UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

Egyptian citizens who have spent the required amount of time in the UK may qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain. You can live in the UK and carry out your business activities without restrictions when you obtain an Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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    What is Indefinite Leave to Remain In The UK?

    Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) otherwise known as Settlement visa grants you access to many incentives enjoyed by the UK natives. These incentives include the right to live, study, and work, access to public funds, access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) free of charge, and travel to and from the UK without restrictions.

    The Indefinite Leave to Remain will permit you and your dependents to permanently settle in the UK to work, study, or carry out business activities for the foreseeable future without obtaining an additional visa.

    You can obtain ILR through different types of immigration visas, such as Skilled Worker visa, Innovator visa, Spouse visa and so on.

    Egyptian citizens are required to spend about 5 years in the UK before they can become eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain. However, in some cases, you may obtain ILR after you have resided in the UK for up to 2, 3 or 10 years.

    The ILR is typically regarded as the last step towards naturalisation and becoming a British citizen, provided you meet all the requirements. The major goal of many immigrants who enter the UK to study, work, or join their family members is to obtain the Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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      UK Indefinite Leave to Remain Requirements And Eligibility


      The type of visa that grants you lawful entry into the UK determines how long you must stay in the UK to qualify for ILR. For Skilled Worker and Spouse visas, you will be required to stay for up to 5 years in the UK.

      You are required to have stayed in the UK for up to 3 years if you are on Global Talent and Innovator Founder visas to qualify for ILR. You can apply to settle in the UK, provided you have met all the ILR requirements.

      However, to be eligible to apply, you must meet the following Indefinite Leave to Remain requirements:

      Life in the UK Test Requirements

      The Life in the UK test is a prerequisite for the Indefinite Leave to Remain application. The Life in the UK exam, often called the British Citizenship examination, is centred on British culture, tradition, and history.

      The exam has 24 questions that are created at random on the examination day, and it typically lasts for 45 minutes. To pass the test, you need to receive a score of a minimum of 75%. You have at least 7 days following the test date to retake it if you don’t pass. You are allowed to retake the exam as often as necessary to pass. The test will not be required of Egyptian applicants who are 65 years of age or older, or who are 18 years of age or younger.

      In addition, an individual will typically be excluded if they have a doctor’s written certification of a long-term health or mental ailment. You will need to bring official identification on test day, like a passport or driver’s licence, along with a letter proving your UK address that is dated within the last 3 months.

      English Language Requirements

      Your English proficiency is also a crucial requirement you must provide to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. You must make at least the minimum English proficiency score of about CEFR B1 level.

      In the application for Indefinite Leave to Remain, many applicants are required to show how proficient they are in the English language by taking an English exam. Note that the only acceptable English test is the Secure English Language Test (SELT) as approved by the UK Home Office.

      However, there are some exceptions for some applicants regarding the English test. If the language spoken in your home country is mainly English, you will not be required to take the English test.

      Also, you will not be required to take an English exam, if you have finished a degree or a higher-level course taken in English at an educational institution that is accredited.

      Additional exceptions include:

      • Anybody over 65 with a chronic illness, either mental or physical
      • Adult dependents from 18 to 64 years of age.
      • Victims of domestic abuse whose spouses are British nationals or who live in the country permanently.
      • A person with legal status in the UK or the partner or spouse of a deceased British citizen.

      Absence from the UK

      During your qualifying residency period in the UK, to qualify for the Indefinite Leave to Remain, you are not allowed to depart the UK for more than 180 days in 1 year, except for unusual circumstances.

      Any time you spend outside the UK during your qualifying residency period is considered a period of absence. You will have to prove the reason for your absences, however, there are some exceptions to your absence from the UK and they include:

      • If your leave of absence was related to your job and included annual leave, you should submit a letter from your employer attesting to the fact that your absence was compliant with your annual leave entitlement.
      • You will be required to produce a letter explaining your leave of absence if it was taken for reasons of compassion. Additional evidence may be required from you.
      • You should provide evidence to back up your claims, such as letters from travel agencies and travel records, if your absences were due to extraordinary circumstances, such as a severe travel disruption brought on by a natural disaster or conflict.

      Continuous Residence 

      This minimum residency requirement is arguably the most crucial condition that applicants for the Indefinite Leave to Remain must meet. Depending on the visa that granted you entry into the UK, and whether such a visa offers a route to Indefinite Leave to Remain, you should be qualified to apply if you have remained in the UK for the required period.

      That being said, the period you are required to stay in the UK must be continuous, and you must provide evidence of your residency in the UK. Alongside your evidence of residency, you must present details about any period of your absence from the UK.

      You can include the following as evidence of your residency in the UK:

      • Utility bills.
      • Tax bills.
      • A rental agreement.
      • A mortgage statement.

      Keep in mind that after having your ILR for 12 months, you will be opportune to apply for British citizenship.

      Travel Documents and Passport 

      You must prove your identity when applying for the ILR by presenting your current travel document or passport. If you entered the UK with any other passport, you must prove it. Moreso, you are required to get all the passports you have obtained during your stay in the UK, if any.

