Portugal D3 Visa From Nepal

As a highly qualified expert from Nepal, you can move to Portugal via the D3 visa route. However, you must have a job contract or at least a promise of one to be able to apply.

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    Description of the Portugal D3 Visa For Citizens Of Nepal

    The D3 visa is a permit that allows highly skilled non-EU citizens to settle in Portugal. To be eligible for this residency visa, you must have an employment offer from a Portuguese employer or at least a promise of one.

    To be considered a highly qualified expert, you must show exceptional skills valuable in tackling specialised tasks. You are expected to have the qualifications and skills in your field to be helpful in Portugal.

    The D3 tech visa Portugal is a residency visa that can either be a route to getting the European Blue Card or permanent residency.

    After spending 5 years on the D3 visa, Nepali citizens can apply for Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship.

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    What Are The Benefits of the Portugal D3 Visa?

    Below are the D3 visa Portugal benefits:

    Visa-Free Access to the Schengen Area

    If you get a D3 Portugal residence permit, you can visit any of the countries in the Schengen area without needing to apply for a visa. You can spend 90 days maximum in the Schengen area.

    EU Blue Card

    One significant benefit of the D3 visa is that the holders can apply for the European Blue Card. The Blue Card is a unique permit given to highly qualified non-EU citizens. It is your ticket to accessing European socio-economic privileges and an accelerated track to permanent residency.

    Family Reunification

    Nepali citizens who hold a D3 residence permit can reunite with their families. This ensures that your want for better employment doesn’t jeopardise your family life.

    Tax Benefit

    Another attractive aspect of the D3 visa is that you can become a non-habitual resident. Under this tax regime, you can be exempt from paying taxes for 10 years if you spend less than 183 days in a year in Portugal.

    If you eventually spend up to 183 days in Portugal, you will be taxed at a 20% rate instead of the standard 48%.

    Route to Permanent Residence and Citizenship

    You can obtain permanent residence and citizenship if you spend up to 5 years on the D3 visa. You and your family can access public health and education benefits with a Portuguese PR.

    Fast Visa Processing Time

    Finally, Nepali citizens who apply for the D3 visa enjoy priority visa processing. The visa application process is given priority over all other Portuguese visas.

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      What Skilled Workers Are Classified as Highly Qualified Professionals?

      You have to be a:

      • Manager or director in your field. You must show evidence of being a company or business executive director, high-ranking public administrator, admin manager, or senior management staff member.
      • Specialist in science and technology. Notable areas are science, engineering, law, education, IT, medicine and creative arts.

      Eligibility Requirements for the D3 Portugal Visa For Nepal Citizens

      To obtain the D3 visa, you must meet the D3 visa Portugal requirements:

      Employment Offer

      You must have an employment offer or a promise of one from a Portuguese employer. You must note that the offer must be valid for at least 1 year.

      Evidence of Skill or Qualification

      You must show you have a high educational qualification for your application to be approved. You must present certificates to prove that you meet this requirement. You can prove this by submitting your resume and former evidence of employment or placement in management positions.

      Certifications of projects completed in your field will also suffice. If you are practising in a regulated profession such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, health, accounting or finance, you must provide a licence that has permitted you to practise.


      Another criterion that proves you are an expert or a highly skilled professional is how much you are paid. For the D3 visa, you must prove you have a monthly income 1.5 times higher than the Portuguese national minimum wage or 3 times higher than the Index of Social Support.

      Portugal’s national minimum annual wage is €10,640, while the Index of Social Support is €480.43. You can prove that you already earned this in your previous role or will earn such an amount upon resuming work in Portugal.

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        Required Documents for the Portugal D3 Visa Application

        See the documents you need to present to the Embassy or Consulate when making your application:

        Application Form

        You must download the national visa application form from the Portuguese government website. You have to print and fill out the form and then sign it.

        Nepal Passport

        You must present a passport issued no earlier than 10 years from the application date. It must also be valid for 3 months after your visa expires. Finally, there must be at least 2 blank pages where the Embassy will attach your visa.

