Business Visitor Visa UK

Turkish citizens can enter the UK via a UK Business Visitor visa to carry out unpaid business activities. This visa can only allow foreign nationals to stay in the UK for a short-term period that is typically up to 6 months.

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    Visit UK on Business Purpose

    The UK boasts several growing business sectors that continue to attract investors worldwide. For this reason, foreign nationals typically have several short-term business-related activities that bring them to the UK. The UK visa type that best suits these visits is the UK Business Visitor visa which is one of the categories of the UK Standard Visitor visa.

    With the UK Business visa, Turkish entrepreneurs can enter the UK to attend business meetings, sign trade contracts or agreements, arrange deals, etc. After obtaining this visa, you will not be permitted to engage in a paid job when you enter the UK unless a UK organisation would pay you as a professional in your field for a permitted paid engagement.

    You are allowed to apply for this visa 3 months earlier, and it is valid for 6 months, after which you must return to Turkey. However, you may also apply for a long-term Visitor visa, if you intend to visit the UK regularly for business meetings. The long-term Visitor visa can be valid from 2 to 10 years allowing you 6 months’ stay per visit.

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    Eligibility for Business Visitor Visa UK

    As a Turkish citizen seeking to enter the UK for a short-term business visit, you must know if you qualify for the Business Visitor visa before you apply. Do the following to qualify for a UK Business Visitor visa:

    • Hold a valid Turkish international passport or travel document. The travel documents you hold must be valid during your total stay period in the UK.
    • Plan to leave the UK and return to Turkey after the expiration of your visa. To prove this, Turkish applicants are required to present a round-trip flight ticket.
    • Show evidence that your purpose of travel is business-related. Provide an invitation letter sent to you by a UK-based company requiring your presence at a business meeting, conference or other business activities.
    • Show that you can take care of yourself financially, or otherwise, prove that your employer or the hosting company will sponsor your trip.
    • Not wishing to carry out any prohibited activity while you are in the UK.
    • Not seeking to make the UK your primary residence or plan to stay in the country for a longer period through repeated or consecutive visits under this visa.

    Apply for a UK Business Visit Visa from Turkey

    As a Turkish citizen, you can apply for the Business Visitor visa following the below steps:

    Qualify for the Visa

    Ensure that you are eligible to apply for the Business Visitor visa which will allow you to enter the UK on a short-term basis to carry out business-related activities. To ensure you qualify for the UK Business Visitor visa, our immigration lawyers at Total Law can help to assess your situation.

    Our immigration lawyers can also advise you on the steps to take to obtain the visa and even apply on your behalf. You can call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online for a quick response.

    Complete the Visa Application

    To kickstart your application, you need to create an account on the website of the UK government if you don’t have one. Thereafter, complete the online application form on the website with the correct information in English.

    Upload Needed Documents

    You must get your required documents ready after completing the application form. Then, you will see the full checklist of the documents you are required to provide. You must upload the digital copies of those required documents.

    Pay the Visa Fee

    At this stage, you must pay the visa fee online on the website of the UK government with your debit or credit card after filling out the visa application form with the required details.

    Submit Your Documents

    You might have to physically visit a UK visa application centre to provide your biometric data (photographs and fingerprints). In addition, you must provide any additional documentation that is needed to support your application.

    Wait for a Decision

    After your visa application has been approved, you will be told where and when you can come to pick up your visa.

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      Requirements for a Business Visit Visa UK

      As a Turkish citizen applying for a Business Visitor visa, you are required to meet several requirements. Among these requirements are specific documents needed to support your application. They include:

      • Valid Turkish international passport or other travel documents
      • Evidence you can pay for your onward and return flight tickets
      • Information about the UK company or employer
      • Details of your last 10 years’ travel plus your immigration records, if any
      • Proof that you have accommodation when you enter the UK, such as hotel reservation, rental contract, etc.
      • Proof of funds, such as bank statements, payslips, etc.
      • A business certificate which proves that you run your business as a self-employed individual
      • Evidence of employment, such as an employment letter or work contract
      • Round-trip flight ticket. This will prove to the UK authorities that you already have plans in place to leave the UK once your stay period expires
      • Verification of legal residence, if your application is submitted from a country other than your home country
      • Evidence of the activities you will carry out after entering the UK, such as documents confirming your meetings, appointments, and other business-related activities

      Ensure that your documents in foreign languages are translated into English by a UK-certified translator and duly notarised.

      Visa National Requirement

      A person who needs a visit visa to get into the UK as a visitor due to their nationality is known as a visa national. Visa holders typically have to apply for a Visit visa in advance of their trip to the UK.

