Portugal D1 Visa From Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian professionals who have already accepted job offers from Portuguese employers can apply for a Portugal D1 visa. With this visa, you can stay in Portugal for more than 12 months.

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    Portugal D1 Visa From Saudi Arabia: An Overview

    Saudi Arabian citizens who have accepted an employment contract from a Portuguese employer can obtain a Portugal D1 visa. You must be a professional in your area of specialisation to qualify for this visa.

    The Portugal D1 visa, otherwise known as the Subordinate Worker visa, has a validity period that exceeds 12 months. Upon your entry into Portugal, you can apply for a temporary permit to stay in the country for up to 2 years.

    Saudi Arabian citizens or other non-EU citizens who are still looking for jobs in Portugal or have not accepted a job offer from a Portuguese employer are not permitted to obtain this visa. Before you are issued a Portugal D1 visa, you must first present a work permit issued to you by your employer.

    Note that before you are issued a job offer, your employer must have advertised that job for not less than 30 days. If no capable replacement is found, your employer must prove to the Portuguese Labour Authorities that they could not find a Portuguese or European citizen who could fill the job role.

    Your job offer from a Portuguese employer must be valid for up to 1 year before your visa will be approved. Also, to complete your registration, the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) must make a statement.

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    Eligibility Requirements For The Portugal D1 Visa From Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabian citizens who want to apply for a Portugal D1 visa must meet some eligibility requirements. To be eligible for this D1 visa, you must:

    • Be a non-EU citizen.
    • Be a professional and/or subordinate worker.
    • Have an invitation from a Portuguese employer.
    • Have received an employment contract.
    • Apply for a visa at the local embassy in Saudi Arabia.
    • Prove that you can cater for your family members if they are coming with you to Portugal.

    If you are entering Portugal with your family, you must prove that you can take care of their financial expenses.

    Your partner’s or spouse’s minimum active income should be equivalent to about half of the minimum subsistence. Whereas each of your children should have at least one-third of the minimum subsistence.

    Applying for a Portugal D1 Worker Visa As a Tourist: Is It Allowed?

    Yes, a Saudi Arabian citizen who is currently a tourist in Portugal can apply for a Portugal D1 Work visa, however, this depends on some conditions. To obtain a D2 Work visa as a tourist in Portugal, you must have been in the country for some time as a professional, and present your valid employment contract.

    Additionally, there are some requirements Saudi Arabian tourists in Portugal must meet to apply for residence visas, such as:

    • An authentic residence address.
    • Evidence of employment contract.
    • An income that equals or surpasses the Portuguese minimum wage.
    • Evidence of your previous contribution to social security.

    Saudi Arabian citizens currently in Portugal on a Tourist visa can file an Expression of Interest as tourists or people who have entered Portugal legally. But this needs to be sent in with your job contract.

    In this manner, obtaining a visa to enter Portugal will not be a must for you. Applicants who already hold other visas, such as Student visas, can benefit from this exception.

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      All Portugal D1 Visa Requirements From Saudi Arabia

      To apply for a Portugal D1 visa, you must meet some requirements. The following are the D1 visa Portugal requirements:

      • Two passport-sized photographs that comply with the demands of Portuguese visa photo guidelines.
      • A completed visa application form.
      • Your original Saudi Arabian international passport and its copies.
      • Employment contract from a licensed company in Portugal. It must have a job offer that must last for more than 1 year, and duly signed by you and your employer.
      • Employment authorisation. This certificate must be obtained from the IEFP which permits your employer to offer you a job as a non-EU professional or worker.
      • A copy of your CV.
      • Evidence of enough finances to cater for your needs in Portugal. To prove this, you are required to provide your bank statements, payslips, etc.
      • Copies of your professional qualifications and educational certifications.
      • Medical health insurance to cover any unforeseen medical bills while you are in Portugal.
      • Evidence of accommodation. Prove that you have a place to stay when you enter Portugal, such as a hotel reservation, rental contract, etc.
      • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). You must provide a PCC to prove that you have not committed any crime in Saudi Arabia.
      • Authorisation form. It should permit the SEF to assess your criminal record.
      • Copies of your marriage and children’s birth certificates, if you are married and/or have children.

      Note that all your documents must be in Portuguese or English. Therefore, ensure that all documents in Arabic are translated to Portuguese by an authorised translator, and have them notarised.

      Medical Requirements

      Saudi Arabian professionals who seek a Portugal D1 visa are required to buy travel (medical health) insurance when travelling to Portugal. If you do not provide a valid insurance policy in your submission, the Portuguese embassy may reject your application. You are required to pay at least €30,000 to purchase the health insurance.

