Portugal D2 Visa From Nepal

If you are a Nepalese citizen who wants to create or buy an already existing business in Portugal, you must obtain a Portugal D2 visa. You are required to provide a comprehensive business plan for the business you want to set up in Portugal.

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    Portugal D2 Visa For Citizens Of Nepal

    The Portugal D2 visa is designed for Nepalese entrepreneurs, freelancers, or independent professionals who want to set up a business or buy shares in Portugal and the Schengen zone. This visa is also suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to open another branch of their already existing business in Portugal.

    Before you are allowed to open a new business in Portugal on a D2 visa, you are required to provide a comprehensive business plan to show the viability of your business in Portugal. The business plan must also show the prospect of your business to contribute significantly to the economy of Portugal.

    When you obtain the Portugal D2 visa, you will be issued a temporary residence permit at the SEF which will allow your family members to come and join you in Portugal. With the D2 visa, you will have the right to live in Portugal and even enter other 26 countries in the Schengen area for business purposes without obtaining another visa.

    You are allowed to open any business of your choice in Portugal with the Portugal D2 visa. Also, you are neither given a threshold of investment to make nor thresholds on the profitability or job creation in Portugal.

    This visa is ideal for Nepalese entrepreneurs who want to stay in Portugal indefinitely since they are allowed to do any business of their choice in Portugal. When you stay in Portugal for up to 5 years with the D2 visa, you may qualify for permanent residency or citizenship status in the country.

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    Who Can Apply For a Portugal D2 Visa?

    As a Nepalese citizen, you may apply for a Portugal D2 visa, if you meet the following conditions. You must be:

    • 18 years old or above.
    • An individual with no criminal record.
    • Owner of an already existing business and wishes to open a branch in Portugal.
    • An individual who has a well-detailed business plan for a new business in Portugal.
    • Someone who wants to buy a business or its share in Portugal.
    • An individual who rented or owns a house in Portugal.
    • Someone who has health insurance.
    • An individual who has enough money to live in Portugal for a minimum of 1 year.

    The Portugal D2 visa is designed to be convenient for Nepalese citizens. This is because Nepalese entrepreneurs are allowed to venture into any business of their choice. Besides that, they are allowed to invest any amount of their choice in the business.

    Furthermore, as a Nepalese entrepreneur, you are not given a target for the number of jobs to create in Portugal or the amount of profit to generate per annum. However, it is advised that you prove your business will help bolster the Portuguese economy and that you have enough money to invest in your business just as stated in your business plan.

    Portugal D2 Visa Requirements & Documents For Citizens Of Nepal

    Nepalese applicants must provide the following required business and personal Portugal D2 visa documents when applying for the visa. They include:

    Service Contract

    If you are a Nepalese independent service provider, you are required to provide a documented proposal or contract that explains the scope of your services along with how they will be applied.

    Investment Declaration

    Nepalese entrepreneurs are required to declare the amount, timing, and type of investment they have made or plan to make in Portugal. Your chances of getting a favourable decision will increase if you also advertise employment opportunities in Portugal.

    When your Portugal D2 visa application is being evaluated, the Portuguese authorities will consider the economic, social, cultural, technological, and scientific importance of the investment you will make in Portugal.

    Financial Power

    Before you are granted the D2 visa, you are required to show that you have enough funds to help you run your business during your stay in Portugal. Therefore, you must prove that your company is financially stable and has the potential for growth while you manage it in Portugal.

    Business Establishment

    You are required to bring documents as evidence that you are eligible to open a business in Portugal. Additionally, some of these documents must prove that you already have an established business in Portugal (if any). If you have enough funds to run your business in Portugal, you may also present such documents as proof.

    Comprehensive Business Plan

    Nepalese applicants for a D2 visa are required to have a solid business plan and financial backup. This is because the D2 visa is designed by the Portuguese government to raise funds from outside the country to help bolster the economy of Portugal.

    The business plan must show the relevance of your business to the Portuguese economy. It must also show how important your business will be for society, science, technology, and Portuguese culture. Generally, your business plan must explain the prospect of your business venture.

    Share Capital

    Note that small businesses in Portugal typically have a share capital of about €5,000 when applying. The share capital is the initial and relatively minimal amount of investment that helps to ensure your business will survive even when it does not make profits.

    The following are the personal documents you must provide for your Portugal D2 visa application:

    Travel Health Insurance

    All Nepalese applicants for the D2 visa must have travel health insurance. This health insurance must cover any unforeseen medical expenses you may encounter during your stay in Portugal.