      If you don’t have a passport and haven’t had one while you were in the UK, you will instead need to provide a valid travel document of another kind. You have to attach your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) to your ILR application if you have one.

      Accommodation & Finances

      As a requirement for obtaining ILR in the UK, you are required to provide information about your accommodation and finances. If you are a landlord or have rented an apartment in the UK, you are required to provide some documents as evidence, such as a mortgage agreement or rent.

      You may include the following documents as evidence of accommodation:

      • If you live in a rented apartment, you should include a letter from your landlord.
      • If you are renting or residing in a home owned by family or friends, you must provide a letter confirming your authorisation to live there.
      • Include any documentation that attests to any incentives you may have obtained while residing in the UK.

      ILR Salary Requirement 

      The ILR applicants are required to meet the minimum income requirement, depending on the type of visa they hold. For instance, if you hold a Skilled Worker visa, you are required to earn about £25,600 yearly, £10.10 hourly, or the ‘going rate’ for your job role in the UK.

      Application Fees


      As an Egyptian citizen seeking to apply for ILR, you must be ready to make some payments to obtain ILR in the UK. The application fee for ILR set by the UK Home Office is currently £2,885.

      Therefore, if you are applying for yourself and each of your family members, you must calculate the cost. For instance, the ILR application fees for a family of 3 would be 3 × £2,885 = £8,655. This cost excludes priority service fees, legal fees or other costs.

      Healthcare Surcharge Fee

      As an applicant for Indefinite Leave to Remain, you and your family members may not be required to pay an expensive Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS). However, if the Home Office grants you a limited leave to remain instead of the ILR you applied for, you will be expected to pay the IHS.

      You will be exempted from paying the IHS when you apply for British citizenship. The IHS is currently £624 but is expected to increase up to £1,035 and £776 each year per person from January 16, 2024.

      Priority Processing Service Fee

      Keep in mind that it is crucial to consider the priority processing service in your application as it takes the Home Office about 6 months to process your ILR application. Although the priority processing fee is optional, it is worth considering as it will help expedite your ILR application.

      The Home Office’s priority processing services are of two types:

      Super Priority Service

      This priority service helps you get a decision on your ILR application within 1 working day when you pay an additional fee of £1,000 on your application. Note that working days do not include bank holidays or weekends. Therefore, after your appointment with the UK Visa and Citizen Application Services (UKVCAS), you should receive a decision by the end of the following workday.

      Priority Service

      This priority service will help you get a decision on your application by the end of the following 5 working days. You are required to pay an additional fee of £500 when applying for the ILR.

      Note that each applicant must pay a separate priority processing fee. For instance, if you and your family members are applying for the ILR together, and you want to use the priority processing service, each of you must pay for the priority service.

      Additional Costs 

      There are other added costs you must pay such as:

      • Cost of Life in the UK test worth £50.
      • English language test worth £150.
      • Biometric information registration worth £19.20.

      Besides the above-mentioned additional costs, you will need to pay for legal fees and translation of documents and information, if necessary.

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        The Different Routes to Indefinite Leave to Remain

        Whether you can qualify for ILR or not is determined by the type of UK visa you hold, your eligibility and how long you have resided in the UK. Therefore, not all visas offer routes to Indefinite Leave to Remain. Below are the routes to ILR in the UK:

        ILR Based on Family

        Your family relationship with a British citizen or someone who has settled in the UK may qualify you to obtain ILR in the UK. The routes involved are:

        • Private life route
        • Parent visa
        • Child dependent visa
        • Spouse visa (partner visa)
        • If domestic violence caused the breakdown of your relationship.
        • If your partner is dead.
        • Adult dependent relative visa.

        ILR Based on Long Residence

        In some cases, the minimum time required to be eligible for ILR in the UK may exceed 5 years. If you have been granted Long Residence in the UK, before applying for indefinite Leave to Remain, you must stay in the UK for 10 years if you are over 18 years old.

        But if you are under 18 years old, you will only be required to remain in the UK for 7 years. In whichever scenario, you may qualify to apply for ILR if you have resided in the UK for up to 10 years.

        ILR Based on Nationality

        Egyptian citizens who hold an Ancestry visa may become eligible for ILR after staying in the UK for up to 5 years. Commonwealth nationals who have the right of abode in the UK are allowed to live, work, and study without facing any immigration limitations. They may also be qualified for citizenship.

        ILR Based on a Work Visa

        If you entered the UK via any of the below Work visas, you may be eligible to apply for ILR in the UK:

        • Scale-Up Worker visa
        • Skilled Worker visa or International Sportsperson.
        • Global Talent visa
        • Investor visa
        • Entrepreneur visa.
        • Innovator visa
        • Representative of an overseas business
        • Turkish Worker or Businessperson visa
        • A domestic worker or a private servant holding an International Agreement visa working in a diplomatic home.

