Portugal Digital Nomad visa is suitable for remote workers, and freelancers.

    Once you can prove that you have a stable passive income source, you may be granted the D8 Portugal Digital Nomad visa. Your income could come from transferable equity, intellectual property, pension, financial investment, and so on.

    Through the Portugal D8 Digital Nomad visa, your family members can join you in Portugal, provided you prove that you can meet their financial needs in Portugal.

    Additionally, this visa offers a route to Portuguese permanent residency and citizenship once you live and work in the country for at least 5 years.

    As an Indian national with a D8 Portugal Digital Nomad visa, you are not prevented from engaging in professional activities in Portugal. With this visa, you are allowed to enter any country of your choice in the European Union.

    There are certain requirements you must meet before you apply for the D8 Portugal Digital Nomad visa. One of these requirements is that you must earn at least €3,040 every month. Once you meet all the requirements, you will stand a chance to be granted a visa.

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    Portugal Temporary-Stay Digital Nomad Visa Eligibility

    Indian citizens who want to apply for the Portugal Temporary-Stay Digital Nomad visa must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Be a non-EU citizen
    • Have no criminal record
    • Earn at least €3,040 per month
    • Have accommodation in Portugal
    • Prove that you have no criminal record
    • Present employment contract for freelance or remote work
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    Portugal Digital Nomad Visa From India Requirements

    Indian citizens who want to enter Portugal to work remotely for their overseas employers must meet the D8 visa requirements:

    • Get your 2 valid passport photographs that meet the criteria of the Portuguese visa application photos.
    • Provide your Indian international passport. It has to be valid for an additional 6 months after your visa has expired.
    • Get your bank statement that must show that you earn at least €3,040 per month.
    • Provide a cover letter that explains why you want to enter Portugal and the countries you would like to visit in the Schengen zone.
    • Provide a bank statement that you have about €36,480 in your bank account.
    • Show that you have €30,000 to cater for any unplanned medical emergency when you enter Portugal.
    • Bring your NIF registration certificate.
    • Provide proof of your work contract or partnership to show that you are a remote worker.
    • Present proof of your refund voucher or tax payment.
    • Prove that you are related to your dependents (if you have any).
    • Provide evidence of accommodation. Prove to the Portuguese embassy that you have a place to stay when you arrive in Portugal. You could provide a hotel reservation, a rental agreement between you and your landlord in Portugal, or a letter of invitation from a family member or friend who resides in Portugal.
    • Get your proof of no criminal record. You can prove this by obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued by the High Commission in India. It must prove that you have no criminal history in India.

    Financial Requirements For The Digital Nomad Visa

    Upon your entry into Portugal, you must prove that you have enough finances to cater for your needs and those of your dependents who want to join you in Portugal.

    Indian nationals and other applicants who want to enter Portugal to work for their employers must convince the Portuguese authorities that they will not become a burden to the government of Portugal when they enter the country.

    You can prove that you have sufficient funds to meet your needs by presenting your bank statement that shows your income streams. You must earn about four times more than the minimum wage in Portugal which is about €760 per month.

    For your visa to be granted, you must meet the income requirements (calculated per year) for a D8 Portugal Digital Nomad visa. The actual amount of money you must present depends on the category of Portugal Digital Nomad visa you applied for.

    Before you apply for a Temporary-Stay visa, you must meet the D8 visa income requirements. Therefore, you must prove that you have earned about €3,040 for the last 3 months. You are required to prove that you will continue to have about the stated amount of cash inflow during your entire stay in Portugal.

    Additionally, you must prove that you earn at least €8,460 yearly from your business, investment, or job for you to get a Digital Nomad visa. If your dependents (family members) wish to join you in Portugal, you must also prove that you can cater for their financial needs when they enter Portugal.

    Do the following to prove that you can take care of them; show that you have about €2,538 for each child, prove that you have €4,230 for your partner or spouse, and that you have about €8,460 for one year.

    You can meet the financial requirements in the following ways:

    • Bring your most recent 3 months’ bank statement and payslips as a remote worker.
    • Present bank statements that show how much you have saved and your last 3 months’ payslips as a freelancer.
    • Present documentation that shows that your company is lawfully registered in India and your bank statement as an Indian applicant who is self-employed.

