UK Permanent Residency Routes

As a Bangladeshi citizen, you can apply for permanent residency UK if you meet the eligibility requirements.

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    What Are The Routes To Residency In The UK?

    Bangladeshi citizens who want to apply for residency must follow one of the routes below:

    Residency through a Work Visa

    As a Bangladeshi citizen, you are usually eligible to apply for citizenship if you have stayed and worked in the UK for at least 5 years.

    If you have an Entrepreneur visa, you can apply for UK citizenship if you have worked for 2 or 3 years in the country. Bangladeshi citizens who have the Global Talent visa or Innovator Founder visa can be eligible to apply for residency in the UK after working for 3 years.

    Bangladeshi citizens who want to apply for permanent residency through this route must also meet the minimum wage or financial requirements.

    If you are on a Skilled Worker visa or Health and Care Worker visa, you’ll have to earn a minimum annual salary of £25,600 or £10.90 hourly.

    Do note that there have been recent changes regarding this, so please speak to our team to learn more about the latest changes.

    If you are a Sportsperson, you must have an annual salary of £35,800. Bangladeshi citizens on the Minister of Religion visa are not required to meet salary requirements.

    Innovator Founder or Global Talent visas are not also required to meet salary requirements. However, they must prove they are succeeding in their business or profession.

    Residency Through Family Visas

    If you have a family member who is a UK permanent resident or a British citizen, you can apply for permanent residency. To apply through this route, you must already have a family visa.

    Family here means your spouse, parent or child. You must have lived in the UK for at least 2 years with the family member.

    You can apply for permanent residency via this route if your partner who settled in the UK has died. Bangladeshi citizens whose relationship ended due to domestic violence can also apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    PR through the Marriage Visa Route

    Bangladeshi citizens who are married or in a civil partnership with a British citizen can apply for permanent residency. However, they need to prove they have enough money to care for their family size.

    To apply through this route, you need to show that you have:

    • £18,600 annually if you are applying without any children
    • £22,400 annually if you are applying with one child below 18
    • £2,400 annually for an extra child

    Note that the Home Office considers your and your British partner’s earnings when deciding if you meet the financial requirement of permanent residency.

    10-Year Long Residency Route

    If you have dwelt in the UK legally for at least 10 years, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

    Note that you must have lived in the UK continuously without gaps for this to work. You must not have been absent from the UK for a consecutive 185 days in 1 year or 548 days in 10 years. The years spent in the UK as a visitor, seasonal worker or short-term student do not count.

    Bangladeshi citizens can also apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of private life. They can also apply if they were born in the UK and have lived there continuously for 7 years.

    Permanent Residency through the Refugee Route

    Bangladeshi citizens living in the UK as refugees, who have Discretionary Leave or humanitarian protection in the UK can apply for permanent residency.

    If you have humanitarian protection or are staying in the UK as a refugee, you must have spent 5 years in the UK. For Bangladeshi citizens with Discretionary Leave, they need to prove that they have lived in the UK for:

    • 6 years if they got the Discretionary leave before 8th July 2012
    • 10 years if they got the Discretionary leave after 9th July 2012

    Previously Had Permanent Residence

    Bangladeshi citizens who have held Indefinite Leave to Remain before and lost it because they stayed outside the UK for more than 2 years can reapply for PR.

    However, you must show why you stayed away for that long and prove strong ties to the UK. What you’ll need to apply for is a Returning Resident visa. Your family members must also apply for the same in order to settle in the UK again.

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      Requirements To Apply For Residency In The UK

      According to the UK permanent residency rules, you must meet certain eligibility criteria before getting residency in the UK. Below are the requirements you need to meet:

      The British Life in the UK Test

      You must pass the Life in the UK test to apply for permanent residency in the UK.

      The test measures your knowledge about the daily living, culture, history, law and politics of the United Kingdom. You can book the test at the website of the Home Office. You’ll need to pay £50 for the test. Applicants must book the test at least 3 days in advance.

      When booking the test, you can choose any centre convenient for you. When registering for the test, you’ll need to supply your email address, a credit or debit card and a valid identity card. Note that the name on your ID card must tally with the name you used in registering for the test.

