Portugal D2 Visa For Citizens Of Qatar

If you are a Qatari entrepreneur who wants to enter Portugal and buy or establish a business, the Portugal D2 visa may be suitable for you.

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    Portugal D2 Visa For Citizens Of Qatar: An Introduction

    The Portugal D2 visa is a residency visa designed for non-EU entrepreneurs to enter Portugal and help bolster the country’s economy. Entrepreneurs who would like to immigrate to Portugal, purchase a business, set up a business or buy shares can obtain a Portugal D2 visa.

    As a Qatari entrepreneur, freelancer, or independent employer, you will be permitted to enter Portugal on a D2 visa and your stay can be extended, provided you obtain a residence permit. One of the most important benefits of obtaining a Portuguese residence visa is that you will be free to enter other countries in the Schengen area without getting another visa.

    For the Portugal D2 visa, Qatari entrepreneurs are permitted to set up their businesses in the country without getting approval from business incubators in Portugal. There is no minimum investment benchmark slated for the Portugal D2 visa, however, you must meet other eligibility requirements to obtain the visa.

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    The D2 Visa Eligibility Requirements

    As a Qatari entrepreneur, you must meet the eligibility requirements of a Portugal D2 visa to qualify for the visa. You must:

    • Need to open a branch of your already owned business in Portugal.
    • Be 18 years old or above.
    • Wish to buy a company’s share or the company.
    • Have rented or owned a house in the country.
    • Have health insurance.
    • Prove that you have sufficient finances to remain in Portugal for a minimum of 1 year.
    • Hold a well-detailed business plan for an innovative business you want to set up in Portugal.
    • Have no criminal record.

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      Portugal D2 Visa Required Documents

      Qatari entrepreneurs and independent professionals are required to provide both business and personal documents during their application for a Portugal D2 visa. The business documents include:

      Business Establishment

      Provide documents to prove that you are a business owner in Portugal. Additionally, you are also required to prove that your business has enough finances to support its activities. To support your claim of having enough finances, you may provide documents to prove it.

      Service Contract

      As a Qatari independent service provider, you are required to get a documented contract or proposal that tells the kind of services you offer and their application.

      Comprehensive Business Plan

      Your business must be relevant and measure up to the expectations of the Portuguese government. This is because the D2 visa programme was designed to help bolster the Portuguese economy with the help of funds generated from abroad. Therefore, your business must be beneficial to the Portuguese economy and you must back up your claims with a well-written business plan with accompanying finances.

      Financial Power

      You must prove that the financial capability of your business and its potential to grow under your care is certain. You need to prove that it has the potential to thrive even in the Portuguese competitive market. Also, before you are issued the D2 visa, you should prove that you have sufficient funds to run your business.

      Share Capital

      You must have a share capital you have set aside while applying for a D2 visa. The share capital acts as a guarantee that your business will survive even if it does not make profits at the moment. In Portugal, a small business could have a share capital as low as €5,000 when applying for a D2 visa.

      Investment Declaration

      Qatari entrepreneurs are required to state the amount, type and time they intend to invest in Portugal. While evaluating your D2 visa application, the Portuguese authorities will check how advantageous your investment will be for Portuguese technology, society, science, and economy.

      You must provide the following personal documents to complete your D2 visa application:

      Passport and Photographs

      You must provide your Qatari international passport along with your 2 recent passport-size photographs. The passport must be valid for an extra 6 months after your D2 visa expires.

      Designation of a Tax Representative

      You are required to have a Portugal-based tax representative if you intend to obtain a Portugal D2 visa as a Qatari entrepreneur or independent professional.

      Travel Health Insurance

      You must have proof of health insurance to cover any contingency while you are in Portugal.

      NIF and Portuguese Bank Account

      You must obtain a NIF and open a Portuguese bank account to help you carry out financial transactions in the country.

      Proof of Enough Funds

      Prove that you have sufficient finances to cover your business expenses in Portugal. Provide bank statements to show that you have an equivalent of the Portuguese 12-month minimum wage (€9,120 as of 2023) in your savings account.

      Criminal Record Certificate

      Show your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to prove that you do not have criminal charges against you in Qatar.

      Proof of Accommodation

      Show that you will not be stranded when you enter Portugal by presenting a rental contract, a hotel reservation, or even an invite from a friend or family member resident in Portugal.

      Gathering all these documents and following the Portugal D2 visa application stages may be overwhelming if this is the first time of applying for a D2 visa. During your application, you must ensure that none of the required documents in your application are missing.

      This is why it is ideal to seek expert help in assembling all these documents to file your application as required. Our immigration lawyers at Total Law are readily available to guide you throughout the D2 visa application process. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375 or contact us online for immediate assistance.

