UK Fiance Visa

The UK Fiance Visa is ideal for those from Bangladesh who are planning to live and get married in the UK within six months.

Starting a new life with a partner can be a stressful time, and facing additional immigration challenges can be daunting. However, the experienced team at Total Law are here to provide help and support throughout the process. Get in touch at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or use our online chat service.

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    What Is The UK Fiance Visa And Who Is It For?

    A Fiance Visa is an appropriate visa pathway for any Bangladesh citizen engaged to a UK citizen or someone with settled status in the UK.

    One of the main conditions of applying for a Fiance Visa is that the holder must be planning to get married within six months of their arrival in the country. In addition, the visa can only be applied for outside the UK.

    While not a direct route to British citizenship, it is advisable to move from the Fiance Visa to a Spouse Visa after marriage and this is a pathway to Indefinite Leave to Remain after five years of residing in the UK.

    If you are uncertain if you or your partner qualify for the Fiance Visa then you should seek the advice of an immigration specialist before applying to avoid lengthy delays or even possible rejection.

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      UK Fiance Visa Requirements & Eligibility Criteria


      For Bangladesh citizens to be approved for a UK Fiance Visa, both the applicant and the partner of the applicant must meet certain criteria set by the UK immigration services.  This includes:

      • Both partners must be at least 18 years of age.
      • The couple must be planning to marry or enter a civil partnership within six months of coming to the UK.
      • The UK-based partner must be either a UK citizen or a UK person with settled status.
      • The applicant must plan to live with their UK-based partner once they are married or enter a civil partnership.
      • The applicant and their partner must show that they have suitable accommodation in the UK. This must also be suitable for any dependents (if applicable)
      • If from a non-English-speaking country, the applicant may be required to take a SELT-approved test to demonstrate they can communicate and understand English to the level of A1, set by CEFR (the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
      • The couple must show that they have the means to financially support themselves as a couple and will not rely on public funds. This will require a combined income of at least £29,000 per year.

      Finance and Income Requirements

      A key part of applying for the UK Fiance Visa is being able to demonstrate you can meet the requirements set by the UK government. This is particularly important when showing evidence that you and your partner meet the minimum threshold for income and will be able to support each other as well as any dependents in the UK.

      At the moment the combined annual income is £29,000.

      You will be required to show proof of this income via documentation submitted alongside your application. The Home Office will accept any of the following incomes – either as one income or a combination:

      • Salaried employment
      • Self-employment earnings
      • Savings
      • Statutory sick pay, paternity, maternity, or adoption pay
      • Pension payments
      • Stocks and shares
      • Financial gains from properties, such as a regular buy-to-let payment

      UK Fiance Visa Documents


      As well as providing proof of income, applicants will need to provide a range of other paperwork to support their request for a UK Fiance Visa.

      The documents required by Bangladeshi citizens include the following:

      • A valid passport
      • Completed application form
      • Proof of visa fee payment
      • Two recent colour passport-sized photographs
      • Copies of any previous passports, visas or other travel document
      • Proof of the relationship between the applicant and their UK-based partner. This should detail how long they have known each other, how often they see each other and their future plans
      • Details of any previous marriages and evidence that the marriage is no longer valid such as a divorce decree or a death certificate
      • Details of any criminal convictions if applicable
      • Proof of suitable accommodation in the UK
      • Evidence of relationship to any accompanying dependents
      • Biometric information including fingerprints

      English Language Requirements

      Applicants from a non-English-speaking country, such as Bangladesh, will need to ensure they can meet the requirement for English-speaking if required to do so.

      In order to be approved for a Fiance Visa, they will need to demonstrate that their level of English in writing, reading, speaking, and listening is at an A1 level as set by CEFR.

      The applicant will be required to provide proof of a pass a SELT test at a minimum of A1 level at an English language government-approved testing centre. This can be done by providing the certificate showing the applicant has passed this test as part of the documents submitted with their Fiance Visa application.

      In some cases, applicants from Bangladesh may be exempt from having to meet the English language requirement. If the following applies they may be given a waiver of the criteria:

      • Have a degree or higher qualification taught in English at an educational institution recognised by NAIRC.
      • Is over 65 years of age.
      • Is a recognised refugee.
      • Is a victim of domestic abuse.
      • Has a mental or physical condition that will prevent them from being able to sit the exam.