    You can combine the following income streams to meet the financial requirements as a Passive Income Digital Nomad. They include:

    • Royalties
    • Income from intellectual property
    • Pension
    • Income from investments
    • Transferable equity
    • Income from real estate
    • Profits from companies you may not be working for
    • Interest that has been accumulated and due from fixed or savings deposits.

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      A Requirement For Proof of Accommodation

      As an Indian national who is moving to a new country, it is crucial to have a place to stay. This is what the Portuguese embassy needs to confirm before they allow you to enter their country.

      You need to convince the Portuguese authorities that you have a place to stay and work for your overseas employer and that you will not be stranded. You must show that you already have a hotel reservation or even a rental agreement between you and a Portuguese property owner.

      It must show that your accommodation has been covered for at least 12 months.

      Besides that, if you have a family member or a friend who resides in Portugal, you may get a letter of invitation from them.

      This letter must confirm that you have been invited to come and stay with your family member or friend. And that you have been offered accommodation in their place of residence.

      But if you cannot provide any of the mentioned proof of accommodation in Portugal, you must attach a letter to your visa application documents. This letter must tell how you have struggled to find accommodation in Portugal.

      However, you must reassure the Portuguese embassy in the same letter that you will get accommodation when you arrive in Portugal. It will now be up to the embassy to decide whether to proceed with your application or reject it.

      A Requirement For Health Insurance

      The Portuguese government treasures the healthcare system of the nation, and this is evident by the great attention given to both private and public health. It has also enabled public-private partnerships that have led to the creation of new hospitals, reorganising primary care, etc.

      Because of the partnerships, the healthcare system in Portugal has significantly improved. Portugal is one of the European countries with the best healthcare system in the world.

      If you are not a tax resident in Portugal and do not contribute to the social security setup, you may not access Portuguese public healthcare. You must obtain health insurance that meets the requirements of the EU.

      Ensure that you obtain separate health insurance for each of your dependents coming to stay with you in Portugal. You must provide proof that you and your dependents already have health insurance (worth €30,000 for each individual) in place to cover any unforeseen medical expenses while you are in Portugal.

      Digital Nomad Visa Clean Criminal Record Requirement

      Indian citizens are required to provide their Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to apply for the Portugal Digital Nomad visa. The PCC is typically issued to Indian citizens by the High Commission in India.

      Your Indian PCC is proof that background checks have been made regarding your criminal record. The PCC is issued to both Indian nationals and foreign nationals living in India.

      Your PCC must state that you have no criminal case against you and it must show that you are of good conduct and admissible into Portugal. Your PCC is needed by the Portuguese authorities to be sure that you will not come into Portugal and be a threat to law and order in the country.

      If you have a criminal record, your D8 visa Portugal application may probably be rejected. The kind of offence you committed largely determines whether your visa application will be considered or not.

      If you doubt a positive outcome of your Portugal Digital Nomad visa because of your criminal record, it is best to speak with one of our friendly immigration lawyers at Total Law. We can advise and guide you through all the processes involved to find the best solution to your unique case. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

      Indian nationals are required to get their PPC from India, from the country they lived in the past 3 months before they applied, and from any other nation they have stayed in for the last 5 years.

      Ensure that your PCC is translated from Hindi into Portuguese or English by a translator licensed by the Portuguese authorities. Also, ensure that it is notarised after its translation.

      A Minimum Stay Requirement

      The D8 visa minimum stay requirement helps the Portuguese government to follow-up on how long digital nomads are allowed to stay in Portugal. If you are an Indian citizen who needs the D8 Digital nomad visa, you are expected to stay in Portugal for a minimum of 6 months or 183 days, if you are staying temporarily in Portugal.

      You must spend 6 consecutive months in Portugal in 1 year. If you are a digital nomad who has passive income, you must spend a minimum of 16 months out of a possible 24 months in Portugal. If your visa is extended as a digital nomad who earns passive income for up to 3 years, you must be in Portugal for a consecutive 28 months out of the allowable 36 months.

      Upon receiving your permanent resident permit, you are required to remain in Portugal for at least 30 consecutive months within the 60 months after you were issued your permanent resident permit. Your visa will be revoked if you do not meet these minimum stay requirements.

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        Paying Taxes in Portugal As a Digital Nomad Requirements

        Indian digital nomads are required to pay taxes when they enter Portugal. Therefore, you must obtain a NIF (Numero de Identification Fiscal) number.

