Portugal D7 Visa For Australians

If you wish to retire in Portugal, then the Portugal D7 visa  is for you.

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    Portugal D7 Visa

    The D7 visa has two categories: the temporary stay visa and the residency visa.

    With a temporary stay visa, you can stay in Portugal for 1 year, possibly renewing for 2 years. You can leave and re-enter Portugal multiple times. This category is also not a route to permanent residence.

    On the other hand, the residency visa is what you should apply for if you have a long-term stay in Portugal in mind. It is valid for 2 years, permits only double entry, is renewable for 3 years, and is a route to permanent residence.

    You must prove that you meet the requirements to apply for the D7 visa.  Portugal D7 visa is for Australians who want to retire in Portugal. You need to prove that you have a passive and regular source of income to be eligible for the visa as a retiree.

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    Types of D7 visa

    Here are 2 types of D7 visas:

    Temporary Stay Visa

    The temporary stay visa is for non-EU nationals who want to stay in Portugal temporarily. It is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for 2 years.

    You can access other European countries with a short or temporary stay visa. You can as well leave and re-enter Portugal as much as you like.

    Residency Visa

    This visa is for non-EU nationals who plan to stay in Portugal for a long time. Even though the visa is valid for 2 years, you only get a permit for 120 days. You are expected to move to Portugal and apply for a residence permit within this time.

    Before the end of your 2 years, you can renew for 3 years. After spending 5 years in Portugal, you can apply for permanent residence.

    You have to prove you have enough to cater to them without depending on the government.

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      Portugal D7 Visa Eligibility Criteria

      To be eligible to apply for the Portugal D7 visa, you must meet some requirements:

      Country-Specific Requirement

      You must be a national of a country that is not in the European Union. This means Australians are eligible to apply for the D7 visa.

      Age Requirements

      Australians who are less than 18 are not eligible for the D7 visa. You must show a government-issued birth certificate proving you are 18 or older while submitting your D7 visa application.

      Income Requirements

      This is the most essential requirement that you must meet when applying for the D7 visa. You must show you won’t be a burden to the Portuguese government during your stay in Portugal.

      The most typical way to prove you meet Portugal D7 visa income requirement is by submitting bank statements.

      Passive Income Earner

      If you are applying as a passive income earner, you must prove that you get a minimum of €705 per month from an overseas source. This could be your pension, payment from an investment, rental income, royalties, or business proceeds. This proof of income is also calculated yearly. So, €705 for 12 months is €8460 per year.

      If you intend to go to Portugal with your family, you must factor their living expenses into your income requirement. You must prove an additional €4230 for your partner or spouse and an extra €2538 for every child.

      If you have an investment, royalty or rented property bringing income for you, then you have to show a signed agreement that shows the income will keep coming from those sources till your visa expires.

      You must not meet the financial requirement for the D7 visa using one source of income. If you have multiple sources of income, you can combine them to meet the criteria stipulated by Portuguese authorities.

      Tax Number Requirement

      As a passive income earner in Australia, you may be required to pay taxes if you earn any income in Portugal. And before you make any transaction in Portugal, you should possess a NIF. The NIF (Numero de Identification Fiscal) is your tax number in Portugal and it is essential to open a bank account or invest in the country.

      Getting the NIF is relatively easy. All you need to do is enter the nearest tax office, supply the officials with the required information, and you will get a NIF number. If you are going in person, you must show proof of your visa, identification document and address in Australia or Portugal. Since Australians can stay for 90 days in Portugal with a tourist visa, you can do this there.

      If you do not have the time for this, you can apply for the NIF number online.

      Since you are in Australia and do not have the time to visit Portugal, you can give our team at Total Law a power of attorney to get the personal income tax number for you. Contact us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 if you need this service.

      Bank Requirement

      One of the requirements you need to meet when applying for a D7 visa is having a Portuguese bank account. You can open a bank account by walking into any Portuguese bank and showing the following:

      • Visa that proves you are legally staying in Portugal (your Australian passport is proof enough as long as you have not stayed more than 90 days in Portugal).
      • NIF number.
      • Address of residence in Portugal or Australia
      • Government-issued identification document.