      Proving a Genuine Relationship 

      To demonstrate their relationship is a genuine one and not created in order to solely gain entry to the UK, applicants must show they are in a real partnership.

      This can be challenging and requires a significant amount of evidence to show an honest and genuine relationship. Therefore, a UK Fiance Visa application needs a number of documents to be submitted to help meet this criteria:

      • Bank statements showing joint accounts.
      • Documents providing details of the accommodation when they have lived in together.
      • Birth certificates if the couple has children together.
      • Divorce decree or death certificate if applicable
      • Letters from friends, family and professionals which confirm the relationship’s genuineness.
      • Details of the length of the relationship, how the couple met, and how often they see each other. This can include copies of emails, letters, travel bookings and online chats.

      Application Fees Of The Fiance Visa In The UK

      The UK Fiance Visa application fee submitted from outside the UK and from Bangladesh is £1,846.

      Couples should also budget for other potential fees, including the following:

      • Tuberculosis testing costs
      • Translation and certification of documents if not submitted in English or Welsh
      • English-language test fees
      • ECCTIS fees
      • Any costs for bringing dependents to the UK

      It is important to note that fees are non-refundable if your UK Fiance Visa application is rejected.

      UK Fiance Visa Application Process

      In most cases, an application for a UK Fiance Visa from Bangladesh can be made online via the UK Home Office website, or you can contact an immigration expert to help submit it on your behalf.

      It is important to submit your application with all required documents; otherwise, it is likely to lead to significant delays. You will also need to pay the application fees when applying.

      The next step is to visit a Visa Application Centre in Bangladesh to give your biometric information, such as fingerprints and photographs.

      You may be required to attend an interview as part of the process. The interviewer will likely want to know further details about your relationship and your plans to move and live in the UK. It is important to answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

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        Typical Fiance Visa Application Processing Time

        The amount of type it takes to process a UK Fiance Visa can vary considerably depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant and how complete their initial application was.

        As a general rule, the Home Office’s standard processing time of a Fiance Visa request from outside the UK, including Bangladesh, is 24 weeks.

        In some cases, applicants can use the Super Priority Service to get a quicker decision. This option means a decision within 30 working days as you are applying from outside of the UK.

        The cost of this fast-tracked route is £1,000, and it should be noted this does not mean an application is not subjected to the same scrutiny as those processed normally.

        Extending/ Renewing UK Fiance Visa

        A UK Fiance Visa is initially issued for a six-month period to allow the couple to get married and then apply for a Spouse or Partner Visa.

        However, in some exceptional cases, it is possible to extend the visa if the marriage is delayed because of a genuine and unavoidable reason.

        If you do wish to extend the Fiance Visa you will be required to provide comprehensive evidence of why the union was unable to take place and that it will still go ahead as soon as possible.

        Following the marriage or civil partnership, the applicant can apply for a UK Spouse/Partner Visa which is a valid route towards Indefinite Leave to Remain status and British citizenship.

        How Total Law Can Help

        Dealing with UK immigration law can be difficult, especially when you are keen to join your loved one in the UK and start your married life together.

        Therefore, the experienced team at Total Law are here to help reduce some of the pressure and help ensure your application stands the best chance of being approved by the UK Home Office.

        If you have questions about how to demonstrate you meet the many visa requirements then please get in touch with our advisors so they can help provide up-to-date information on how to ensure you are submitting the correct paperwork.

        Total Law can also help you apply for a Spouse Visa after the marriage or civil partnership. If you need help proving your relationship is genuine, Fiance Visa financial eligibility, or applying for a UK Spouse Visa, call us today at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or use our online chat.

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                  Yes, you can bring your unmarried partner to the UK via a number of visa routes. The most popular option is to apply for a Unmarried Partner Visa. You must be a British citizen or settled in the UK to sponsor your unmarried partner to join you in the UK. An Unmarried Partner Visa allows your partner to live and work in the UK for up to 30 months and it is possible to extend this further.

                  Yes, it is possible to work in the UK with a Fiance Visa without restriction.

                  The UK government does not produce set statistics on how many UK Fiance Visa applications are made or approved each year. Visa applications can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons and it is important to ensure you submit a comprehensive and correct application to maximise the chance of being approved without delays.