UK Family Visas

Foreign nationals from Egypt can apply for a family visa to join their family members residing in the UK if they meet the eligibility requirements.

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    UK Family Reunification Overview

    The UK family reunification process is a crucial immigration route that helps to reunite families separated by geographical boundaries. It allows foreign nationals to migrate to and join their family members residing in the UK.

    It’s important to note that not all family members can come to the UK on a family visa. Only immediate relatives and certain others with particular commitments, such as those needing care from the UK resident (also called sponsor), are eligible.

    Additionally, not all individuals residing in the UK can bring their family members to join them. Only citizens or those with settled, refugee or humanitarian protection status can be joined by their loved ones.

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      Types Of UK Family Visas

      There are different variations of the UK family visa, which depend on the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor, and each differ in their requirements.

      The range of UK family visas includes the following:

      If you are an Egyptian national intending to accompany or join your UK family member, it’s crucial to understand the visa types and their specific requirements to determine which one you’re eligible for.

      Eligibility Criteria Of The UK Family Visas

      There are several requirements that you and your UK-based family member must meet for you to be eligible for the family visas.

      As an applicant, you must be related to the UK resident in the following ways:

      • A spouse or partner
      • A child who is unmarried and not living an independent life
      • A fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner
      • Parent
      • A relative who will provide the UK resident with long-term care
      • A dependent adult relative.

      You must also meet the following criteria:

      • Have a clean criminal record and not pose a threat to UK security
      • Have sufficient command of the English language. You can prove that you meet this requirement by:
        • Taking an approved English language test or
        • Providing an approved academic certificate equivalent to a UK bachelor’s degree and taught in English.

      You may be exempted from the English language requirement if you:

      • Have a mental or physical disability that prevents you from meeting the requirement
      • Are applying as a child
      • Are over 65 years old
      • Are applying as an adult to be cared for by your UK family member.

      The UK family member sponsoring your application must be any of the following:

      • A UK citizen,
      • An individual settled status, such as indefinite leave to remain,
      • A person on a work or business visa (does not apply to Youth Mobility Scheme),
      • A postgraduate student studying a full-time program longer than nine months,
      • A government-sponsored student on a full-time program longer than six months,
      • An individual with a Turkish Businessperson or a Turkish Worker Visa,
      • Someone with refugee status,
      • Someone with humanitarian protection status.

      As part of the eligibility requirements, you must prove that your relationship with your UK family member is genuine. You can provide a marriage or birth certificate or evidence of your correspondence as proof.

      Your family member will also need to provide you with a letter of sponsorship. It will include information on how you are related to them, among other details. Furthermore, your sponsor must prove they can financially support you for at least five years in the UK without relying on public funds.

      UK Spouse Visa

      The UK Spouse or Partner Visa is granted to spouses or civil partners, allowing them to join their long-term partners in the UK.

      You and your partner must be 18 years and older to apply for the Spouse visa. You must also meet the following requirements:

      • You must have met in person and lived together in a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years.
      • You must intend to live in the UK with your partner permanently.
      • You must be involved in a genuine relationship, which you can prove.
      • You must prove that any previous relationship or civil partnership has ended.

      To prove your relationship is genuine, you should send evidence that is less than four years old and confirm that you lived together or shared expenses together. Some of the following documents are acceptable evidence:

      • A marriage or civil partnership certificate
      • A tenancy agreement, utility bills, or council tax bills
      • A bank statement from that you live at the same address
      • A letter from your doctor or dentist confirming that you live at the same address

      Other evidence that might help you prove your relationship include:

      • Photographs of you two together
      • Evidence of conversations you’ve had, such as phone logs, emails, and texts
      • Receipts from gifts you’ve bought each other or meals you’ve had together
      • Travel tickets from visiting each other.

      Furthermore, you and your partner must earn a combined income of at least £29,000 a year. But, you will no longer need additional funds to bringing dependants along.

      This is called the ‘minimum income requirement.’ To prove your income, you can provide your bank statements showing you or your partner’s income, six months of payslips, or a letter from an employer.

