British Citizenship

Turkish citizens can earn British citizenship status, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. When you become a British citizen, you will be entitled to several state benefits that British nationals enjoy.

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    Becoming a British Citizen

    Turkish nationals who meet the eligibility requirements for British citizenship can become British citizens. As a Turkish national, you can become a British citizen by naturalisation, marriage and other routes depending on your situation.

    When you become a British citizen, you will be allowed to live, work, study, and carry out every other activity in the UK without immigration restrictions. Also, you will be free to leave the UK and re-enter for as long as you want.

    Moreover, becoming a British citizen will grant you access to the UK public funds and even the National Health Service (NHS). Generally, you will be entitled to all the benefits the UK natives enjoy. You must live in the country for some years before you can apply for British citizenship.

    You will need permission to remain in the UK when you apply for British citizenship. This permission, such as Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), settled or pre-settled status, must be valid until your citizenship ceremony. If you already have ILR, you must wait for an additional 1 year before you apply for British citizenship.

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    Getting British Citizenship

    There are several ways to be eligible for British citizenship. They include:

    • If you have a British parent, you may become eligible to obtain British citizenship. However, this depends on your parents’ situation, where and when you were born.
    • If you have another nationality, such as a British overseas citizen, British subject, British protected person, or British national (overseas).
    • If one of your parents is a citizen of British overseas territories.
    • If you had renounced your British citizenship.
    • If you are not a citizen of any country (stateless).

    As a Turkish citizen, other situations are likely to qualify you for British citizenship status. Therefore, it’s best to seek expert guidance from an immigration lawyer to help you assess your situation. Talk to one of our immigration lawyers today for immediate assistance by calling us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contacting us online.

    Getting British Citizenship for Children

    Most times children of individuals granted British citizenship are not automatically British. Therefore, they need to fulfil certain requirements and make a proper application to be British citizens.

    To obtain British citizenship for your child, you must make a separate application (if you are also applying for the same). Apply to register children under 18 years old as British citizens. This application process is seamless as the child will not be required to prove English proficiency, pass the Life in the UK Test or do the citizenship ceremony.

    British Citizenship by Naturalisation

    The formal procedure for obtaining British citizenship if you were not born in the UK is known as British naturalisation. You’ll be able to apply for a UK passport and have all the privileges and rights British citizens enjoy after becoming a naturalised citizen.

    Living in the UK, working there, and accessing public funds will all be possible. When you enter the UK via a Spouse visa, Family Reunion visa, Parent visa, etc., you can renew your visa when its validity period expires.

    After renewing the visa, and remaining in the UK for up to 5 years, you can qualify to remain in the UK indefinitely. You may then apply to become a British citizen by naturalisation after residing in the UK for an additional 1 year after obtaining the Indefinite Leave to Remain.

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    British Citizenship by Birth

    Children born in the British territory do not automatically become British citizens. They must meet certain requirements to become British citizens. As a Turkish citizen who was born in the UK and resided there until you turned 10 years old, you can apply for British citizenship. You can apply for British citizenship if you were raised in the UK and were under 18 when at least one of your parents obtained citizenship or permanent residency in the country.

    British Citizenship by Descent

    This British citizenship route grants individuals born outside the UK the right to become British citizens because they have a British parent. An individual can obtain British citizenship through descent by registration or being born outside the UK to a British parent.

    British Citizenship by Marriage

    Merely getting married to a British citizen does not automatically grant you British citizenship. You may become eligible to apply for British citizenship when you meet the requirements.

    That being said, you can qualify for UK citizenship by marriage if you live with a British citizen for up to 3 years in the UK. You are also required to be 18 years old or above before getting married among other requirements.

    British Citizenship by Investment

    British citizenship by Investment, otherwise known as economic citizenship or investment migration permits its holder to invest significantly in the British economy. The UK does not grant a route to British citizenship via British citizenship by investment currently.

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      UK Dual Citizenship


      The UK allows dual citizenship, otherwise known as dual nationality. This implies that you can be both a British citizen and a Turkish citizen because the Turkish government recognises dual citizenship.

      You can maintain your British citizenship while applying for citizenship abroad. Therefore, applying for dual citizenship is not necessary.

      Dual citizenship is not recognised in many countries. To learn about the rules of dual nationality in that country, you can contact the country’s closest consulate or embassy.

