Portugal Visit Visa

You can apply for a Portugal visit visa if you intend to enter the country for tourism, a business engagement, to study, or to visit a family member for a period of 90 days. However, you must first meet the eligibility requirements.

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    Overview of Portugal Visitor Visa

    The Portugal Visit Visa, also known as the Schengen Visa, is a short-stay visa that allows you to enter Portugal for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Australian citizens are exempt from a visit visa and can visit Portugal for 90 days visa-free.

    However, if you are an Australian resident who is a citizen of a non-EEA country, you must apply for a Portugal Visit Visa. You can apply for the visit visa for the following purposes:

    • To visit a family member or friend
    • To attend a business meeting or conference
    • To take medical treatment
    • To participate in a cultural exchange program
    • As part of an official visit on behalf of your government or international organisation
    • Tourism
    • Seasonal work
    • Airport transit

    Obtaining a Portugal Visit Visa brings several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to explore the rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities of Portugal. You can immerse yourself in the country’s history, indulge in local cuisine, and enjoy its diverse attractions.

    Additionally, the visa permits you to visit 26 other Schengen countries, making it an excellent opportunity for multi-country exploration.

    When applying for a Portugal Visit Visa from Australia, ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and your application is well-prepared, including all required documents. Be mindful of the 90-day limit, as overstaying may lead to penalties or future travel difficulties.

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    Portugal Visit Visa for Different Purposes

    Portugal has different types of visit visas, each with specific eligibility and documentation requirements. If you intend to visit Portugal, the visa you should apply for will depend on the purpose of your visit.

    Here are the different types of Portugal visit visas, their requirements and other important considerations to help you successfully apply.

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    Business Visa

    A Portuguese Business Visit Visa lets you enter Portugal for business-related purposes like attending conferences or business meetings or signing a contract. To successfully apply for the Portugal Business Visa, you must submit the following documents:

    • A correctly filled and signed visa application form
    • A passport valid for at least three months after the proposed visit to Portugal
    • Invitation letter from the Portuguese company, stating details about the visit
    • Proof of employment or business license
    • Proof of accommodation via hotel bookings or invitation to stay
    • Round flight bookings
    • Travel health insurance valid in a Schengen country, covering at least 30,000 EUR of medical emergency and medical evacuation costs
    • A personal cover letter explaining that the visitor’s reason for the visit is exclusively business-related
    • Two recent identical photographs in compliance with the Schengen visa photo regulations
    • Proof of subsistence with any of the following:
      • Bank account statements
      • A sponsorship letter from sponsoring institution or organisation, including information on expense coverage and the purpose of the visit.

    Short Stay Study Visa

    If you plan to participate in an educational course, an internship, student exchange training, or an academic research project lasting 90 days or less in Portugal, you must apply for a Portuguese Short Stay Study Visa.

    This study visa is also known as the Type C visa. If you’d rather take a course longer than three months, you can apply for the Type D Study Visa, which has an initial validity for up to 5 years.

    Specific Requirements for a Portuguese Student Visit Visa

    The Portugal visa requirements for study purposes include the following:

    • A completed and duly signed application form
    • Proof of admission/enrolment into a Portuguese academic institution
    • Valid travel documents or passport issued within the last ten years
    • Two recent passport-size photographs
    • Proof of good health (with documents showing their medical condition before travelling to Portugal)
    • Proof of no objection from school in the home country
    • An invitation letter to the country
    • Absence of any criminal records, with supporting documents
    • Proof of funds sufficient for the study
    • Tuition fees, as applicable
    • Employment/Self-employment/Studentship/Retired status
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    Medical Visa

    The Short Stay Visa, for medical reasons, lets visitors enter Portugal to receive medical treatment, including surgeries, diagnoses, therapies, or transplants.

    For medical visits longer than three months, it’s advisable to apply for a National Temporary Stay Visa for medical treatment purposes, which is usually valid for 12 months.