        You will be able to complete several transactions using the NIF number, including online payments, purchases of goods, and so on. Even before you perform transactions with your NIF number, you would need to provide a NIF number to open a Portuguese bank account.

        The process of obtaining the NIF number and opening a Portuguese bank account is so fast that you can obtain them in one day. You can get your NIF number in two ways.

        You may apply for your NIF number online, where you must provide some documents, such as your visa, home address in India or Portugal, and means of identification. Or you can enter a tax office, go through the registration process, and obtain your NIF number.

        Portugal D8 Visa For Nomads Fees

        Indian applicants are required to pay during the application process for a D8 visa. Therefore, you need to gather enough finances to obtain the visa. You must pay the following fees:

        • Visa application fee worth €180
        • Residence permit worth €320

        Remember that there are other fees involved throughout your D8 visa application process, such as translation fees, courier fees, fees you may pay immigration advisers, and so on.

        Step-By-Step How To Apply For Portugal Digital Nomad Visa From India

        You must take the following step-by-step instructions to obtain your Portugal Digital Nomad visa from India:

        Fill Out Your Application Form

        Indian applicants must complete their Portugal Digital Nomad visa application form which can be accessed on the official website of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ensure that the details, such as mailing address, phone number, or email address you provide in your application are correct.

        Organise an Appointment

        You must schedule an appointment with the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in New Delhi, once you have completed your application form online. Your biometric information (photographs and fingerprints) may be taken at the appointment and you may be interviewed.

        You are also required to come along with all your required supporting documents for the D8 visa application. That being said, the interview stage is one of the most crucial stages of the visa application process. Therefore, you must go with complete documents and answer questions correctly, this is where immigration guidance from an adviser will be needed.

        Our expert immigration advisers at Total Law can help to prepare you for the interview by giving you tips and helping you to ensure that all your documents are complete. Reach out to us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

        Make Your Visa Fee Payment

        You must pay your Portugal D8 visa application fees. You can make the payment via credit card, debit card, money order, or any preferred payment method that is required.

        Travel to Portugal

        Once you are done applying for your Portugal D8 visa and it is approved, the Portuguese consulate in India will organise an appointment for you and the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal.

        Upon your entry into Portugal, you are required to visit the SEF and present all the documents you submitted at the Portuguese embassy in New Delhi. You are also required to pay €320 to process your residence permit.

        Get the Residency Card

        Once you have completed your application residence permit, you will receive your residency card by postal mail after it has been processed.

        Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Processing Time

        To get a decision on your visa application, you must wait for the Portuguese embassy for about 2 to 3 months. After being interviewed by the SEF in Portugal for a residence permit, you should expect a decision on your residence permit in 2 weeks.

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          Reasons And What To Do If The Portugal D8 Is Denied

          Several reasons could cause your Portugal D8 visa to be rejected, ranging from the information in your visa application form to the documents you submit. However, the following include some of the reasons your visa application may be denied:

          Insufficient Travel Health Insurance

          You are required to have travel health insurance worth €30,000 to cater for any unplanned medical expenses while you are in Portugal. If you do not have at least the stated amount, your visa may be rejected with immediate effect.

          No Reason for Visit

          If there is no purpose for entering Portugal, your visa application may be rejected. You must have a concrete reason for entering Portugal, such as a cover letter that explains your travel purpose and the places you intend to visit when you enter Portugal. Besides that, you may also present a letter of invitation from a friend or family member who is based in Portugal.

          Criminal Record

          Before you are issued a Portugal Digital Nomad visa, the Portuguese embassy will need to ensure that you have not committed serious crimes in the past. If you have been convicted of serious crimes such as drug abuse, terrorism, murder, etc., your chances of getting a Portugal D8 visa may be low.

          Also, after going through your criminal record, if the Portuguese authorities doubt that you are of good conduct and cannot guarantee the safety and internal security in Portugal with the likes of you in the country, they will reject your application without a second thought.

          Fake Travel Documents

          Ensure that you do not falsify any document during your application, such as your marriage certificate, passport, birth certificate (do not falsify your age), etc.

          If a consular officer suspects that you forged any of your documents, your visa application may be denied immediately. Therefore ensure that you submit authentic documents to the Portuguese embassy when applying for your D8 Digital Nomad visa.