      The Home Office has a handbook that prospective test takers can use to study for the test. The handbook can be obtained in print, audio and ebook formats. The test has 24 questions that you must answer in 45 minutes. Bangladeshi citizens who want to apply for permanent residency in UK must score at least 75% to pass.

      You can retake the test as many times as you want, but you’ll need to pay the test fee for each retake. You’ll be exempted from taking the test if:

      • You’re 65 or older
      • You have a mental or physical condition that can prevent you from performing well on the test. You must present a form from a doctor to prove this.

      English Language Proficiency

      You must show that you have adequate knowledge of the English language. There are ways Bangladeshi citizens can prove they meet this requirement. One way is to pass a secure English Language test. A Home Office-approved test provider must administer the test.

      Below are the test providers that you can use:

      • IELTS SELT Consortium
      • LanguageCert
      • Pearson
      • Trinity College London

      Test results from any of these providers are valid for 2 years. Another way to prove you meet the language requirement is to have a degree (undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate diploma) from a UK university.

      Thirdly, you can meet this requirement if you studied in a country regarded as an English-speaking country by the Home Office. Note that you’ll need Ecctis to evaluate your degree from such a country to ensure it is on the same level as a UK degree.

      Finally, you can also meet this requirement if your degree from Bangladesh or another non-English speaking country was taught predominantly in English. You’ll need Ecctis to evaluate the degree and issue an English Language Proficiency Statement (ELPS).

      This statement confirms that your qualification is on the same level as a degree in the UK.
      You are exempt from this requirement if you are:

      • 65 years or older
      • Confirmed to be ill and cannot perform well on the test due to your illness
      • A victim of abuse from your spouse
      • A deceased partner of a UK citizen

      Residency Requirements

      You must meet the residence requirement for your visa category. Bangladeshi citizens on the Entrepreneur visa can apply for permanent residency if they complete the 2-year residence requirements.

      If you are on a Global Talent or Innovator Founder visa, you are eligible for permanent residence if you have stayed in the UK for 3 years. All other citizens eligible for permanent residence must have spent 5 consecutive years in the UK to apply.

      Proof of Legal Residence

      You must also present proof that you have legally been residing in the UK. One way to do this is to show your British residence permit.

      Absence from the UK

      Bangladeshi citizens who want to apply for permanent residency must not have spent more than 180 consecutive days in 1 year outside the UK during their period of residence.

      If you stay more than 180 days in 1 year outside the UK for any reason, you will need to show that it was due to circumstances beyond your control. Such circumstances can be natural disasters or war and conflict.

      Good Character

      You have to demonstrate that you have been of good character during your stay in the UK.

      The Home Office needs to be sure that you are a law-abiding citizen. If you have committed a criminal offence or have breached immigration rules, your application may not be approved by the Home Office.

      Documents Required for the Permanent Residence Application

      Here are the documents you’ll need to present to prove your eligibility for permanent residency:

      • Bangladeshi passport which must have been issued within the last 10 years.
      • Police clearance certificate to show that you have not committed any criminal offence.
      • Marriage and birth certificates if you are applying with your family. You also need to show these certificates if you are applying for permanent residency due to a relationship with a family member settled in the UK.
      • Life in the UK test unique reference number.
      • English language test result or degree certificate to prove your knowledge of the English language.
      • Passport photographs taken no earlier than 6 months ago.
      • Visas showing your immigration history.
      • Bank statement showing you meet the financial requirement for your route.
      • Employment letter showing you have something legitimate you are doing in the UK.
      • Payslips to show you meet the minimum salary requirement for your route.
      • Property deed, lease or rent contract with a UK landlord. The contract should bear your name and your address.
      • Evidence of tax returns to prove that you have been paying taxes.
      • Proof that your business is registered in the UK.
      • Evidence of paying the application fee.
      • Signed declaration and application form.

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        How To Apply For UK Residency

        The steps below will guide you on how to get permanent residency in UK:

        Step 1: Gather Your Documents

        The first step is to ensure you have the complete documents for the application ready. If you are unsure which document to present, you can contact our immigration advisors. Call our team at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

        Step 2: Pay the Visa Fee

        You’ll need to pay the visa fee of £2,885. This fee is for one person. If you want a priority service, you’ll need to pay an extra £500. If you want super priority service, you’ll need to pay an additional £1,000. Remember to submit receipts when uploading your supporting documents.