    Specific Requirements for a Portuguese Medical Visit Visa

    Here are the required documents to successfully apply for a Portugal visit visa for medical treatment successfully:

    • The visa application form
    • Two recent and identical photographs, not older than three months
    • Valid travel document or passport issued within the last ten years
    • Round-trip flight reservation
    • Proof of accommodation, which could include:
      • Hotel booking
      • Letter of invitation from a Portuguese resident
      • Rent Agreement
      • Confirmed accommodation in the medical clinic/hospital
    • Proof of civil status
    • Proof of paid visa fees
    • Proof of financial means to cover medical and related expenses throughout the treatment, including:
      • Bank statements
      • Verbal note from the Ministry of Health in the applicant’s home country or sponsorship letter (if they’re sponsoring the applicant’s health costs)
    • Employment/Self-employment/Studentship/Retired status.

    Documents Confirming the Applicant’s Need for Medical Treatment

    The applicant should also provide documents confirming their need for treatment or therapy by submitting:

    • A letter from the clinic/doctor/hospital in the applicant’s home country informing them of the need for medical attention in Portugal
    • Official confirmation of the medical appointment or treatment by the host medical institution in Portugal
    • Proof of advanced payment of medical bills with the host doctor/hospital
    • Applicant’s guarantee letter showing their capacity to cope with extra medical costs in case of unforeseen medical costs

    Minors should provide:

    • Birth certificate
    • Parental consent
    • Copies of the parent’s passport and identity card

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      Tourist in Portugal

      Schengen Tourist Visa for Portugal

      Portugal is renowned for hosting Livraria Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookshop, among many other historical landmarks. From exploring charming villages to savouring delectable cuisine, Portugal offers a diverse and immersive experience for visitors.

      Requirements for the Schengen Tourist Visa

      Here are the specific requirements for obtaining a Portugal tourist visa:

      • A Tourist Visa application form
      • Travel health insurance
      • A valid passport
      • Copies of past passports or visas, where applicable
      • Two recent passport photographs
      • A personal cover letter explaining the visitor’s reason for the visit and intended activities during their stay in the country
      • Your travel itinerary
      • Proof of accommodation
      • Proof of your financial ability to support yourself
      • Proof of civil status

      If a minor is travelling alone, they should submit a:

      • Birth certificate
      • Letter of consent from the parents/legal guardians and signed by both of them. Where only one parent/guardian has the child’s custody, they should provide papers verifying the fact
      • A copy of the parents’/legal guardians’ passports

      Portugal Visa for Sports/FilmCrew and Religious/Cultural Purposes


      Visitors travelling to Portugal for cultural, sports, or religious activities or as part of a film crew need a short-stay Portuguese Schengen Visa. Below are the documents required for a successful Schengen visa application for sports/film crew/ and religious/cultural purposes.

      • A correctly filled and signed visa application form
      • A valid passport valid for at least three months after the proposed visit to Portugal
      • A personal cover letter explaining the visitor’s reason for the visit and intended activities during their stay in the country
      • Two recent identical photographs
      • Evidence of flight reservation such as flight numbers, exit and entry dates in the country
      • Schengen travel insurance
      • Proof of accommodation
      • Means of Subsistence with bank statements
      • Sponsorship letter from a sponsoring institution or organisation with information on expense coverage and the visit’s purpose
      • Proof of civil status, showing papers like marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate, spousal death certificate, etc.

      Other Relevant Documents for a Successful Sports/Film Crew and Religious/Cultural Visa Application

      Visitors entering Portugal for a Cultural/Sports/Religious event will also need to provide:

      • Event information papers like invitation letters, entry tickets, enrollment conditions and other documents with relevant information
      • Evidence of past performances or participation in similar events
      • Letter from the film company specifying the movie’s name, synopsis, and shooting locations
      • A complete list of travelling crewmembers and their functions
      • Letter from the filmmaking agency/producer in Portugal confirming all details on the film permit papers
      • Applicant’s certificate of registration as a filmmaker staff issued by a competent authority in their home country.

