Portugal Startup Visa From Bangladesh

The Portugal Startup Visa is a gateway for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their European ventures.

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    Portugal Startup Visa From Bangladesh: An Overview

    The Portugal Startup Visa is a pioneering initiative by the Portuguese government aimed at drawing entrepreneurs from across the globe to invest in, launch, and relocate their startups to Portugal. This program seeks to bolster Portugal’s economy by nurturing innovation and fostering a diversified entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons in the European Union, this program presents a significant opportunity. It’s a chance to tap into the European market, collaborate with innovators from around the globe, and scale their ventures exponentially.

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      Eligibility Requirements for the Portugal Startup Visa For Bangladeshi Citizens

      For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs eyeing Portugal as their next business frontier, it’s essential to familiarise themselves with the eligibility criteria set by the Portugal Startup Visa program. This ensures that their ambitions align perfectly with Portugal’s vision for its burgeoning startup ecosystem.

      Business Proposition: Portugal seeks entrepreneurs with groundbreaking, scalable business ideas. These should not only be market-oriented but also possess a global vision, especially emphasising technological advancements and innovation.

      Economic Commitment: Your startup must hold the potential for a strong economic contribution to Portugal. This means:

      • Job Creation: Demonstrable potential to establish at least ten positions within five years.
      • Revenue Generation: The venture should target an annual turnover of €325,000 by the end of five years.

      Financial Stability: Ensure you have financial stability, with at least €5,000 as proof. This can originate from savings, investments, or a combination of both.

      Absence of Portuguese Business Operations: Your business should be a new endeavour. If you have existing operations in Portugal, it might negate your eligibility.

      Legal Compliance: It’s imperative to have a clear legal record. Additionally, you shouldn’t be in the process of deportation or return to any nation, including Bangladesh.

      Partnership with Certified Incubators: Although not mandatory, associating with a recognised incubator in Portugal can bolster your application. Such partnerships or acceptance letters provide validation to your startup’s viability in Portugal’s ecosystem.

      What Are Certified Incubators And Their Role in the Startup Visa Program?


      In Portugal’s quest to become a hub for global entrepreneurship, certified incubators stand as pillars of support, ushering in an era of innovation and business growth. Especially for Bangladeshi entrepreneurs aspiring to penetrate the European market, understanding the dynamics of these incubators can be the difference between a successful venture and a missed opportunity.

      Certified incubators are specialised entities or organisations endorsed by the Portuguese government to assist, nurture, and develop startups in their nascent stages. Beyond providing a physical workspace, they ensure startups gain access to the right blend of resources, mentorship, and exposure, setting them on a trajectory for success.

      Advantages During the Application Process

      Partnering with a certified incubator during the visa application process offers manifold advantages:

      • Incubators, with their experience, assist startups in ensuring that all documents are in order, reducing chances of application rejection due to administrative oversights.
      • An endorsement from an incubator can expedite the visa application review, thanks to the credibility it brings.
      • Incubators can guide startups on how to present their business proposal effectively, increasing the chances of a positive outcome.

      The Integral Role in the Startup Visa Program

      Immediately upon entering Portugal, startups find a haven within certified incubators. These entities offer a range of essential services, from office facilities and administrative support to shared technological resources, ensuring a smooth initial transition.

      Hosting frequent events and interactive sessions, incubators pave the way for startups to network. For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, this opens doors to the broader European business community, enabling collaborations, partnerships, and client acquisitions.

      Spearheaded by industry veterans, these incubators extend mentorship that spans business strategy formulation, legal compliance, financial management, and market penetration.

      An association with a certified incubator is similar to a badge of credibility. It sends out a strong message to potential investors, customers, and partners about the startup’s promise and potential.

      One undeniable advantage of aligning with a certified incubator is the ease it brings to the visa application process. With the endorsement of an incubator, the startup’s potential is effectively vouched for, instilling confidence in the authorities about the entrepreneur’s prospects.

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        The Documents Needed for the Startup Visa Application


        Navigating the visa application process, especially for a nation as opportunity-rich as Portugal, requires diligence and an acute awareness of the prerequisites. For those eyeing the Portugal Startup Visa, amassing the right set of documents is paramount, both to underscore the startup’s promise and to validate the entrepreneur’s integrity.

        1. Business Plan: This should be the cornerstone of your application. It needs to be comprehensive, reflecting the startup’s mission, market research, growth strategies, and revenue forecasts.

        2. Financial Proofs: Documents such as bank statements or investor letters should verify your financial capacity.

        3. Certificate of Criminal Record: A document from the Bangladeshi authorities confirming your clean legal standing is essential.

        4. Declaration: An official statement confirming you have no active business operations in Portugal.

        5. Incubator Affiliation: If available, provide partnership or acceptance letters from certified incubators in Portugal.

        6. Personal Identification: Essential documents include a valid passport, an up-to-date CV, and recent passport-sized photographs.