      The Costs For Applying For The Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

      Qatari entrepreneurs must make financial commitments while applying for a Portugal D2 visa. They include:

      • Consular fee of €90
      • Residence permit fee of €155.50
      • Money to live in Portugal, up to €9,120
      • Health insurance of about €400

      Application Processing Times

      As a Qatari entrepreneur, you must note the D2 visa Portugal processing time. You should expect a decision on your D2 visa application within 2 months.

      How to Apply For The Portugal Entrepreneur Visa (D2)

      Take the following step-by-step guide to apply for a D2 visa Portugal:

      Prepare Your Documents

      Gather your documents, including a comprehensive business plan. Also, fill out the Portugal D2 visa application form online with the correct details.

      NIF and Bank Account

      As a Qatari entrepreneur, you must get a NIF and Bank account for you to carry out your financial transactions, such as buying shares, transferring funds etc., when you enter the country.

      File Your Documents

      You must visit the Portuguese embassy in Doha to file your application and pay the consular fee worth €90.

      Get a Visa Decision

      You may receive a decision on your appointment after submitting your documents. You may be invited for an interview if you have a successful application.

      Get the Visa

      If you pass the interview, you should receive the D2 visa, and it will be valid for 120 days.

      Schedule an Appointment

      Fix an appointment with the SEF to switch your D2 visa to a residence permit to stay for more than 120 days in Portugal.

      Benefits of the D2 Visa to Portugal

      Non-EU citizens who hold a Portugal D2 visa have several benefits to enjoy. They include:

      Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Programme

      The NHR programme grants Qatari entrepreneurs preferential treatment in taxation whereby the earnings they make outside the country are not taxed using the Portuguese regular tax rates.

      Comfortable Country

      Portugal is safe for growing businesses. It also has a healthy competitive market and business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Qatari entrepreneurs will adapt quickly to the job market of Portugal due to the friendliness of the indigenous people.

      Visa-Free Entry in the Schengen Area

      Qatari entrepreneurs who hold a Portugal D2 visa are free to enter other countries in the Schengen area without restrictions. Because of this, you will be able to network with like-minded business owners like you.

      Citizens of Qatar who meet the requirement are eligible for the D2 Portugal visa. We're here to assist with the application. Contact Us

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        Portugal D2 Visa Compared To Other Options

        If you intend to obtain a Portugal D2 visa, it is ideal to compare it with other Portugal visas to know the one that best suits you. If you wish to enter Portugal to set up a company, your best choice should be a Portugal D2 visa.

        But if your primary source of income is passive, you may need to obtain a Portugal D7 visa. The Portugal D2 visa does not require its holder to choose a sector and receive clearance from the company incubator, whereas the Portugal Startup visa requires all of that.

        The holder of a Portugal Golden visa is required to spend at least 7 days yearly for 5 years in Portugal. Whereas the Portugal D2 visa holder is required to remain in Portugal unless the business requires the entrepreneur to travel.

        Can The Portugal Entrepreneur Visa Lead To Permanent Residency Or Citizenship?

        Yes, the Portugal entrepreneur visa leads to permanent residency or citizenship. After obtaining the Portugal D2 visa, you will be allowed to enter Portugal.

        Upon your arrival in Portugal, you must fix an appointment with the SEF to change your Portugal D2 visa to a residence permit. You will be issued a residence permit valid for 2 years with an option to extend your stay for an extra 3 years.

        When you extend your stay in Portugal and have stayed for up to 5 years, you may qualify for Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship status. However, you are required to meet some requirements before you will be conferred Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship status.

        You must prove that you have ties to the Portuguese community, no criminal record, A2 level in Portuguese proficiency, and so on. When you obtain Portuguese citizenship status, you will have the right to vote and be voted for, you will be free to visit any EU country of your choice without restrictions.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        As a Qatari entrepreneur who wants to set up a company in Portugal, you must obtain a Portugal D2 visa. To obtain your D2 visa, you are required to provide both personal and business documents to support your application.

        You are also required to pay all the required fees during your application process. It is crucial to seek expert guidance throughout your application process to avoid mistakes that could risk a refusal of your D2 visa application.

        Our immigration lawyers at Total Law are experienced professionals who already know their way around Portugal immigration law and the best route to help you have a seamless D2 visa application. We can help you gather your documents and assemble them appropriately.

        We can also assist you in preparing for your visa interview by providing you with visa interview tips to ensure you have a great time during your interview. This is what we have done for several Portugal D2 visa applicants.

        Let us help you get your business running in Portugal. Call us today on +44 (0)333 305 9375  or message us online.

        To ensure your application has been filled in properly, along with the submission of necessary documents, speak with our immigration lawyers today. Contact Us

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    The D2 visa grants its holder the right to enter Portugal and do business.

                    The minimum investment required for a Portugal D2 visa is €5,000.

                    Yes, you can work on a Portugal D2 visa because it grants its holder the opportunity to set up a business or work as an independent professional in Portugal.

                    It typically takes about 2 to 3 months to obtain a Portugal D2 visa.