      Visa for a Spouse of a Portuguese National

      If you are from a non-EEA country and your spouse is a Portuguese national, you must apply for a visa to visit them in the country. Here are the specific requirements for obtaining a Portugal Visit Visa as the spouse of a Portuguese national:

      • A fully completed and signed visa application form
      • Two recent passport-sized photographs
      • Photocopies of passport’s data pages and previous visas (where applicable)
      • Schengen travel insurance
      • Round-trip flight reservations of bookings
      • Proof of financial means, including bank statements for the last 3 to 6 months or a sponsorship letter
      • Proof of accommodation from the spouse in Portugal
      • Invitation letter from Portuguese spouse
      • Certificate showing change of name after marriage, as applicable
      • A copy of your spouse’s national registration certificate, passport, and ID card.
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        Portuguese Schengen Visa for Official Visits and Members of Official Delegations


        This short-stay visa is designed for diplomats, foreign government officials, and members of their official delegations who are visiting Portugal on official business. These visits must be to represent their government or an international body for meetings, consultations, negotiations, exchange programs, trade promotions, or other specific events hosted in Portugal.

        Requirements for Official Visit Visa

        If you are a diplomat or official government visitor or a member of a delegation, you must provide the following documents to apply for a Portugal Visit Visa:

        • A visa application form
        • An official invitation letter from the Portuguese government or a relevant Portuguese organisation
        • One recent passport photograph
        • A valid passport or travel document
        • Proof of official status
        • Proof of confirmed accommodation
        • Round-trip flight ticket
        • Travel medical insurance
        • Proof of financial means

        Considerations for Holders of Diplomatic Passports

        Government officials that hold a diplomatic passport will be exempted from providing certain documents when applying to travel on official visits. They’ll only need to provide their valid passports, the visa application form, and a passport photograph.

        However, they must present a note verbale issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the department to which they belong, both stating the purpose of the visit and its duration (in case the visit includes one or more Member States which are not covered by bilateral visa waivers agreements).

        Additional Requirement for Accompanying Media Personnel

        If you are part of an official delegation as a media or press personnel, you must provide the following additional documents:

        • An invitation letter on letterhead from your government stating your participation in the official delegation, the duration and location of the visit, and your position in the official delegation.
        • A copy of your press card.

        Additional Requirements Based on Employment Status For Portugal Visit Visa

        The Portuguese embassy or consulate may request additional documents depending on your employment status.

        Additional Documents for Employees

        If you are an employee, you must prove that you have an absence of leave or permission to travel from your employer. Here are the documents you need to show:

        • A letter dated not later than one month on your company’s letterhead stating the approval for a leave of absence, specifying the dates of absence, your position and salary, duration of employment, the purpose of absence, and contact number of employer
        • Payslips for the last three months before the application date
        • A copy of your employment contract

        However, if you are a civil servant or government employee, a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by your public service commission stating the dates of the intended visit is sufficient.

        Additional Documents for Self-Employed Applicants

        You must present the following documents if you are self-employed:

        • Certificate of registration of your company
        • Company bank statements from the last six months
        • Income Tax Return (ITR)


        A pension statement for the last six months


        Proof of enrollment at a university and a student card.

        Portugal Airport Transit Visa Requirements

        If you are travelling to another country but your plane needs to land at any of the Portuguese airports, you may need a Portugal Airport Transit Visa.

        To apply for an Airport Transit Visa, you must provide the following documents:

        • Completely filled and signed application form (If you’re a minor or unable to sign, the legal guardian should sign)
        • Your flight return ticket
        • Passport-sized photograph
        • Entry visa for your destination country (if needed)
        • Valid and genuine passport, including a photocopy of your previous passport and visa
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        Portugal Visit Visa Application Process

        Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Portuguese Visit Visa from Australia.

        Step 1: Determine Your Visa Type

        Before you begin the application process, make sure you know which type of Portugal Visa you need based on your purpose of travel (tourism, business, family visit, etc.). You should discuss this with an immigration lawyer who is an expert in Portuguese immigration law. Call a Total Law immigration lawyer at +44 (0)333 305 9375 to start.

        Step 2: Gather the Required Documents

        Collect all the necessary documents for your application specific to your visa category or the purpose of your visit.

        Step 3: Obtain the Application Form

        Download the Portugal Visit Visa application form from the official website of the Consulate General of Portugal in Sidney. You can also get the online form from the websites of the following embassies/consulates:

        • The Embassy of Portugal in Canberra
        • The Consulate of Italy in Perth (if you are in Western Australia)

        Fill out the application form completely and accurately and add a signature. You must file this application no more than six months before the start of your intended visit and no later than 15 days before your travel date.

