Portugal D2 Visa For Citizens Of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs can enter Portugal and establish a business on a Portugal D2 visa. You are required to apply for a temporary resident visa for yourself and any family member that wants to join you in Portugal.

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    Portugal D2 Visa: An Overview For Saudi Arabian Citizens

    The Portugal D2 visa is designed for Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs, independent service providers, and freelancers who intend to move to Portugal. The eligible applicants for this entrepreneurship visa are non-EU/EEA nationals.

    One of the possible routes to permanent residency and Portuguese citizenship is through the Portugal D2 visa. This visa is designed by the Portuguese government to attract international entrepreneurs to invest and establish companies that will enhance Portugal’s technology, economy, and culture.

    To obtain a Portuguese D2 visa, you are required to carry out a thorough research about potential future company ventures in Portugal and a motivated and comprehensive business plan.

    You should exhibit a close relationship and understanding of the Portuguese business community and Portuguese territory.

    It is advisable to register with the relevant authorities before you initiate any business enterprise in Portugal. As a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur in Portugal, your parents, spouse, or children can come and join you in Portugal and obtain temporary residence permits based on family reunification.

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      The Benefits of the Portugal D2 Visa

      Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs who hold a Portugal D2 visa are entitled to several benefits. They include:

      Easy to Obtain

      It is much easier to obtain a Portugal D2 visa when compared to the Startup visa and Portugal D7 visa. The Portugal Startup visa would require you to choose an industry and obtain clearance from a company incubator, unlike the Portugal D2 visa.

      For a Portugal D7 visa, applicants are required to provide evidence of having passive income from a different country which will help to cover their expenses in Portugal, unlike the Portugal D2 visa.

      Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime (NHR) Incentives

      Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs who reside legally in Portugal and have not paid taxes in the country for the past 5 years can qualify for this tax programme. Obtaining a Portugal D2 visa grants you the opportunity to apply for and obtain the NHR tax incentives.

      You will be given a special treatment through the NHR tax programme in all your earnings within and outside Portugal. As a result of this, you are granted tax breaks on rental income, pension income, income tax, etc.

      As a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur, the income you earn outside of Portugal is not taxed at the standard tax rate in Portugal. If you wish to maintain your residency in Portugal, you are required to stay in Portugal for at least 183 days yearly.

      Free Movement in the Schengen Area

      As a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur holding a Portugal D2 visa, you can enter any European country of your choice without restrictions. You will not be required to obtain any additional visa to enter other countries in the Schengen area. Your free movement within Europe will help you network with entrepreneurs, freelancers or independent service providers like you.

      Who Is Eligible To Get a Portugal D2 Visa?

      To be eligible for a Portugal D2 visa, Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs must meet the following eligibility criteria. They include:

      • You should be 18 years old or above.
      • You should want to set up a Portuguese branch of the business you already own abroad.
      • You are required to have health insurance.
      • You must have no criminal record.
      • You should have owned or rented a house in Portugal.
      • You must show that you have enough finances to live in Portugal for at least 1 year.
      • You want to buy a business or its share.
      • You must have a comprehensive business plan for an innovative business in Portugal.

      Portugal D2 Visa: All The Requirements

      Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs must provide both business and personal documents to obtain a Portugal D2 visa. The following are D2 visa Portugal requirements you must provide to apply for the visa:

      Investment Declaration

      As a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur, you are required to state the type, amount, and time of investment the investment you have made or intend to make. Upon the evaluation of your Portugal D2 visa application, the Portuguese authorities will check how beneficial your investment will be for Portuguese culture, technology, science, society, and economy.

      Financial Power

      You are required to prove that your company has the potential to grow under your watch in Portugal and its financial capability. You must show that you have set aside enough finances to run a company in Portugal before you are granted the D2 visa.

      Service Contract

      A documented proposal or contract that explains the nature of your services and how they will be used, are required of you as a Saudi Arabian independent service provider.

      Business Establishment

      To prove your eligibility to open a business in Portugal, you are required to provide some documents. Some of these required documents must prove that you have a business in Portugal (if you do). You may also provide documents to prove you have enough money to run your business.

      Comprehensive Business Plan

      The Portugal D2 visa is designed by the Portuguese government to generate funds from abroad to help bolster the country’s economy. Therefore, you must prove the relevance of your business, how beneficial it will be to the Portuguese economy, and financial support through a well-detailed business plan.

      Share Capital

      Typically, when applying for a D2 visa, small businesses have a share capital worth €5,000. The share capital guarantees the survival of your business in Portugal even when your business does not earn profits.

      Below are the personal documents you are required to provide to complete your Portugal D2 visa application:

      Travel Health Insurance

      You must provide proof of having health insurance to meet any unplanned expenses while you are in Portugal. Any family member coming to Portugal with you must have a separate health insurance.

      Passport and Photographs

      Get your Saudi Arabian international passport and 2 recent passport-size photographs to apply for the D2 visa. The passport should last for up to 6 months beyond the expiration date of the visa.

