France Transit Visa From Canada

While Canadians do not need a Transit Visa, other non-Canadian citizens coming from the country may require a travel permit.

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    France Transit Visa Overview

    A Transit Visa grants permission to travelers to travel through France and the most common visa applicable for those coming to France from Canada is the Airport Transit Visa (ATV). It is a short-stay visa and is usually issued for a 24-hour period.

    Holders of Canadian passports may ask do I need a visa to transit through Paris? But they are among the many citizens exempt from requiring a France Transit Visa.

    However, if you are coming from Canada but are not a Canadian citizen or have the immigrant status of a qualifying nation, it is vital to apply for the correct Transit Visa that meets your circumstances.

    Failure to have a valid Transit Visa or ATV may mean you are denied entry into France and may be prevented from completing your ongoing travel or being allowed to visit France in the future.

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    The Requirements for a France Transit Visa

    You may be required to apply for a Transit Visa if you are traveling from an airport located outside of the Schengen area (so, in this case, a Canadian airport)  and you will be remaining in the designated international areas of a French airport before catching a flight to a non-Schengen state.

    The Schengen Area covers 26 European countries that have removed passport and border controls for qualifying travelers. Current member states are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    Travelers who meet the following criteria must apply for a Transit Visa when coming to France:

    • Have a passport issued by Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, or Sri Lanka.
    • Hold a travel document, such as a passport, issued by Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bolivia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo (Brazzaville), Egypt, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Georgia, Guinea (Conakry), Haiti, India, Mali, Mauritania, Moldova, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Senegal, Sierra, Leone, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Chad, Turkey, or Ukraine.
    • A service passport issued by the Republic of Guinea;
    • A travel document for Palestinian refugees or a travel document for Palestinian refugees issued by the Egyptian, Lebanese or Syrian authorities.

    In contrast, the following, including Canadian citizens, do not need to require a French Transit Visa to pass through the country:

    • Holders of a diplomatic passport
    • Those with a Residence Permit issued by a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) member, Andorra, Japan, Canada, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, US or a Schengen member state.
    • EU national family members
    • Holders of a current visa issued by an EU or EEA country, Canada, the US or Japan.
    • Those issued with a current Schengen visa or a long-stay visa,
    • US Green Card holders
    • French Re-entry Permit holders

    How To Obtain a France Transit Visa

    There are three different times of ATVs available, and it is important to apply for the one most suited to your plans after leaving Canada. The options for an ATV are:

    • One-way Transit Visa for a single transit through a Schengen country
    • A Return Transit Visa is needed to travel through one of two Schengen countries.
    • Multiple Transit Visa is required if you are planning multiple transit stops through one or more Schengen countries

    Once you have identified which visa is the most suitable, then you will need to submit paperwork including:

    • A passport, residence permit, or travel document not older than ten years and recognised by the French authorities and valid for three months beyond your trip
    • A completed short-stay visa application form
    • Two recent color passport-style photographs
    • A visa for the final country on your trip
    • Evidence of travel tickets beyond France
    • A National Identity Card (if applicable)
    • A letter explaining why you are traveling through France and your planned final destination.

    Applying for the Transit Visa can be done via the French embassy’s online portal. The French immigration services will inform you if you need to attend an appointment in Canada to provide more documents or information.

    It is also possible to apply for a Transit Visa at your local French Diplomatic Office if you cannot submit the application and supporting documentation online.

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      Processing Time for a France Transit Visa

      Most Transit Visas are processed within two weeks. However, this can vary based on demand, especially during the busier summer months. Therefore, you are advised to apply for the visa in plenty of time before you plan to travel.

      France Transit Visa Costs

      For most applicants, the cost of the French Transit Visa is 80 euros and will need to be paid when making your application.

      For citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Ukraine, the cost is reduced to 35 euros.

      How Total Law Can Help

      It can be challenging to understand if you are required to hold a valid Transit Visa, especially if you live in Canada but are not a Canadian national.

      Therefore, you may wish to consult with the Total Law team to ensure you are not violating any international immigration laws when traveling from Canada and through France.

      As well as identifying if you need a Transit Visa, we can help you make an application and prevent you from having to cancel your upcoming travel plans.

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                Whether you require a Transit Visa when traveling to Paris from India before heading to Canada depends on your nationality and immigration status. Reach out to an immigration expert to find out whether a visa is needed.

                A Transit Visa is only needed by some individuals and it depends on the traveler’s circumstances, whether they plan to stay in France for more than 24 hours and their onward plans.

                Total Law can help you understand the Transit Visa requirements and help you apply for a travel permit if required.