10-Year Residence Card France

You can apply for a 10-year residence card under certain conditions if you have family ties in France or have rendered services to the country. As a Canadian citizen holding this residence permit, you will be allowed to remain in France and engage in paid activities.

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    France 10-year Residence Card: An Overview

    The 10-year residence card is typically granted to foreign nationals who have family connections in France.

    This card is typically issued to Canadian citizens and other foreign nationals at the beginning of their multi-year, temporary stay (carte de séjour) or upon the expiration of such stays in France which could be up to 3 to 5 years.

    During the 5 years, you must have an uninterrupted period of residence in France except for some allowable absences. You can only be away from France for a total of 10 months and a maximum of consecutive 6 months.

    With this card, the holder will be free to engage in any paid activity as a non-salaried trader, liberal professional, craftsman, etc. The 10-year residence card typically known as Carte de résident is also issued based on certain conditions, such as if you have been married to a French citizen for 3 years, if you have remained in France for 3 years uninterruptedly and a step-parent of a French child, etc.

    The 10-year residence card allows the holder to stay in France and enter other EU/EFTA countries visa-free. If you stay outside of France for more than 3 consecutive years your current long-term resident card will become invalid.

    If you wish to obtain this residence card, you must apply to the prefecture or subprefecture closest to your residence within 2 months of entering France.

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      The Eligibility Criteria of The 10-year France Residence Card

      As a Canadian citizen, you are required to meet some eligibility requirements before you are issued a 10-year France residence card. These eligibility criteria are further divided into several categories, including:

      Stateless or Refugee Person and Their Family

      You must be either of the following to be seen as a stateless person:

      • If you have become a stateless person and have been granted a temporary residency permit for private and family life for the past 3 years.
      • If you are a family member of a person who is stateless in France (you are their spouse or child).

      Fulfill one of these criteria to be seen as a refugee:

      • You are a family member (spouse, minor children, parents) of a refugee in France.
      • The French authorities have granted you refugee status.

      Parents or Child and In-laws of a Frenchman

      The individuals eligible for this category include:

      • Step-parents or parents who are under the care of a French citizen.
      • French national’s minor child who is under 21 years old.

      Carte De Residence for Stranger with Family Connections in France

      You must belong to any of the following to apply under this category:

      • The partner of a French national who has been married for at least 3 years or more. If you were married abroad, your marriage had to have been recorded previously on the registries of the French civil status.
      • The spouse or minor child (under 19) of a foreign national with a residence card who entered France to be with family and stayed there for a minimum of three years in a row.
      • A parent who lives in France and whose child is French. For a minimum of 3 years before applying, the parent must have held a permit for their private and family life.

      Veterans and Legionaries

      If you do the following, you can apply under this category:

      • You have engaged in either the French military service or the Allied army.
      • You have at least 3 years of Foreign Legion service under your belt.
      • You have participated in combat among the French internal forces.

      Work Accident Annuity Beneficiary and Their Family

      You may apply for this category if you are a French organization’s pension recipient with a lifelong disability rating of at least 20% following a work-related accident in France. You may also apply if you are eligible for foreign death benefits from a French organization due to an accident that occurred at work.

      Foreign Recipient of a Protection Order

      You are eligible to apply for a residence permit if you are the victim of abuse by a partner or spouse and have a protection order. The primary prerequisite is that the sentence of your partner or spouse must have come about as a consequence of a complaint that you made.

      Young Person Who is Eligible to Obtain French Nationality

      You can apply for a 10-year residency card in France provided you meet the requirements for obtaining French nationality, as you must have been born and resided in France for at least 5 years.

      Foreign Victims of Pimping or Human Trafficking

      Individuals who have been the targets of pimping or human trafficking are eligible to apply for this type of residency permit. The following requirements must be met by them:

      • Having testified or filed a complaint against one or more individuals for using them for human trafficking
      • The applicant and the defendant must have broken off all communication
      • The applicant must not pose a threat to public safety.

      Partner of a French Citizen

      You can apply for this category if you are married to a French citizen for a minimum of 3 years. You will have the right to work and will not need your employer to obtain a work permit on your behalf before you are allowed to work.

