UK Unmarried Partner Visa

If you wish to join your unmarried partner in the UK, you must meet the eligibility criteria of the UK Unmarried Partner visa. Understanding the various processes you must take to obtain this visa is important.

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    What Is The UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

    The UK Unmarried Partner visa, otherwise popularly known as the UK de facto visa allows an unmarried partner to enter the UK and stay with an individual who is either a British or Irish citizen or an individual who already resides in the country.

    The unmarried partner in the UK could also hold either a Turkish Worker or a Turkish Businessperson visa.

    That being said, these individuals must have been in a genuine relationship for at least 2 years. This visa is under the Family visa category, allowing its holder to experience life in the UK and is tailored for both same-sex and heterosexual relationships.

    The visa holder can extend it for an additional 30 months after the expiration of its initial 33-month validity period.

    As an Egyptian you will be eligible to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or settlement after living in the UK for up to 5 years. After obtaining the Unmarried Partner visa UK, you will become eligible to work in the country.

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      UK Unmarried Partner Visa Requirements & Eligibility Criteria for Egyptians


      You must fulfil some requirements and eligibility criteria for your visa application to be successful. Below are the UK Unmarried Partner visa requirements Egyptian citizens must meet:

      • You must have a genuine and subsisting relationship with your partner in the UK.
      • The partner must be a British/Irish citizen or someone who resides in the country for the foreseeable future. The individual could also have human protection or refugee status in the country.
      • You are not in any other relationships, such as civil partnerships or marriages.
      • You and your partner wish to remain together when you enter the country.
      • Your UK-based partner earns a minimum of £18,600 (to be increased to £29,000 in Spring 2024) to cater for your needs.
      • You and your partner must have seen each other and have been in a relationship for at least 2 years.
      • Proof of an adequate accommodation suitable for you, your partner and any dependent coming with you.
      • You and the UK-based partner must be more than 18 years old.
      • You must meet the English language requirement.

      Required Documents for UK Unmarried Partner Visa

      Egyptian citizens looking to join their UK-based partner have several documents they need to provide. Some of these documents include:

      • Your passport.
      • A portfolio of evidence to prove you have satisfied the genuine relationship requirement.
      • Proof that your partner is authorised to remain in the UK, such as their immigration status or British passport.
      • A degree certificate (taught in English) or English language test result.
      • Evidence that any previous relationship, such as marriage or civil partnership has ended.
      • A copy of bank statements or payslips to prove you meet the financial requirement.
      • Evidence you have a place to stay when you enter the country.
      • Proof of having a clean criminal history.
      • Tuberculosis test result, if needed.

      Ensure that any document in a foreign language is translated into English by a legalised translator. Keep in mind that the above documents are not all-encompassing as the UK authorities may require you to provide additional documentation after assessing your situation.

      For this reason, you can contact one of our immigration lawyers at Total Law to help assess your situation and assist you in gathering all the required documents. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

      UK Unmarried Partner Visa Application Costs & Fees

      If you’re seeking to join your unmarried partner in the UK as an Egyptian citizen, there are financial commitments you need to make. Below is a breakdown of the costs and fees you will incur:

      • £1,846 application processing fee for those applying from outside the UK.
      • £1,048 application processing fee for those applying from within the UK.
      • £150 if you need to take the English proficiency test.
      • £18,600 (to be increased to £29,000 in Spring 2024) must be earned by your unmarried partner living in the UK.
      • £3,800 if you have a child entering the country with you.
      • £2,400 for each additional child in the application.
      • £1,035 yearly for the immigration health surcharge or £776 for children.
      • £500 priority fee if you want a faster decision on your application within 5 working days.

      During your application, you may be required to pay for a tuberculosis test, and the cost typically varies depending on the clinic. You may pay other fees such as translation and consular fees if necessary.

      UK Unmarried Partner Visa Application Process: Step By Step

      Egyptian applicants seeking to obtain an Unmarried Partner visa UK need to apply following a workable step-by-step guide. UK Unmarried Partner visa application guide includes:

      1. Complete the Application Form

      Two forms are available for UK Unmarried Partner visa applicants. One is designed for those applying from within the UK, whereas the other is for those applying from outside the UK.

      In this scenario, Egyptian citizens seeking to obtain this visa from Egypt must fill out the form designed for applicants applying from outside the UK with the correct information.

      Speak with one of our friendly immigration lawyers at Total Law to help assess your situation. Our immigration lawyers can help you fill out the form, follow you through the application stages, or even apply for the visa on your behalf. Just call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for immediate response.

      2. Gather and Upload Required Documents

      After completing your application form, you will need to collate all the required documents to support your application. Once you have finished, you must upload them. Ensure you upload the appropriate documents and do not omit any.

      3. Pay Your Fees

      Just like every other UK visa, you are required to make a financial commitment in your visa application process. You have to pay the visa processing fee, health surcharge, consular fees, and every other required fee. You may be directed to pay your fees via a credit or debit card.