      Dual Citizenship When Travelling Abroad

      As a dual national, the British government cannot provide you with diplomatic assistance while you are in another country where you hold citizenship. For instance, if you are a dual citizen of the UK and Turkey, you are not eligible for diplomatic assistance from the UK while you are in Turkey.

      Dual Citizenship as a Child or When Married

      You are not granted British citizenship immediately after you get married to a British citizen, instead, you are required to apply as the partner or spouse of the individual. Married individuals are automatically considered to hold the nationality of their spouse in certain nations. In addition, even if a child was born overseas, they may immediately inherit their parents’ nationality.

      How to Apply for British Citizenship?

      Turkish nationals who want to obtain British citizenship can do so depending on their situations. The steps for British citizenship application include:

      Step 1. Complete Your Application Form

      Fill out your citizenship application form with the correct information online. You will be shown the different supporting documents you must provide depending on the citizenship route you are applying from.

      For applicants currently in the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, or a British overseas territory, you are not permitted to apply online. Instead, you are required to assemble your documents, fill out a paper application form and submit your application in person or by post.

      Note that it is crucial to engage the services of an immigration lawyer who already knows how British citizenship application works. Our immigration lawyers at Total Law can help you gather all the required documents and guide you throughout the application stages. Reach out to us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

      Step 2. Pay the Application Fee

      After completing your application form, you will be required to pay your citizenship application fee. After a successful payment, you will be notified via email and issued proof of payment.

      Step 3. Gather Your Documents

      Get all the documents you were shown when filling out your citizenship application form. Submit your documents on the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) website. When you log into your account, you will be given all the details regarding the size, format, or number of documents needed for your application.

      Step 4. Schedule an Appointment

      At this stage, you are required to make an appointment with the UKVCAS to submit your biometric information (fingerprints and photographs).

      Step 5: File Your Biometric

      Come for the appointment on time to submit your biometric information. Come with your appointment confirmation letter issued to you via your email. Also, ensure you attend the appointment with your original documents as they will be assessed for authenticity.

      Step 6. Come for Your Citizenship Ceremony

      Upon a successful application for British citizenship, you will be issued a decision letter on your application. Thereafter you must book your citizenship ceremony with your local authority.

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        Requirements for British Citizenship Application

        To obtain British citizenship status, Turkish citizens must meet certain requirements. To meet the British citizenship requirements, you must:

        • Provide your Turkish international passport.
        • Get your residence card to prove you have the ILR status.
        • Provide your biometric residence permit.
        • Present evidence of your paid citizenship application fees.
        • Present your unique reference number for a passed Life in the UK test.
        • Show proof that you were in the UK during the assessment period.
        • Get evidence of your immigration status.
        • Provide your birth or marriage certificate (if applying with your family).
        • Provide your bank statement.
        • Get your proof of tax payment.
        • Present your parents’ passport if you are applying for British citizenship via the birth route.
        • Complete an Application for Naturalisation (AN) form as a British citizen.
        • Get your admission or employment letter.
        • Provide reference forms signed by your referees.
        • Get the test result to prove your English proficiency.
        • Prove that you have a home address in the UK. To do this, provide your property deed or tenancy contract with your landlord in the UK.

        After gathering the above-mentioned documents, ensure that all documents in Turkish or other foreign languages are translated into English by a licensed translator. Also, ensure that those translated documents are notarised.

        British Citizenship Application Fee

        Turkish citizens applying for British citizenship are required to pay some amount of money in the process. The British citizenship cost include:

        • Pay £1,330 for your British citizenship application. Included in this amount is the British ceremony fee worth £80.
        • Pay £1,214 to apply for a child under 18 but you may apply for a fee waiver if you cannot afford the application fee.
        • Pay £19.20 for your biometric appointment.
        • Pay the Life in the UK Test fee worth £50. If you already took this test before you were granted ILR, you don’t need to retake the test.
        • Pay £150 for English language test.

        Fee Waivers for Children

        Children under 18 who qualify to register for British citizenship may be exempted from paying the British citizenship cost. The children who can benefit from the fee waiver or fee exemption are children who are:

        • Taken care of by a local authority.
        • Residing outside of the UK and are in a situation where they are being taken care of by a local authority and seeking to register as British citizens.
        • Applying to register as British citizens and can prove along with their guardians or parents that they cannot afford the fee.