        Passport Photographs

        You need two passport photographs. They must not have been taken earlier than 3 months from your application date. The photos must comply with the EU photo standard and make recognising you easy.


        You must show you have somewhere to stay in Portugal. Documents to be submitted include a deed of property purchase, rental agreement or hotel bookings. An invitation letter or accommodation offer from a Portuguese employer can also serve.

        Medical Insurance

        You must have purchased medical insurance before applying for a visa. The medical insurance must be worth at least €30 000. It must also be valid throughout every country in the EU. The insurance covers the cost of your medical bills in case of ill health, injury or need for repatriation.

        Criminal History Certificate

        You must obtain a criminal history certificate from the Police in Nepal. This certificate must not have been obtained for more than 90 days before your visa application date. You’ll also need to present a criminal certificate from every country you have spent at least 3 months in the past 5 years.

        Consent Form

        On the website of the Portuguese government, you also need to download, print, fill out and sign a form authorising the SEF to do a background check on you.

        Work Contract

        You must submit a work contract signed by you and the Portuguese employer. In place of this, you can also submit an invitation letter from the employer who has promised you work. In both cases, the contract must specify what you’re coming to do and how much you will be paid for your work. Note that the amount you’ll be paid for your work will also prove that you have the financial means to live in Portugal.


        You have to submit a resume that outlines all your skills and qualifications.

        Evidence of Qualification

        Here, you can submit diplomas and certifications that prove you are highly skilled. If you work in a regulated field, you must also present a licence that permits you to practise.

        What Are The Fees For the Portugal D3 Visa Application?

        It will cost you €90 to apply for the D3 visa.

        It will cost you €85 to get a residence permit in Portugal.

        You should also factor in the cost of translating and legalising your documents.

        Note that you are exempt from paying the visa application fee if your job involves highly skilled research.

        Applying For The D3 Visa From Nepal

        To submit your D3 visa Portugal application, take the following steps:

        Gather Your Documents

        Use the required documents section as a checklist to prepare the documents you’ll use for your application.

        Apply Online

        The next step is to go to the E-visa section of the Portuguese government website and download the national visa form. Print and fill it out, then sign the document. Unsigned application forms will result in unprocessed visa applications.

        Get a Submission Appointment

        On the same government site, you can schedule a visit to the Embassy to submit your applications. Scheduling an appointment is mandatory, as walk-in submissions are not accepted.

        Pay the Visa Fees

        You can pay online, at the Embassy, consulate, or visa application centre.

        Submit Your Documents

        Nepali citizens who wish to use the Embassy will have to visit the Embassy of Portugal in New Delhi, India, to submit their applications. There is also an option of using the VFS Global visa application centre in Nepal or India.

        Upon getting to the venue, the officials will review your documents and collect your biometrics.

        Pick Your Visa

        If your application is successful, you’ll be notified when and where to pick up your visa. You can then travel to Portugal.

        Get Your Residence Permit

        After arriving in Portugal, you have 120 days to apply for a residence permit at the SEF.

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          Validity & How to Renew the Portugal D3 Visa

          The D3 visa is valid for 1 year.

          If your employer still needs your service, you can renew for twice, with each renewal giving you 2 years.

          To renew your visa, you must submit a copy of your residence permit and the other documents used in applying for the visa initially. You’ll make your application to the SEF.

          Family Reunification On The Portugal D3 Visa

          After getting your residence permit in Portugal, your family can apply for a family reunification visa.

          The visa will be valid as long as yours is.

          Note that you must prove you have enough money or are paid enough to take care of the family size coming to join you in Portugal.

          How Can Total Law Help?

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The D3 visa is valid for 1 year. After that, you get to renew 2 times. Each renewal will give you 2 years.

                    It takes 30 days to get a D3 visa. D3 visa applications are treated as a priority. Hence, you should get a decision in 30 days.

                    You can change employers while on a D3 residence permit. All you need is to ensure that you, your new employer and your work contract meet the eligibility criteria for a D3 visa.