      It is required of you by the Portuguese authorities to cover any unplanned expenses while you are carrying out your professional job in Portugal on a D visa.

      The travel insurance will also cover the evacuation or repatriation of applicants should the need arise. It must be valid in Portugal and the other countries in the Schengen area during your trip.

      D1 Visa Cost

      Saudi Arabian citizens must pay for the Portugal D1 visa application fee worth €90. Also, you must note that further payments may be required of you while submitting your application documents or other consular fees charged due to the services rendered by third parties.

      However, you may be exempted from paying any visa fees if:

      • You are working on highly qualified research projects.
      • You have descendants who possess a residency permit, either through family reunification clauses or other means.

      How To Prepare For the D1 Professional Worker Visa Interview

      Saudi Arabian citizens applying for a Portugal D1 visa must attend an interview at the Portuguese embassy in Riyadh. To perform better at the interview, it is advised you practise the interview questions beforehand.

      Below are some of the visa interview questions to expect:

      • Do you have friends or relatives who currently reside in Portugal?
      • Have you been to Portugal?
      • Are you married?
      • What’s the length of your intended stay in Portugal?
      • Do you have children? If you do, what are the plans to cater for them while you are away?

      Note that the above questions are not exhaustive, therefore, you should expect several other questions about your employment offer or professional pursuits in Portugal.

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        How To Apply For The Portugal D1 Visa From Saudi Arabia

        Saudi Arabian citizens who want to obtain a Portugal D1 visa must follow a step-by-step guide. Below is the D1 visa Portugal application process:

        Step 1. Apply for the Visa

        You need to visit the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for a Portugal D1 visa. Fill out the D1 visa Portugal application form with your correct details.

        Step 2. Gather Your Documents

        You must know the required documents for your application. This is the first thing you must note to kickstart your D1 visa application process.

        Step 3. Fix an Appointment

        You need to schedule a Portugal D1 visa appointment online with the Portuguese embassy in Riyadh. At the appointment, you may undergo an interview, and be required to submit your documents and your biometric information.

        Sometimes, you may be required to provide supporting documents in your application, if the immigration officials need more clarification.

        Step 4. Await Your Visa Approval

        After you have gathered your documents, and attended the appointment, you must then await the approval of your visa application.

        Step 5. Follow-Up on Your Application

        Keep track of your application process and upon a successful application, you will be notified to come and pick up your Portugal D1 visa. It may take up to 3 months at most to get your visa.

        The Processing Time For The D1 Subordinate Worker Visa

        It typically takes about 30 to 90 days to process your Portugal D1 visa. In some cases, there may be delays in your application if the immigration officers need you to provide more documents to support your application.

        What To Do After The Application Is Successful

        Upon a successful application for your Portugal D1 visa, you must travel to Portugal with your supporting documents. When you enter Portugal you must visit the SEF to switch your Portugal D1 visa to a residence permit.

        Upon the approval of your application, you will be issued a temporary residence permit valid for 2 years to work in Portugal. The residence permit is extendable for an additional 3 years.

        Portugal D1 Visa Lead To Permanent Residency Or Citizenship

        Saudi Arabian citizens who hold a temporary residence permit valid for 2 years can renew their permit and remain in Portugal for an additional 3 years if their employment continues. Your family can also join you on your D1 visa. When you stay in Portugal for up to 5 years you may qualify to apply for Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship status, provided you meet other requirements.

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          How Can Total Law Help?

          To qualify for a Portugal D1 visa, you must have an employment offer and meet other eligibility requirements. You must include all the required documents in your submission to avoid a refusal of your visa application.

          As a Saudi Arabian professional applying for a Portugal D1 visa for the first time, you may not know how to make a compelling application or take the right steps to arrive at a favourable decision. This is why we advise you to reach out to one of our immigration lawyers at Total Law for guidance in your application.

          We already know how Portugal immigration law works and the appropriate steps to take to help you obtain your D1 visa hassle-free. If you need more clarifications about the Portugal D1 visa checklist, the eligibility criteria, the costs involved, or other services we offer, Total Law can help. Call us today on +1 844 290 6312 or message us online for immediate assistance.

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The Type D visas in Portugal are the Long-Stay visas that have a validity period that lasts for more than 90 days.

                    The D visa is designed for foreigners who wish to enter Portugal to live, study, or work in Portugal or other countries in the Schengen area for a period that is longer than 90 days and typically up to 1 year.

                    Saudi Arabian citizens who hold a Portugal D1 visa can apply for jobs in all the European Union countries and stand a better chance of finding a job. Also, you will enjoy the affordable cost of living in Portugal while earning a higher salary when compared to your earnings in Saudi Arabia; this will help you to save more money.