        Additionally, there is a corresponding exemption from the costs associated with administering a citizenship oath and vow or having a citizenship ceremony.

        How Long Does it Take to Get British Citizenship?

        It typically takes the UK Home Office about 6 months to process your citizenship application. However, the process may dwell even longer should there be inaccuracies in your application. In some situations, you may be required to provide further documentation to support your application.

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        Pass the Life in the UK Test

        Passing the Life in the UK exam is a requirement for Turkish nationals seeking British citizenship. Your knowledge of the customs, cuisine, politics, culture, history, and day-to-day life in the United Kingdom will be examined.

        Go to the Home Office’s website and use the Life in the UK examination portal to schedule the exam. It’s vital to remember that the only location to schedule the test is on the Home Office website. You must pay £50 to schedule the test.

        Turkish citizens who wish to take the test must make a reservation at least 3 days in advance with the Home Office. You are free to select the location that is most convenient or closest to you. To register for the test, you’ll need a valid ID (biometric residence permit or passport), a credit or debit card, and an email address.

        Fill in the same name you have on your ID while registering for the test. The test is accessible to everybody; individuals with impairments are provided for. Additionally, the Home Office provided resources for those who would wish to rehearse for the exam.

        You may get a manual on their website to help you get ready. The manual can be downloaded in print, text, and audio forms. You have 45 minutes to complete all 24 questions on the Life in the UK test. You need to get at least 75% to pass the test.

        After passing the test, you will receive a special reference number that you can include as documentation with your citizenship application. You are allowed to retake the test as many times as necessary until you pass it. But each retake will cost you money.

        If you fall under these categories of people, you can be exempted from taking the test:

        • Turkish citizens who already passed the test to obtain ILR.
        • Turkish nationals who may not be able to take the test due to a chronic physical or mental illness. To prove this, get a letter or form from your doctor.

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          Prove You Understand English

          Turkish nationals applying for British citizenship must prove they understand English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic. However, some individuals are exempted from proving they understand English. They include:

          • Individuals from English-speaking countries.
          • People who have a degree that was taught in English.
          • Individuals who are under 18 or over 65 years old.
          • Applicants aged 60 to 65 who can prove they may not learn English until they turn 65.
          • People who suffer from mental or physical conditions that prevent them from passing the test.

          Check You’re of Good Character

          Turkish nationals applying for British citizenship must prove they are of good character. To prove this, you must ensure you do not owe any kind of debt and have not engaged in unlawful activities, such as having an NHS debt, unpaid taxes, a criminal record, or breaking the UK immigration law, etc.

          Note that it’s crucial to include all relevant information to your application, such as criminal conviction. Your application may be rejected if the Home Office discovers you hid some details intentionally.

          Provide 2 Referees

          The Home Office requires you to provide 2 names of people who will help prove your identity. They must have known you for more than 3 years and must be:

          • A civil servant of any country (someone with professional standing).
          • British passport holder and over 25 years old (also with professional standing).

          British Citizenship Ceremony

          The British citizenship ceremony is an event where new citizens take an oath of allegiance and a pledge (or they might affirm if they would rather not swear by God) to uphold the UK laws, freedoms, and rights. Following the ceremony, you will be given a welcome package and a certificate of British citizenship.

          How Can Total Law Help?

          Turkish nationals seeking British citizenship must meet several UK citizenship requirements. You are required to bring various documents to support your application. You may risk a refusal of your application if you omit any of the required documents in your application.

          Besides that, you must choose the route to British citizenship that best suits your situation. This may be a complex task for you to do alone. For this reason, you should seek expert guidance from an immigration lawyer.

          Our immigration lawyers at Total Law are professional immigration lawyers who have helped many Turkish citizens obtain British citizenship. We can help you assess your eligibility, find the citizenship route that best suits you, help you gather all the required documents and even apply on your behalf.

          If you need guidance in all stages of the British citizenship application, how to obtain British dual citizenship or other services we offer, call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    You may qualify as a British citizen if you or your parents were born in the UK.

                    If you were born in the United Kingdom on or after January 1, 1983, and one of your parents was a British citizen or had “settled” in the country, you are typically automatically considered a British citizen.