    The health insurance must also be valid across all the EU countries. Each of your family members must obtain individual health insurance.

    You become entitled to the Portuguese public healthcare system when you obtain a Portuguese residence card.

    However, if there is a delay in obtaining your residence permit in Portugal, your health insurance becomes a backup for you in the event you have a medical emergency.

    Passport and Photographs

    Nepalese applicants for the D2 visa are required to bring their 2 recent passport-size photographs. You must also provide your Nepalese international passport. The passport must be valid for an extra 6 months beyond the expiry date of your Portugal D2 visa.

    NIF and Portuguese Bank Account

    You must obtain a Tax Identification Number (Número de Identificação Fiscal or NIF). You are required to visit the tax authorities of Portugal to obtain the NIF number. When you visit a Portuguese bank to open a bank account to help you conduct business transactions in the country, you must provide your NIF number.

    Designation of a Tax Representative

    As a Nepalese entrepreneur who wants to obtain a Portugal D2 visa, you are required to have a tax representative in Portugal.

    Evidence of Enough Funds

    You should prove that you have sufficient funds to fend for your business expenses while in Portugal. You must prove to the Portuguese authorities that you have enough finances to cover your expenses for a minimum of 1 year in Portugal.

    You are required to bring your bank statements that will show you have a minimum of 1 year of savings which is equivalent to 12 months’ minimum wage in Portugal.

    Evidence of Accommodation

    You must prove that you have accommodation in Portugal, as a Nepalese entrepreneur or independent professional who wishes to obtain a D2 visa. Deeds to property you own in Portugal, a hotel reservation or a rental contract may be evidence of where you will stay when you enter Portugal.

    Besides that, you may also bring a letter of invitation you received from a family member or friend residing in Portugal.

    Criminal Record Certificate

    You must provide a Police Clearance Certificate issued by the Police Headquarters, (CID) Criminal Investigation Department, Kathmandu, Nepal. This certificate typically states your criminal record and certifies whether you are of good conduct or not.

    With the Police Clearance Certificate, the Portuguese authorities will determine whether to accept your D2 visa application or refuse it. It helps them know whether you have a questionable character or decide if you will become a burden to the Portuguese public safety.

    The criminal record you must obtain has to be within the last 3 months and issued by a worthy authority of the country you have resided in the past 1 year.

    Note that your visa application is not automatically rejected because of a crime you committed. However, the rejection of your visa application based on your criminal record largely depends on the nature and severity of the crime.

    If you have committed a crime in the past and need guidance on how to apply for a Portuguese visa, do not worry, Total Law can help. We have expert immigration lawyers who will help to find the best solution for your case. Do not hesitate to reach out to us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for immediate response.

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      How to Get a D2 Visa From Nepal

      As a Nepalese entrepreneur seeking a Portugal D2 visa, you are required to apply by complying with the following step-by-step guide:

      Get Your Documents 

      You must first gather all the required supporting documents, including your Portugal D2 visa application form.

      Most importantly, you must include a comprehensive business plan in your application. If you do not know how to craft a professional and compelling business plan, our immigration lawyers at Total Law are ready to help you.

      We have assisted several Nepalese entrepreneurs in creating a solid business plan that has helped them obtain their D2 visa. All you need to do is to call us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

      Get a NIF and Bank Account

      After gathering the needed documents, you must therefore get a NIF number and a bank account. You must first obtain a NIF number as it will be used to create your Portuguese bank account.

      After the creation of your bank account, you will conveniently carry out your financial transactions through it, including making online purchases, buying shares, making rental payments, etc.

      Submit the Documents

      After obtaining a NIF number and opening a Portuguese bank account you may now secure an accommodation in Portugal. After that, you must then file your documents, pay €90 consular fee on the appointment day, and receive your D2 visa at the Portuguese embassy in Kathmandu.

      Await Visa Decision

      The Portugal D2 visa processing time typically takes up to 60 days after filing your documents. Your documents will be assessed by the immigration officers and they will also check if you are qualified to obtain the visa. If they believe you meet the requirements, you will be invited for an interview.

      Receive Your Visa

      Once you pass your interview after convincing the immigration officers that your documents are authentic coupled with good answers to questions, you will be issued your Portugal D2 visa.

      The visa will only be valid for 4 months, because of this, you are required to switch it to a temporary residence permit.

      Schedule an Appointment

      The next step is to make an appointment with the SEF to switch your D2 visa to a temporary residence permit. When you get to the SEF office, you will be required to pay a €155.50 residence permit processing fee for yourself and each dependent (if any).