      However, if you do not have sufficient income, you can show proof of your savings that meets this requirement.

      The Spouse Visa is granted for 2 years and 9 months, and you can extend it for an additional 2 years and 6 months if you still meet the requirements.

      UK Fiance Visa

      The Fiance Visa will allow you to move to the UK to marry or enter a civil partnership with your UK-based fiancé or fiancée. The Fiance Visa is valid for 6 months; during this time, you will not be allowed to work or study.

      You must also get married or register your civil partnership within the 6-month period. Otherwise, you might be asked to leave the UK. After your marriage or civil partnership registration, you can apply to switch to a Spouse or Partner Visa.

      To apply for the Fiance Visa, you and your partner must also meet the income requirements of the Spouse Visa. Additionally, you must be able to prove that your relationship is genuine, that other civil partnerships and marriages have ended, and that you intend to live together with your fiancé or fiancée after marriage.

      UK Child Dependent Visa

      The Child Visa allows dependent children to join their parent(s) in the UK.

      If you intend to apply as a dependent child, you can do so on your parent’s application or as a separate application. When applying on one parent’s application, that parent must be either:

      • The parent with sole parental responsibility or
      • A parent applying to join their partner who is your other parent.

      To be eligible for the Child Visa, you must meet the following criteria:

      • Be under 18 at the time of the application.
      • Be dependent on your parent.
      • Live with your parent, except you live away from home for full-time studies.
      • Not be married or in a civil partnership.

      UK Adult Dependent Visa

      The Adult Dependent Visa is designed for foreign nationals needing long-term care from their UK-based family members. The UK family member can be a child, grandchild, parent, or sibling living permanently in the UK.

      If you intend to apply for the Adult Dependent Visa, you must prove that:

      • You are 18 or over.
      • You need long-term care to do everyday personal and household tasks because of illness, disability or age.
      • The care you need is not available or affordable in the country you live in

      You will also have to prove that your sponsor can accommodate and care for you for either:

      • The entire duration of their permission to stay in the UK or
      • 5 years if your relative is a UK citizen or settled in the UK.

      If your application is successful, the duration of your stay will depend on your relative’s status. If they are UK citizens or have settled status, you can stay permanently. You will not need to apply for an extension or permanent settlement.

      If your UK relative has pre-settled, refugee, or humanitarian protection status, you can stay as long as they are in the UK. When they apply to extend their status, you’ll need to extend yours too.

      However, the Adult Dependent Visa is one of the toughest family visas to get, and the refusal rate is very high. The reason is that the Home Office’s definition of a qualifying adult dependent relative is strict.

      Caseworkers will investigate if an applicant is truly unable to get the required care in their country of residence or if they are qualified for another visa category before approving an application. Only in exceptional cases will an application be approved.

      It’s advisable to talk to an immigration lawyer before applying for an Adult Dependent Visa. Speak to one of our lawyers at +44 (0)333 305 9375 today.

      UK Parent Visa

      The Parent Visa will allow you to migrate to care for your child living in the UK. However, if you are eligible for a Partner Visa, you should apply through that route instead.

      To be eligible for the Parent Visa, your child must be under 18 at the time of your application. Also, they must not be living independently, such as being married in a civil partnership or living away from home (except for full-time studies).

      As part of the visa requirements, you must have sole parental responsibility for the child. If you have shared responsibility, the other parent must not be your partner and must be in the UK as a citizen, settled person, or pre-settled person.

      You must prove that you’re taking an active role in your child’s upbringing and plan to continue in the UK. The evidence you should submit must be less than 4 years old and come from a reputable source, such as the government, school, court, or a medical professional.

      Additionally, you must have a good command of the English language and have sufficient finances to support yourself, your child, and any dependent accompanying you.

      The Parent Visa is initially valid for 2 years and 9 months, and you can extend your stay for 2 years and 6 months.

      UK Ancestry Visa

      The UK Ancestry Visa is granted to foreign nationals based on their grandparent’s nationality.