      Special Consideration

      Note that the 10-year residence permit obtained by individuals grouped under the above categories may become invalid if they stay outside of France for a consecutive 3 years.

      However, there is special consideration to that case, which is that individuals can apply to extend such a period by 3 more years. It may be granted if you can justify your absence by certain circumstances, such as family or professional reasons, military service, hospitalization, and so on.

      Application Process Of The 10-year Residence Card in France

      The exact steps to take and documents to provide in the application process for a France 10-year residence card depend on your situation. In other words, different steps work for different categories of eligible applicants. However, the following is how to apply for 10-year residence card France:

      Step 1. See If You Meet the Conditions

      You must check if you meet the conditions of a 10-year residence card depending on your situation. The reason is that the conditions of acquiring a residency card differ according to individual cases.

      Step 2: Assess the Steps to Be Carried Out

      You are required to apply online, typically about 2 to 4 months before the expiration of your current residence document. Apply online for a travel document, a change of status, a residency permit, or a naturalization application.

      You can do this on the Digital Administration of Foreigners in France (ANEF) website. You are also required to buy the tax stamp worth €225.

      Step 3. Arrange Documents to Be Provided

      To complete your application, you are required to provide certain documents. The documents you will provide depend on your situation, as different categories of applicants are expected to bring different documents. Among the following are the 10-year residence card France requirements you must provide:

      • Three passport-sized photographs
      • Valid Canadian international passport or photo ID
      • Your current residence permit or visa
      • Evidence of address, such as recent utility bill, rental agreement, etc.
      • Marriage certificate (if married), birth certificate, or refugee status
      • Proof that anyone connected to your application is a French citizen
      • Evidence that you fulfill the required residence period in France
      • Confirmation that you are connected to the French society, by providing your signed Republican Integration Contract
      • Evidence of having a minimum of A2 level in French proficiency
      • Medical certificate issued by the OFII

      Note that the above documents must be submitted in French or English. But if your documents are in other languages, an authorized translator must translate them into French, and they must also be notarized.

      Certain applicants, including children of French nationals or veterans of the army, are exempt from the language or integration criteria. A variety of requirements also do not apply to refugees, victims of abuse or human trafficking, or those who receive a disability pension.

      Step 4: Carry Out the Online Process

      Await your appointment after assembling your documents. You are required to be at the appointment in person. Should your submission be complete, you will get a receipt while you wait for the prefecture to respond.

      Step 5: Delivery of the Residence Card Upon Availability

      You will be notified when your title is available by the prefecture. You will get your card from the sub-prefecture or prefecture close to your residence if you submit your application to either of the two.

      Note that you must verify from their website whether to schedule an appointment to receive your card or not. Upon the issuance of the residence card, it will be valid for 10 years. When it’s time to renew it, you may request another long-term resident card or a permanent resident card to remain indefinitely in France.

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        Processing Time and Fees Of The France 10-year Residence Card

        The 10-year residence card France processing time Canadian applicants should expect regarding their application is from 45 to 60 days.

        However, there may be delays in the processing time, if applicants are required to provide additional supporting documents by the prefecture. Besides that, the volume of applications in the prefecture and unique circumstances may also cause a delay in the processing time of your residence card application.

        Fees Associated with the Application Process

        You are required to pay stamp duty of about €25 and €200 by tax stamps. If you arrived without a long-stay visa, you will need to pay an additional €200 to obtain an adjustment visa using tax stamps.

        Of that amount, €50 must be paid at the time the application is submitted and is non-refundable if the certificate is refused. As you turn over the card, you will have to show evidence of purchase. The tax stamp is available for you to purchase at a tobacco office or online.

        In addition to the purchase of the card, you will be required to pay a visa charge for regularization worth €180, if your application is submitted after the deadline unless you can show that your visa is valid or there is a situation of force majeure.

        The Rights and Benefits of The 10-year Residence Card Holders in France

        There are several rights and incentives Canadian citizens are bound to enjoy holding a France residence permit. The following are the 10-year residence card France benefits:


        France has a robust healthcare system that is provided for all lawful residents in the country. As a holder of a 10-year residence card, you will access the healthcare services available for the French natives, regardless of your financial situation.