      You will be issued a 2-year card with an option for an extension when your residence permit is approved. Note that you are expected to schedule an appointment with the SEF even if the available dates are not within the specified 120 days (your D2 visa validity period).

      This is because your stay in Portugal will still be considered lawful even if your D2 visa validity period has expired for the fact that you have fixed an appointment with the SEF.

      Benefits Associated With the Portugal D2 Visa

      Several benefits come with obtaining a Portugal D2 visa. They include:

      Free Movement in the Schengen Area

      Nepalese entrepreneurs who obtain the Portugal D2 visa can travel to any European country of their choice without obtaining an additional visa.

      Also, your movement in and out of different Schengen member states is unrestricted. Because of this, you will be free to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in the Schengen zone.

      Ideal Business Environment

      Portugal offers an innovative, competitive and vibrant market. Additionally, the commercial environment of Portugal is accommodating and provides opportunities for non-EU national businesses to thrive.

      In light of this, as a Nepalese entrepreneur, there is a great chance for your business to survive in Portugal.

      In recent years, Portugal has established a reputation for nation-building in the tourism and manufacturing sectors and tech and services industries. Also, according to research, the economy of Portugal continues to grow each year.

      Non-Habitual Tax Regime (NHR) Benefits

      You can apply for and obtain the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax benefits if you have obtained a Portugal D2 visa. You can only qualify for this tax programme if you are a Nepalese or a non-EU entrepreneur who resides lawfully in Portugal and has never paid taxes in the country for the last 5 years.

      The NHR programme grants Nepalese citizens and other non-EU nationals preferential tax treatment in all their earnings within and outside the Portuguese territory. Because of this, you are granted tax breaks on pension income, rental income, income tax, etc.

      With the NHR programme, the income Nepalese nationals and other non-EU citizens earn from abroad are not taxed at the regular tax rates in Portugal. NHR beneficiaries are required to bring the documents of their housing in Portugal and are also required to remain in Portugal for at least 183 days per year to retain their residency in the country.

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        Portugal D2 Visa Leading to Residency: Is It Possible?

        Yes, it is possible to obtain residency in Portugal with a D2 visa. Your Portugal D2 visa allows you to enter Portugal as a Nepalese entrepreneur. On your arrival in Portugal, you must visit the SEF office to change your D2 visa to a temporary residence permit.

        After that, you will be issued a residence permit that is valid for 2 years with the option of an additional 3 years extension if you wish to remain in Portugal. When you extend your temporary residence permit,  stay in Portugal for a total of 5 years, and meet other Portugal D2 visa stay requirements, you may obtain Portuguese permanent residency.

        Does the Portugal D2 Visa Lead to Citizenship?

        The D2 visa can lead to Portugal citizenship. This can only be possible if you have resided in Portugal for a minimum of 5 years. Besides that, you must meet other requirements to be regarded as a Portuguese citizen.

        Some of these requirements include having a connection to Portugal, no criminal record, A2 level in Portuguese proficiency, etc. You have several incentives to enjoy as a Portuguese citizen, such as the right to free healthcare across the Schengen zone, unrestricted movement, the right to vote and be voted for, freedom to live anywhere in the EU for 90 days, etc.

        How Can Total Law Help

        Nepalese entrepreneurs, or independent professionals who wish to open a new business, buy shares, or set up a branch of an already existing business in Portugal can obtain a Portugal D2 visa. But before you get this visa, you are required to be eligible for it and meet certain requirements.

        Additionally, you must have a comprehensive business plan to back up your application and prove to the Portuguese authorities that your business has all it takes to thrive in Portugal. You must also submit several business and personal documents during your application.

        If this is your first time applying for a Portugal D2 visa, the processes involved may be overwhelming for you. Because of this, it is advised that you seek expert guidance from our immigration advisers at Total Law.

        We will assist you in gathering your business and personal documents and navigating the D2 visa Portugal official website to apply for your visa. Besides that, we will help you craft a solid business plan that will convince the Portuguese authorities to give you a chance in the Portuguese competitive market.

        For more information about the fees required, the needed documents or advice about establishing a company in Portugal, get in touch with us at Total Law. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  You are only required to invest a minimum of €250,000 to obtain PR in Portugal via the Portugal Golden visa route.

                  Yes, you can work with a Portugal D2 visa. This visa grants you the right to work or set up a business as an independent professional and also live in Portugal.

                  The Portugal D7 visa suits non-EU nationals who are sufficient passive income earners. Whereas the Portugal D2 visa suits non-EU citizens who want to invest in businesses, set up their businesses, or buy an already existing business in Portugal.