      Egyptian citizens are not eligible to apply for the UK Ancestry Visa. However, if you reside in Egypt but are a national from a third country, you may apply. You must be any of the following:

      •  A Commonwealth citizen
      • A British overseas citizen
      • A British overseas territories citizen
      • A British national (overseas)
      • A Zimbabwean citizen.

      To be eligible for the Ancestry Visa, you must prove that one of your grandparents was born:

      • In the UK, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man,
      • In Ireland before 31 March 1922, or
      • On a ship or aircraft registered in the UK or belonging to the UK government.

      You must also prove that:

      • You are 17 years or older.
      • You are able to support yourself without recourse to public funds.
      • You are capable of working and plan to work in the UK.

      The Ancestry Visa allows you to bring your dependents, too. It is valid for 5 years. Afterward, you can extend your visa for another 5 years or apply for indefinite leave to remain.

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        Family Visas Fees

        The visa application fees for the UK family visa vary depending on the category you’re applying for and the number of dependents joining you. Here’s a breakdown of the application fees:

        • Cost of joining a partner, parent, or child: £1,846
        • Cost of each dependent added to your application: £1,846 per person
        • Costs for adults who need long-term care:
          • £404 if the UK sponsor has refugee or humanitarian protection status
          • £3,250 if the UK sponsor is a British citizen or resident.

        Besides the visa application cost, you’ll also need to pay for the healthcare surcharge. If you are 18 or older, here’s a breakdown of the fee:

        • £1,872 if you’re staying for 2 years and 9 months
        • £3,120 if you’re staying for 5 years.

        For each child under 18, it costs:

        • £1,410 for a stay of 2 years and 9 months
        • £2,350 for a stay of 5 years.

        You might also pay other fees such as consular, legal, and courier fees. If you intend to use the priority or super-priority services, you will incur further costs.

        UK Family Visa Application Process

        Here are the steps you should follow to apply for the family visas

        Determine Your Eligibility

        It’s important first to ascertain that you meet the eligibility criteria for the family visas. Each category has distinct requirements, and it might be hard to determine which you are eligible for. However, an immigration lawyer can assess your circumstances and advise you on the pathway to take.

        Gather Your Documents

        You will need to submit some essential documents during your application. These documents may differ depending on the family visa category you’re applying for. Generally, here are some documents you’ll need:

        • The online application form
        • A valid passport
        • Two passport-sized photographs
        • Letter of sponsorship
        • Birth certificate
        • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
        • Proof of accommodation in the UK
        • Proof of sufficient funds to sponsor yourself
        • Proof of a clean criminal record

        Apply Online

        You must apply online on the UK government website, where you will pay the visa application fee and immigration health surcharge and submit all the required documents.

        Schedule and Attend an Appointment

        After submitting your online application, schedule an appointment online with a UK visa application centre (VAC) in Egypt. Visit the VAC on the day of your appointment with your documents.

        An official will take your biometric information (fingerprints and photographs), and you may be asked questions regarding your application.

        Wait for a Decision

        The Home Office will review your submission, and if they are satisfied with your application, you’ll be granted a visa.

        The processing times for UK family visas are usually 24 weeks. Still, it might take longer, depending on the complexity of your application and the volume of submissions at the VAC.

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          Family Visa To Permanent Residency In The UK

          If you have lived in the UK for up to 5 years on a family visa, you might be eligible to apply for permanent residency or indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

          You must also meet the following requirements:

          • Meet the English language requirement and pass the Life in the UK test if you are between 18 to 64
          • Meet the minimum income requirement
          • Show that you’ve lived in the UK on a family visa for 5 years.

          You should apply before your visa expires but not earlier than 28 days before you meet the requirements for time spent in the UK. The ILR application costs £2,885 per person, and you will usually get a decision within six months.

          With permanent residency, you can access public benefits and apply for citizenship after 12 months.

          Total Law’s Team Can Help You Secure a Family Visa In The UK

          At Total Law, we understand the importance of reuniting with your loved ones and that getting a family visa can help you realise that dream.

          Our team of immigration lawyers will assess your and your sponsor’s situation and help you determine which family visa suits you. We’ll help you gather your documents, submit your application, and, where necessary, liaise with the Home Office on your behalf.

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