        Other Routes to ILR

        There are other routes to settlement in the UK, including:

        • Discretionary leave.
        • Armed forces personnel.
        • Returned citizens with prior ILR status are either refugees, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, or have Discretionary Leave.
        • Status as a humanitarian protection or refugee.

        Note that you must prove to the Home Office that you intend to remain in the UK permanently. Therefore, you will be required to prove qualifying residence for a period of 2, 3, 5, or 10 years, based on your immigration status.

        ILR after 2 or 3 Years 

        After staying in the UK for 2 to 3 years, you may get the ILR if you hold a visa under some business routes.

        5-Year ILR

        Most ILR applications are via the routes that require applicants to have lived in the UK legally for 5 years. Obtaining ILR after 5 years requires you to remain in the UK for 5 consecutive years on a valid visa.

        10-Year ILR

        This is the long-distance route which allows you to obtain ILR after staying for consecutive 10 years in the UK. You can become eligible for ILR with the 10-year-long residence regardless of the visa you hold, provided you have been staying in the UK legally.

        UK Indefinite Leave To Remain Application Process

        Egyptian citizens who want to apply for ILR in the UK need to follow a step-by-step guide in their application. Below is the Indefinite Leave to Remain application process:

        Step 1. Understand the Appropriate Route

        Egyptian applicants for the ILR must first understand whether the visa that has granted them entry into the UK offers a route to the ILR. For instance, visas such as Student visas do not count towards the required stay period for ILR. In this case, the Egyptian student on a Student visa will need to switch to a Work visa upon the completion of their studies.

        Besides that, there are other routes that you can take to qualify for ILR. If you need more insights about how to switch your visa to an ILR-eligible visa, you can speak with one of our friendly experienced immigration lawyers at Total Law. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

        Step 2. Complete the Online Application Form

        You must fill out an online application form to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Note that there are only 2 Indefinite Leave to Remain application forms. They include:

        • Form Set (M). This application form is designed for individuals seeking to settle in the UK based on their status as a spouse/partner or parent of a child who already resides in the UK.
        • Form Set (O): This form is designed for every other ILR application.

        After filling out your application form, you are required to pay your application fee in full including that of each of your family members seeking the ILR.

        Step 3. Gather Your Documents

        Upon the completion of your application form, and have successfully paid your application fees and that of your family members, you are required to gather your documents. Ensure you assemble all the required documents for your ILR application.

        Step 4. Book an Appointment

        After assembling your documents and uploading them, you are required to schedule an appointment with the UKVCAS centre to submit your biometric information (fingerprints and photographs).

        Step 5. Attend Your Appointment

        After scheduling an appointment with the UKVCAS, you will be notified of the details of your appointment via email. It is required that you attend your appointment with the documents you have gathered for your ILR application.

        At the appointment, the UK authorities may ask you some questions regarding the information you have in your documents and assess your eligibility to obtain the ILR. It is advised that you come with your ILR application documents to the appointment.

        The documents you will need to provide include but are not limited to the following:

        • Your international passport and travel documents. You may be required to include any older passport which was valid while you were in the UK.
        • Your application form (original or copy) and signed declaration.
        • Your appointment confirmation letter’s printed copy.
        • Copies of your supporting documents, such as:
          • Two passport-sized photographs that are identical and recently taken.
          • A record of your immigration.
          • Proof of funds, such as your bank statements, payslips, etc.
          • Your pass certificate of Life in the UK test.
          • Adoption or birth certificates.
          • Your pass certificate if you are not exempted from proving a B1 level of English proficiency.
          • Your police registration certificate if you were needed to register upon arrival in the UK.
          • Documentation that highlights any period you spent living outside of the UK, such as travel documentation.

        When your appointment comes to an end, the reception of your appointment will be confirmed by the UK authorities.

        Await a Decision

        After your appointment, you need to exercise patience and await a decision on your ILR status. Once a decision is made on your application, you will be notified at once.

        UK Indefinite Leave To Remain Application Processing Time

        It typically takes about 6 months to process Indefinite Leave to Remain applications. However, to expedite the process, applicants can engage a priority service to expedite the process.

        Total Law Can Help You Obtain ILR

        Obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain may be time-consuming and overwhelming. Your situation must be assessed to prove whether you are qualified to be granted the Indefinite Leave to Remain or not.

        For this reason, it’s best to have a professional immigration lawyer onboard to give you the best guidance on the appropriate route to take. Our professional immigration lawyers at Total Law are readily available to give you the legal advice needed throughout the various application stages of your Indefinite Leave to Remain.

        Our immigration lawyers can assist you in checking your documents to ensure they are complete to avoid unnecessary delay or a refusal. They can also apply on your behalf following the right steps because they already know how to navigate the application process to obtain a favourable decision.

        Our professional immigration lawyers can assist you in completing your application form with the correct details to the required standard of the Home Office. Call us today at Total Law on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for immediate assistance.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You are issued the Indefinite Leave to Remain for life, but it can be revoked in some situations.

                  You are only required to stay outside of the UK within 180 days.