      If you cannot come to Portugal for this, you have 3 options:

      • Give our team at Total Law power of attorney to open a bank account for you.
      • Open a Portuguese bank account online.
      • Open an account with a bank in Australia that has a branch in Portugal.

      After opening the bank account, you should transfer a minimum of €7000 if you intend to come to Portugal alone. If you are coming with your family, you must deposit €10500.

      Accommodation Requirement

      As a D7 visa applicant, you must show you have a place to stay in Portugal for 1 year. You have to show the consulate that you have done any of the following:

      • Purchased a property in Portugal.
      • Rented a property and signed the agreement with the owner for 1 year.
      • Booked an Airbnb or hotel room for 1 year.
      • Received an invitation letter from a friend or family who has agreed to house you till you leave Portugal.

      If you find it hard to get accommodation for 1 year, you can get one for 6 months and then write a letter to the embassy. In this letter, show proof that you have gotten accommodation for 6 months and will look for another place to stay when you arrive.

      Criminal History Check

      You must subject yourself to a criminal history check when making a Portugal D7 visa application. This is mandatory for almost all kinds of Portuguese visas. To get your criminal history certificate, you have to log on to the website of the Australian Police Force and follow the instructions there.

      If you are in Queensland, you must log on to the Queensland Police Force to get your police criminal history certificate.

      If you have lived elsewhere, apart from Australia, in the past 5 years, you have to get a criminal history certificate from that country.

      If you have also lived elsewhere 3 months before making your application, you must also get a criminal history check from there.

      The Portuguese authorities would ask for a notarised and translated copy of your criminal history certificate if it was issued by a country that doesn’t speak English or Portuguese. You can approach the Portuguese consulate in Australia for this service.

      Aside from the criminal history check certificate you submit, the Portuguese authorities will still ask for your consent to do a background check.

      You may face visa rejection if you have committed a criminal offence. However, our team can advise you on what to do in such a situation if you reach out to us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

      Health Insurance Certificate

      Portugal has one of the best healthcare schemes in Europe and, as a result, does not joke with the health of citizens and visitors. They have a public healthcare scheme that takes care of their citizens. Since you do not pay taxes like other citizens, you cannot access the public health scheme.

      So, you have to pay to get your medical insurance. Your health insurance must cover you and your family if you come with them. You must obtain a policy with a value of at least €30,000.

      You can access public health services when you move to Portugal and start paying taxes.

      Minimum Stay Requirement

      When you get your Portuguese D7 visa, you are expected to spend the bulk of your time in Portugal. However, this applies only to those getting the residency visa.

      For the D7 visa, you must be in Portugal for a minimum of 16 months out of a possible 24.

      Your visa will be cancelled if you do not comply with this rule.

      General Requirements & Documents for the Portugal D7 Visa

      Below are the documents that you need to show when applying for the D7 visa:

      D7 Application Form

      Since the D7 is a national visa, you must complete a national visa application form when applying for the visa. To get this form, you have to visit the Portuguese embassy or consulate nearest to you in Australia. You can as well use VSFGlobal for your application.

      Note that if you want to complete the form online, you have to print it, sign and attach it to the other supporting documents and then submit them to the Portuguese embassy or consulate.

      A Valid Passport

      Your Australian passport must be valid up to 6 months after the visa you intend to apply for has expired. In most cases, submitting your original passport to the consulate is unnecessary. You can submit one notarised copy. When you get a mail of the success of your application, you can then submit your original passport to get your visa.

      Evidence You Have Accommodation

      You must show the consulate that you have where to stay when you get to Portugal. Any evidence you present must show you have accommodation for up to 1 year. Below is the ideal evidence you can submit:

      • Invitation letter from a friend or family in Portugal pledging to provide housing for you for 1 year. The sender must attach their identification document. The letter must be notarized and signed in Portugal.
      • Rental agreement between you and a property owner for 1 year.
      • Lease or property purchase documents.
      • Receipts of booked accommodation in an Airbnb or hotel.