        Step 4: Schedule and Attend an Appointment

        Schedule an appointment with the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy. On the day of your appointment, go along with your completed application form and all required documents. Submit your application, give your biometrics, and pay the visa fee.

        An embassy official may interview you. As such, be prepared to answer questions about your travel plans, the purpose of your visit, and other relevant details.

        Step 5: Receive Your Visa

        After submitting your application, wait for the processing period. If your application is approved, you will receive your Portugal Visit Visa affixed to your passport. Check the visa details for accuracy.

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          Processing Time and Costs for a Portuguese Visit Visa


          Here is a breakdown of the application fee for the Portuguese Visit Visa:

          Category Fee in EUR Fee in AUD
          Adults and children over 12 €80 $135
          Children between 6 and 12 €40 $68
          Children younger than 6 Free Free
          Scientists travelling for scientific research purposes Free Free
          Students and teachers/professors travelling for training or study purposes Free Free
          A family member of a Portuguese or European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) national Free Free

          In addition to the visa application fee, you may be required to pay a service fee if you use an external service provider or a visa application centre for the application process.

          Processing Time

          The processing time for Portugual Visa application decisions should be made within 15 days from when your application is accepted. In some cases, this time may be extended up to 45 days if the embassy or consulate needs to review your application further.

          Extending a Schengen Visa in Portugal

          Sometimes, visitors on a Schengen Visa need to extend their stay for various reasons, such as unforeseen business-related developments or extended medical treatments. However, there must be a strong reason to apply for an extension before applicants can be granted one.

          Some acceptable reasons for a visa extension include the following:

          Late Entry

          If you have a single-entry visa and entered Portugal after your visa became valid. For instance, if you were given a two weeks visa that was valid on August 1 and you entered the Schengen area on August 15, you can apply for an extension.

          Humanitarian Reasons

          You can extend your visa for humanitarian reasons, such as to continue medical treatment, attend a sudden funeral for a loved one, or support a relative or friend going through hard times.

          Force Majeure

          In case of violent developments in your home country, such as war, protests, political unrest, extreme weather conditions, or a natural disaster, you can apply to extend your visa. However, you must do so before your current visa expires.

          Other Important Reasons

          You can apply to extend your visa for personal reasons, such as attending an unplanned event. However, the immigration officers will determine if your reason is sufficient before you can be granted an extension.

          Mountains in Azores, Portugal

          Visa Revocation Policies in Portugal

          A Portugal Schengen visa may be revoked if the Portuguese authorities conclude that a visitor no longer meets the conditions for which a visa was issued.

          If the visitor is in Portugal when the decision to revoke the visa was made, they’ll receive a deadline to leave the country. Failure to leave before the deadline makes the visitor an illegal resident.

          A Schengen visa may also be annulled or revoked if a visa holder doesn’t provide the authorities with the entry requirements at the border.

          How Can Total Law Help?

          At Total Law, we understand the complexities of the Schengen visa application process and the importance of a successful outcome. Our team of experienced legal experts specialises in navigating the intricacies of Portuguese visa procedures.

          We offer comprehensive guidance and support at every step, from selecting the appropriate visa category to compiling the necessary documents. Our goal is to streamline your application process, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

          With Total Law by your side, you can confidently pursue your plans to visit or reside in Portugal, knowing you have a dedicated partner committed to your success. To get started, contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or request a callback through the online contact form.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    If you hold an Australian passport, you do not need a Schengen visa. You can visit the Schengen countries visa-free for 90 days within a 180-day period. If you wish to stay more than 90 days, you must register for a permit with the local authorities. However, non-passport holders in Australia must apply for a Schengen visa.

                    If your Schengen visa was denied and you feel that the decision was unjust, you may be able to file an appeal. However, if your visa was denied because you didn’t meet the eligibility requirements, it’s advisable to wait until your circumstance has changed and reapply.

                    Yes. Australians can apply for permanent residency after living for five years in Portugal.