        7. Evidence of Expertise: Documents that highlight your business acumen and past successes can reinforce your application’s strength.

        8. Declarations of Honour: These are affirmations ensuring you meet the Startup Visa Program’s prerequisites and commit to its responsibilities.

        9. Job Creation Potential: Proofs or plans illustrating how your startup will contribute to job growth in Portugal.

        Application Tips

        To ensure a smooth Portugal Startup Visa application process, it’s essential to stay organised. Create labelled folders for different document categories and maintain digital backups, preferably on cloud platforms. Additionally, make sure all Bengali documents are professionally translated into Portuguese and properly notarised. Start the document-gathering process early to allow time for any necessary corrections.

        Common Pitfalls

        Avoid inaccurate translations by using professional services. Regularly cross-reference your documents with updated requirements to prevent incomplete submissions. Always provide recent and relevant documents, especially financial ones. Considering the complexity of the application process, seeking professional assistance, such as from firms like Total Law, can be a valuable step to avoid potential pitfalls.

        Taking the first steps towards your Portugal Startup Visa application? Ensure your documentation is complete and in order for a successful process. Total Law is here to provide expert guidance and assistance throughout your application journey. Contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 now to get started and ensure your application is on the right track!

        Fees Associated with the Startup Visa and Residence Permit

        Obtaining a Startup Visa and Residence Permit in Portugal involves several financial considerations. Here’s a breakdown of the fees and financial requirements associated with the process:

        Financial Sufficiency: As an applicant, you need to demonstrate financial sufficiency to live in Portugal for a year. This amounts to approximately €5,200 per applicant. This requirement ensures that you can cover your living expenses during your stay in Portugal.

        Startup Visa Fee: The application fee for the Startup Visa is €90.
        Residence Permit Fee: Obtaining a residence permit in Portugal comes with a fee of €85.05.

        Health Insurance: Health insurance is a crucial requirement. It costs around €400 or more. This insurance ensures that you have access to healthcare services while in Portugal.

        Visa Processing Time

        Once the Portugal Startup Visa application is submitted, the processing time can vary based on several factors. Generally, the evaluation by IAPMEI might take several weeks. Post-evaluation, if the application is approved, the actual visa processing at the Portuguese consulate or embassy could range anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

        However, it’s essential to note that these are general timelines, and the exact processing time can differ based on the volume of applications, the completeness and accuracy of the provided documents, and other unforeseen circumstances. Always check with the official sources or consult with a visa expert to get a more accurate timeline for your specific situation.

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          How To Obtain a Portugal Startup Visa From Bangladesh: The Detailed Process


          For Bangladeshi entrepreneurs aspiring to start their business in Portugal, the initial step is to understand the eligibility criteria, which are available on the official Portugal Startup Visa website. An essential component of this phase is drafting a compelling business plan that underscores the innovation, scalability, and economic potential of the proposed venture. Equally vital is ensuring the financial prerequisites are met, especially having a minimum of €5,000 in the bank account.

          The actual journey begins with the submission of the Startup Visa application online. This is facilitated through the official platform managed by the Portuguese government. This platform expects in-depth details about the startup, an articulate business plan, evidence of financial stability, and, in some cases, a recommendation or validation letter from a Portuguese incubator.

          After submission, the application falls under the scrutiny of IAPMEI (The Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), which is responsible for gauging its potential to rejuvenate the Portuguese economy. This evaluation, which can span several weeks, delves deep into the feasibility, viability, and job creation prospects of the proposed startup.

          Once IAPMEI completes its assessment, applicants either bask in the joy of approval or face rejection. However, there’s a silver lining for those who face the latter, as they’re not only informed about the reasons for rejection but might also get an opportunity to rectify any deficiencies and try again.

          With the green light from IAPMEI, the next stage involves applying for the actual Startup Visa. This is done at the Portuguese consulate or embassy in Bangladesh. The application demands various documents, from a valid passport to proofs like a criminal record certificate and health insurance.

          On successful visa issuance, entrepreneurs can then make their dream move to Portugal. Post-arrival, they should promptly register with the local city council and initiate the process to open a bank account in the country.

          One of the crucial post-relocation tasks is applying for a temporary residence permit. Generally valid for a year and renewable for successive two-year durations, more details about this can be explored on SEF’s official website.

          Thriving in Portugal demands immersion into its startup ecosystem. This involves participating in networking events, attending workshops, and engaging with local entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders. For those affiliated with incubators, maintaining an active collaboration is crucial.

          As the business journey progresses, it’s paramount to continuously track and ensure that the startup is on course to meet the ambitious targets laid out in the business plan, especially in domains like job creation and revenue churn. Also, renewing the residence permit and upholding a pristine legal and financial record in Portugal is non-negotiable.