        Employment Opportunities

        As a Canadian citizen who holds a 10-year residence card, you will have several corporate job opportunities in France if you are qualified. This is because the country has made job positions available for qualified applicants. There are full-time and part-time job opportunities you can take up depending on your situation.


        You would have a wonderful time to further your educational career or take up a professional short study course in France. That being said, courses offered in France are more affordable for international students than some other courses offered in other countries in the European Union.

        In light of this, you will not need to take up any student loans that would indebt you for several years. In addition, several students receive a benefits package from the French government that significantly lowers their tuition fees. Although this option is not for everyone, these pricing structures are nonetheless affordable in comparison to those of other European institutions.

        Renewing the Residence Card

        It is ideal to apply for the renewal of your residence card 2 or 5 months before your current residence permit expires. Apply at the website of Foreigners in France. Take the following steps for your 10-year residence card France renewal:

        Gather Your Documents

        You are required to provide the following documents in your application:

        • Evidence of address gotten within the past 6 months.
        • Your civil status documents (marriage certificate or birth certificate) are shared by OFPRA.
        • A decision letter of the CNDA or OFPRA granting you the beneficiary of subsidiary protection or refugee status.
        • Evidence of activity or resources, such as employment contracts, tax notices, etc. may be required in some prefectures.
        • Sworn non-polygamy declaration (for married applicants) in France, if your country home allows it.
        • A sworn certificate that confirms you have not been outside France for more than 3 consecutive years may be required by some prefectures.

        Visit the Foreigners in France Website

        After gathering all the required documents, you must access your “Foreigners in France account.” Select your name at the top right corner of the home page, and click “Access my account.” You may need to create an account if you don’t already have it.

        You will need to provide your foreign number which is on the existing residence card, vertically on the right-hand side and just above the signature. You will also provide the start date validity and expiry date of the title.

        Apply Online

        Select the “I request or renew a residence permit” after you have logged into your account on the website. Send your documents after filling out the form you will be provided. A deposit certificate will be sent to your email and serve as proof of your submission.

        Note that this deposit certificate is merely proof of the submitted application and does not grant you any rights. A certificate of extension of instruction will be sent to your email if your file is complete and received within the needed time frame.

        This certificate will only be valid for up to 3 months, but you will have the option to renew it. It further proves that you have the right to remain in France and also work.

        Upon the validation of your application by the prefecture, you will receive a “favorable decision certificate” in your email, and it will be valid until you are issued a new residence permit.

        Track Your Application

        A competent prefecture or sub-prefecture near your postal address will assess your application for a residence permit renewal. The time taken to assess applications varies across prefectures. Log into your profile to track your application.

        Get Your Residence Permit

        When you go to pick up your residence permit, you must prove that you have paid the tax stamps worth €25 by showing your proof of stamp duty payment. Send copies of your residence permit to administrative services to help them update your files.

        How Can Total Law Help?

        As a Canadian citizen who wants to obtain a France 10-year residence card, you must ensure you follow the application process appropriately. The process is rigorous because of the several documents you must provide, coupled with the fact that you must apply only according to your situation.

        If this is your first time applying, there is a chance that you might miss out on one or two supporting documents in your application. This is why it’s ideal to involve an experienced immigration lawyer in this case. Our immigration lawyers at Total Law can be of immense help to you in ensuring that you obtain your residence permit.

        Our team of immigration lawyers at Total Law will advise you on the specific needed documents to include in your French permanent resident card application or renewal. We have helped several applicants to get a new valid residence permit or renew an existing one. All you need to do is to reach out to us today at Total Law by calling us on +1 844 290 6312 or messaging us online.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  It typically takes about 5 years for you to apply for a permanent resident card in France. You can achieve this through a temporary France visa or as a national of the EU/EFTA.

                  To get residency in France, you must prove that you can cater to your financial needs in the country. That being said, you must prove that you earn a monthly or annual income greater than the French minimum wage (currently €1,747.2 per month in 2023).