Dependant Visa UK

The UK Dependant Visa enables the family members of those already in the UK on a work visa to join them. Therefore, the Egyptian family members of Egyptians working on a UK visa can stay in the UK with them.

The process can be complicated, however, and this means applicants should speak to a well-versed immigration lawyer. At Total Law, we can help you apply and understand the requirements for this visa type. Just call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 to get started.

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    Dependant Visa Overview

    The UK Dependant Visa is a type of visa available for the dependant family members of migrants entering the UK through an eligible UK visa route. This is most common for family and work visas; however, in 2024, this option may no longer be available for student visas.

    Applicants must meet eligibility criteria in order to apply. This visa is available to immediate family members of visa applicants, such as partners and children.

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      Eligibility Criteria For Applying For A UK Dependant Visa


      For Egyptian family members to be eligible for the Dependant Visa, they need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. The criteria will vary depending on what type of visa the primary applicant is on in the UK. However, the general criteria can include the following:

      • The spouse, partner, or parent must be in the UK via a valid, eligible visa, have ILR (indefinite leave to remain), be a British citizen, be a refugee, or be someone with humanitarian protection.
      • The primary applicant will need to be on an eligible visa, and the applying family members will need to be relatives eligible for a Dependant visa.
      • The applicant will need to pass the general UK grounds for admission, including having no immigration violations or transgressions and having a clean immigration history.
      • The applicant must not intend on staying in the UK when and/or if their visa should expire.
      • Should the applicant be applying to join their spouse or partner:
        • Both applicants will need to be over the age of 18 at the time the application is made.
        • The applicant and their partner must be in a marriage or a civil partnership that is recognised in the UK on a legal basis.
        • If the applicant and their partner are not in a marriage or civil partnership, then they must have been living together for at least 2 years before the date they apply.
        • The applicant and their partner must be in a subsisting and genuine relationship and must intend on living together for the duration of the visa.
      • Children who are over 16 years of age must be financially dependent on the applicant or their partner to be able to apply.
      • The applicant must meet the financial requirements for dependants.
      • The applicant must not have had any of the listed visas previously:
        • A UK Visitor Visa.
        • A Short-Term Study Visa held on or after April 2015.
        • A Parent of a Tier 4 Student Visa, held on or after April 2015.

      For an applicant to qualify for a Dependant Visa, they must be a dependant family member of an eligible migrant. The UK immigration rules define a dependent individual as a person who is one of the following:

      • A husband, wife, or civil partner of a qualifying migrant.
      • An unmarried or same-sex partner of a qualifying migrant.
      • A child aged under 18 years at the time of application.

      It is unlikely that any other members of the qualifying migrant family would be successful in obtaining dependent status; however, in some cases, a financially dependent child over the age of 18 may qualify if they are both financially dependent and are unmarried.

      For an applicant to obtain a Dependant Visa as a partner or spouse, the applying party must be the partner or spouse of a person who is:

      • In the UK on a relevant qualifying visa, or.
      • Is applying for a visa at the same time as the applicant is making their application for a Dependant Visa.

      A child will only be eligible to apply for a Dependant Visa in the following instances:

      • Both parents are applying for entry to the UK at the same time.
      • Both parents are already residing in the UK, and the child is applying to join them.
      • One parent is already in the UK, while the other parent is applying to join them alongside the child.

      A child can also apply for a Dependant Visa of a sole parent in the following instances:

      • The parent is the only surviving parent.
      • The parent has sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing.
      • There are compelling or serious reasons why the child can apply exceptionally as the dependent of only one of their parents.

      Requirements To Apply

      When a primary applicant applies for a UK visa, their partner and children will be eligible to apply to join or stay with the primary applicant as dependents. Dependants will each have to create a separate application.

      Should the partner or child of the applicant have a successful application, they should expect their visa to end on the same date as the primary applicant’s visa. If a child is applying and their parents have visas that expire on different dates, they should expect their visa to end on an earlier date.

      Applicants who are the first in their family to apply can obtain a family linking code that will connect the applications. Family members can then use the same code to apply.

      The child of the primary applicant will need to be able to prove the following:

      • They live with the primary applicant unless they live away from home due to full-time education.
      • They are not married or in a civil partnership.

      Additionally, proof of address will be required. This can include:

      • Bank statements.
      • Driving licences.
      • Credit card bills.
      • Official letters from universities or colleges the individual attends.
      • An NHS registration document.

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        Required Documents For A UK Dependant Visa


        Egyptians applying for a Dependant Visa will need to provide specific documentation to support their application. These documents will include the following:

        • The applicant’s valid passport.
        • Evidence of the relationship the applicant has with the main applicant can be shown in many ways, depending on the relationship:
          • If the couple is married or is in a civil partnership, the applicant should provide the marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate. There will also be a requirement to show that there is evidence that the relationship is subsisting. This will require heeding Home Office advice and providing official documentation that the applicant and their partner are living together. If this is not the case, it is advisable to seek out legal assistance from a lawyer here at Total Law. For help with your application, call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375.
          • If the couple is not married, they will need to provide evidence that they have been living together in a relationship that is similar to a marriage for a minimum of two years. Documents are only considered from official sources and will need to cover a minimum 2-year period. Documents used to evidence this can include utility bills, bank statements, tenancy agreements, and official correspondence between the partner and the applicant to show they have lived at the same address.
          • Where there are dependent children, a birth certificate or the equivalent of a birth certificate that is an official government-issued document will be required to demonstrate the relationship. Children who are over 16 years of age upon application will need documentation that confirms their residential address from 2 separate sources; this will be needed to provide proof they do not lead an independent life from their parents.
        • The applicant will also require the outcome of the primary applicant’s application decision if the dependent family member is applying separately from them. The dependent should also provide the primary applicant’s decision letter or a copy of their biometric residence permit (BRP) in this instance.