      The list of countries whose citizens must apply for a Visit visa before visiting the UK as visitors is maintained by the Home Office; most non-EU/EFTA countries make up this list. However, there are a few exceptions on the list that let some visa holders apply for entrance as visitors when they arrive in the UK.

      The exempted countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, etc.
      whose citizens may obtain Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) or an Electronic Visa Waiver to enter the UK. EU citizens are non-visa nationals, and as such do not require a Visit visa to enter the UK as visitors.

      This means that they can apply for entry as visitors when they arrive in the UK. Even without a visa, an EU national must still meet the conditions to enter the country as a visitor. As such, when they arrive, they should be ready to explain why they are visiting, how they will be supported and housed in the UK, and when they want to return.

      Business Visit Visa Permitted Activities

      The UK Business Visit visa can allow its holder to carry out the following activities:

      • Delivering a single, non-profit speech or a brief series of talks, as long as they are not sponsored events
      • Making site visits and inspections
      • Learning about the requirements of a client located in the UK, provided that the work is done for them outside of the country
      • Negotiating and signing agreements and contracts
      • Participating in conferences, seminars, interviews, and meetings
      • Gathering data to get work overseas
      • Attending trade shows only for marketing purposes provided there is no direct selling involved

      If you work for a foreign company, you will be required to engage in the following corporate or intra-corporate business activities:

      • Providing expertise and information to UK employees of the same corporate group for a specific internal project, provided that no work is done in direct client contact
      • Performing regulatory or financial audits while employed as an in-house auditor for a UK branch of a business that is part of the exact group as the foreign employer
      • Giving training, troubleshooting, consulting or advice

      The actual establishment or running of a business is prohibited by a Standard Visitor visa, although it permits some additional sector-specific actions, such as obtaining funding to start, take over, join, or run a business in the UK.

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        Business Visit Visa Financial Requirement

        To be granted a Business Visitor visa, Turkish nationals must support themselves financially after they arrive in the UK. Without seeking public funds or finding employment in the UK, you must pay for expenses like transport, lodging, and have enough money for your upkeep, etc. Your UK partner companies may pay for your business trip, and they may continue to provide you with financial support while you’re there.

        Business Visit Visa English Language Requirement

        The meeting of English language proficiency standards is not a particular condition for the UK Business Visit visa. However, to be extra cautious, you can demonstrate your command of the English language by proving that:

        • You have completed an English-taught course that ECCTIS has certified as being comparable to a PhD, master’s, or bachelor’s degree.
        • You have an approved English language test and received a listening and speaking score equivalent to at least A1 on the CEFR.

        Business Visit Visa Validity Period

        The validity of a UK Business Visitor visa is typically up to 6 months. But if you intend to visit the UK regularly for business-related activities, you should opt for a long-term Visitor visa which can last for up to 2, 5, or 10 years.

        The long-term Visitor visa will allow you to enter the UK and remain there for up to 6 months on each visit. You will also have multiple entries during the visa’s validity period unless you were endorsed for a single or dual entry into the UK.

        Business Visit Visa Right to Work

        Turkish citizens holding a UK Business Visit visa are not permitted to work for a company or organisation in the UK. You will not also be allowed to participate in an internship or engage in any form of provision or sale of services or products in the UK.

        You can work remotely in the UK, provided the work is related to your job abroad, such as replying to emails and taking phone calls. However, your main aim of entering the UK should only be for authorised work. You can also look for work and attend interviews on your Business Visitor visa.

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          Business Visit Visa Application Fees

          Turkish citizens applying for a Business Visitor visa must pay £115 for a 6-month stay in the UK. But if you intend to visit the UK regularly you can pay the following application fees for a long-term Standard Visitor visa which grants 6 months’ stay per visit:

          • £400 for 2 year’s stay
          • £771 for 5 year’s stay
          • £963 for 10 year’s stay
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          How Can Total Law Help?

          Gathering all the required documents for your UK Business Visitor visa application may be overwhelming as your situation may require you to get additional supporting documents to avoid a refusal. For this reason, it’s best to involve expert guidance from our immigration lawyers at Total Law.

          Our immigration lawyers know how the UK immigration laws work and are also experts in navigating the UK visa application processes with ease. We have helped many Turkish citizens enter the UK on a Business Visitor visa.

          If you need help to kickstart your UK Business visa application, our immigration lawyers can assist you and even apply for the visa on your behalf. Speak with our lawyers at Total Law by calling us on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or messaging us online for immediate assistance.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    There is no specific amount that you must have in your bank balance for a UK Business visa. However, you should cover the cost of your UK visa fees and the total cost of your trip.

                    No, you cannot switch to a Work visa from a Visitor visa in the UK.

                    No, you only have a maximum stay of 6 months in the UK on a Business visa.