          Having seen some of the reasons that could cause your Portugal D8 visa application to be denied. But, if your D8 visa application is denied, here is what you can do to seek a redress:
          Once you are notified about the rejection of your D8 visa application, you only have 15 days to appeal against that decision. But before you appeal, you must ensure that you met all requirements and are convinced that the decision was incorrect.

          After that, you must write a letter for D8 visa refusal where you will explain the reasons you believe that the decision was wrong and the need for the Portuguese embassy to review your visa application.

          This letter of appeal must be written professionally by an immigration lawyer or adviser. This is because as an applicant, you may not know the right way to narrow down your key points to make a compelling appeal.

          This letter has to convince the Portuguese authorities to review your application and consider making a favourable decision this time. We have professional immigration lawyers at Total Law who are readily available to assist you in making a compelling appeal against your Portugal D8 visa application rejection.

          We have helped several Indian nationals appeal the rejection of their Portugal visa application. If you let us start the Portugal D8 visa application for you, you would not need to worry about a visa rejection, because we already know how to navigate the application process to get you a favourable decision.

          The D8 visa rejection rate has been low due to the expert guidance we have rendered to applicants like you. We are sure you would like to have a successful visa application, all you need to do is to get in touch with us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

          Portugal D8 Visa To Permanent Residency

          Indian nationals can obtain permanent residency through the Portugal D8 visa. Here is how you can obtain the permanent residency:

          Obtain a Portugal D8 Visa

          You must first obtain a Portugal D8 (residency) visa that will allow you to enter Portugal to get a residence permit. Collect, and submit all required documents, and pay the necessary fees involved. This visa takes about 2 to 3 months to process and it comes with 4 months validity.

          Apply for a Residence Permit

          Once you have obtained your Portugal D8 visa, you may enter Portugal and visit the SEF to have your residency visa changed into a residence permit and also obtain your social security number at a registration office before the 120-day (4-month) validity period elapses.

          After that, you will be granted a 2-year temporary residence permit that you can renew for a further 3 years. Once you have stayed up to 5 years on the renewal of the temporary residence permit in Portugal, you may then qualify to obtain Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship provided you meet all the requirements in the Portuguese nationality law.

          The Benefits Of The Portugal D8 Digital Nomad Visa

          Indian nationals have several benefits to enjoy by obtaining the Portugal Digital Nomad visa. They include:

          Free Movement in the EU Countries

          You are permitted to enter all the Schengen member nations as an Indian national with a valid Portugal D8 visa. You won’t face any restrictions when travelling for leisure, conducting business, or any other reason in any EU country.

          Strong Internet Connection

          To work for your company and meet deadlines while working from home, you need a reliable internet connection. Portugal is regarded as one of the nations with the world’s fastest internet connections.

          Co-Working Spaces

          Several co-working spaces can be found in Portugal, especially in major towns like Lisbon and Porto. Portugal has a great climate, stunning scenery, and friendly locals, making it an ideal option for remote workers.

          Whether you’re looking for a concentrated work environment, a vibrant community of like-minded people, or just a comfortable place to get some work done, one of Portugal’s many co-working spaces is sure to have what you need.

          How Can Total Law Help?

          There are steps involved in getting your Portugal D8 visa as an Indian national. If this is your first time applying for a Portugal visa, you may not know how to navigate the application process.

          Because of this, your application may be complicated for you. Obtaining a D8 visa from India requires applicants to meet the visa requirements and make payments conformably.

          Once you provide all required documents and most importantly allow an immigration adviser to guide you throughout your visa application process, you will stand a chance to receive a favourable response on your D8 visa application. Our immigration advisers at Total Law have helped several Indian applicants apply for various Portugal visa types.

          We can also advise you on how to apply for a residence permit in Portugal. We have also helped a good number of applicants successfully appeal against their visa application refusal.

          For more information about the Portugal D8 visa, the requirements, or the fees involved, reach out to us at Total Law. Call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    No, Portugal is not ending the D8 Visa. The programme is still in place, in contrast to the Portugal Golden Visa.

                    Yes, you can work remotely in Portugal on your D8 visa, as it’s ideal for passive income earners including retirees, remote workers, and digital nomads.

                    The difference is that a D8 Digital Nomad visa is for income earned actively from remote jobs or freelancing jobs. Whereas the D7 is for passive income earned from rental property or pension.