      Cover Letter

      Your application must come with a cover letter. This letter is addressed to the Portuguese authorities. With this letter, you should lodge a formal request to move to Portugal. Your cover letter should explain why you want to move to Portugal and how long you want to stay.

      It should contain your details, reasons for relocation, your intended address, ties to Portugal and how you intend to fund your stay in the country.

      Proof of Funds

      This is perhaps the most important document to submit when making your application. You can submit eligible documents to show you have the needed funds. Note that you can combine any of them to meet the minimum requirement.

      • Pension policy certificate from your pension service provider.
      • Affidavit of support letter from a Portuguese or EU citizen or a Portuguese permanent resident.
      • Bank statement that shows you have savings of €8460.
      • Investment certificate showing your monthly or annual returns.
      • Bank statement showing you earn income from assets, rents or intellectual property.
      • Credit cards showing your credit limit.
      • Evidence from social security that shows your annual benefits.

      Digital Passport

      You have to submit 2 digital passport photographs taken no later than 3 months before the date you started your application.

      Bank Details

      You need to show the consulate that you have an account in Portugal. Note that this account must be funded.

      Criminal History Certificate

      Your criminal history certificate must not be older than 3 months.

      Medical Insurance Policy

      You have to show you have a health insurance policy that is up to €30,000 in value. This must come from an EU-certified policy provider.

      NIF Number

      You must present your NIF number obtained from the tax office.

      Marriage Certificate

      You must show the consulate proof when applying for a visa with your family. You typically show this by presenting your government-issued marriage certificate.

      Birth Certificate

      If you are going to Portugal with your children, you must prove they are your children by presenting their birth certificates. This is to prevent child or human trafficking.

      Visa Fees

      Your application will be declined if you do not submit evidence that you have paid the visa fees. You must attach the visa fee payment receipt to your supporting documents.

      Money Order

      If you are more comfortable making your application offline, that is by post. Then you must add a money order for the VSFGlobal centre, Portuguese embassy, or consulate. Your application will not be processed if they get your package without the money order.

      You pay $35 as the application fee and $41.83 as the service charge.

      Portugal D7 Visa Minimum Salary

      The minimum salary you need to show depends on which category of D7 visa you are applying for.

      You need to show that you have €705 a month for 1 year, which is €8460 if you are a passive income earner.

      If you are going with your spouse, you must show an extra 50% of the initial minimum salary. And for each child, you will show an additional 30% of the minimum salary.

      Portugal D7 Visa Fees

      The Portugal D7 visa costs are as follows:

      • €180 for each person for the visa fee.
      • €320 for each person for the residence permit.

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        How to Apply for a Portugal D7 Visa?

        The application for the D7 visa starts in Australia and ends in Portugal.

        To apply for the D7 visa, follow these steps:

        Gather Supporting Documents

        You can look through this article and create a checklist of all the documents you need for your application.

        Get Application Form

        Next, fill out your application form. You can get this form at the embassy or online. Ensure your document is signed before sending them to the Portuguese embassy.

        Schedule a Date for Application Submission

        Walk into any Portuguese embassy or consulate near you and schedule a date.

        Submit Your Supporting Documents

        On the due date, submit your documents.

        Pick up Your Visa

        After the embassy looks at your initial visa application, they can approve or decline your request. If you get approval, submit your passport so your visa will be attached at the scheduled date. This visa permits you to travel to Portugal, but this is not what allows you to stay in Portugal as a retiree yet.

        Register Your Presence in Portugal with SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras or Foreigners and Borders Service)

        Upon arrival in Portugal, you have 3 days to inform SEF of your presence.

        When you do so, an interview will be scheduled for you if the Portuguese consulate in Australia has not done it.

        Attend Your Interview with SEF

        The final step of your application is an interview with SEF. If the interview is successful, you will get your temporary residency permit and live in Portugal as a D7 visa holder.