        Step 3: Make an Online Application

        Bangladeshi citizens must apply online at the Home Office’s website. The form you’ll fill out depends on your situation.

        If you are applying as a family member of a UK permanent residence or citizen, you are required to complete Form Set (O). Others will complete Form Set (M). While making your application, you can scan and upload your supporting documents to the portal.

        Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

        After applying online, you must schedule an appointment with the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Centre (UKVCAS). They will need to collect your biometrics, which will cost you £19.20.

        After making your appointment online, print out the confirmation page as evidence. You’ll need to submit the print out at the UKVCAS centre as proof that you were scheduled to come that day.

        Step 5: Attend Your Interview

        On the scheduled date, you and your family members can visit the UKVAS centre nearest to you. If you did not scan and upload your documents, the officials there can help you do it. You can also pay your application fee there.

        Step 6: Wait for a decision from the Home Office

        If you made the standard application, expect to hear back from the Home Office within 6 months. If you paid for the priority service, you will get a decision after 5 working days.

        Bangladeshi citizens who pay for the super-priority service will get a decision by the end of the next working day if their biometrics were captured on a weekday. You’ll get a verdict after 2 working days if your biometric capture was during the weekend.

        It is vital to note that you are not permitted to leave the UK until you get a response from the Home Office. Your application will be withdrawn if you leave the UK before the Home Office responds.

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        Extending Your Stay In The UK

        When you become a permanent resident in the UK, you no longer have immigration constraints. You do not need to extend your stay because your time in the UK is unlimited.

        However, you must understand that if you stay away from the UK for 2 consecutive years, your permanent residency will be annulled. To get it back, you’ll have to apply for a Returning Residents Visa.

        Permanent UK Residency - British Citizenship Requirements

        The UK permanent residency is a route to British citizenship. If you are married to a UK citizen, you can apply to acquire British nationality immediately after you get permanent residency. Others would need to be permanent residents for at least 1 year before applying.

        Below are some advantages of obtaining British citizenship:

        • You can pass British citizenship to your children
        • You can leave and re-enter the UK at will
        • You will not lose your status as a citizen no matter how long you spend outside the UK
        • You are eligible to vote and be voted for during elections
        • You can access government benefits open to British citizens
        • You can also get a British passport that can grant you visa-free access to many countries in the world

        There are 2 ways to submit an application for British citizenship:

        • You can apply online by yourself or using the help of an accredited legal representative
        • You can apply by post

        The Home Office discourages applications by post because it takes too long to process. You can contact us at Total Law to handle your British citizenship application.

        We have experienced lawyers who can ensure your application is of high standards. Call us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

        To apply online yourself, visit the Home Office and complete Form AN, the form for Naturalisation. After filling in your information on the platform, you can submit the email of 2 referees that can attest to your good behaviour.

        Upload your documents on the same portal and then schedule an appointment with the UKVCAS centre near you. The officials there will collect your biometrics.

        If your application is successful, the Home Office will notify you. You must return your biometric residence permit and attend a citizenship ceremony to get your naturalisation certificate. After that, you can then apply for a British passport.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        Total Law is your go-to firm for advice concerning UK permanent residence. We have competent lawyers who are experienced in the UK immigration laws. They can help you gather your documents, assess your eligibility and even apply for permanent residence on your behalf. We have handled the applications of many Bangladeshi citizens; we can handle yours too.

        You have a high chance of getting approval when you use our services. Using our services also reduces the probability of being refused, as this can affect your chances of approval if you reapply. You can also contact our lawyers if your permanent residency application is denied. They can review your case and help you appeal the Home Office’s decision.

        If you need more information about our services, contact us by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You cannot get permanent residence in the UK if you buy a property. If you purchase a property in the UK without a visa permitting you to enter the UK, you cannot enter the country.

                  You can only stay outside the UK as a permanent resident for 2 years. You will lose UK permanent residency if you stay more than 2 continuous years outside the UK. You’ll have to apply for a Returning Resident visa to regain permanent residence.

                  You are usually eligible for PR in the UK if you have stayed continuously in the UK for at least 5 years. The exact number of years you can stay in the UK before you can apply for permanent residency depends on the visa you are on. You must also meet some financial or salary requirements to get PR in the UK.