        Financial Requirements

        As well as the requirements applicants need to meet to be eligible, they must also be able to support themselves financially. This can be provided by the dependents or by the primary applicant, and it is to ensure that the applicants overall do not become a burden on the state during their time in the UK.

        • £285 is required on top of the financial requirements for the primary applicant for their partner to join them.
        • £315 is required on top of the financial requirements for the primary applicant for one child to join them.
        • £200 is required for each additional child that will be joining the primary applicant on top of the typical financial requirements of their UK visa.

        For example, in the instance where the primary applicant is applying to be in the UK on a Skilled Worker Visa, they would need to have £1,270 to support themselves in the UK, and then an additional £600 would be required to bring their partner and one child to the UK with them.

        The primary applicant or their dependents must have the relevant fees available for 28 consecutive days. The 28th day must be within 31 days of the visa application.

        The applicant will typically have to show evidence of this when they apply. However, there are exceptions, such as for those who have been in the UK on a valid visa for at least 12 months. Or those who have an employer who can cover the family costs

        How To Apply For The UK Dependant Visa


        How an applicant applies for the Dependant Visa will depend on where they are applying from. The application process will differ slightly depending on whether or not the applicant is applying from within the UK or outside of the UK.

        Applying From outside The UK

        Those applying from outside of the UK will need to apply online as a partner or child from outside of the UK and will need to complete a separate application and pay the relevant visa fees. It is important to note that an applicant needs to apply for their visa before they travel to the UK.

        The applicant will need to have the primary applicant’s application number; this will be achievable when they apply. This number will be either known as a GWF (Global Web Form) or a UAN (Unique Application Number).

        As a part of the application, the partner and children of the primary applicant will need to prove their identities. The applicant will need to prove their identity by doing one of the following:

        • Have their photograph and fingerprints taken at a Visa Application Centre to get a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit). The two available VAC’s in Egypt are Alexandra and Cairo.
        • Use the UK Immigration: ID Check app to scan their ID document; they will also need to create or sign into their UKVI account (UK Visas and Immigration).

        The applicants will be informed of what they need to do when they apply.

        Applying From Inside The UK

        Those who are applying from inside the UK and are switching or extending their visa will have to note that their dependents’s visas will still only be valid until the original end date. They will also need to apply to extend or switch their visa at the same time as the primary applicant or any time before their current visa expires.

        Dependants applying from inside the UK will need to provide proof of identity as well, either at a UKVCAS (UK Visa and Citizenship Application Service) or using the UK Immigration: ID Check application.

        If the applicants are inside the UK at the time of applying, they must not travel outside of the UK until they receive a decision.

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          UK Dependant Visa Processing Time

          Once the applicant has applied for their Dependant Visa, provided their documentation, and proven their identity, they will typically get a decision within 3 weeks. They may be able to pay to obtain a faster decision in some cases; however, they will be informed of this when they apply.

          Some applications can take longer to process if not all information is provided correctly or if the applicant needs to attend an interview. It is therefore advised that the applicant be thorough in ensuring all required information is prepared in advance.

          Visa Validity Period And Renewal/ Extending Options

          Dependant visa UK holders can extend their visas at any time before their current visa expires; however, this is provided that the primary applicant has extended their visa.

          If the primary applicant is switching to another type of visa, the applicants will remain dependents but need to inform the Home Office of the changes when they apply to extend the visa.

          There are no requirements for visa extensions aside from the primary applicant still being in the UK legally on an eligible visa and applying for the visa extension before the current visa expires.

          If the applicant does not apply for an extension until after the current visa has expired, they will have to leave the country and apply again. This can cause complications; therefore, applying before the visa expires is best.

          How Total Law Can Help You

          The Dependant Visa allows your partner and children to join you in the UK when you apply for an eligible visa to come to the UK. Often, applicants will have to apply separately, and this can get confusing.

          This is why it is best to speak to a skilled immigration lawyer for help with your application. Here at Total Law, we can help with your application and ensure a smooth process. Our team are experts with Dependant Visa applications and can ensure your spouse or partner and children will be able to stay in the UK with you. Just call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 to get started.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    A Dependant visa will rarely be rejected. If the visa is rejected, then this is often due to ineligibility for the visa or application mistakes such as not providing enough relevant documentation to show you meet requirements.

                    Since January 2024, the UK has suggested implementing changes to the UK Student Visa rules for students. From this suggested date, students will no longer be able to bring a partner or child to the UK unless they are enrolled in a postgraduate research programme or a PhD course.

                    The UK does have allowances for elderly dependent parents to be dependents in the UK. This is via the Adult Dependant Relative Visa. This is part of the Family Visa route.