      4. Fix and Attend an Appointment

      After paying all the required fees, you should schedule an appointment with the UK immigration authorities. The idea for this appointment is that the immigration officials want to assess you and know whether you are qualified to be issued the visa.

      They will interview you to know whether you have presented documents full of inaccuracies when compared with the information you have filled out in your visa application form.

      At the appointment, note that you will submit your fingerprints and photographs as a part of the biometric verification process.

      5. Pick Up Your Visa

      Once your Unmarried Partner visa is approved, you’ll be communicated on when and where to come and collect your visa packet.

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        Unmarried Partner Visa Application Processing Time

        After applying for this visa, as an Egyptian applicant, you should expect a decision on your application in the standard UK Unmarried Partner visa processing time allotted for this visa type. Therefore, you should receive a decision within 12 weeks (3 months) if you applied from outside the UK. However, if you wish to receive a decision in less time, you may engage the priority service to get a decision in 30 working days.

        Egyptian citizens seeking to either extend their Unmarried Partner visa or change their immigration status by switching to this visa will get a decision in 8 weeks. To get a decision in less time, they may engage the UK’s super-priority service and receive a decision in one day.

        Extending / Renewing UK Unmarried Partner Visa

        Before the expiration of your visa, as an Egyptian holding the UK Unmarried Partner visa, you might wish to remain with your unmarried partner in the UK.

        Thankfully, you have the option to further extend your stay in the country for another 30 days on the initial 33-month validity period allotted to you.

        You must apply to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to extend your stay before it expires. Again, you must still meet all the initial requirements to qualify for the extension and prove that you still live with your unmarried partner in the UK.

        Remember that the extension or renewal of stay in the UK on an Unmarried Partner visa offers a path to settlement or ILR.

        The reason is that you will eventually meet the 5-year mark (which qualifies you to apply for ILR) when you exhaust the additional 30 months’ stay assigned to you upon your visa renewal.

        Unmarried Partner Visa Holders Rights And Benefits

        After obtaining your Unmarried Partner visa and having entered the UK, you will enjoy several rights and incentives. When you arrive in the country, you will be allowed to study and also work to earn money with which to sustain yourself financially.

        Moreso, this visa category allows its holder to stand a chance to remain in the country on ILR status or apply for settlement.

        That being said, when you have exhausted your stay in the UK on this visa, you can equally apply for an extension of your stay. When you remain in the country for up to 5 years, you may qualify to apply for ILR.

        After obtaining the ILR and having lived for an additional year, you can qualify to apply for citizenship.

        If you obtain UK citizenship, you will be entitled to every right and other benefits that citizens of the country enjoy such as the right to vote and be voted for, access to public funds, free healthcare, movement without restrictions, and more.

        Bringing Dependants on the UK Unmarried Partner Visa

        Egyptian applicants applying to obtain an Unmarried Partner visa will be able to bring their dependents to the UK when they travel on this visa. However, you must note the income, accommodation, relationship, and other key requirements that must be fulfilled.

        You must be aware of the costs involved for each dependent (partner and children) coming to stay with you in the UK. You need to apply on behalf of your child dependent who is under 18 years old to enter the UK with you.

        Ensure that while applying for your visa you also include those of your dependents. Your dependents will be issued visas that will permit them to stay in the UK for the same duration as you.

        How Total Law Can Help

        While there are stringent rules you must comply with in your application, you need to also satisfy the UK Home Office requirements to be issued the Unmarried Partner visa. For this reason, you need the guidance of our OISC-certified immigration lawyers at Total Law.

        Our immigration lawyers will assess your situation, help to fill out your visa application form correctly and help gather all required documents for your application. We can apply for the Unmarried Partner visa on your behalf and ensure you obtain a favourable decision. Allowing us to assist you in your visa application will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and the risk of a refusal.

        We have helped several Egyptian applicants navigate various UK visa application processes over the years, and we can do the same for you. All you need to do is call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for more insights on how to apply for this visa and immediate assistance.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Yes, you can sponsor your girlfriend to come and stay with you in the UK provided the visa you hold is eligible for bringing dependents, such as a Skilled Worker visa, Business visa, etc.

                  Yes, there is an age requirement Egyptian applicants must meet to obtain the UK Unmarried Partner visa. You and your unmarried partner are required to be more than 18 years old at the time of applying for this visa.

                  You will prove that you and your UK-based unmarried partner have lived for 2 years or more before you apply and that you intend to live together with the person when you enter the UK. You and your unmarried partner must prove that arrangements have been made for suitable accommodation before you apply.

                  This accommodation must have an additional bedroom should you be coming with your child and the property must meet the UK living standard. To further prove that arrangements have been made for the accommodation, your UK citizen partner or ILR status holder must provide written proof and/or photographs of the accommodation.