        The Visa Processing Timeline

        The time it will take for your D7 visa to be approved depends on the workload of the Portuguese consulate or embassy you submitted your application.

        Usually, it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get a response from the consulate concerning your application. In rare cases, it has been reported that it took 1 year to get a response.

        After getting your visa, you must apply for a residence permit from SEF. It may take up to 2 months to get a date for an interview with SEF.

        After your interview with SEF, you only have to wait 2 weeks to get your residence permit.

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          Benefits of the Portugal D7 Visa

          Portugal has always been a go-to destination for many retirees and passive income earners, and this is because of the numerous benefits you can get when you move to the country. Here are some of them:

          Pleasant Weather

          One of the reasons why many people go to Portugal is because of the weather. The weather is much warmer. Winters in Portugal are mild, unlike most places in the world’s temperate regions.

          Exemption from Taxes

          Another benefit of the D7 visa is that it allows you to be a non-habitual resident (NHR). This means you don’t pay tax on the money you earn outside Portugal. You also pay minimal taxes (20%) on the money you make in Portugal.

          Affordable Cost of Living

          Again, Portugal is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. The rent, living cost and price of food are cheap.

          Access to the Schengen Zone

          With your D7 visa, you can easily visit any country of choice within the Schengen region without a permit.

          Family Reunification

          Portugal knows the value of family. Hence, you can move in with your family if you apply for the residency visa category.

          Study in Portugal

          As a D7 visa holder, you can take short courses in Portugal. Your dependents can also attend school in Portugal.

          Route to Permanent Residence

          If you applied for the residence visa route under the D7 visa, you are eligible for permanent residence after you have stayed in Portugal for 5 years.

          Can I Bring My Family Members On This Type Of Visa?

          You can bring your family members to Portugal on the D7 visa. Below are eligible family members you can bring if you applied for a D7 residence visa:

          • Partner or spouse.
          • Children under 18.
          • Children above 18 but are unmarried and studying in Portugal.
          • Parents 65 years or older.
          • Parents of your partner or spouse that are 65 years or older.
          • Siblings under the age of 18 who are legally under your care.
          • Siblings of your partner under 18 who are legally under their care.
          • Children older than 18 but have a mental or physical deformity.

          Can I Renew my Portugal D7 Visa?

          You can renew your Portugal D7 visa. If you are in Portugal with a temporary stay visa, you can renew it for 2 years.

          If you are in Portugal with a residency visa, you can renew it for 3 years.

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            Cityscape of Porto city in Portugal

            Portuguese D7 Visa to Permanent Residency & Citizenship

            The residence visa category of the D7 visa offers the holders a route to permanent residence and citizenship. If you stay in Portugal for 2 years with the visa, you can extend it for another 3 years. After a cumulative 5 years in Portugal, you can apply for permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship.

            How Can Total Law Help

            Our team at Total Law comprises competent immigration lawyers that can assist you as you make your Portugal D7 visa application. Often, trying to get a Portuguese visa can be overwhelming due to the many documents that must be presented. We can help you gather all your supporting documents by telling you which to bring, depending on your situation.

            We can also give you an estimate of the cost of the D7 visa, with details on eligibility and how to apply.

            To improve your chances of getting visa approval, contact us and get expert guidance on the process. We can also give you pointers if you want advice on another kind of visa, like the golden visa.

            To speak with any of our team members, call +44 (0)333 305 9375. You can also message us online.

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      You don’t need to know how to speak Portuguese before applying for the D7 visa. You only need to meet the requirements as stated above. However, it would be best to learn how to speak Portuguese, a prerequisite for applying for permanent residence or citizenship after 5 years.

                      Your application could be rejected for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is the inability to meet the minimum income requirement. It could also be that you could not demonstrate genuine reasons for going to Portugal. Incomplete documentation can also be the reason why your visa was rejected. To avoid this, you should get in touch with our team by dialling +44 (0)333 305 9375. We will make sure you get all of your documents right.