          Pathway to Permanent Residence: The ultimate reward for this enduring journey can be the opportunity to apply for permanent residency or even Portuguese citizenship after a legal residence of five years. The intricacies of this can be navigated via the SEF’s procedures.

          Mastering the Portugal Startup Visa Process

          In order to obtain a Portugal Startup Visa, you must be diligent. Staying updated with official sources and consulting with visa specialists can help address complexities. It’s essential to view potential rejections as opportunities to refine the application.

          Early networking with Portuguese entrepreneurs can provide pivotal insights. Transparent financial dealings, organised documentation, and an understanding of Portuguese cultural nuances are also crucial. Patience throughout the procedure can prove rewarding.

          The Benefits of the Portugal Startup Visa

          The Portugal Startup Visa stands out as a beacon for global entrepreneurs due to the multitude of advantages it presents. Gaining this visa offers an immediate entry to the European market, leveraging Portugal’s key position within the European Union. Portugal’s favourable business environment, peppered with dynamic incubators, accelerators, and diverse funding options, is a significant attraction.

          Moreover, visa holders are not only granted the right to establish their venture in this fertile business landscape but also enjoy the privilege of temporary residence. This perk can, over time, progress to permanent residency or even citizenship. What’s more, the visa’s benefits extend to family members, with provisions for family reunification.

          Living in Portugal has its charm and advantages, offering a high quality of life characterised by top-tier healthcare, a pleasant climate, and rich cultural experiences. The country’s enticing tax incentives are particularly beneficial for startups focused on optimising their financial health. The strong networking ethos in Portugal’s startup community also ensures that newcomers can seamlessly integrate and forge valuable partnerships.

          Furthermore, Portugal’s educational system is an added advantage for families considering the transition. Startups that align with an incubator stand to gain tremendously from the expert guidance, mentorship, and resources they offer. Finally, the visa provides flexibility, allowing businesspersons to operate on a global scale without being tied down to Portugal full-time.

          Opportunities for Permanent Residency and Citizenship with the Portugal Startup Visa

          The Portugal Startup Visa serves as more than just a pathway for entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses in Portugal; it’s also a stepping stone towards achieving more long-term objectives in the country, namely permanent residency and citizenship.

          Opportunities & Pathways

          Upon successfully establishing and running a startup under the Portugal Startup Visa program, entrepreneurs have the option to transition into a more permanent status in Portugal. After five continuous years of legal residence, these entrepreneurs become eligible to apply for permanent residency. Moreover, after six years of legal residence in the country, they can set their sights on Portuguese citizenship.

          Requirements & Conditions

          • Permanent Residency: Entrepreneurs must demonstrate five uninterrupted years of legal residence, stable income, and a grasp of basic Portuguese (typically assessed via a language test).
          • Citizenship: After six years, in addition to the requirements for permanent residency, applicants for citizenship must prove substantial ties to the Portuguese community, have a clear criminal record, and pass an A2 level Portuguese language test.

          Benefits & Advantages

          Achieving permanent resident or citizen status in Portugal offers a plethora of benefits. These individuals can freely live, work, and study not just in Portugal but throughout the European Union and the Schengen Area. They are endowed with rights nearly synonymous with native Portuguese citizens, including access to national healthcare, social services, and the privilege to vote in local and European elections.

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            How Can Total Law Help?

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                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      The entrepreneur visa in Portugal, also known as the Portugal Startup Visa, is a program designed to attract innovative entrepreneurs and startups to establish and develop their businesses in Portugal. It provides a pathway to temporary residence and potential long-term residency.

                      Yes, foreigners can start a business in Portugal. The Portugal Startup Visa program encourages foreign entrepreneurs to establish and develop innovative startups in the country.

                      To start a company in Portugal, you’ll need a business plan, a legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship or limited liability company), a tax number, registration with relevant authorities, and compliance with Portuguese business regulations.

                      Portugal is attractive for startups due to its strategic location, access to the European market, competitive costs, thriving tech ecosystem, supportive government initiatives, and quality of life.

                      Portugal is highly esteemed in the startup landscape. In 2023, it achieved the 26th spot in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index, which assesses the top 100 countries and 1,000 cities for their startup prowess. Notably, Portugal has 6 cities featured in the top 1000.

                      Regionally, in Western Europe, Portugal is ranked 14th. The nation’s vibrant startup scene, combined with a robust national network of incubators for tech startups, places it prominently within the competitive global top 30.

                      To get a self-employed visa for Portugal, you’ll need a temporary stay visa for under a year. For longer durations, apply for a residence visa and then, upon arrival in Portugal, seek a residence permit. Permanent statuses, like the Permanent Residence Permit or the EC Long-term Residence Permit, are available after five years of legal residence.