      Designation of a Tax Representative

      If you want to obtain a Portugal D2 visa as a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur, you must have a Portugal-based tax representative.

      NIF and Portuguese Bank Account

      Get a Tax Identification Number, otherwise known as (Número de Identificação Fiscal or NIF). You can obtain the NIF number at the tax authorities of Portugal. Thereafter you must obtain a Portuguese bank account with which you will make financial transactions in the country.

      Evidence of Enough Funds

      You must prove that you have enough money on you to cover any expenses you will make in your business while in Portugal. You are required to provide bank statements to show that you have at least 12 months’ savings which is up to 1 year minimum wage in Portugal.

      Evidence of Accommodation

      Provide proof of having a place to stay on your arrival into Portugal. As you intend to obtain a Portugal D2 visa, you must convince the Portuguese authorities that you will not become stranded once you enter the country. You may present a rental contract, Airbnb, a hotel reservation or an invitation from a friend or family member who already resided in Portugal.

      Criminal Record Certificate

      Provide evidence that you do not have a criminal history in Saudi Arabia. The criminal record certificate, otherwise known as the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), is issued by the Directorate of Saudi Arabian Civil Police (SACP). It must prove that you have never engaged in any criminal offence that has involved the Police of Saudi Arabia and that you are of good conduct in the country.

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      The Application Process: How to Get a D2 Visa

      Saudi Arabian nationals are required to follow a certain step-by-step guide to apply for D2 visa Portugal. Follow this guide below:

      Present Your Documents

      You are required to get your D2 visa Portugal application form and other supporting documents for your application. You must add your well-detailed business plan in your file.

      Obtain a NIF and Bank Account

      You must get a NIF number that will be needed to open your Portuguese bank account. It is through your Portuguese bank account that you will carry out your financial transactions in Portugal, such as buying shares, making online purchases, etc.

      Submit Your Documents

      You may get an accommodation in Portugal after obtaining a NIF number and Portuguese bank account. On the day of your appointment, you are expected to submit your documents and pay a consular fee worth €90 and get your Portugal D2 visa.

      Wait for Your Visa Decision

      It typically takes about 60 days to process your documents after submission. The Portuguese authorities will assess your documents to know if you qualify for the visa. You will be invited for an interview if you qualify for the visa.

      Get Your Visa

      You will be issued a Portugal D2 visa valid for 4 months after a successful interview. You are required to enter Portugal with the D2 visa.

      Set an Appointment

      After you have entered on the Portugal D2 visa, you are required to visit the SEF. At the SEF you must change the D2 visa to a temporary residence permit to remain in Portugal beyond the visa’s 4 months validity period.

      You must pay €155.50 processing fee at the SEF. You must pay the same amount for each dependent that wants to come and stay with you in Portugal. Your temporary residence permit will be valid for up to 2 years.

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        Processing Time Once The Application Is Submitted

        Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs applying for a Portugal D2 visa should expect a decision on their visa application for up to 2 months (60 days).

        Can The Portugal D2 Visa Lead to Residency?

        Yes, the Portugal D2 visa can lead to residency in Portugal. Saudi Arabian entrepreneurs will be permitted to enter Portugal on a D2 visa. When you enter the country, you must visit the SEF to change your visa to a temporary residence permit.

        You will be issued a 2-year valid temporary residence permit that you can extend for an additional 3 years. When you have stayed in Portugal for up to 5 years, you may qualify for Portuguese permanent residency, provided you meet other requirements.

        Can the Portugal D2 Visa Lead to Portuguese Citizenship?

        Yes, the Portugal D2 visa can lead to Portuguese citizenship. Once you reside in Portugal for up to 5 years and meet other requirements stated in the Portuguese immigration law, you may qualify to obtain Portuguese citizenship. When you obtain this visa, you will be entitled to all the privileges the Portuguese natives enjoy, such as the right to vote and be voted for, access to free healthcare, and so on.

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          How Can Total Law Help

          If you are a Saudi Arabian entrepreneur who wants to obtain a Portugal D2 visa, you are required to apply appropriately. Undergoing all the rigorous processes involved in applying and obtaining a Portugal D2 visa can be overwhelming.

          If this is your first time applying for a D2 Portugal visa, you may miss out on some required documents in your application and this can cause a refusal of your D2 visa application. Including all the required documents also help to avoid delays in your D2 visa Portugal processing time.

          This is why it is ideal to seek expert guidance from our immigration lawyers at Total Law. We can help you gather all the required documents and prepare you for a Portugal D2 visa interview. We can also help you to craft a comprehensive business plan that will help you convince the Portuguese authorities about the prospects of your business in Portugal.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The minimum stay requirement on a Portugal D2 visa is 120 days initial stay (in your first year of obtaining the visa). You are also required to stay for up to 6 months for each year within the following 3 years.

                    A Portugal D7 visa is ideal for individuals who can prove that they have a consistent stream of passive income. But if you are an entrepreneur who intends to enter Portugal to set up a business or to buy an existing one, your preferred choice of visa should be a Portugal D2 visa.